Kevin McCarthy Screws Up Again By Admitting Planned Parenthood Attack Is A GOP Stunt

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:46 pm

Kevin McCarthy/CNN The Lead

Kevin McCarthy/CNN The Lead

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is not quite ready to be Speaker of the House.

On CNN, the California Republican admitted that the Planned Parenthood hearings will serve the same partisan political agenda as the Benghazi probes.

Crowing about causing Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers to drop via the unprecedented length of the Republicans’ Benghazi hearings, McCarthy said the Planned Parenthood hearings will do the same thing. “So, if we really want to be able to show what this Planned Parenthood has done, you see a few videos, so there’s real question.”

Essentially, they are using doctored videos to change the public’s mind about abortion and defund Planned Parenthood.

Watch here:

Transcript via CNN:

MCCARTHY: Well, no, what you first have to do is lay out a plan. I’m willing to fight, but I want to fight to win.

So, it’s not just a policy. It’s also a media. And people have to join that. So, that’s why, within a select committee — think of this. When you look at poll numbers of Hillary Clinton, they have dropped.

TAPPER: Right.

MCCARTHY: Unfavorables pretty high, because people say they don’t trust her.

They don’t trust her because of what they found out about the server and everything else. Would you ever have found that out had you not gathered the information from the Benghazi Select Committee? So, if we really want to be able to show what this Planned Parenthood has done, you see a few videos, so there’s real question.

Have the select committee get all the information, all the hearings, so the public can see that. That’s what — you win the argument to win the vote.

Women who “assault” unborn children will be punished if it was unlawful action or emission.

This admission makes sense given that the Republicans worked with the activist group who made the videos, before they were ever released. The point of these doctored videos is to justify “hearings” which can dig into anything and everything, as we saw Republicans do during Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ testimony.

Both the Benghazi probe and now this Planned Parenthood probe are political stunts meant to get free air time for Republican propaganda, in order to change the minds of the voters.

It is absurd that Republicans are trying to defund the number one organization for reducing the actual abortion rate under the guise of caring about ending abortions, but that just reinforces the admission that this is all political.

Also, Kevin McCarthy is so not ready for this. Though he radiates the Republicans’ preferred aura of Eric Cantor-esque smug condescension and entitlement, he sounds like he’s reading talking points off of cue cards. Is he? He needs practice.

Sarah Jones

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