Republican Warmongers Delight In New Bombing Of Syria


It’s got to be a banner day for the modern-day Cowboys and Indians crowd of Republican blood lusters. Russia has accommodated their deepest desires in unexpectedly dropping bombs on targets in the Homs province, scene of the initial revolt against the Bashar al- Assad regime. Russia claimed to be bombing Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) targets, though reports from the scene indicate the real targets were rebel strongholds. You’ll often hear the acronym ISIS identified as ISIL. That stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The Levant also encompasses Lebanon and Jordan. President Obama prefers to leave out the ‘S’ for Syria.

For the bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran (or fill in the blank) right-wing hawks, the prospect of the U.S. and Russia tangling over Syria could ignite their most fervent wish; a massive military confrontation in the Middle East. Dick Cheney, would stand to gain millions from his Halliburton holdings from such a clash.

And a U.S. and Russian encounter could become a reality. After all, the United States has been firing drones for quite some time into Russian pal, Syria’s land surface and has flown F-16 sorties, while leading bombing runs by selected coalition forces from some 65 countries. Allied forces were bombing at the same time as the Russians.

Senator John McCain, he of the “bomb Iran” 2008 presidential campaign parody, was predictably highly critical of the president during a brief address as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Here’s a sample of his attack on Obama as televised by CNN: “Everybody knows that when the president of the United States said we draw a red line on Syria and didn’t do it, it had a profound effect on the Middle East, including Sunni Arab states as well as Shia. Everybody knows that when the president turned down the recommendations of his secretary of defense, his secretary of state, which happened to be Secretary Clinton at the time—to arm the Free Syrian Army and he turned it down. It was another seminal moment.”

At age 79, the Arizona Republican has no intention of leaving the Senate anytime soon. He is already running for another term this time around.

McCain’s scathing criticisms drew a quick response from Secretary of State John Kerry speaking on CNN from the United Nation’s Security Council meeting. Kerry said he had called Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and warned that Russia’s action could escalate the bloody conflict of four years standing while conceding that the actions are not exactly one-sided: “We have conducted a number of strikes against ISIL targets in Syria over the past 24 hours including just an hour ago. These strikes will continue.” Kerry said the U.S.-led coalition had conducted 3,000 airstrikes against ISIS and that efforts would dramatically increase.

For his part, President Obama insists that al-Assad must abandon his post. That is the primary U.S. goal in Syria. That appears to run counter to Russia’s military moves in support of al-Assad. So what we have here is a Russian, Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi, Shia sect members and a loose terrorist alliance headed by ISIS, potentially doing major battle against the U.S. and its 65-member coalition. There are really only a few reliable coalition members, however. France, Australia and Great Britain, plus Qatar, Jordan and three other Middle East allies are taking part in the bombings. France dropped its first bombs on ISIS in Syria, Sunday, the 27th. Other French bombings had been confined to Iraq.

Many coalition members may not be so anxious to take on the task, fearing reprisals, religious skirmishes and proximity to Syria.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told the assembled press on the afternoon of the bombings that he hoped that the U.S. and Russia could convene military talks soon. Media sources quote Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook as telling reporters Tuesday that Carter had directed his staff to “open lines of communication with Russia on de-confliction.”

The purpose of discussions would be “to ensure the safety of coalition air crews,” he said. Secretary of State Kerry had expressed the same wish for talks nearly two weeks ago as Russian military aircraft began arriving in Syria. Carter warned that American and Coalition airstrikes would continue absent these talks and a continuance by the Russians of the bombing and troop buildups, though Vladimir Putin insists there will be no Russian “boots on the ground.”

So, we have eggshell diplomacy at the same time the prime participants, America and Russia, are pushing Syrian actions to the very brink of a major war.

Is that butch enough for ancient warrior McCain and most of the fist-clenching Republican presidential aspirants and virtually all Republican house and senate members?

Probably not!

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  1. Vote Republican and watch your kids futures squandered while we bomb and mame and waste all the while our infrastructure crumbling. Bury your children and relinquish your safety nets. Watch the wealthy prosper.

