Top Senate Democrats Tell John Boehner To Shut Down Bogus Benghazi Investigation


Top Senate Democrats are calling on John Boehner to immediately stop wasting taxpayer money by disbanding his Select Committee investigating Benghazi.

The letter from Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Patty Murray (D-WA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said, “It is unconscionable that the U.S. House of Representatives is continuing to use millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for political purposes, and we urge you to immediately disband the Select Committee on Benghazi.”

Sen. Boxer sent a separate letter to Boehner calling for the disbandment of the Special Committee because the investigation is a sham, “Every American should be outraged by this politically motivated sham. It is time to disband this committee, which is clearly not focused on a tragedy but on a political smear campaign. I believe the Committee is an abuse of taxpayer funds.”

By publicly confirming what Democrats already knew, Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) has forced the media to cover the Benghazi hearing as a partisan political stunt. House Republicans have lost their plausible deniability.

Benghazi was always a cover story for the real mission of digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton. Democrats and the Clinton campaign are now free to dismiss the email scandal as Republican politics as usual.

Republicans put all of their eggs into the Benghazi basket only to watch Rep. McCarthy rip the basket out of their hands, throw it on the ground and set it on fire.

The real scandal was never Benghazi or Clinton’s emails. The real crime was the Republican abuse of power and waste of taxpayer funds.

22 Replies to “Top Senate Democrats Tell John Boehner To Shut Down Bogus Benghazi Investigation”

  1. …the Boner has wasted so much taxpayer money, what’s another few million??? Doubtful he’ll lift a finger…

  2. Eric Cantor was an absolute asshole and he wasn’t low enough for conservatives. Now Boehner is having his turn. If he wants to show how republicans can help the middle class, all he has to is dust off a few bills, dump the Hastert rule and do some good for once.What does he have to lose?

  3. And it turns out that new speaker to be McCarthy was one of those who promised to sabotage the country and the economy to bring down Obama on the night of his inauguration. And this man wants to be speaker!

  4. Boehner’s got nothing to lose by doing the right thing on his way out the door. It’s not as though there aren’t 50 spots on BoD’s and a few choice lobbying jobs waiting for him.

  5. “The real crime was the Republican abuse of power and waste of taxpayer funds.”

    Ken Starr wrote the playbook on that.

  6. Exactly IB, just like Rick Perry, only in Republican Gangmember’s case it’s Conspiricy. Hear that Loretta, its us against the NAZIS. Start the process of having your name eloquently placed in the history archives. Get ready Wikipeda, this will be historic by a wide margin.

  7. Planned Parenthood, Illegals, emails, Jade Helm, Ebola, ISIS, Assad, Iran, Benghazi, Birth Certificate, Kenya, Muslims, Iraq, Yellow Cake, WMD’s, Mushroom Clouds, Saddam, blah blah blah. It is what the GOPers do.

  8. It is total disgrace GOP.Cant you see that Hillary Clinton is God sent to heal the ills of most Americans. Sord of dimacole will rain on your head if you dont. Enough is Enough.We American are aware now of your fake inquiry over Bengazi and we are holding you accountable of the taxpayers money. You will have shut Down Bogus Benghazi Investigationimediately as we had cught you in the big lie of the century

  9. Nate Silver has an Interesting Take:
    *Republicans More United Than Ever Under John Boehner*

    The Right’s *SINGLE FOCUS* is on destroying Democrats! Not working together constructively for improving America.
    (They’ve been brainwashed as well)

    Check out
    The “Ideological Gap Within The GOP”.
    Comparing Previous Years.

    Without Boner to calm them down and see reality…
    Goddess help us!

  10. McCarthy might have thought the Baggers were going to take over and let the cat out of the bag on the false investigations, hoping to take them down. I have been looking at all angles. He might have been so giddy about getting the job that power fogged his narrating, and he just slipped the truth out. Who knows in that screwed up bunch.

  11. At this point the GOP lies of Bengazi and Planned Parenthood are helpful to the Democrats as unifying issues. Throw in their government shut down threats and their warmongering on Iran and they look totally inept to govern the nation.

  12. …somebody put a tail on Issa…I got a feeling some Dems car is gonna disappear and be found torched on the other side o’ DC…

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