The Right Attacks Bernie Sanders As Michael Savage Calls Candidate a “Liberal Weasel Jew”


In a page right out of Nazi Jew-baiter Julius Streicher’s playbook, conservative shill Michael Savage called Bernie Sanders a “liberal weasel Jew” who hates America and Christians.

He allowed last week on “Savage Nation” that Bernie Sanders “sets off comedic shockwaves” but that the Vermont senator also makes him “sick.”

Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


“I really need Catholics who are listening to this show who are educated, analytical, and who can think for themselves” – which pretty much excludes conservative Catholics – “to understand the danger his pope is putting us in. By coming here and watching the atheists genuflect before him, you will see one of the great charades of the century.

“Bernie Sanders for example. Bernie is a particular case. Jewish atheist, Jewish atheist, everything about him sets off comedic shockwaves in me. Bernie Sanders, I know the type. They were on the margins of my life. They hated America, they hated Christians. I know the type. I ran from them. They made me sick.

“They’re the antithesis of my existence, that type of Jewish atheist: the liberal weasel Jew. That’s what I call Bernie Sanders, and look how popular he is with other anti-American weasels who love him. I said yesterday – make no mistake about it – wouldn’t be where he is was it not for the Hillary camp, who may as well be running him.

And he may as well be a running dog of the Hillary camp because by espousing the stupidity that he espouses, it makes her look like a centrist even though she’s a leftist. So he may as well be just a front man for her, a warm up act.”

We’ve seen Republicans claim Donald Trump, whom they created, is a Democratic plant to destroy their party, which they’ve destroyed themselves, but come on. Cognitive dissonance much?

There is nothing like a little anti-Semitism from conservatives, is there, except anti-Islam, anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-gay…

We see it from Ann Coulter and others, this deep-seated animosity toward actual Jews that has never quite left American cultural life. Conservatives claim they love Israel, but they hate Jews. They hate that Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

And obviously, from their perspective, a Jew cannot love Israel if he is a liberal, because only Republicans love Israel, even though what they really love is not Israel, but having an Israel in place to fulfill their end-time fantasies and maybe start a war or two for them.

I wrote this morning about white or ethnic nationalism. Never has there been a more perfect example of how the Republican Party really feels, than this. It’s not just blacks, it’s not just Latino immigrants, it’s not just Muslims. It’s Jews and everyone else who isn’t on board with the Republican Party’s authoritarian plans for America.

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  1. And what’s sad is the Reich wing will pay no price for their hatred. Their base will eat it up. The media will say both sides do it by pointing out some Democrats called him a socialist so we are even and it will only get worse for Sanders.

  2. 2016 Republican Voting Check List:
    We HATE Immigrants – Muslims – Jews – Blacks – Hispanics – LBGT’s – the poor – the Pope – Catholics – Civil Rights – the Government –Infrastructure spending – healthcare – SNAP – Regulations – Government – Consumer Rights – Clean Energy – Food Programs – Wall Street reform – Gun safety – Science – Education – the child – Women are a “Lesser Cut Of Meat” – recreational sex – the environment – unions – social security – Medicare – veterans – first responders to 9/11 – gun control – Americans
    We LOVE big business – shipping jobs offshore – Big Oil – being told what to do – being Climate Change deniers – WAR – giving tax breaks to the wealthy – being scared all the time – enemies everywhere – the birth – Obstructing progress – governing with religion – Guns – rampant cronyism and corruption – rigging elections – nationalistic obsession – national security obsession – d…

  3. Where did these asshats learn that being a pure racist and bigot is the way you treat everyone including their own family, oh maybe it was their parents that didnt correct them when they started their crap as children, and believe me these people where assholes growing up.

  4. Michael Savage: who’s Jewish, as if he thought a stage name could hide the fact from all his Jew-hating right-wing fans??????????

  5. Ok. Mike Weiner aka Savage as “we” know is an @sshole. This name calling should be expected from the GOPers and their media outlets. I would not be surprised to hear Mr. Weiner on other media outlets answering softball questions about these comments and the media basically saying “ok.”

  6. Sanders isn’t even very religious. His religion should be called ‘common sense’, something conservatives are in desperate shortage of.

  7. I was in a co-workers car years ago getting a ride home due to a snow strom. Savage was on his radio spewing vile vomit the whole way. When I got home I googled him because I could not believe such a person was allowed to speak on the airwaves and I found out he was wildly popular. Scary.

  8. Freedom of speech does not extend to yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater or “inciting to riot”. Why can these flamethrowers not be stopped?!

  9. I understand you and agree about the toxic atmosphere those idiots create. Unfortunately, they cannot be infringed upon because it is difficult to legally prove a causal relationship between commentary, even vile disgusting commentary like Savage’s, and direct incitement. There was a right wing radio host in Chicago I believe, who did get into trouble a few years ago because he actually published the address of a sitting judge and I believe some other elected officials, and said that people should look those people up and do something to them.