  2. reinstate the draft. start calling up the iphoney generation, and then lets see the big mouth chickenhawks, like cheney and rummy, and all the swine on fox, keep on opening their piehole, who never served. lets see todays clueless generation freak out when they get their number called. then lets bomb everything up real good…

  3. Court martial a few General officers for incompetence.

    No one wins a war in Afghanistan except Afghans. The Soviets proved that.

    Daddy Bush armed and trained them.

  4. Putin is playing the US. He’ll employ any underhanded technique to pull the US further and further in. Probably still pissed about those sanctions. McCain is positivly giddy at the prospect of war and bloodshed. I vote we send Cindy and Megan McCain, along with rabid Liz Cheney, paint targets on their backs, and air drop them into the middle of the most vicious fighting. This before I’d give these assholes my sons!

  5. Why would we draw a red line over Syria? We need to exit the Middle East. Let Russia and Iran deal with the region. We don’t need the oil and we don’t need to headaches. Saudi Arabia and Israel are not our friends. They have created huge costs and too many mained and dead Americans already for us to continue to meddle in that region. We should kick the Israelis to the curb, cut them from our welfare rolls, and kiss Saudi Arabia off at the same time.

  6. When Hillary arrived at State she had the monumental task of setting it on the right path again after Bush Inc. made a bloody mess, literally, of our place in the world.

    4 years later she handed over a dept at a much higher level of functioning and reason and with global connections restored and our foot in many productive doors.

    Her book outlines her massive work but the true story is contained at State itself in daily briefings and her statement pages. She worked within and tethered tightly to the Obama Administration but voiced differences of strategy with them strongly to THEM and then did the business as required to follow protocol on decision.

    Kerry does not do that. They describe him as “somersaulting through space, untethered from the White House” and that is not what a SoS should ever do. Watching this video it is obviously an error.

  7. Why is not every American questioning why, once again, we decide who can be head of a country?
    Why were we shipping arms to Syria, out of Benghazi and other places, to the Syrian rebels and the arms were going right to ISIS because the Syrian rebels appear to be ISIS?
    Why is Obama so determined to depose Assad? How has that worked for us when we have destroyed the government of other countries, like Iraq?
    Who app
    Are we fighting against of with ISIS? I’m confused.
    Why does the US keep toppling regimes? Why did we invest millions in Ukraine in 2014, then insert a fascist in charge and then blame Russia for being there when the Eastern Ukraine is primarily Russian? What would the US do if Russia were meddling in Mexico or Canada?

    We have created chaos in the Middle East and then get all up in arms when another country is fighting the radical Islamists who are killing, maiming and driving citizens from their homes?
    The hypocrisy and failures of the US are coming home …

  8. Last summer President Obama wanted to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government for using chemical weapons, hoping to deter repeat attacks and, at the prodding of Senate hawks, reverse the country’s civil war. With weak support at home and abroad, Obama requested authorization from Congress.
    Lawmakers returned early from a recess full of town hall meetings where they heard little support for action. Facing defeat in the House and Senate, the administration ultimately opted for Russian-supported mediation and Assad relinquishing his chemical arsenal.
    By BRADLEY KLAPPER August 13, 2014 3:23 AM

  9. It’s not the generals who are driving this particular bus. Believe me, I know a lot of generals (I live near Ft. Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne) and they’re tired, their soldiers are tired, and everybody is tired of watching their people die or get hurt. Every one of them I know thinks that this constant war is stupid. It’s the warmongers in Congress, 90% of whom have never served, and, as far as I know, 99% of them don’t have children in the military, either. The only skin they have in the game is the defense contracts in their districts and their own bloodthirsty instincts.

  10. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times had an interesting take on all this yesterday in his column. He said that Pres. Obama should let Putin go ahead. Assad is a Shiite, and Sunni Muslims vastly outnumber Shias. “Putin and Russia would be seen as going all-in to protect Assad, a pro-Iranian, Alawite/Shiite genocidal war criminal. Putin would alienate the entire Sunni Muslim world, including Russian Muslims.

