Bernie Sanders Transforms American Politics By Raising More Money Than All GOP Candidates


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) third quarter fundraising haul was more than every single candidate in the 2016 Republican field.

In an email, Sen. Sanders thanked his supporters:

What we have done together so far in this campaign is not only extraordinary and unprecedented, it is transforming American politics.

What we have shown is that we can raise over $40 million dollars without having a super PAC.

What we have shown is that we can raise an amount of money which makes us financially competitive by securing 1.3 million contributions from, unbelievably, 650,000 Americans.

What we have shown is that we can run a successful campaign without having to depend upon donations from the wealthy and the powerful and that we can do it with an average campaign contribution of only $30.

Sen. Sanders has enough money to be competitive in the Democratic primary. More importantly, he has the cash and has not run a single television ad. Hillary Clinton outraised Sanders by a few million dollars in the third quarter, but in order to understand the impressive nature of what the Sanders campaign is accomplishing it helps to compare his grassroots efforts to what is happening in the Republican primary.

Bernie Sanders raised $6 million more than the top Republican fundraiser Ben Carson ($20 million). Sanders may have come close to doubling Jeb Bush’s haul, which the closed lipped campaign will only say was more than the $11.4 million that he raised in the second quarter. It is expected that both Carson and Ted Cruz raised more money than Bush, but Bernie Sanders will have topped them all.

Carly Fiorina’s media buzz has not translated to big fundraising dollars. Rand Paul’s campaign is on life support with only a $2.5 million fundraising total and less than $2 million in the bank. Marco Rubio is pushing hard to raise money, but his numbers are unlikely to match Sanders. Trump is self-funding his campaign, and the rest of the Republican field is struggling to make it to Iowa.

The Republicans get a lot more media attention than Sen. Sanders, but he has outraised them all without a super PAC.

Sanders has mobilized a grassroots movement of small donors to show that a candidate can be successful and competitive without pandering to billionaires and special interests. Bernie Sanders has not had a big primetime presidential debate to participate in, yet he raised more money than Republicans who have had two nationally televised debates.

The people are taking back their elections one thirty dollar donation at a time, as Bernie Sanders is transforming American politics with an army of small donors.

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  1. I wonder how much longer mainstream media will continue to ignore the REAL frontrunner in favor of their status quo candidate, Hillary…

  2. Nice how the article plays down the fact that Hillary Clinton raised MORE money than Sanders.

    And yes, I don’t feel the Bern but I will gladly vote for Sanders if he’s the Democratic nominee. I hope Sanders’ supporters will do the same if Hillary wins the nomination.

  3. …due to hyper-partisan BS, I will no longer read, let alone comment on Sanders/Clinton articles…ciao…

  4. It sounds like a Pro-Bernie article to me, since everything was all about him, instead of Hillary Clinton who outraised him by millions of dollars, as well as leading him by 11 points in the latest poll. I am really disappointed in this article, and in this Democratic site, which I have always loved and supported. Millions of us Democrats still support Hillary 100%, and I think she deserves a positive article.

  5. That is your opinion, but I certainly don’t have to agree with it. Hillary Clinton is my choice for President. This article is very slanted toward Bernie Sanders, and it is disappointing.

  6. She had to work a lot harder to do it. She isn’t matching him in small grassroots donations. We, The People are behind Sen. Sanders. Corporations and their status quo loving water carriers are the only ones still backing neo-liberal HRC.

    Step back and look at what’s happening. Put it in context. This is a revolution.

  7. Yes, Hillary out raised Bernie by a couple of million dollars mostly from high dollar fundraisers where Bernie raised his money by over a million individual donors. Everyone keeps ignoring that very important telltale statistic. The number of donors is why Bernie, not Hillary is the front-runner and likely nominee. Each one of those donors is a voter who will likely show up at the polls to vote.

  8. Simply extraordinary. And some democrats still want to vote for Hillary ‘Ruled by Money’ Clinton LOL.

  9. Really Dj? Then please explain why Hillary’s money is coming from high dollar fundraisers attended by the few, as well as the corporate, and superPAC money while Bernie’s money is coming from we the people. Your logic is not sound, nor does it make sense. Opinion polls reflect the result wanted by the group paying for them and are not reliable.

  10. And the source of this chart Dj? Any propagandist can make a chart. How about links to the FEC filings?

  11. That chart is from the FEC in donations. I lost the link since it was a few days ago my fault but with all the shit that comes here it is only so much that I can do. Now it does not reflect the last quarter but I bet when you see Sanders saying he has raised 40 million he is using this to booster his claims

  12. Just remember Dj that most of Hillary’s campaign money comes from unreported dark money sources which is where Hillary’s loyalties lie. Do yourself a favor and stop buying all the hype. Hillary is not the front-runner, and she will not win the nomination. You’re way too smart to be brainwashed like this.

  13. That’s why it’s called dark money Dj. That money is not reported and untraceable. You can thank Citizens United for that. Hillary is the status quo, establishment candidate. Bernie isn’t running against Hillary. He’s running against the status quo and the establishment. That’s why he will win.

