Hours After Lie Filled Republican Hearing, Planned Parenthood Burned In Arson Attack

screen cap from On Scene TV via LA Times
screen cap from On Scene TV via LA Times

Last night, following the Republican Party’s televised despicable false attacks on Planned Parenthood which included deceptively edited videos and false graphs, a Planned Parenthood in Thousand Oaks, California burned in what authorities have determined was an arson attack. This came just weeks after a vandalism attack om the same facility.

The Los Angeles Times reported, “Ventura County sheriff’s Capt. John Reilly said Thursday someone likely used a rock to shatter a window at the Planned Parenthood facility in the 1200 block of West Hillcrest Drive, then threw gasoline inside the office and ignited it.”

“You’re putting the community at risk when you’re doing something like this,” Tim Lohman, a detective with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, told the Los Angeles Times. “The reasons behind why the person did what they did, we don’t know. And that’s going to be part of the investigation and hopefully give us some foresight into why they targeted this specific location. Whether it’s the stuff that’s in the news recently, we don’t know.”

Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA) issued a statement today saying she was “deeply troubled to learn that for the second time in two months, the Planned Parenthood clinic in Thousand Oaks has been the target of criminals and cowards who seek to intimidate healthcare workers and deny women their constitutionally-protected rights.”

She continued, “For over 100 years, Planned Parenthood has been a trusted provider of reproductive and preventative healthcare services for both women and men. These acts of vandalism and arson are just the latest examples of the extreme right’s attacks on women’s healthcare and cannot be tolerated. I will continue to work tirelessly to support and protect a woman’s right to choose, and I call on my colleagues in Congress, and leaders in our community, to denounce these deplorable actions.”

So this is what it’s come to — criminal acts endangering the community, all so Republicans can harm an institution that actually is the best way to reduce the abortion rate. Republicans are holding these national “hearings” on Planned Parenthood in order to feed the public false and inflammatory information so as to change their mind on the issue of choice.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy admitted as much on CNN yesterday. While the motivation has not been determined yet, the idea that people would be so upset because they believe the outrageous lies Republicans are selling that they would commit crimes is not a stretch. See 2010, death panels, and the many crimes and threats against elected officials over healthcare reform.

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  1. I hope the phvcking arsonist was caught on a security camera, is arrested, and threatened with being torched himself.

    Phvcking @$$holes that set fires!!! (See Darryl Issa).

  2. You caused this GOP because of your LIES you’re are OUR HOME GROWN TERRORISTS!!

    How much of our DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALIST taxpayers $$$$ and TIME have you WASTED???

    You’ve done NOTHING for this country in 14 years. NOTHING!

    Vote for the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE of your choice in the primary and VOTE for the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE in November 16.

    Let’s get rid of as many of the GOP LIERS as possible!!!

  3. And you know damned well that the victims here will be blamed for the cowardly maniacal attack. And the Reich Wing will scream through spittle covered lips that it was a “Liberal Plot” or “they brought this on themselves” or “Obama is to blame” or whathefuckever they want to scream. They don’t realize it now but this only STRENGTHENS the case for Planned Parenthood and the ENTIRELY LEGAL service they provide! NOW can the Reich Wing face the facts that White Christian Militants ARE the MAJOR security concern in this nation!? Every cent to re-build this facility should be paid for by the GOP!!!

  4. We need to say it out loud what these RW extremists i.e. Politians, Fox News, RW radio, etc…..motives are when they deceive and lie to the public on social issues…….Their intent is to stir up the crazies to do violent acts against our fellow man! FACT!
    Make it known…..hold them accountable!
    Cary Fiorna thanks for torching planned parenthood. I hope they hold you accountable.

  5. Free speech does not extend to “inciting to riot”.
    When will anyone ever come right out and say it?
    The GOP is largely responsible for fueling the social anxiety that generates the obscene levels of violence between citizens of this once great and now laughingstock nation.

  6. Thousand Oaks, CA… a cesspool, a swamp, an sewage of jeeezusss-bleating bible-babbling gun-toting, racist Republican rubes. How so I know this? I know. I see ’em. I smell ’em. I step gimgerly around them as one would a steaming pile of doggie doo on the summer’s sidewalk.

    Thousand Oaks, CA. ?
    It belongs in Alabama.

  7. These are not criminal acts. They are TERRORIST acts please in the future use the correct term.
    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

  8. Great Rant Andy!
    Citizens United $$$$$ has Brainwashed half our country! With Fox & Rightwing Radio whipping people into a Frenzy of Fear and Rage!

    Filling our fellow Americans with misinformation and lies is creating a monster!
    We need the Fairness Doctrine.

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  9. …I wouldn’t advocate arson, mind you…but don’t some o’ the Congress-members houses look too…substantial for a public servant???

  10. I think it’s time PP hired private security to sit outside every single clinic in the nation. This shit has gone on far too long.

  11. Chillout folks, more to come. This is the same beginning that brought Hitler to power, WW1. History’s repeating itself in the worst way on a different day & time. Stay tuned, I hope I’m wrong but, it’s looking more like it did then. Check out the history books. I can’t help but wonder what race will be placed in the “mass graves”. I ain’t going.

  12. I hope you’re wrong and we still have enough sane people in this country to keep that from happening. BTW, Hitler started WW II, not I.

  13. Exactly. We don’t need to fight ISIL. We can’t control our own homegrown terrorists or the rethugs/TPers who whip them into a frenzy.

  14. How ill-informed and simple-minded does a wingnut have to be to not be able to distinguish the lies that he or she is being told?

  15. they burn buildings so why don’t you folks burn their right wing churches in that town & where ever they do these things, take cross down then retaliate. they won’t quit until you do it hurt them in their wallets.

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