    “Moreover, let’s say by some miracle the Russians defeat ISIS. The only way to keep them defeated is by replacing them with moderate Sunnis. Which moderate Sunnis are going to align with Russia while Putin is seen as the prime defender of the barrel-bombing murderer of more Sunnis than anyone on the planet, Bashar al-Assad?” NYT, 30 Sept 2015.

    Mr. Friedman goes on to ask “how long do you think it would take before Putin is the most hated man in the ME?” So – let’s let Putin dig his own grave.

  11. “Moreover, let’s say by some miracle the Russians defeat ISIS
    It would help if Russia was actually fighting ISIS instead of bombing Syrian forces trained by us who is fighting Assad. I guess that’s another Friedman Unit

  12. One exception Sponge, the rich always seem to keep their children safe one way or another. example: Cheney Romney, Bush (Who managed to escape by just not showing up)and all the other rethugs whose children never served. I say, declare yourself for the war, you get drafted.

  13. Betsy, I am not criticizing your comment, I agree totally. But I do have a question. Why does the military always favor the right in elections?

  14. …ummm, why get rid o’ Assad???
    …I mean, aside from Assad the Asshole massacring his own people with WMD, why bother???

  15. Did McCain and the rest of the warmongers think Russia was going to sit on the sidelines forever? The only reason they waited this long is they are broke and can’t really afford to support any prolonged military action. Putin’s little forays in the Crimea and Ukraine were expensive with little return on investment.
    Assad’s forces are losing ground on most fronts and the Russians are trying to protect their investment. The main one being the naval base. As far as only attacking the “bad jihadists” like ISIS, the Russians don’t care. Any forces fighting Assad are fair game to them.

  16. Just listening to BIBI (net-n-yahoo) speaking to the UN. Trying his best to war monger for war!!! If BIBI wants war with Iran, no one is stopping him, just leave us out. He says they live as a free people, but forgets, it is because others fund their wars. Mainly US>>>>>No more, said before, “Kick Israel to the curb” ( a Quote) stop the nonsense of more war….

  17. Are you daft?
    It was the USA arming and financing the Afghanis that defeated the Russians there. That was a war that boiled down to the USA vs. Russia. And we won.
    If not for the USA the afghanis would have been defeated by the Russian forces.

  18. This is all folly. The Sunni’s and Shiite’s have been at War for almost 1400 years and there is nothing that “The West” can do to stop that.

    Yes, President Obama is pissed at Assad. Assad said he had no chemical weapons, he then used chemical weapons on his enemies, he then gave up his chemical weapons that he did not have or use… who would not be pissed.

  19. Bibi’s been running around trying to get the U.S. in a bombing war with Iran for years. I’m sure Condi Rice told him not to worry. As soon as they invaded Iraq then Iran was next and he could lead the victory parade in Tehran. But Bibi never got his parade and he’s never getting that parade.

  20. Among those who we armed & financed was Osama Bin Laden….look where that got us. We also armed, financed & had US troops die for the Iraqis who ultimately surrendered our huge amount of munitions including humvees & tanks to ISIS. It’s a cluster fork that was created by Bush & Cheney’s lies. But hey…they & their crony’s made tons of money (as our fathers, brothers, sisters, sons & daughters died). BTW…please support the Wounded Warrior Project. Our GOP parasites want to keep cutting any & all assistance programs that would help our vets in order to continue giving the rich tax cuts.

  21. Netanyahu made a fool of himself at the UN. His tough guy war talk is laughable. He lives off the taxes paid by hard working Americans who can’t afford to fund their own family’s life and yet they are required to fund Israelis who would rather study the torah and live in an illegal settlement built by US dollars and live on welfare with their families of 10-12 children instead of getting a job. And the added slap to Americans is that guys like Bernie Sanders lobbies to have the American taxpayer repay Israel the cost of every bomb, missile, depleted uranium and white phosphorus shell, and every bullet used to kill defenseless captive Gazans. We need to get out of the Middle East and let the Russians and the Iranians deal with their neighborhood. It’s none of our business. It’s long past time for us to kick Saudi Arabia to the curb and to walk away from Israel. They are nothing but trouble.

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