Pope Francis Rejects Kim Davis’s Account Of Meeting And Refuses To Endorse Her Bigotry

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis did not invite Kim Davis to meet him. There was no secret meeting, and the Pope had no idea who she was when he met her.

In a statement, the Vatican clarified that Pope Francis didn’t even know who Kim Davis was:

The brief meeting between Mrs. Kim Davis and Pope Francis at the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, DC has continued to provoke comments and discussion. In order to contribute to an objective understanding of what transpired I am able to clarify the following points:

Pope Francis met with several dozen persons who had been invited by the Nunciature to greet him as he prepared to leave Washington for New York City. Such brief greetings occur on all papal visits and are due to the Pope’s characteristic kindness and availability. The only real audience granted by the Pope at the Nunciature was with one of his former students and his family.

The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects.

The Pope briefly met Kim Davis as part of a group, had no idea who she was, said hello to her, and moved on.

The Vatican’s version of events is the opposite of what Davis’s supporters are claiming happened. The anti-gay marriage crowd claimed that the Pope met with Davis in secret and expressed his support for her bigotry. The right has been using the imaginary meeting as an endorsement of their out of step views.

The extremist conservative movement’s attempt to use Pope Francis for propaganda purposes has fallen apart. Davis’s invitation had been extended by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the envoy in Washington. Viganò is well known to have gone further than others in the church in his campaign against gay marriage. The Pope did not invite Davis to meet him. In fact, according to the Vatican, Pope Francis had not been briefed on the situation and knew nothing about Davis.

The fact that the Vatican took such pains to distance themselves from Davis could logically be viewed as a rejection of her beliefs.

In other words, another right-wing scheme has blown up in their faces.

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  1. I never did believe her account, but I know many who did and threw pope francis under the bus. for shame!

  2. It should be blatantly obvious by now to all but Kim Davis that she’s just a pawn in the latest battle of the right wing’s culture war. She’d better watch herself before she finds out that they eat their own.

  3. Ok I was one of the people that condemned him for meeting with her ( according to her in private )
    I was wrong ,Sorry

  4. …precisely!!!
    …the Reich Wing will use her ’till she’s used up,,,then they’ll discard her like a used Kleenex…
    {{{and if she loses her comfy-cozy job over this, the Teahadists will be like “Too bad; SOOO sad” before they slam the door in her face}}}

  5. “Davis’s invitation had been extended by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò”, so they say. But, here’s the thing. Again, RC leads as a 5th Century Principality. Its congregation has no say in any matters—not even how Mass will be said! So, this ahole Vigano, decided that he wanted to give a boost to rejecting same-sex marriage, IN OUR COUNTRY. F him, really.

  6. Jason…
    Thanks so much for this clarifying material.
    It helps, greatly, to place the event within proper context.


  7. Good to see the Vatican clearing things up and exposing the lies coming from the Kim Davis crowd. They should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to use the Pope for their own ends, but I’m sure they won’t be. It seems Republican lies are being exposed quite a bit this week.

  8. My advice to Kim Davis, her lawyers and supporters would be: “He who laughs last, laughs best”. In this day of information and technology, news from the US reaches places all over the world including Rome. Did they forget that? Did they assume that the Vatican or the Pope would not comment? Right wingers=LIARS!!!

  9. I’m with you Carlos. It was easy to fall for it as the Church has been cloaked in secrecy forever and on worse matters than this. It’s not hard to think of their guilt.

    Add fact how they caused caused some of the problem by way of when the story first surfaced, they refused to release any info. It was basically one of those ‘No Comment’ statements which then makes it much easier to take the dark fork in the road.

    I’d like to know how the Pope/Vatican is going to deal with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò as he ‘fed’ this issue by the invitation. Would I like to see him thrown out — You’re damm right I would. As much as was said that Pope Francis isn’t political — I’d like to see Dolan and many thrown to the curb and take their tax free status away as they are extremists in the politics of the US. They ignore the boundaries between Church & state.

    Am I catholic — used to be. Threw the church to the curb long ago and would love to see it crash and burn.

  10. Now if the judge has any balls, put her lyin ass in jail for altering offical state documents, or did Huckabee get to you.

  11. I was one of those who commented negatively about the pope’s meeting with Kim Davis and I am very sorry that I fell for it. I did question the part about the pope giving her two rosaries and she was going to give the to her parents who are Catholic. The part o giving her two rosaries didn’t ring true to me, not that it isn’t done, but something about this pope handing out rosaries to non-Catholics at a 10 minute meeting seemed out of character. I apologize for the first comment I made, and shame on Kim Davis for fabricating the truth!

  12. Something didn’t pass the smell test. Many Evangelicals do not believe adherents to Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, and the Anglican Communion aren’t Christians.

    Kim Davis is a pawn.

  13. The problem stemmed from Davis and her attorneys themselves. The account that was given by them, was to wait to say anything about her so-called “private” meeting until after he returned home with the excuse of “not to rain on his parade.” I’m sure the Pope or the Vatican did not know right away what was being said behind their backs until the news reached them. The passing of time should be given for that and the news reaching and being shared with the Pope. Now, we find out, from the Vatican and the Pope that it was not a private meeting after all that there were others there. It was all timed and lies by Davis, her lawyers and the right wingers.

