Evangelical Martyr Kim Davis Secretly Met The Pope – Now Send Her Back To Jail

Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system is aware that for many offenders, leniency is a signal to continue breaking the law. In America, when anyone affiliated with the conservative movement breaks the law they earn notoriety and hero worship from Republicans. If the criminals are evangelical fundamentalists like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, they earn Christian medals, become an evangelical martyr, are praised to high heaven by Republican presidential candidates, and then get a secret meeting with the Pope.

Now, Kim Davis needs a very public meeting with a Judge and then a lengthy visit with a prison warden.

Here is the issue with Christian martyr, anti-gay advocate, and neo-Republican criminal Kim Davis. When the U.S. District Judge David Bunning took the high road and released the enemy of the U.S. Constitution from jail, he gave one condition for her release. Judge Bunning told Davis, quite bluntly, that she was “barred from interfering in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.”

After being hailed as a heroic onward Christian soldier after her release from jail, Davis went to the country clerk’s office and immediately beganinterfering with the efforts of her deputy clerks issuing marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples” in several ways. Davis promptly confiscated all the licenses issued to gay couples in her absence and illegally altered them. All the while, seditious Oathkeepers gathered in and around Davis to protect her from being thrown back in jail for further contempt of court and violating the conditions of her release. No doubt that if Davis was a person of color, either the Oathkeepers would have regulated her with a 2nd Amendment remedy right on the spot or subdued her and carted her off to slam.

Davis’ method of “interference” was creating personally-altered marriage licenses that deleted any and all mention of the county, deleted her name as the county clerk, and deleted every reference to any deputy clerks. She also replaced all deputy clerks’ names with the name of a clerk she re-designated as a “notary public.” For the record, and this is important; in Kentucky only a “county clerk” is authorized to issue a license for a legal marriage. Just to permanently cement her religious imposition on the public record, she altered the marriage licenses to state that they were only issued “Pursuant to Federal Court Orders.” Seriously, Christian martyr and hero to the Pope notwithstanding; Kim Davis needs to be sent back to jail.

What one wonders is whether or not disciple Davis confessed to Pope Francis during their ‘secret meeting‘ that she had not only blatantly violated the Judge’s condition of her release, but that she blew off her own god’s commandments to obey the government authorities or face the wrath of god. One also wonders exactly what impact Davis’ secret meeting with the Pope had to do with his statement that conscientiously violating the law, other Americans’ constitutional rights, and altering official government documents was her basic right as a paid public servant who took an oath to support the Constitution.

His Holiness also said that not allowing a criminal to act according to “their conscience” was denying them their basic rights. What the Pope failed to condemn, even tacitly, is how Davis’ actions were denying other Americans their Constitutional civil and human rights, but the Pope plays by archaic Church rules and has little interest in America’s Constitution or gay people’s rights.

What is particularly evangelical-like of Davis, is that this was the third time she was given “special accommodations” for her phony and deeply-held religious conscience and instead of a semblance of appreciation, she flouts the law, a U.S. District Court Judge’s direct orders, and the U.S. Constitution. Kim Davis needs to be thrown right back in slam, indicted for altering official government documents, and thrown out of her cushy $80,000 a year job.

However, his High Holiness said that because Davis was violating the law, other Americans’ civil rights, and her own god’s biblical dictates according to her Christian conscience, any legal or punitive action against her is “denying her basic human rights.” In a fashion, the Pope’s mindset fits nicely with the evangelical Republicans’ interpretation of “religious freedom, religious persecution, and the phony “war on Christianity.”  As another aside, it was little surprise that Davis joined the Republican Party where taxpayer-funded public servants, like congressional Republicans, draw a bloated salary and do not do their jobs; Davis is a Republican on that alone.

Davis boasted that the Pope told her to “stay strong” and “Thank you for your courage. It was really humbling to think he would want to meet or know me.” Perhaps in some bizarre barbaric society, like an evangelical theocracy, it is apropos to tell a religious criminal who singlehandedly torments other Americans by denying their civil rights “to stay strong,” and “Thank you for your courage.” But this is America; not an evangelical theocracy where the law of the land is whatever the religious extremists or a “progressive Pope” say it is.

It is important to remember that it was less than three days after consulting with, and consoling, Kim Davis the Pope was asked specifically for his assessment of “a public official who refuses to follow the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” The Pope replied with a perfect Mike Huckabee and religious Republicans theological mindset; expecting Davis to abide by the Constitution, and a U.S. District Court Judge’s order, was “denying her rights;” and now as a newly crowned Neo-Christian martyr it is unlikely any judge will do their job and send Davis back to jail because very few people really want to piss off the Pope.