  14. John and everyone else. Since I am registered as an independent I can not vote because we have close primaries. If I could vote I would vote for Clinton. If Sanders win I will campaign and vote for him because I am a Democrat. For all you people who think I am tough on him and I am a hater, I am just getting you ready for the attacks to come and trust, I am not as nasty as what is coming his way.

  15. I donate money to Bernie every month via an automated withdrawal through ActBlue, and I received the e-mail talked about in the article this morning. I think what was most interesting about it was that it was simply a thank-you note – it did NOT say “Thank you for donating. Please send more.” How many candidates do that? That’s how Bernie does things. A “vile, weasel Jew,” indeed! That’s why I FEEL THE BERN!!

  16. Right, the politically brainwashed base who still adheres to the status quo of corrupt politicians. You are either that or an undercover republican. I am starting to lean towards the latter. Either way you are ruled by money which makes you weak and irrelevant.

  17. The only ones with dark money are republicans. Any money used against them is bright and light and awesome money.

    The donations are disclosed on Open Secrets and there are no boogie men.

  18. What makes me laugh the most about all this. Jeb! has 114 million from the last quarter. If his superpac and his camapaign announce they took in only 5 bucks it wouldn’t matter. But they didn’t. They said they were smiling and they said they were bringing out Dubya, etc. to fundraise next quarter.

    When Jeb! has a billion you will still be saying but Bernie has more monopoly money.

  19. That is why Sanders only gets 9% of our vote because of assholes like you. And before you try to answer think real hard if you want to go there

  20. Or maybe you’re a Rand Paul supporter?

    Democratic Underground: “Memo to Bernie Sanders supporters:

    If you’re going to post an article bashing Hillary Clinton, you might want to do some research on the author and make sure they’re not a Rand Paul supporter.

    Sure, you might get loads of recs, but at the end of the day you’re really not doing Bernie and his campaign any favors.

    Carry on!”

  21. Because busting our piggie banks isn’t going to match the Billion the Koch’s intend to spend. So “progressives” are now concerned about “dark money”? Yet your mouthpiece, Glenn Greenwald, was first in line to come down on the side of Citizens United: “money = speech”. You people never can tell when you’re being manipulated. Better go ahead and take out a second mortgage, Bernie’s gonna need it if he wants to get a word in edgewise.

  22. Better take out a second mortgage on your house, Bernie’s gonna need that cash if he wants to get a word in edgewise. The people are behind Bernie? That would be nice. However, the same “progressives” bashing Clinton at the behest of Glenn Greenwald fail to remember that it was Greenwald who came down on the side of the Koch-sponsored Citizens United case. And now you want to act like it’s not biggie? You don’t get to have your cake and eat it, too.

  23. No, I think this is you folks handing another election to the Tea Party. Is there some pressing reason why Bernie “supporters” think they can’t win unless they’re trashing the rest of the Democratic Party, including the base?

    Are Mitten’s former aides and Libertarian techies really “helping him” do you suppose? Is he this dumb?:

    I really, really hope that isn’t true. If it is, they’ll be making sure he’s toast. Kinda like the tactics employed here right now. If Bernie wins. I vote Bernie. if hillary wins. I vote Hillary. If a bag of rocks wins, I vote bag of rocks. At least a bag of rocks won’t take us back to the dark ages as the Tea Party intends.

  24. So 3 people here would hand the White House to the nearest teahadist, rather than cast a vote for Hillary should she win the nomination, in spite of the fact that Hillary voters would happily vote for Sanders. I wonder why:

    Who are the shmucks in this scenario?

    By the way I keep hearing about this genius plan to stand aside and help the teanuts make life hell for the average American, so’s we’ll all rise up and miraculously usher in a socialist “revolution” and a future utopia. Is THAT what the tools are playing at?

    “Yes Ron Paul is a fascist” but “One last point. We at angrymarxists are unanimous in our opinion about the uselessness of presidential politics in the US. We don’t want you to go out and vote for Obama. Please don’t vote at all. It only encourages them.”

  25. Think of the Amazing Commercials Dems will use of these stumbling/bumbling/Republicans!

    Mark Twain pegged it!

    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the (GOP) vessel in which it’s stored…
    Than to anything on which it is poured”

    All their Evil-Lies, Strategy-to-Destroy…
    It’s coming back to the Them.

    We should do the exact opposite:
    Open our Hearts and Show More Love!

  26. Hey Ru-in! I have been a registered Democrat since the Early ’70’s… look up McGovern.

    The Democratic Party has brought you everything from the Louisiana Purchase to the Affordable Care Act.

    So GFU and your “purge.”

  27. Sorry, John, but Hillary Clinton leads in the polls with double digits over Sanders.

    That said, I agree that U.S. mass media is dropping the ball. They need to treat Bernie Sanders under the same scrutiny as they do Hillary Clinton – something that they’ve been loathed to do. Then again, Republicans are hoping that enough silly Americans who have zero understanding of our gov’t will vote for Sanders in the hope he’ll win because then they’re guaranteed a Republican in the White House.

