Trump Crashes and Burns By Offering To Give Putin Syria In Disastrous Fox Interview


Donald Trump’s return to Fox News was a massive disaster as the Republican frontrunner demonstrated that he knows nothing by bungling two questions on Syria and suggesting that giving Putin control of Syria is fine with him.


O’Reilly began by appearing to softball Trump on his tax plan and then called out Trump’s tax plan for reducing revenue. Trump said that he would cut waste and abuse and named the Department of Education and the EPA. The federal appropriation for the Department of Education is $141 billion. Trump’s tax plan will cost up to $20 trillion.

Trump touted the virtues of Putin and said that Putin is, “getting an A, and our president is not doing so well.”

The disaster continued for Trump as he announced his support for the mass-murdering Assad regime in Syria. Trump said, “Personally, I’ve been looking at the different players, and I’ve been watching Assad over the years because deals are people, and I’m looking at Assad and saying maybe he’s better than the kind of people that we are supposed to be backing.”

O’Reilly asked what the downside was to Putin fighting ISIS and said that Putin will own Syria once he gets in. Trump answered, “Well, ok fine.”

Trump and O’Reilly went on to make nice about Fox News being fair to Trump.

This interview demonstrated why Donald Trump is a danger to his own country. Trump is willing to let Putin take over Syria with a shrug while he also suggested that perhaps the United States should be backing murderous Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Trump’s lack of knowledge was so glaring that Bill O’Reilly appeared to be more knowledgeable on foreign policy than the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

If Fox News is still out to get Trump, they did a great job of exposing his ignorance in the interview with O’Reilly. Trump doesn’t know anything and thinks that he is going to be able to run US foreign policy by sizing up other world leaders like he is making a business deal.

A Trump presidency would be a disaster for the United States of America in every imaginable way.

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  1. If you are ashamed. Please become activated and activate others, that have honest love of our country back on track. Put the teahadists, and x-tains all out to pasture, to wander in the wilderness for a couple of generations.

  2. What will all the excuses be when this all shakes out? Can’t wait till Bush’s Brain gets all the conservatives straightened out.

  3. It is long overdue for the United States to take care of the United States. Let Putin deal with Syria, ISIS who cares. If we didn’t meddle over there in the first place the region wouldn’t be unstable and there would be no ISIS. Trump is right. Trillions of dollars wasted and what do we get from it. Nothing!

  4. How can anyone with even a half of brain (repubs) ever consider a Repub President after Bush/Chaneys Middle East Policy blunder , one of the two worst policy decisions in U.S. History .

  5. Donald Trump! This guy is so phony and ignorant, he makes Sarah Palin look like a Einstein. In reality, what Trump knows about foreign policy you could put on a postage stamp…. I just had a horrible thought can you even imagine what kind of pup you could get from Trump and Palin?

  6. This is why Trump thinks it’s a good idea to hire people to do these kinds of stuff, because he’s too stupid to do it himself.

  7. O’Reilly said that “Obama failed to stimulate the economy?”

    Seriously? Compared to where we were after Bush left office?

  8. was the guy who wrote the review even watching the interview? Far from looking idiotic, Trump made a lot of sense. I’m not a big fan, but “let” Putin have Syria. as if we really have a choice. They are allies and trading partners, it’s where Assad gets all his weapons, just accept the reality. The whole nightmare began with the Bush invasion Of Iraq, as even Donald Trump figured out. It’s a mess, and the deeper Putin gets into it, the more he will regret it. Let It Be Afghanistan part 2 for him.

  9. Well, I think Michele Bachmann and Louie “Cantaloupe Calves” Gohmert would give them a run for the “Abject Stupidity” title.

  10. Right. And when Putin doesn’t stop at Syria, then what? Or when he starts killing innocents, then what? Un- fortunately, this world is connected. What happens in Syria DOES affect us. Putin’s country is hurting because oil prices have plummeted. Why he wants Syria is beyond me. He needs to look strong, and since his people like HIM, but distrust the government as a whole, attacking other countries only helps him politically, until more sanctions hit home. Trump loves Putin because he sees a fellow bully.
    I do not want US troops in Syria, and I doubt Putin wants a ground war either. I also think we spend way too much on our military when we have so many needs at home. Hopefully, Putin can be convinced that bombing Syria is a bad idea before this gets out of control.

  11. Washington (CNN)Russia has conducted its first airstrike in Syria, near the city of Homs, a senior U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday .

    The Russians told the United States that it should not fly U.S. warplanes in Syria, but gave no geographical information about where Russia planned to strike. The senior official said U.S. missions are continuing as normal.

    Earlier Wednesday, the upper house of the Russian parliament gave President Vladimir Putin approval to use the air force in Syria, according to state media.

    “The Federation Council unanimously supported the President’s request — 162 votes in favor of granting permission,” Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergey Ivanov said, according to ITAR-Tass.

    The vote came after a request by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for military assistance in fighting ISIS, Ivanov said

  12. Exactly right. Most of the middle east would agree with Trump’s views. Our foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to set up democracies in the ME does not work.

  13. Apparently the Donald has no idea what the Syrian
    situation is really about. Now Russia is telling the U.S.
    that the air space over Syria is theirs alone. This is
    really gettin’ hairy.

  14. It was about getting access to the oil fields as well as ‘creating a democracy’ – Cheney & co are all about control of assets !!

  15. So you speak for the entire middle east now?

    Nobody wants war, but America can’t just plug their ears and pretend nothing is happening in the world outside us. When you agree with that self-serving blowhard, you automatically lose credibility. First the guy said we should take in Syrian refugees, then he said we shouldn’t because he knew welcoming immigrants of any kind would piss off the bigots that are his rabid supporters. He says what he must to get his poll numbers back up, don’t delude yourself into thinking he has any sort of sound policy.