This latest incident is further proof that Kim Davis is not now, or ever was, exercising her “deeply held religious belief” that prohibited her “participation” in same-sex marriages. From the beginning of the religious revolt Davis was given accommodations for her religious hate by allowing deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses in her stead. That was unacceptable to Davis whose only “religious goal” was prohibiting same sex marriages in “her county.” Apparently, five days in jail did little more than embolden the newly crowned Christian martyr to thumb her nose at Judge Bunning’s condition of release because her first act was violating his condition and altering official documents; an act the Pope thanked her for and encourage her to “stay strong.” It just is not the kind of thing a person of power tells a criminal.

The Pope knew that a covert meeting with a religious criminal, and keeping it secret until he was out of country, was expedient to maintain the warm and fuzzy feeling even a few atheists held for the Pontiff. However, just because he talked about compassion for the poor, taking action to stop climate change and protect the environment, and condemned the unrestrained capitalism driving income inequality, it does not mean he is anything special; that is what his job entails as a Christian priest. For dog’s sake, a fairly well-known American, President Barack Obama, has spent over six years preaching the same issues to nothing but criticism from the same people supporting the Pope and Kim Davis.

It is curious, indeed, why Judge Bunning has not yet sent Republican hero Davis back to jail. Perhaps it is out of fear of inciting the unconstitutional and seditious Oathkeepers who threaten to arrest any legal attempts to hold Davis accountable to the law. Or maybe he is terrified of the well-armed onward Christian soldiers panting for any reason to go to war for their religion. Whatever the reason, by not enforcing the “conditions of release” that Davis certainly violated after being hailed as a hero, the Judge has perpetuated the belief among theocracy-minded evangelicals that laws, court orders, or the Constitution do not apply to them. Judge Bunning can take a major step in disabusing that belief  by simply doing his job and throwing disciple Davis back in jail where criminals belong regardless of the Pope’s or all the Mike Huckabee types cries of persecution

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  1. I know it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment but it would be fitting to room her with a couple of hungry lions to see if god actually would save her…

  2. The Pope overstepped and stepped in it bigtime! Kim Davis IS a criminal no If’s ands or but’s! She is still breaking FEDERAL law she needs to go back to jail and we should raise hell until she is behind bars where she belongs!!!

  3. So since the rethugs came to her rescue after her arrest, and then she switched parties and became a rethug, will she now become a catholic? Bunning is gutless, he wants to be a good republican and good catholic, but can’t do that and follow the law. I wonder how he will rule on her latest lawsuit against Gov Bashear and this one is even more wacked out than anything previous. Sit back and prepare to be entertained by the Ky hillbilly.

  4. Who knows the real back story about The Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis…….remember her council, the liberty council is a marketing/legal machine for RW extremists!
    Why hasn’t she been held accountable for continuing to break the law? I suspect it’s something to do that KY has a governors election in November!
    After this is over, the government needs to squash this just like the Elian Gonzalez situation that took place in Miami in the 90’s…….silent, surprise, and quick!

  5. There are just as many xtian pedophiles, adulterers and perverts. This is not just a Catholic issue. Oh by the way, how about all those gawdly preachers who have killed their wives?

  6. Excuse me but I strongly stand against animal cruelty, so no way should you subject innocent lions to that person.

  7. Pope Francis impressed millions of people when he visited the US. Among those were the non-believers. Too bad the hard work the pope has done is now unraveling because of the private meeting with Kim Davis. Davis and her flim flam lawyers think this improves her standing but I think it made it worse for her and the pope, a lot worse.

  8. You nailed it, irishred…
    Pope Francis got suckered; made a fool of himself; left a whiff of rank odor.

    His visit will be remembered chiefly by the stumble.

  9. Since the Pope don’t follow the in and outs of American Politics, I think, which bishop or cardinal all of whom were installed by the prior two right wing popes told him this would be a good idea? We might never know but for all what was good at the start all that is now forgotten. This idiocy is what will be remembered

  10. So, maybe the next time some evil, ignorant imperialist, asshat, rethug decides to start a war for profit half the military should race to church, declare a newfound faith and apply for C.O. status. Of course they should be allowed to stay in the military and continue to collect full pay and benefits.

  11. Isn’t the pope supposed to be the anti-Christ to evangelicals? Basically, using her way of thinking, Davis got support from the wrong side here.