  28. This silly “revolution” is ludicrous. Remember Sanders’ response to the Newtown massacre of little children and his excuse for voting against a Democratic gun control bill: “hammers kill, too, you know”. He’s more sold out to special interests than any other candidate. Have a look at his corporate and special interest supporters. He lived on unemployment benefits until the finally got elected to the government trough with his support from the NRA. That’s a fact. That is who the silly and always “revolutionaries” are on their knees for.

  29. Sanders is the Republican choice of opponent because they know they can landslide over him. He won’t have the money to compete in a national election against the $2-3 bil the GOP is prepared to spend. He has no delegates or Super delegates. He has not a single Democratic Senator’s endorsement. He’s not a Democrat. He’s doesn’t have the support of the Democratic leadership. If he wants to be a Socialist outlier, then he should run on the Socialist or Independent ticket. Middle America Democrats are not going to vote for him. He’s the radical of the left and a duplicitous one at that.

  30. Bernie is what a Democrat should be. He avoids owing corporations and represents the people. Hillary is a Monsanto spokespersons and changes her stance depending upon how many votes she can get. I have been a women’s rights supporter since the seventies,but Hillary is for the same ole’, same ole’ sad corporate controlled government.
    The Democratic Party has allowed Wasserman Schultz to schedule only four debates at times when the fewest people will be watching. This has aroused the ire of many people, including me, voting democrats and other Democratic candidates. For the first time in 45 years, I have a candidate to trust and believe in. I have hope and am donating time and money. FEEL THE BERN!

  31. Agree. I think he will win Vermont in the primaries then drop out.

    He has no intention of competing in Nevada. He hired a Latino outreach person yesterday, literally yesterday. He still would not have African American outreach if Black Lives Matter didn’t force him to do so.

    Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado caucuses are tricky and require precinct loyalists who know the turf.

    He will win Vermont, do well next door in NH And then hit a wall.

  32. Kfreed that DU link would be hysterical if it wasn’t so typical of these political newbie children who are causing damage with their political gullibility.

    They parrot RWNJ with abandon.

  33. But, John, will those anti-Obama/anti-Hillary people (who never planned to vote for Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to begin with, anyway) who are now rushing to support a weak socialist candidate running for the Democratic Party nom while refusing to be a Democrat all his political career, outnumber the Blacks, Latinos, and Asians who will be supporting Hillary Clinton? Can their numbers wipe out the deficit of minority voters who are not supporting him?

    I don’t think so. But maybe you know something we don’t? Please enlighten us all.

  34. By the way I keep hearing about this genius plan to stand aside and help the teanuts make life hell for the average American, so’s we’ll all rise up and miraculously usher in a socialist “revolution” and a future utopia. Is THAT what the tools are playing at?

    Those RW-fools posing as Sanders supporters (not the true Sanders supporters who are quite reasonable and honest) just want another Republican in the White House. They don’t care about this country. They just want to ensure that a Republican gets to appoint the replacements for Bader-Ginsberg, Breyer, Scalia, and Kennedy – the last two hoping to retire under a Republican president, and they’ll employ underhanded tricks and spout lies in order to do so.

    Make no mistake…getting a Republican in the White House has everything to do with the balance of power on SCOTUS and perpetual and profitable wars rather than doing anything for working Americans.

  35. Bernie wants us to vote for Hillary if he doesn’t win, and I was fine with that until the DNC’s shennanigans with the debates. Clearly they want Hillary to win and they’re fixing the debates to help her. Because of this corruption and unfairness, I don’t know if I can vote for Hillary. If she wins a fair Democratic Primary, no problem – I’m there for her. If the primary is corrupt, I don’t know who I’ll vote for and I don’t think I’ll stay with the Dems. Just make it fair and Hillary and the Democratic Party will have the vast majority of Bernie supporters working for her. If NOT, I don’t know. I’m very angry at the Democratic Party right now.

  36. What shenanigans ? The DNC has always authorized 6 debates. You want more debates then I suggest you set up a gofundme account and pay for them

  37. Of course guns kill; BUT GUNS ONLY KILL WHEN A PERSON PULLS THE TRIGGER. Knives also kill. So do cars. So do many other things. So what?
    Read this:
    The NRA doesn’t know me from Adam. But I suspect the BRA hates me because I haven’t fired a weapon in over half a century.
    I know some people like to shoot Bambi. That is OK for it helps to thin the deer population.
    What I don’t like are the automatic weapons, the Saturday night specials and the concealed carries.
    BTW, Elfego Baca and Daniel Archuleta were relatives; Archuleta much closer; a first cousin to my grandfather. You might have to google Dan Archuleta who was killed during a 1916 election day shoot out in Magdalena, NM.
    Now you know why I am a political animal.

  38. Agree or Disagree, say what you will about Bernie Sanders. You gotta give him points for running a campaign without dark money and pulling off huge rallies of enthusiastic support. Regardless who is the nominee, the Sanders Campaign has excited a block of voters like no other.

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