A Defiant and Disgusted Obama Slams The Right After Umpqua Community College Shooting


obama oregon community college shooting

A disgusted and angry President Obama responded to the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon by calling out the right and demanding the American people politicize the gun violence issue before more innocent lives are lost.

The President has finally had enough of the right wing of the US enabling the culture of mass shootings.


President Obama said:

Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We’ve become numb to this. We talked about this after Columbine, and Blacksburg, after Tuscon, after Newtown, after Charleston. It can not be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun.

And what’s become routine, of course, is the response of those who oppose any kind of common sense gun legislation. Right now, I can imagine the press releases being cranked out. We need more guns; they’ll argue. Fewer gun safety laws.

Does anybody really believe that?

There are scores of responsible gun owners in this country. They know that’s not true. We know because of the polling that says the majority of Americans say we should be changing these laws, including the majority of responsible gun owners. There is a gun for every man, woman, and child in America. So how can you with a straight face make the argument that more guns will make us safer?


What’s also routine is that somebody somewhere will comment and say Obama politicized this issue. Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together to the body politic.

I would ask news organizations because I won’t put these facts forward. Have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who have been killed through terrorist attacks in the last decade, and the number of Americans who have been killed by gun violence and post those side by side on your news reports. This won’t be information coming from me. It will be coming from you.

The President called out the Republican Congress for blocking the government from collecting data on how they could better prevent gun violence.

According to CBS’s Mark Knoller, this was the 15th time that President Obama has addressed the nation after a mass shooting. The President asked the American people to think about they can get our government to change these laws.

President Obama’s statement was bold and brave. He preemptively confronted the criticism that the right will throw at him. Obama vowed to bring up the need to change gun laws after every mass shooting.

The President was correct. It is a matter of common sense. How may innocent Americans have to die before the nation wakes up and demands that Congress stop protecting the profits of companies that manufacture guns?

The issue has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. No one is talking about taking guns away, but as a society we have a responsibility to make gun ownership more difficult for those who want to harm others.

At some point, the insanity must stop. The reality is that only the voters have the power to elect individuals who will not be owned by the gun industry. Obama can’t do it alone, but he is going to continue to fight to save innocent lives until the end of his term.

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  1. …I too am sad, disgusted,aaand getting REALLY “Fk”in’ PISSED OFF with the GD NRA and thier bought-and-paid-for MFing bootlickers in Congress…sooner or later we gotta break the NRAs hold on America…and the corrupt board members and thier pay days from the gun industry…

  2. Until NRA members themselves, the individuals claimed by the NRA, start denouncing the political actions of the organization nothing will change.
    When it becomes clear that voters, as opposed to corporations, will no longer vote for those “A” rated elected officials nothing will change. .
    I can’t help but wonder how many of the members they claim paid for lifetime memberships years ago and have just never bothered to actively quit.

  3. I do remember seeing those numbers several times in the months after Newtown. Mostly on MSNBC, which of course will not happen again now that the reich wing has taken it over.

  4. America is the only industrialized nation in the world with off the chart, routine gun violence because….

    A) America is the only country with mentally ill people?

    B) America is the only country with people who play violent video games or watch violent tv, movies or film?

    C) America is the only country with corrupt government and political leaders?

    D) America is the only country where citizens disagree with each other?

    E) America is the only country without strict gun laws or useless gun laws that allow too many people to have access to too many guns just about any where people venture outside their home for no good reason?

    You decide.

  5. When will even gnop voters wake up?
    Every major issue that demands change gets put in the “Don’t politicize bucket”.
    How else does change happen in a democracy?

    They are still pissed off by the changes enacted in the sixties. Still fighting old political battles they will never win. No wonder they don’t want any more progress.

  6. If this isnt domestic terrorism, nothing is. I hope news organizations dont use the idiots’ name. Lets just report these killers as “loser with a gun” instead of a martyr to his cause.

  7. This is how sick this country has become. The shooter posted on line what he was going to do and people was like go for it. Read it and keep reading it
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  8. This country is very sick, and most of it is led by the right wing. They hate foreigners, hell they even are killing our own and encourage those who will do it.

    The right wing will have us in war abroad, and we are already at war within our own country with each other with the gun violence.

  9. The right wing doesn’t believe in education for our children, but they sure as hell believe in guns for our children.

    Between this incident today, the burning of Planned Parenthood offices, (which BTW..why is nothing done to the culprits?), along with police officers killing black men who are not armed..the whole right wing is full of hate and evil.

    If people do not get out and vote in 2016 after seeing the destruction of the right has done to our country, then nothing will get people out to vote. This is totally disgusting and shameful.