  12. Not necessarily. A martyr is one who sacrifices oneself for a cause. That sacrifice does not necessarily have to be one’s life. I say make her the martyr she wants to be by sending her to prison for a few years. She will soon be forgotten by the right wingers.

  13. It wasn’t a private meeting. She was just one of a number of people who got to meet the Pope in New York. But her lawyer and the fundies are spinning this to make it seem like the Pope went out of his way to meet with her, which is NOT the case.

    Also, I just have to say that the Republican double standard is absolutely revolting here.

  14. So does this mean: she will be canonized to Sainthood and have an image of an STATUE of her placed between Christ on the Cross, and the Holy Mother, to be worshiped????????

  15. It’s been my experience that most churches believe Catholics are evil. Been told so…Been asked “WHY IS THAT CATHOLIC HERE”
    been refused communion at other services….Is it any wonder I doubt, so- called Christians????? Feel very unwelcome when ever I attend any Prost. service, even funerals, soo I don’t go at all.

  16. Why isn’t there some kind of movement in Kentucky to have this woman removed from office. She can believe what she wants but she is an elected official and she is NOT doing her job but only pandering to special interests. Of course that is what politicians do anywhere, i guess, so why should she be any different.

  17. Reminder to all the Pope Idolaters:

    Psalm 146:3 – Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.


    Jeremiah 17:5 – “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.”

  18. Maybe…The Pope got suckered by his power hungry Bishops who were in charge of the agenda…or the reason was to “right-the ship-before -it-was-out-of the -harbor”, to keep things as they “should be”

    The job of the guy is to keep the herd together, all factions, moving towards what he wants them to do.

    Since the Evangelicals were excluded from the kumbaya meeting, rallying behind Kim Davis, gets a lot done with little effort.

    By santifying Serra, tells the Protestants that “we-were-here-first-&-speaking-Spanish”, so he sacrifices the Native-Americans, but holds on to the Spanish-speaking-crowd & the converted native Americans also known as Mexicans.

    By (sort-of) unifying the Christians, there is some progress in his eyes, and gets tons of publicity and renewed membership and $$$ for the rosaries from the slave labor of the nuns, whose unchanged functions are still the backbone of the institution.
    Nothing changed…really

  19. …OK, precisely WHAT has Kim sacrificed??? 5 nights in jail???
    Kim Davis has NOT made any sacrifice…so don’t call her a martyr unless you have checked her pulse and found it wanting!!!

  20. …the way I see it the following would be Martyrdom items: Loss of job, loss of liberty, {Serving prison time} loss of valuta, {Massive fines/damages}…time in county lockup ain’t “sacrifice…Hell, I served 6 days for drunk and disorderly in the Navy,{brawl} {then Divisional Mast cooked me for 30 days restricted to ship}

  21. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz is the president of US catholic bishops, and was with the pope for his entire visit. He’s also Archbishop of Louisville. I can’t say for sure but I would bet he had a hand in that visit, with her Ky connection. This guy is way to the right, and preaches it from the pulpit. Very anti-gay everything, against local gay ordinance.

  22. “It is curious, indeed, why Judge Bunning has not yet sent Republican hero Davis back to jail. Perhaps it is out of fear of inciting the unconstitutional and seditious Oathkeepers who threaten to arrest any legal attempts to hold Davis accountable to the law.” I certainly hope not. If so, he needs to call in federal troops and get the job done. She needs to be in jail now.

  23. I totally agree. She has sacrificed nothing and has actually gained notoriety and possible extra income. That is why prison time and heavy fines would be the best thing for her and prison gets her out of the spotlight and diminishes her possible future income. I was being a little sarcastic with the martyr part.

  24. POPE told Kim Davis to stay strong & keep the faith & I am sure she will have plenty of time sitting in her jail cell.

  25. Heard she has a book deal in the works, too. Go figure. She’ll be rewarded even further for her radicalized insanity. Why not add a National holiday in her name?

    If she refused to do her job on any other grounds, this would be a non-issue, and she would no longer be employed. Seems much too ignorant for such a well paying job. Enjoying the fruits of nepotism, while most people in KY are flat-ass broke. They need to jail her according to the law, or fire her, and anyone else refusing to perform in a position of Government.

  26. That’s they way they always do it…bring in large group of “visitors”, pack them in a room, the Pope comes out, does his pray thing, gives out rosary’s, says he’ll pray for them, then, they’re escorted out and the next group is escorted in. That’s the way all world leaders roll…it’s obvious from the few words exchanged between them that her 15 minutes was within a group waiting to “see” the Pope, who was just there being “the Pope”; she NEVER had his ear for 15 minutes…

    But, what I want to know is this:

    1. Usually, those who request audience with the Holy Seer, and, have a large sum of cold cash in a brief case to hand the handlers get in fast, which begs question #2…

    2. Which one of the Bishops was the middle-man who got their “beak wet” on behalf of the Liberty lawyers ($$$$$) to get her in front of the Pope on such short notice?

