A Fed Up Top House Democrat Slams Republicans For Wasting America’s Time

sandy levin

Democrats are getting a little irritable, but for good reason. We have a historically lazy Congress that spends all of its resources campaigning for Republicans on the taxpayers’ dime while the people’s business is neglected. Meanwhile, we are staring down yet another Republican shutdown of government over imaginary boogeymen in Planned Parenthood videos.

So Ways and Means Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) can hardly be blamed for blasting Republicans for failing to govern just to appease the right-wing of the Republican caucus. A right-wing that long ago jumped the reality shark and lives in dank, dark waters of epistemic closure that makes them look like raving lunatics to the rest of the country.

Levin’s opening statement during the markup for reconciliation today was very clear. Get serious and stop using the chamber to appease the right wing.

“There are so many serious issues that this committee could be grappling with today. Issues that could impact families across this country, issues that could draw inspiration from the Pope’s address to Congress just last Thursday,” Levin began, according to his prepared remarks. “No, today, we are seemingly taking the next step after the Speaker’s announcement on Friday to appease the right-wing of the Republican Conference.”

Then Levin laid it all on the table:

Want to avoid a government shutdown? Force the Speaker out.

Want to avoid a government shutdown? Attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Want to avoid a government shutdown? Find a new vehicle to defund women’s health care.

Yeah, that makes no sense. This “strategy” of Republicans makes no sense. It makes no sense because it isn’t meant to even work. They know it’s not going to work; they’re just trying to save their own hides in their misinformed districts.

Levin called them out on the ridiculousness of their charade, “Today’s markup is not a serious exercise in legislating. Everyone knows the President won’t sign this reconciliation bill. That may be one of the motivations for this bill – pure politics to send a bill to the President that he is sure to veto and be upheld.”

Cha-ching. More taxpayer dollars wasted.

Levin provided the clear path to actual legislating, “You know how this could all be avoided? Pass a CR with a combination of Democratic votes. Work with Democrats. Work with the Administration on a bipartisan basis to actually get something done. Do away with the majority of the Majority rule that strangulates bipartisan efforts.”

LOL. As if. This Republican Party wouldn’t be caught dead working with Democrats, even if it is the only way to do the job the people are paying them to do. After all, there are a lot of angry white people who must be appeased.

“This is a waste of time for Members of Congress, particularly as we close in on the end of another fiscal year without a responsible approach to the appropriations needed to keep our government functioning,” Levin charged. “These budget proposals are a blatant attempt to appeal to the far right, while the majority postpones having to actually govern until December. We ought to be focusing on things that matter to hard working Americans under the jurisdiction of this committee, including financing a long-term highway bill, impacting the TPP negotiations, and reforming our tax system to address income inequality and create good paying jobs in the U.S.”

Oh, kick-the-can isn’t a legitimate way to govern? Can anyone catch Speaker Boehner before he hightails it out of the House? Look! It’s a game of failure to take responsibility!

“Rather than working to keep the government open for a full year and provide security for our economy, Republicans are focused on pushing through these bills that effectively gut the Affordable Care Act and the protections that it provides to workers and families,” the Democrat said.

Republicans are working very hard to take affordable healthcare away from millions of people, because they promised that Obamacare would kill you and the Death Panels were coming for Sarah Palin’s baby, so now that none of those things have happened and you are actually getting insurance in a sane way that doesn’t involve indentured servitude, Republicans need to put an end to this Obamacare thing before it becomes as popular as Social Security. God forbid we have a country that puts people first, as the Pope called for.

When they get done taking away affordable health insurance, they’re working on increasing the abortion rate so they can sock it to Planned Parenthood. Yes, it’s all petty games of gotcha from the party that can’t govern.

But no one can accuse the Republicans of not being a wily bunch, getting y’all to fund their campaign ads with the endless investigations, including the Benghazi investigation which has now gone on longer than the Watergate probe.

23 Replies to “A Fed Up Top House Democrat Slams Republicans For Wasting America’s Time”

  1. But if we had a working media this bullshit would have been shutdown long ago. Why should the American Taliban grow up and govern when they know their hoes which is the MSM will do more for them than Monica ever done for Bill

  2. …the Republican’ts have been trying to blame Democrats for thier own malicious malconduct…it won’t wash; everybody with eyes has seen the whole thing…{not the wilfully blind}and the surviving “moderate” Republican’ts are even starting to rouse from thier comas…
    …the TeaTraitors won’t even be usable as dog food…

  3. Who are you anyway? I bump into your opinions occasionally and they are consistently wacko, usually meaningless and inaccurate. This one is typically vague, broad an inspecific in its charges and a waste of time. So you hate Democrats and love Fox. Do you have anything that makes you unusual?

