New Poll Shows Biden Would Be Strongest Democrat Against Republicans In North Carolina


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A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on September 29, 2015, suggests that if Democrats want to carry North Carolina in the 2016 election, they should seriously consider choosing Vice President Joe Biden as their party’s nominee. The PPP poll found that Biden performed much better than both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in hypothetical head to head contests with the leading Republicans.

For example, in a match up against Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders trailed 45-39, and Hillary Clinton trailed 46-41. By contrast Joe Biden led Bush 47-42, performing 10 points better than Clinton, and 11 points better than Sanders, when pitted against the former Florida Governor.

The PPP poll also found Donald Trump running ahead of both Sanders (46-43) and Clinton (47-42). However, a race between Trump and Biden was a toss up in the Tar Heel State, with both candidates deadlocked at 45 percent.

North Carolina is a crucial swing state that Republicans simply cannot afford to lose, if they want any chance to win back the White House. President Barack Obama eked out a narrow victory over John McCain in North Carolina in 2008, by a razor thin 49.7 to 49.4 percent margin. In 2012, Obama lost the state by two percentage points (50.4-48.4) to Mitt Romney.


Biden’s relative strength in North Carolina would potentially give the Democrats an opportunity to shut the door on Republicans in a state that the GOP desperately needs in order to take back the White House in 2016. In North Carolina, Biden is the most well-liked Democratic presidential candidate. Voters in the Tar Heel State have a more favorable opinion of Biden than they do of either Sanders or Clinton.

Joe Biden has not yet entered the presidential race. One reason he may have stronger favorable numbers than his potential Democratic rivals, is because so far, he has been above the fray of campaign politics. Nevertheless, his current standing suggests that he might be the Democrat’s strongest option for winning North Carolina in a general election.

Given, North Carolina’s status as a barely red-leaning swing state, this also raises the possibility that Vice President Biden might also be the Democrat’s best choice for retaining the White House in 2016. It is that possibility that has many Democrats hoping he will enter the presidential race.

23 Replies to “New Poll Shows Biden Would Be Strongest Democrat Against Republicans In North Carolina”

  1. As with Hillary Clinton, of course, these poll numbers for VP Biden are good only until he actually steps into the ring. Right?

  2. I Live in North Carolina. The state has been taken over by RWNJ’s. The voters are for the most part “Ignorant Fools” who vote against their best interest each and every time. I’m not so sure ANY democrat can win here. Sad but true.

  3. Not surprised to see Trump doing well in NC. I live in Charlotte, which is pretty racially diverse, but once I’ve traveled 5 minutes outside of town, I start running into the pickup trucks with the confederate flags hanging from the side. I don’t mean the little car-sized flags…I’m talking about the enormous ones that hang from flagpoles. Apparently, they want their bigotry to be seen from space.

  4. I DESPISE our Rethug governor. I went with my kid recently on a field trip to his mansion and had to resist the urge to write obscenities on the walls.

  5. Until more tax revenues are devoted to education in
    our state, ignorance at the polls will continue to rule.
    People here care more about pig pickin’s and growing
    collards than who’s porkin’ em in Raleigh and D.C. Talk about land of the lost. Sweet tea anyone? Hoping
    Pope Francis keeps the Old North State in his prayers.
    Bless up.

  6. State regime change is the only answer. Your state is not alone in that plight. GOP revels in raising a generation of GOP dumbasses.

  7. A PPP means about as much as a pile of dog poop right now. They are for sale to anyone that will hire them.
    It’s a long long time until ANY polls are gonna mean Jack if they ever do. In the dry spells PPP is just another form of show business media whore.

  8. Where did you live before you came to NC and why did you move to this state? I was BORN in NC. There are more people registered as Democrats than Republicans. But there has always been that faction of rich powerful crooks like Art Pope. How do you explain the fury of the republicans when the NC voters helped put President Obama in office? It was plain that could never happen again..the push was on to gerrymander the state and for outside money to POUR into the state to see to it.
    You need to do a little homework. I live in a district that was gerrymandered with bits and pieces of eight counties. The McMansions around Fort Bragg where the officers retired and Pinehurst as the base..MOST of them just “living here” now.
    I live almost 100 miles from Renee Ellmers from Mich. and a whole different planet from the people that have retired to Pinehurst. Even with the stacked deck it was still a runoff and she supposedly won by less than 1500 votes. I would have to count them to believe it…

  9. After reading this I feel sorry for the poor in your state
    Snap Judgment In North Carolina

    Posted by Zandar

    Since GOP Gov. Pat McCrory took over North Carolina in January 2013 and Republicans gained complete control of the government, the NC GOP has cut jobless benefits back so far that the state no longer qualifies for federal unemployment dollars, they have eliminated the state’s earned income tax credit for the poor, they have purged the state’s regulatory commissions and filled them with McCrory cronies, they have ended medical school programs that taught abortion procedures, they have wrecked the state’s public education budget, and implemented a regressive tax on repair and maintenance services.
    Read More

