Democrats Are Looking Good In Wisconsin As Russ Feingold Leads Senate Race By 14


russ feingold running for senate 2016

A Marquette Law School Poll conducted between September 24th and 28th, found Democratic challenger Russ Feingold had opened up a 50 to 36 lead over incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson. Feingold’s numbers marked a 9-point jump from his 47 to 42 lead over Johnson in Marquette Law School’s August poll of the Wisconsin Senate race.

Although the Wisconsin Senate race will not be decided until November 2016, it is one of the most closely watched races in the nation, as it is a rematch of the 2010 race when Johnson defeated then Senator Feingold during the GOP wave election of 2010.


The two men are at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, with Johnson being closely aligned with the tea party movement, whereas Russ Feingold is generally regarded as being politically progressive. He is also a strong proponent of civil liberties. Feingold was the lone Senator to vote against authorizing the USA PATRIOT Act when it was first passed on a 98-1 vote in 2001.

The Marquette Poll found that Republicans have become very unpopular in Wisconsin. By a 37-59 margin they disapprove of the way Governor Scott Walker is handling his job. They also have an unfavorable opinion of GOP Senator Ron Johnson by a 27-36 margin, while they view Feingold favorably by a 42-32 spread.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of many GOP Senators who will face a difficult battle trying to retain his seat in what will probably be a high turnout presidential election in 2016. His right-wing extremism is a poor fit for Wisconsin, and voters there appear to finally be growing weary of the failed GOP experiment in their state.

As buyer’s remorse has set in for voters disillusioned with tea party politics, Feingold has an opportunity to avenge his 2010 loss, and send Senator Johnson packing after one failed term in the U.S. Senate. For voters in Wisconsin, the 2016 election can’t come soon enough.

11 Replies to “Democrats Are Looking Good In Wisconsin As Russ Feingold Leads Senate Race By 14”

  1. …we here in Wisconsin are lookin’ forward to purging our state of the Teatards…includin’ some Republicans I know!!!

  2. I love it. Go Russ Go! Now if only left leaners would vote in 2015. I just saw how repubs look like they are going to win governorships country wide. If you want to see what a repub governor can do to your state, take a good look at Michigan. We are so screwed here.

  3. GO, RUSS!!

    Wisconsin made a stupid when they didn’t re-elect Feingold as their Senator. What were they thinking getting Reich-wing Ron Johnson into the U.S. Senate??

  4. It will be good to see Feingold back in the senate again. Too bad buyers remorse takes so long to set in, here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

  5. We are in living hell with Walker. Guess the rest of the country didn’t buy his BS. He killed unions, prevailing wage, made the state RTW, gutted public school funding, giving $millions to non accountable voucher schools, 57 which have been dropped from the program for being substandard and not accountable, killed an abortion to save a mother’s life, restrictive voting id, even a veteran can’t use their federal issued id to vote, massive secret gerrymandering, got his John Doe 2 investigation into illegal campaign contributions shut down by the Wisconsin State Supreme court, bought and paid for by the defendants and justices that got $8 million in campaign contributions. So yes we feel your pain. There also is credible statistical analysis that Walker’s elections were corrupted So we will fight to get these jerks out of office, now that the sheep have seen the light.

  6. Let’s hope we see more return to sanity in states that have been badly damaged by Republican politicians. Most Americans are basically moderate. That they were led astray in the voting booth was damaging but it can be repaired. Liberal Democrats tend to be more willing to see all sides and to be so accommodating that we work against our own best interests and that of the country. We need to smarten up and toughen up and put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office with a lot of Democrats in Congress and statehouses to support her. She’s our only chance to keep America from devolving into chaos.

  7. All I can say is.. it sure took a long time for the people in Wis to learn this lesson. remember it in the future!!

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