Laughingstock House Republicans Set To Try To Repeal Obamacare For The 61st Time


House Republicans are foolishly about to try to repeal Obamacare for the 61st time.

The Hill reported that this pointless exercise in futility is coming from Rep. Paul Ryan’s Ways and Means Committee, “The measure would repeal ObamaCare’s individual and employer mandates for obtaining and providing insurance, along with two major taxes used to pay for the health care law: A 40 percent tax on high-cost health plans, called the “Cadillac Tax,” and a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices.”

According to Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee here are a few of the achievements that Republicans are looking to roll back by repealing Obamacare:

– 17.6 million uninsured Americans have gained health insurance coverage since enactment of the Affordable Care Act.

– The rate of uninsured has dropped to historic lows – currently just 11.4%.

– As of March 31, 2015, 10.2 million consumers had coverage in Health Insurance Marketplace plans.

– 50,000 lives have been saved due to a reduction in hospital-acquired conditions, such as infections

– The private sector has added 13 million jobs.

– Americans have saved $9 billion since 2011, because of the new requirement that insurers have to spend at least 80% of every premium dollar they receive on quality health care.

– $19.2 billion has been recovered for taxpayers from stepped-up anti-fraud efforts in Medicare and other health programs under the ACA.

House Republicans are returning to repealing Obamacare because they can’t agree with each other on passing anything. The 61st attempt to repeal the ACA will end up the same way that the other 60 attempts did.

Since Republicans are using the reconciliation process to pass the repeal, the bill will get to President Obama’s desk. However, the President will promptly veto the bill, and Republicans will have once again accomplished nothing.

The American people should get used to this sort of behavior because it is going to happen even more in the post-Boehner House. Mitch McConnell is already using the tactic of bringing up defeated bills for votes repeatedly, and the extremist Republicans in the House believe that if they keep passing Obamacare repeal bills eventually the President will sign one of them.

Of course, this is never going to happen, but their belief that it might is one of the reasons why Republicans have turned Congress into a joke.

32 Replies to “Laughingstock House Republicans Set To Try To Repeal Obamacare For The 61st Time”

  1. …Eddie Munster needs a vacation…may I recommend the La Brea tar…errrr…the La Brea Petroleum Spa???

  2. This is yet another reason why the GOP could be facing political extinction in the coming election. People are waking up to the stench of the GOP’s shit and turnout for presidential elections is always very high.

  3. How about the Highway bill. Lets get our roads and bridges repaired. Forget about a healthcare plan that the people are happy with. Raise the minimum wage. Get people out of poverty and allow them to put food on their table. Damn, just do the right thing for a change.

  4. I wish one of the Democratic presidential candidates would make a simple graph and display it on TV and the internet to show just how much money the GOP has cost taxpayers because of their spite and stupidity.

    It has to be an outrageous amount, and that is not including their salaries and perks.

    That needs to be hammered home during the presidential campaigns.

  5. Well I suppose if they send all their time on this they can’t cause any real trouble.It’s not like they would use the time they could save to accomplish anything that would benefit the country.
    As to a simple chart the best way to display that would probably be billboards with devil and pitchfork. They respond to that Satan stuff.

  6. Another wisconsin repuglykan; how did this great state get so so many votes for these idiots; get out and vote them out as should be done.

  7. Republicans sure know how to waste taxpayer funds and they consider themselves the fiscal responsible political party. What a joke.

  8. Would you have ever believed that Big Insurance has
    such a strangle hold on Congressional repugs? We
    always use “insanity” to describe repugs and if their
    60 previous failures haven’t taught them anything,
    the shoe fits perfectly. Bunch of circle jerks…

  9. Good grief, some reporter needs to find out what the running tab is on this bs and make it very publicly known! They are wasting tax payer dollars and their own time on this crap.

    They need to be shamed.

  10. how about an infrastructure bill?
    how about a jobs bill?
    how about doing something about immigration?
    how about doing SOMETHING for the middle-class and poor?

    You’re stuck on %#@*&^% STUPID!

    How about doing something to earn your $174,000 a years job paid for buy our DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST TAX $$$ ????

  11. Oh. Didn’t you get the memo? Those bills are sitting on Reid’s desk. Hey! Wait a minute…………….

  12. I wonder how labor and Sanders will come down on the Cadillac tax since it is working. I know how big business will come down since instead of paying wages they will instead offer these plans that is one of the causes of rising healthcare cost

  13. The GOP motto is “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try, and try and try again.”

    Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  14. I think a good reporter for this would be Matt Taibbi. He used to work for Rolling Stone, but I don’t know where he is now.

    This should definitely come to light, and you know the media won’t bother.

  15. It’s nothing but the people’s fault. Their supporters put them back in office because they are to stupid and the Democrats are to damn lazy to get out and vote. Let’s wake up and get them something to worry about.

  16. Obamacar is WORKING better than predicted and Americans LOVE IT ,,,,,,,quit wasting time and tax payer money fools and do your job

  17. That twit Paul Ryan never quits… He’s the scum on the bottom of my shoe that won’t wipe off… I dispise that idiot…

  18. Don’t trust Schumer and definitely don’t trust Lyin Ryan, he is a punk.

    Schumer needs to retire. NY has had enough of him.

  19. You can’t change the stupidity of the Repub Party & their supporters , surely you’ve all talked to some of their voters . The only option is to out vote the bastards . Racists don’t change

  20. IIRC, the cost of the GOP’s attempt to repeal the ACA was over $50 MILLION! Yet, at that point, they had made slightly less than 50 attempts at doing so. Imagine if the Democratic Party did something so ridiculously ignorant. The GOP does this for the totally irrational portion of their party, the Tea Partiers and those who believe that President Obama was responsible for Katrina, because nothing else will please them except trying to do the impossible. They want to say “Jump!” and have the GOP ask, “How high?” and so far they’ve been successful.

    Fortunately for Boehner, he can now go find a job where he can actually make a decent salary since he’s no longer SOH. (Obviously snark although the comment was made by Chuck Todd) More than 3 times the national average and we’re supposed to feel as if he’s F’ing sacrificed the “good life” for the sake of his constituents?! GMAFB! These people are genuinely nuts!

  21. …I’d upgrade that to razor-wire…adding a new dimension to the phrase “Carve them a new asshole.”…

  22. AHHH!!! Sharon, there are so many. Anyone with an (R) behind their name to be correct is the same scum on the bottom of a shoe. Once in a great while there comes a bright shining light from this party, (MCCain) when he stood up to a bigot and hope springs forward, Then they revert back to their comfort of being a good thug, quickly!

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