  10. Wow, what’s wrong with this forum and Obama, nobody knows anything about this guy, perhaps his a Muslim? He lined the people up, asked if they were Christians, shot them in the head when they said they were!
    He knew this was a gun free zone, easy targets. More guns less victims!

  11. A Baker’s Dozen More I can remember when the McDonald’s massacre in San Ysidro, California, happened in 1984. I can remember that my family was on vacation when we heard that a man with a gun killed 21 people at the fast food restaurant, including kids, the worst mass shooting in the nation up to that point. We’ve topped it three times since. But I remember the utter shock, the abject horror I felt, thinking about those families, thinking about them helpless. – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/?tw_p=twt#sthash.L4cnN6zk.dpuf

  12. You’re worse than an idiot; you’re a dirty ignorant lying idiot..there are NO “gun free zones” in Oregon schools. The NRA Republicans saw to that. It’s how the shooter got four guns on the campus unchallenged. Now sod the f*ck off before I take time out of my busy schedule to personally ban your stupid self for being a lying fool and gun fanatic.

  13. …what the “Fk”in’ Teatarded SOB are you???
    ALL o’ the shit you just spouted has been debunked many times over!!!
    So “Fk” you very much, and have a nice day…ELSEWHERE!!!

  14. Thank you, DJ. That was powerful!

    Bernie Sanders was just on MSNBC acting like he really want to do something about gun control. What I tell you last night, DJ about him coming out to issue statement after everything EXCEPT McCarthy’s revelation about Hillary and Benghazi?

  15. Wouldn’t wish this senseless violence on anyone. The average young adult can’t make a truly educated and rational decision until they are nearly 30 years of age. Their brains are not fully developed until then. So why should anyone under the age of 30 have legal access to a real weapon of mass destruction? Unless they are trained military personnel or a first responder, they shouldn’t.
    The GOP ensures the NRA has more rights in America than we do. This person was clearly mentally disturbed, but he needed help, not guns. The ignorant fools that encouraged him are just as much to blame. They are social media accessories to a serious crime. They should be held accountable, or this BS will continue to thrive among us.

  16. Why is it every white person who commits mass murder is mentally ill but POC are deranged killers or terrorist?

  17. Yeah….we should just all go to class with guns on our hips, that way if the teacher pisses us off, we can just blow their brains out without having to leave the comfort of our desks…


    People don’t go to schools/theatres/etc. and kill multitudes of people with chain saws or steak knives or god*amn ninja throwing stars, they do it with GUNS!!!! Guns make it easier to kill people, no matter WHAT their motivation! In fact, it’s the number one method of suicide BECAUSE IT MAKES KILLING EASIER!!!

    Piss off….none of us are in the mood for this crap and most of us have taken about all we can take of this sh*t.

  18. And the Bern Bots still say it is the Oligarchs on Wall Street, Big Banks and Trade Agreements that are the problem… screw that!





  19. My Darling, the same reason Michael Vick went to jail for allowing dogs to be tortured and Bush and Cheney haven’t even gone to trial for torturing human beings.

  20. I remember the McDonald’s massacre, too. I also remember a local high school shooting, a local mall shooting, and all the other unfathomable instances of Nationally covered violence in the last 30+ years. WTF is wrong with society when people can anonymously egg someone on with mental illness, and just get away with it? If one person had just reported this guy’s postings to authorities, this shooting could have been prevented, and lives spared.
    I worry every day my kid goes to college or the movies. It’s a crazy way to live with the threat of home grown terrorism in America. Our Governments lack of commitment to resolving gun related violence, is absolutely mind boggling. I live in the boring usually uneventful Midwest. Don’t think it can’t or won’t happen where you live. Understand your next vote, because these crimes make victims of us all.

  21. A person of any color, commiting a crime of violence, is not a mentally healthy individual. However, crimes like this, have been statistically committed by disenfranchised young caucasians lacking social attachment. They usually show signs of suicidal/homicidal ideation. Any gun violence, is wrong. People who don’t report a possible crime, are also wrong.

    Too many young people of all colors and faiths, are needlessly dying. We shouldn’t be accepting any of it. It’s just like President Obama stated, all of this gun violence has become far too routine. It’s sickening.

  22. If you want a legal gun, you should have to pass a mental health evaluation. It wouldn’t stop everyone for a lifetime, but it’s one way to initially weed out the wackos. Lots of people have to pass a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, before getting a simple sales job or less. An IQ test should also be mandatory. Any crazed moron can acquire a legal weapon, just because they don’t have a criminal history. It takes much more to obtain a loan in this Country, than it does a weapon.

