Democrats Save The USA As Majority Of Republicans Vote Against Keeping Government Open

Pelosi and House Democrats

Democrats have saved the country from another crisis, as it was Democratic votes that kept the government open after a majority of House Republicans voted against the CR.

According to The Hill:

Congress is sending President Obama legislation to prevent a government shutdown following a 277-151 vote in the House that will keep federal agencies funded through Dec. 11.

More Republicans voted against the spending bill than in favor of it, however.

Republicans objected to the inclusion of money for Planned Parenthood in the bill, leading 151 GOP lawmakers to vote against the bill, compared to only 91 who supported it.

Every Democrat voted in favor of the legislation.

Today’s vote was all about Democrats coming to the rescue of the American people by preventing a government shutdown. Without Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and ability to keep the Democratic caucus unified, the nation would be counting down the hours until the government shut down.

House Republicans have learned nothing from their previous mistakes. It took John Boehner’s retirement to put the wheels in motion for the government to remain open and funded. With Boehner leaving in a month, all bets are off as far as what will happen when the December 11 funding deadline rolls around.

Boehner and McConnell are trying to work out a two-year budget deal with the White House, but the odds of the deal getting done before the Speaker retires are slim at best. The odds are heavily weighed in favor of new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trying to bully the White House and Democrats by forcing a government shutdown before Christmas.

Democrats saved the country from disaster today, and it won’t be the last time that they will be called on to be the grown ups who are interested in governing. Gerrymandered districts are keeping House Republicans in power, but the American people need to understand who is saving them from economic despair.

House Democrats may not be in the majority, but in times of crisis they come through for the American people.

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33 Replies to “Democrats Save The USA As Majority Of Republicans Vote Against Keeping Government Open”

  1. Every last one of us has to get to the polls this time, we have to vote straight DEM, or they’ll keep ruining us in Congress, we have to get these crappy governors out who are driving their states bankrupt — and we can’t do that if we don’t — VOTE!! We can govern this country and make it great once again!

  2. Remember…Ann Romney?

    Ann’s Quote Today:
    “People keep asking Mitt to jump into the race and “we are assessing”

    “All I can say is, we are in New York City, Mitt’s been with me a lot today, over the last few days and we have been walking the streets and people are screaming out there windows, I mean people on the street, people stop us on the street, everyone is saying ‘come, get in, jump in’, we hear it, we get a lot of phone calls, people are calling all the time, from our past donors saying ‘it’s time to think about it again’.

  3. Truth Bomb: No Shutdown – Democrats win the battle but not the war on the people. Democrats make a big deal they got a Continuing Resolution without defunding Planned Parenthood to keep the government open at current AUSTERITY levels through December 11, 2015.
    Republicans have already won with 95% of our created wealth since 2009 is going to the 1% rich. Damage has been done to the people! People are dying because of Republican Governors refusing to expand Medicaid. Republicans refuse to fund veterans and seniors resulting in 22 committing suicide a day if not more. Worse yet children are suffering from PTSD and brain damage due to poverty.. Republicans policies have decreased our wages by 12.3% or $8,479 a year from 2000-2014. Republican austerity policies have pushed 222 million into poverty. Republican welfare reform pushed 31 million children and of those 7.4 million children into extreme poverty living on less the $2.00 a day. This is criminal legislative action.

  4. If that is true, it is a direct result of the horrible turn the party has taken and an insult to the candidates that deserve insulting. It is also a recipe for defeat.

  5. Without Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and ability to keep the Democratic caucus unified, the nation would be counting down the hours until the government shut down.

    Most productive Congress ever was under Pelosi.

    The odds are heavily weighed in favor of new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) trying to bully the White House and Democrats by forcing a government shutdown before Christmas.
    Nothing succeeds like failure. if at first you fail; fail, fail again

  6. …just had a thought {Probably an orphan…lol} what if…McCarthy spilled the beans so the Teatards won’t put him in as Speaker???

  7. Why do I have the feeling that the Dec 11th deadline was chosen to that the Republicans can shut down the government right before Christmas? “We’re shutting down the government and all social services in the middle of December. Merry Christmas, and try not to freeze to death.”

  8. The Republican Party hates American & claims to be the savior of our Republic , go figure ! Republicans average IQ must be in the 70’s . It’s to incredible , like suicide bombers .

  9. This short-term keeping the government from shutting down is brainless.

    This gives the terrorists, AKA GOP, another 2-1/2 months to think up another hostage to take in order to keep the government open. The same old, same old, and it is all because of a bunch of hateful bigots. Hope the Dems are using this as a big campaigning tool, that we kept the gov from shutting down this time; along with every other piece of destruction and money wasted on faux investigations that the GOP has caused.

    This campaign time is not the time for Dems to be humble.