  4. Sounds good, except then we won’t have anywhere to go when his crazy cohorts destroy this country.

  5. I’m the Man that is sittin next to the man sittin next to the man that is sittin next to man sittin next to the GOD DAM WOMAN

    Now unless you have something meaningful to say I advise you to STFU

  6. If we had a majority of engaged and well informed citizens who were pragmatic, honest, intellectual truth seekers and genuinely cared about doing unto others as they would have others do unto them, our political leaders and elected officials would never be able to get away with treason or be partisan or derelict in their duties, turn America into a country with 3rd world issues such as corruption, police brutality, increased acts of domestic terrorism, civil and voting rights abuses, inconceivable levels of homeless, uneducated, hungry and poor citizens, and they certainly would never be able to turn America into a global punch line.

  7. If repugs in Congress can get away with not doing their job while obstructing and wasting others’ time
    AND still get paid, why shouldn’t Kim Davis get the
    same warped notion? Now they can enjoy the GOP
    stigma together. Jah bless.

  8. The dumbing down of America is most obvious with our lovely Republicans . Can’t believe their closed minds & racism , mostly old white folks, but not like me .

  9. I sort of agree.
    I wonder though if it isn’t also visible in the democratic voters, most especially in midterms which is where we lost the House and Senate. The rethugs come roaring out with their extreme and ridiculous fear mongering and the dems figure it’s so crazy we don’t need to fight, why bother to vote. Cycle after cycle we dismiss the threat as too absurd for concern and we lose more ground. What’s the learning curve on that. Forty years of persistent incremental attacks on the middle class has brought us to this place. When will we g et it and get out and vote?

  10. Pre WW1, Pre WW1, repeat…This is a repeat of the 1930’s. Got that Koch followers? Were onto your evil endeavor on the American people. Bring it on, we’re waiting & willing to fight.

  11. It really pisses me off that these rw shits always complain about the ‘liberal media’. As far as I can see it’s all slanted towards the repukes, they just are better at whining and being butt hurt than the left.

  12. I effing hope so. The Dems have been polite and ‘let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings’ for too long while getting lied about and slandered by those worms on the right.

  13. It would be nice to see Democrats get angry. The Republican nut jobs have been running this country into the ground. When I was in the military on a European tour, we were always warned not to be the “ugly American” stereotype that was developing over there. Yes, we saved their asses in WW2, but that didn’t give us the right to act like we were owed anything as some started doing. These days it seems the whole Republican Party is acting like the world owes them. They seem to think America should throw its weight around all over the world because, we’re special, we’re exceptional. They’ve made America both a laughing stock and a danger to the rest of the world. That is if the Republicans ever get back control of the White House. As an American citizen and as a veteran, I’m embarrassed at what these fools are doing to our country.

  14. How did you come to the conclusion that DJ loves FOX and hates Democrats? Nothing in his post(s) have ever suggested that considering that most of DJ’s posts put him squarely as a Liberal.

    I would try reading his post again. Let me break it down for you.

    But if we had a working media [did actual research & fact gathering] this bullshit [crap] would have been shutdown long ago [the GOP would have been called on their lies]. Why should the American Taliban [RW GOP] grow up and govern when they know their hoes [cheerleaders] which is the MSM [6 media sources now hold all the media cards] will do more for them than Monica ever done for Bill. [Hopefully, you remember what Monica did & Bill got impeached by the House for lying about it].

  15. …take it elsewhere GD Troll; we can see one o’ you “Fk”in’ polymorphrodite assholes 7 miles out…in heavy fog…{spits}

  16. Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    It is a given that GOP TPs are fools.

    Too many democrats are also fools; especially democrats who won’t get off their dead ass to go vote because, “My vote don’t mean shit.”

    That is what happened in 2010. The result? Idiots in Congress. Gerrymandering. And we have to live with gerrymandered districts until 2022.

    Ohio is supposedly purple. Study this link to see what gerrymandering can do.


    OH-9 which stretches from Toledo to Cleveland was drawn that way because Marcy Kaptur of Toledo was the only democrat that could beat Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland. Good By Dennis.

    All democrats should go to vote and take people with them when they do.

  17. Le Hunt, Democrats come out swinging every time a Republican tells bald-faced lies with impunity, and are never corrected by America’s mass media. I see Democrats all the time on MSNBC on shows hosted by Liberals…but nowhere else.

    It’s not that Democrats don’t counter those lies again and again. It’s the fact that America’s mass media just won’t give them the chance.

    It’s a case of “if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it…does it make a sound?”

    As long as U.S. mass media refuses to give Democrats equal time to Republicans, they’ll be like the tree and it will appear as if they don’t make a sound.

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