The Right Attacks Bernie Sanders As Michael Savage Calls Candidate a “Liberal Weasel Jew”

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:47 pm

In a page right out of Nazi Jew-baiter Julius Streicher’s playbook, conservative shill Michael Savage called Bernie Sanders a “liberal weasel Jew” who hates America and Christians.

He allowed last week on “Savage Nation” that Bernie Sanders “sets off comedic shockwaves” but that the Vermont senator also makes him “sick.”

Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“I really need Catholics who are listening to this show who are educated, analytical, and who can think for themselves” – which pretty much excludes conservative Catholics – “to understand the danger his pope is putting us in. By coming here and watching the atheists genuflect before him, you will see one of the great charades of the century.

Bernie Sanders for example. Bernie is a particular case. Jewish atheist, Jewish atheist, everything about him sets off comedic shockwaves in me. Bernie Sanders, I know the type. They were on the margins of my life. They hated America, they hated Christians. I know the type. I ran from them. They made me sick.

“They’re the antithesis of my existence, that type of Jewish atheist: the liberal weasel Jew. That’s what I call Bernie Sanders, and look how popular he is with other anti-American weasels who love him. I said yesterday – make no mistake about it – wouldn’t be where he is was it not for the Hillary camp, who may as well be running him.

And he may as well be a running dog of the Hillary camp because by espousing the stupidity that he espouses, it makes her look like a centrist even though she’s a leftist. So he may as well be just a front man for her, a warm up act.”

We’ve seen Republicans claim Donald Trump, whom they created, is a Democratic plant to destroy their party, which they’ve destroyed themselves, but come on. Cognitive dissonance much?

There is nothing like a little anti-Semitism from conservatives, is there, except anti-Islam, anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-gay…

We see it from Ann Coulter and others, this deep-seated animosity toward actual Jews that has never quite left American cultural life. Conservatives claim they love Israel, but they hate Jews. They hate that Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

And obviously, from their perspective, a Jew cannot love Israel if he is a liberal, because only Republicans love Israel, even though what they really love is not Israel, but having an Israel in place to fulfill their end-time fantasies and maybe start a war or two for them.

I wrote this morning about white or ethnic nationalism. Never has there been a more perfect example of how the Republican Party really feels, than this. It’s not just blacks, it’s not just Latino immigrants, it’s not just Muslims. It’s Jews and everyone else who isn’t on board with the Republican Party’s authoritarian plans for America.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson

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