  10. The TRUE Republican Party is gone! It is now the Koch party, because it is under the complete control of the Nazi Koch Brothers, just as the Tea Party is. It is the aim/goal of the Koch Brothers to overthrow our Republic from of government and to replace it with a dictatorship, just as Hitler did to Germany in the middle 1930s. They are following Hitler’s playbook on how to get control of a country and keep it in their control. Next, expect them to try to confiscate all of American citizen’s firearms/weapons. They’ve been trying with all their might to indoctrinate the American people that they shouldn’t own or have firearms/weapons! That’s B. S.! The 2nd Amendment of our U. S. Constitution gives us a right to “bear arms and this right shall NOT be infringed upon”!! If the Nazis in our midst manages to convince the people to give up their firearms/weapons, then they cannot fight to get their country back from their enemies, the Fascists (Nazis)!!!!

  11. If the Republicans shut down the government again at our expense, I think they should not be allowed to return – ever. They’ve done so much damage to our nation with their lies and deceit and their sucking up to the Kochs and the corporations that make up the Oligarchy.

    It’s time to consider doing away with the Republican Party. It has been derailed by the Koch Tea Party and is rife with traitors willing to toss it all over to have us become The Corporate States of America.

    The Kochs have circumvented Washington, D.C. and worked with ALEC to do everything in their power to destroy our democracy and make the rules according to their own Tea Partyt agenda which is merely a copy of their father’s John Birch Society.

    I agree with Donna Bergman. The Kochs are leading us into a Nazi regime and deliberately keeping us sidetracked and divided.

  12. Let’s just let the Republicans self destruct. Middle America is not dumb. They just need to truth of the matter to get though the right wing lies and hit home. Americans do better economically under Democratic administrations. It’s up to the Democratic Party to capitalize on the GOP’s now exposed lies about Planned Parenthood and Benghazi and take this election for Hillary Clinton.

  13. Mr france, Didn’t the Koch’s create ALEC? They fund it, why wouldn’t they work with it? No surprise there, their main goal has and will be the destruction of our country.

  14. Thanks, Ronda. Yup, the government won’t shut down for now, but this “big” victory is short-lived and come December 10th we’ll be right back where we were Sept. 30th. When are these people going to start doing their jobs.
    Get out and vote people.

  15. Suga,
    In 2012, The Mitt could have made it a closer contest if the “base” had let him run on his best achievement as Gov. of Mass – Romneycare. But the “base” had to have its raw meat.
    Obamacare is better than letting the health insurance companies run amok but a “Single Payer” system would be so much better.
    PNHP is pushing “Single Payer”.

  16. Rhonda, and yet, Republicans control the House, Senate, Supreme Court, a majority of State Legislatures and State Governorships. Clearly, more Americans need to vote instead of boycott.

  17. Or even better would be to vote for a true progressive antiwar candidate in Bernie Sanders. HRC is an elitist Wall St candidate of and for the rich.

  18. rethuglicans, whose biggest voting base is the old confederacy / kluxers and our first black president took the lid off the “hatred passed down from parents to child at the dinner table

    my racist car mechanic explained the repubs well

    re hillary vs obama 2008 “what are my choices – a woman or a (n-word)

  19. BTW who is faux news………

    Roger ailes runs this lying sack of poop he was nixons man to convert the south from the dixiecrats to the repubs in the early 1970s

    of course he’s a racist – you’d have to be one to do that kind of job

    go to rolling and look up roger ailes

    dont be eating while your reading

    BTW that sack of shit Ben Carson needs to replace his brain.

    he was shown, prob on Fox by rachel Maddow saying Pr Obama was a nazi

    Basically the nazi were racists. they murdered 6 million Jews, 1 million gypsies , both semites-technically not white, the 26000 blacks in germany and for a little more fun, about 200,000 gays

    someone really needs to fix carson. He’s one of those ultra right wingers because some slaves took on the religon of their slave masters to hate other

    pls remember if you didnt know it, evangelical is the new hideaway term for the southern baptists of slavery and segregation and a spin off of the old dutch church of aparthe…

  20. Jeb bush = said re the mass killing in OR

    “shit happens” shows us the repubs want the votes of the NRA – almost 5 million,w while repubs wont let the govt put in a simple background check to keep nut case from buying guns etc, esp at totally unregulated gun shows. the same a-holes who claim to protect life – the right wingers, in America this either came from the cdc or wiki

    amost 60,000 people die by guns each year

    40% murders, 40% suicides, 20 % accidents

    thats how the repub nut cases “protect life”

    a few years ago in England -84 gun killings, population adust it 6 to 1 about 500

    in england you can only have a bolt action hunting rifle or shotgun

    police don’t even carry guns but this may be old, its from before the london subway bombing

    In england the whole culture is different – they have whats called ODCs – ordinary decent criminals – they might rob your home but will never harm you

  21. all these anti abortionists – wish their daughters got raped and pregnant and then wqere stuck with the baby

    whicch in many ways is they got raped a second time

    repugs the extremists who ave captured the party = perfectly fitting the old story from a racist I met

    re hillary vs obama 2008- what are my choices – a woman or a (n_word)

  22. Based on your other posts, I’m guessing you don’t really advocate rape as a punishment.

    And punishing the daughters (twice) for the stupidity of their parents? That’s so Old Testament.

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