    Think of the nuts in your own families, that may already own guns. We all know them. Would you really trust them with one in hand, during a fit of rage? I wouldn’t. No country needs common sense gun laws more than the U.S. Someone else’s gun freedom shouldn’t infringe on my right to life!

  23. Thank you, DJ. You spend a lot of time posting links for us that we may not have seen otherwise. The information and resources you supply us with are priceless.

  24. It is criminal and just plain twisted minded sick that after announcing he was going to kill innocent youth at a school there were people not only egging him on but there were just as many saying he was going to give gun owners a bad name.

    They were worried about their reputation as gun owners. They didn’t say DO NOT KILL. They told him he was selfish to hurt their image.

  25. no one is talking about confiscating guns from law abiding citizens. we are talking about keeping guns out of the hands of the same people that are the reason you have a gun! the people who would harm you or your family or your property. if the criminals didnt have guns you may never need to use yours.

  26. LeHunt, I would ask if you have lost your mind but that has already been firmly established! Guns have NO place in ANY society that calls it’s self civil! The NRA is nothing more than an bunch of greedy fear mongers who don’t give a rats ass who dies! They do not give a damn about INNOCENT victims! They ONLY care about making IDIOTS like YOU fear and raking in the cash from PARANOID COWARDS! You need to seek professional psychiatric help!

  27. How about knives? Britain wants to ban ‘pointy knives’ now since the jerks are killing people with those. Or how about hammers? People are killed by hammers. Guns have a place in a civil society, it’s called self defense. Maybe you want to be a helpless sheep, but I do not. I don’t agree with the right wing on much, but this is one area where I do.

  28. I’ve got news for you, genius, criminals do not acquire their guns legally. Do you think that gang bangers go to the nearest gun store and provide their identification for a background check? The only thing more gun control would do is lead to confiscation like it did in Australia, where they now have home invasions and attacks on elderly people who are unable to defend themselves. The murder rate in the United States declined more from 1998 to 2007 than it did in gun free Australia. No one is taking my guns, period.

  29. Since 2002 over 376,000 people have been killed by guns. No one is talking about taking away your guns but could we have at least some common sense regulations?

  30. Was the shooter a muslim? From what I read elsewhere, if the person didn’t answer, he just shot them in the leg. If they said they were muslim, he left them alone.

  31. Oh boo hoo, a person of color who commits a crime is not responsible because someone might have been mean to him. Go to hell, you lickspittle.

  32. we are certainly failing our children. so much for republican family values — but, hell, let’s save those fetuses at all cost

    any one else feel like someone left the lunatics in charge of the insane asylum?

  33. Sanders is a NRA puppet. And he’s so old he doesn’t seem to realize that all his nonsensical “hammers kill, too” statements and his votes against sensible gun control measures are available for all to see. With Bernie you’re only supposed to listen to the last politically expedient thing he decides is most helpful to him to say at the moment.

  34. …ain’t “4chan.org” the outfit that outed all o’ the stolen {hacked} celeb nude pix???
    If so, NOTHING is beneath ’em…

  35. SunnyDay, I can only assume the person who voted your comment down in thanking djchefron for the links to FACTUAL information is LeJerk! It’s sad when people chose to be willfully ignorant because the truth is too hard to handle.

  36. Please spare me the idiocy. That is the most feeble argument I’ve ever heard for keeping sensible gun legislation from being passed.
    Sure, a person could walk into any building, sneak up behind someone and club em in the head with a hammer. The question is haw many people are they gonna be able to kill with a fucking hammer as opposed to a semi auto handgun or rifle? Do you honestly believe a person carrying a knife or hammer would be able to walk into a public school, church, theater or where the fuck ever and massacre 30 or more innocent people including children before someone knocked em the fuck out?
    I’m a card carrying member of the NRA, I’m a certified CCW and practical pistol instructor and I think the NRA is full of sick twisted fucks, mostly pussies afraid of their own shadow. Here’s a news flash you moron, I don’t carry concealed because I’m afraid of muggers or being robbed. I carry because I’m terrified of fanatics and whack jobs like you.

  37. As someone who is close to the area (well, 200 miles north of the shooting), it hits very hard when people are killed for no reason.

    Now, I would love to see some sort of gun control be in place… but, let’s face it. That won’t happen. The right would use any and all talk about gun control as a dog whistle to convince those who believe in their BS that the government is coming to take their guns and the 2nd Amendment will be shredded to bits because they hate ‘Merica.

    No… we need some common sense plans to help take the weapons away from those who shouldn’t have them while helping those who use guns responsibly with talk about being a responsible gun owner.

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