  10. Savage is projecting weaselness onto Bernie and Weiner is Savages real name and he’s a jew; ashamed of his heritage and he is the most weasel like radio personality.

  11. He’s part of the “I-hate-gays/women/people-of-color-but-I-am-one” club…

    Basically, cretins of this caliber all have one thing in common (beside the obvious); they’ve all been disenfranchised out-cast since childhood. Their grade school peers wouldn’t play them any longer with them after they lied, cheated, blamed other kids, broke toys and ruined the game on a daily basis; teachers might have even made them sit in detention until they could behave…they were never liked or popular, always after negative attention. Every grade school had a kid or 2 like that.

    Cretins of this gene pool (and their parents) should have been given a choice to either participate in society as an equal citizen, or, be given a one-way ticket to a non-democratic country of their choice.

    Cretins like this…they are not capable of living in a democratic society where people are socialized and learn early on that our rules are based around, “He/She has just as much right to be here as you do!”

  12. …the Savage Wieners religion has no bearing on the prob…Hate sells…Teatards eat it up and howl for more…
    …then somebody hears a suggestion from either thier Congress-Critter, or Reich Wing Radio that points at an organization, or a person THEY don’t like…then a Dr. Tiller gets shot in his church…or Planned Parenthood place gets burned out…and the Reich Wing hails these criminals as GD HEROS!!!
    …I predicted back in LeShrubs Regime that these Republican’t Potty bastards would start a second Civil War…
    …I hate it when I’m right…

  13. As bad as OK is they have a program with our internet provider that if you are poor enough they will provide service for 10 dollars a month if you have a child in school. What Alabama is doing is nothing more than Jim Crow and our media are fixated on trump and the so called horse race and nothing is being reported about this. But if history is any guide we may be the appetizer but they will be the main course

  14. Only a mentally disturbed individual, would disassociate from their own ethnicity, to ridicule another of the very same ethnicity. It’s one thing to bash differing opinions, but something far more revealing, to attack another for shared traits. Don’t be fooled. Although he seems cocky, he lacks self esteem. The guy is self loathing, much like Hitler. It’s typical GOP hatred being spread legally, and like wildfire. So sad these nutjobs are the people that draw the largest audience.

  15. The right wing is destroying this nation and filling people’s head with poison. If we do not stand up to them, then kiss this American experiment goodbye.

  16. Remember that article….being a right-winged conservative is a mental illness?

    We must not engage. IGNORE these loons. Don’t give them any more publicity.


  17. the real issue is that the right wing uses crap like this rather than debating facts. Approach this traitorous behavior by calling it when it rears it’s putrid head.

  18. This kind of behavior and talk is not permitted in the workplace. Why is it permitted on the airwaves?

  19. Nothing is more ugly than a self-loathing person who takes it out on everyone else. In this case, a person born Jewish who consistently and viciously attacks other Jews. His vile and pernicious bloviation goes beyond the pale.

  20. Isn’t he gay, too? I’m gay, so I can say that! He shouldn’t be singling out minorities, especially those he’s innately associated with!

  21. You know, this is just an ugly taste of what is in people’s minds but not on their lips. People are prejudiced. They are prejudiced against minorities. They are prejudiced against women. They are prejudiced against different religions and nationalities. The are prejudiced against fat people and against regional accents. And voters like everyone else have their prejudices and they vote them. They just don’t all verbalize it.

  22. That liberal, atheist, weasel jew is going to be your next President! And you will call him “Sir”!

  23. European culture has demonized Jews for centuries. In 1492,Spain ejected all Jews and killed heretics by the thousands.

    Slaughter is a Euro-Christian staple.

  24. Where are the petitions and boycott calls? When Rush Limbaugh called a college student a slut, there was a big outcry. How come I haven’t heard anything about going after Michael Savage’s advertisers?

  25. Savage is syndicated by Cumulus via a company called Westwood One. This is Westwood’s contact info:

    NETWORK SALES 212) 967-2888
    PROGRAMMING (212) 419-2926

    If you go to their website, you can also send them an email.

    Contact info for Cumulus:
    Corporate Headquarters
    3280 Peachtree Road, NW Suite 2300
    Atlanta, Georgia 30305
    TEL. (404) 949-0700
    FAX. (404) 949-0740
    Network/National Sales

    New York Sales Office
    261 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
    TEL: (212) 735-1700
    Network Affiliations & Programming

    Dallas Sales Office
    13725 Montfort Drive
    Dallas, TX 75240
    TEL: (972) 991-9200

    I’ve sent Westwood an email that I will be spreading this info at various websites, calling for petitions and boycotts. Still working on getting a list of Savage’s sponsors.

  26. Actually, things will get better for him the more the rabid neo-fascists like Savage attack him. Decent people will hear the echoes of Nazism and say, “Never again!”

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