  16. Thank you Jason Easley for this much-needed and well-articulated article.

    We need to keep such information on the front burner so-to-speak, to keep us constantly aware of the importance of everyone’s single vote that, when totaled, can bring about positive change in our government and our beloved country.


  17. The complexity of our world entanglements and consequences is why Fiorina, for one random example, will never rise above flavor of the month to lead our country.

  18. The midterms are a joke because since congress put the “Gerrymandering” into affect, the majority doesn’t win but by how many districts you win to get elected which is a sham.

  19. A few times when Putin has made major public media events with world leaders, this time Obama, he was on the verge of another huge breaking news maneuver.

    It is as if he is in the news – just before he is THE major news event for another reason.

    I noticed that the last few times he appeared but this just rang that bell again since he was so dour in the pictures with Obama. A pattern, maybe it is just me but it has happened before.

  20. …to quote Austin Powers “She’s like the village bicycle; everybody has had a ride.” about Bristol…

  21. Trump and Palin look like they could have the same Daddy and if Sarah was a little younger, Trump would probably be saying things about her along the lines of how he talks about his Daughter.

  22. Trump wants to cut education and environmental protection. Makes sense.

    He wants to keep people in ignorance so they can’t rise up against the impending oligarchy and keep destroying the environment while he’s at it.

    This guy is an utter disaster. If he becomes president it’s game over for not only the US but mankind. You heard it here first.

  23. Because the RW propaganda machine has convinced them that Bill Clinton and Barak Obama are to blame for all those things. Republicans will never accept responsibility for ANYTHING. It’s always some Liberal’s fault…

  24. To be honest, I actually don’t believe Trump gives a rat’s ass about the Dept of Edu or the EPA. That was just him regurgitating what he thinks are safe, Republican base approved answers.

  25. …and considering that he’s had to deal with a congress that has sytematically sabotaged the economy at every turn (not to mention ZERO jobs bills) and then tried to pin it on him. I’d say he’s done about as well as could be expected.

  26. Whoa.
    Stating Putin is “getting an A” is a statement of fact, don’t run from the truth.
    Then stating that backing the mass murderer Assad is foolish and bad for America? It is? Is Afghanistan better now? Is Iraq better now? Is Libya better now? Putin makes interesting points in his interview, something U.S. Republicans and Democrats should consider: Intervene if you must, but do so through international bodies and legitimate governments.
    The United States is personally responsible for ISIS, both Democrats and Republicans. Trump really is neither, he is simply hijacking the Republican party. I’d say Trump could form his own party after the election and transform American politics, by replacing political hacks that were bought by special interest dollars and tow a party line with successful, motivated and ethical leaders. Neither Dems or Republicans thrill me. Trump does.

  27. Are you stupid?
    ISIS posses a huge threat to us. They already claim to have jihadist here and will send more with the “refugees”. It has been already proven they have in Europe. So when the “refugees” come here don’t whine and cry when things start blowing up. You just burry your head back in the sand and pretend it is a religion of peace and its just a few misguided souls doing all the damage.

  28. As long as this current admin is in power, yes Putin will have Syria.
    Obama will huff and puff and draw his red lines but will do nothing to stop him. Obama don’t have the back bone to stand up to Putin and do what needs to be done. Obama is a bag of hot air and Putin knows it. He in no way shape or form fears Obama.
    Putin may not want to send troops to Syria but he understands the one thing Obama don’t. Sometimes war is necessary. Sometime people have to kill and die.
    Putin was not only a soldier but he was also KGB he was no community organizer, he is and always will be a leader.

  29. Trump, what an absolute schmuck who is totally out of his league, clueless and VERY dangerous to the Republic, period. And, if you notice, he has flat lined, can’t break that 30% and MAINTAIN it. He ONLY maintaining what he has is because the Republican field is still too large. Once, that clears out, Trump WILL be OVER. Couldn’t happen soon enough.

  30. Another person who’s swallowed right wing fear-mongering and MSM propaganda.

    1. Check a world map.

    33% of people living in Turkey say they’re “very concerned” about the Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL). 44% of people living in Israel. 68% in the U.S. (from on 9/15/2015).

    IOW Americans have an exaggerated fear of Muslim terrorism.

    2. A greater threat — American terrorists:

    (1) Right wing militias. Spread across the U.S. with training camps, hoards of weapons, and survival gear. Ready & willing to take down the gov’t. Slavering to “take America back” from immigrants (documented or not), Jews, Muslims, African Americans.

    (2) Lone wolves, most of whom are white males, eg mass murderer Dylan Roof.

  31. He is a F”N disaster waiting to happen, you better hope to hell that he isn’t your next president !

  32. I’m also perplexed by how one day the phone calls to the Whitehouse were 500 to 1 against starting up a war with Syria (according to a Senator that’ll remain nameless). But here we are, marching into WW-3 anyway. I sure would like to know how many of these ignoramuses in this comment section ever served in the military.

  33. I can’t believe I talked bad about liberals. yellow dog liberal has more knowledge about this situation than almost all of these political geniuses in this comment section.

  34. Which Senator and you do know reading is fundamental. Out of the 50 comments about 6 were for going to war and they were quickly shot down

  35. Rastalari, Russia/USSR and Syria have been close allies since the 1950s. That’s why Putin is helping Assad.

    Most of the people on this thread are just repeating Neocon/Bush/Cheney propaganda and don’t even realize it.

    ISIS is the by far the biggest threat in the region, and the Kurds are the biggest asset. I don’t like Putin, but his strategy makes a lot more sense than ours.

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