  10. LOL I gotta admit I have no problem spotting you as another “away” person. It’s pretty easy to spot yankees…and before you get your panties in a wad..that has NOTHING to do with the civil war but all about attitude. Attitude sets some apart even faster than listening to one trying to say y’all right.
    I will be 80 soon and I have never been to a “pig pickin” in my life..I have seen a few human pigs I would love to dig a pit for. Anther story for another post.
    Now I do love Collards..but I cook them myself.
    Another thing “away” people have a problem doing.
    I will even admit I have voted locally for a handful of republicans in the past. People I knew to be decent. Those days are over. What the republican party has turned into, there’s nothing decent about it.
    I have missed a few elections over the years, never a national and never again as long as I can get there. It’s why I go to early voting the first day if possible. I guess we just go to different parties. :)

  11. It’s a freaking nightmare.

    One of the worst things I’ve seen over the years are cuts to programs that benefit the disabled. My autistic daughter just turned 18, and even though we live in the largest city in the state, services for people like her are paltry (and believe me, I’ve researched ALL of them)compared to what they were in the 90’s.

  12. Biden wrote the Crime Bill of 1994 signed by Clinton that resulted in the building of new prisons and jails. His loyalty to law enforcement labor unions is so well-documented that he cannot possibly win election. Voters are fed up with this age of mass incarceration. Biden and Hillary were responsible for the promotion of this horrible Crime Bill. Bernie Sanders wants to reform it. He is the clear choice for people who are sick of the 1% ruling over us.

  13. For starters, it makes little or no sense at all to poll these races this far in advance. For seconds, everyone knows the numbers will change dramatically over the course of the next three months. This is pure propaganda designed to entice Joe Biden into the presidential sweepstakes. That ought not to be too difficult – Biden knows well that Clinton’s nosedive will not end well for her. A final point, any attempt to predict Sanders numbers at this date is doomed to failure, because he is soaring and there is no ceiling in sight.

  14. Clinton nose-diving Sanders soaring yet she leads him by more than 25 points nationally. You cant make this shit up

  15. After Arnold Schwartzennegger, it was that way in California, too. I’m on SSI, and today, we’re receiving less that we did in 2009. He made that happen within six months of the beginning of that year! He simply cut funds for programs that helped parents with childcare who were on our Welfare-to-work program, for In-home Health Services, which kept disabled people who might end up in nursing facilities in their own homes with less expensive and more effective in-home care that was all they actually needed, reserving those spaces for those who truly needed full-spectrum nursing care; and cut whatever else he could find from the bottom up. It got so bad that disabled folks and their caretakers were protesting at the state capital! By the time he left, many who voted for him were suffering from buyers’ remorse…

  16. I will say this again. These poll numbers are just that, numbers. We haven’t even had a primary or caucus and people are trying to predict the nominee of something that isn’t even close to happening yet. Sure, if you ask me, we’re gonna have a President Sanders. I’m a #Berniecrat 24/7, just ask me, if you’ve got a day or two! But Bernie, Jane, and all of us know, the opera ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and she hasn’t even finished rehearsing yet! Joe Biden, like everyone else who hasn’t entered, gets great numbers because of two reasons; one, people know who he is, and two; he isn’t running at this time. So please, he’s made it plain he has some personal, private reasons for considering not running, and they are not about him. Most likely, they are about a couple of little kids whose daddy passed away and a sweet lady who lost the love of her life, and who is figuring out what to do next–this man’s family. Why, oh, why, is it so difficult to let Joe Biden alone?

  17. You should, everyone in the US should. It is the worst I have ever seen and believe me it was pure hell in the mills 30-40-50 years ago. As more people from “away” moved in, some brought some of their better ways with them. But sadly some came to plunder.
    Now the blue collar jobs in furniture plants, mills, the sewing rooms are gone with Reagan and will never return.
    The kids now have never known what NC really is. But they are still a force to be a threat to republicans. It’s not easy to get rid of dirty money when Walmart is the biggest employer in the state. People should pay attention and as I keep saying before anyone is quick to jump for republican BS that we are too stupid to vote we do vote it’s just the system is rigged. Look up Mark Meadows for a perfect example, read everything you can find about him and his sometimes home, Cashiers, the whole area. He is what the good decent people in NC contends with. The people CANNOT vote against him. The cards are stacked.

  18. I don’t remember that either, what I do remember is Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales owning some of the worst of the hell pits. They targeted poor kids. Not much the poor could do and what the hell, they were expendable kids. Out of the womb. Both men should have been hung on Prime Time TV along with most of that murderous administration. But instead they have been rewarded and sheltered by the republican party that knows exactly how guilty they all are. Tell me people that can do what the republican party has done and they pretend to believe in hell. A hell that their phony BS about the 10 commandments tell them they are bound for. They know what their brand of christianity is worth. I guess God talking to them means they aren’t listening.

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