  27. I thought so, {from previous posts} can we try to institute the wide use of {/s} to avoid misunderstandings???

  28. Good article. And thank you for calling out the pope ( < notice lower case) on this.

    Bottom line: Frankie is on the wrong side on this one and proves he is as much of a hypocrite as the others who read the 'good book' and interpret it to fit their personal views.

    If I were the judge, Davis' a$$ would be in jail so fast, she wouldn't know what hit her. I don't care if I pi$$ off Frankie or not.

  29. I have very little interest in any religion but a lot in the way people act. I expected something like this when it was obvious the Pope was so popular and the American people turned out in such numbers to hear and see him. Messages for good instead of evil. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not because of the Pope’s actions but because it is so obviously a total scam set up by the same crooks that are always pulling this crap. The lawyer broke the news about the “secret” meeting one so many others shared came just hours after he was forced to admit the other scam about a huge prayer rally for her had been held in Peru was a total lie. These people’s whole lives are nothing but one scheme after another.
    I am so sorry this article was even written. To me it says more about rmuse than it does the Pope. It did make me look. Rmuse is more of a secret than the Pope doing a routine thing. Why would he be expected to know about the petty crap republicans do as their routine?

  30. The Vatican has issued a statement about the meeting,saying it “should not be considered a form of support of her position”. Interesting.

  31. I have never perpetrated a violent act in my long, long life… I would like my first and only one to be punching that dismal woman squarely in her tragic face.

  32. I just read that too. Interesting doesn’t really cover it. I have no interest in any “religion” I believe in human nature, good and evil and common sense. I think there is something somewhere that we can never understand every time I see a baby. Which BTW looks like any mammal at the beginning. But to call it God it would have to be a God that is for ALL. What little belief in christians left over from childhood has been totally destroyed by the conservatives and their appearances on Fox News. The very idea God speaks to those people is absolutely unbelievable. If God is as they say, WHY would he need the likes of them to destroy the world?
    Everything I have seen republicans do for decades defies common sense and the basic concept of Christianity. Their main agenda is dirty tricks greed and lies.
    I saw in that piece the Pope hug a convict. I also saw him shaking hands with the guards. It isn’t really about religion to me watching him. But his choice for good and a respect for all…

  33. The Vatican Mafia are well versed in current events, all is known by the Catholic Hierarchy.

  34. HorseFeathers LeHunt!!!! The amount of atheists who are pedophiles and EVEN act in a criminal manner you could count on your fingers! over the last hundred years or so. Atheists are the most sane, law abiding people EVER born, we even put Christians to shame in our treatment of other people. I cannot speak to what Muslims do because that would make me as ignorant and judgmental as YOU!

  35. THANK YOU. I sometimes don’t agree with you but I have always respected you. You haven’t lost that today. If we were on foot and trying to walk we couldn’t take two steps without falling over a troll. The whole time this was being set up they had to be putting the call out for trolls to appear everywhere possible. Just the fact ABC was so closely involved set off my alarm bells even if I had lost my mind overnight.
    Nothing is sacred. Look how early they went full tilt at Hillary and now that Bernie is gathering steam they are working even harder. Guess that is what all these millions and millions being invested buys. I shudder to think what these next thirteen months will be like. Easy to see how important it is for the investors to win.

  36. That’s awful. I was catholic myself and felt they were too exclusive. To hear you felt excluded from worship by any truely christian church is disgraceful.

    I hope we find that this “private meeting” is a figment of someone’s imagination. If true, it really does undo much of the good the Popes visit accomplished.

  37. A recent poll in Kentucky showed that at least 51% of Kentuckians do not support Kim Davis and her views. Most say she should do her job and keep her religion out of it.

    Forty-two percent support her; 7% are undecided. The issue apparently is not having much of an impact on Kentucky’s governor’s race.

  38. I believe the Vatican before I’d believe Kim Davis. I’m willing to believe that Kim lied about the whole thing to support her agenda or to “confirm” HER right to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It is not unusual for a tp/gop to do this with anything in that they lie to get the support they cry for so people would “approve” their actions.

    Thanks for this excellent article, except that Kim Davis is NO evangelical! She’s self-righteous, self-centered and pompous!

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