  14. What possible reason would the Pope have to meet secretly with her? He’s the leader of the Catholic Church – he doesn’t care if people like what he says or not. Had he actually met with her, he’d say so and if he agreed with her, he’d say that, too.

    Really, people are so stupid.

  15. Thank you for this post. It is great to know that the Pope had nothing to do with this. I was so disappointed in him when I first heard that he had met with her. Glad to know he doesn’t support her or even know who she is.
    Her attorney doesn’t seem to have much grasp of the truth.

  16. Maybe it was Boehner who arranged for Davis to meet the Pope, maybe even under pressure from his party.

    Afterall, it’s his party that has championed her cause and it was Boehner who invited the Pope to address Congress. He had access to the Pope and the Pope would have wanted to heed his advice or be amenable to Boehner’s suggestions.

  17. Seems rather strange a Christian would tell a lie like that! But I suppose that is not in her Bible.

  18. Davis is nothing but a walking broken Commandment – adulterer, liar, bigot. Seriously, who lies about what the Pope says to you! But dont forget, you can just declare yourself “born again” and all is well, according to phony Christian Davis.

  19. It seems the homophobes and Right Wing partisan storm troopers will stop at nothing.
    Davis has only one choice. Resign and join a religious order that chimes with her extremist beliefs, I’m sure husband number 4 will find another Kentucky cousin to comfort him.

  20. the bible says not to lie and this woman is a liar and had the audacity to claim the pope forgave her and agreed with her stance on gay marriage – only in her demented head of hers.

  21. He needs to rat f*&7 the people who screwed him over this time and make sure they are never near the levers of power again. Send them to Siberia or whatever shit hole the RCC sends their errant priests.

  22. Seems to me they were working hand in glove with some of the RCC idiots who want Francis to dial things back to what they were under Ratzo. Both of those entities got played as far as I am concerned. I guess they thought no one would ever find out the whole thing was a set piece to embarrass the pope…

  23. Not a single”journalist” reporting on this “meeting” bothered to mention the original source. Did they even check?
    And why were so many of us so willing to jump on the bogus reich wing “facts”.

  24. Why would the Pope meet with her anyway? She’s not even Catholic–she goes to one of those holy roller churches in Eastern Ky, which is where Rowan County is located. Her church probably believes in stuff like speaking in tongues and all that crap–don’t know if they handle snakes or not. The religion she practices is a far cry from anything endorsed by the Catholic Church!

  25. While I didn’t believe her account of the meeting, anyone who thinks the Pope approves of gay marriage is a quite a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

  26. never did believe she had a secret meeting with the pope & suspected she was lying about one happening from the first time i heard it

  27. You know she has a movie deal with a Christian production company. Most likely they are trying to boost the movie before it comes out. Their thinking it would make a real nice ending for the movie if the Pope endorsed her position. Nice try but it did not happen the way you would like people to believe. Very unchristian and shame on you.

  28. Ponder this and respond —- Explain the difference between what a pimp does to his women and what the Liberty counsel is doing to K.D.? I can tell you how they are alike!!!!!

  29. I will admit Maxie2014 that I too ragged on the Pope, but something told me that I should not believe anything from Kim Davis and the lying Christian Reich Wing. Face it folks if there is a Bible involved honesty will NEVER be involved. I hope this story gets as much press as the lie about the Pope did, but you know Fox will call this a “Liberal Plot”.

  30. This was my original post on this
    Since the Pope don’t follow the in and outs of American Politics, I think, which bishop or cardinal all of whom were installed by the prior two right wing popes told him this would be a good idea? We might never know but for all what was good at the start all that is now forgotten. This idiocy is what will be remembered.
    That is all

  31. Why would she have to find work when she has a job for life that pays her 80k a year in one of the poorest counties in all of the United States?

  32. I don’t know if Liberty Council is smart enough to be Machiavellian like this, but their false claims COULD ALSO have served their purposes in an ancillary way by undercutting left-wing support of the Pope at a time when he was moving toward a rapprochement with left-wing orthodoxies.

  33. Holy Goatz. OK. Until the Pope himself Gets up says it HIMSELF in a nationally televised statement, instead of through a mouthpiece press release, it’s she said she said.

    When he does that, he takes the onus of Bearing witness himself, and therefore if false HE pays the penalty. If true, She pays BIG! Socially, publically, and potentially legally and civilly in ways one can scare imagine.

    If the pope says it himself, she can’t very well call it a lie, now can she?

    Gramp Master M.

  34. Davis’ attorney, Matthew Staver, is affiliated with Liberty Counsel, a tax exempt law firm and “ministry” that specializes in evangelical “christian” litigation. Liberty Counsel has been listed as a hate group. They focus on fighting against same-sex marriage, civil unions, and adoption by gay people. (Nice law firm, huh?) Liberty Counsel is affiliated with Liberty University, a pseudo-college that was founded by the late anti-gay evangelist Jerry Falwell. Kim Davis has a right wing religious zealot for an attorney, and he’s apparently as big a liar as Davis.

  35. If simply meeting Kim Davis implies the Pope’s support to her actions, then based on the pictures taken with Josh Duggar, several GOP candidates are to be deemed in support of his actions…

  36. There are journalists/media assigned to the Vatican — same as the White House etc. These people travel with the Pope, to all his attendances etc. — he makes a move — so do they. They were on the plane when he arrived to US, when he travelled from DC to NYC to PA & returned to Vatican with him.

    With how quickly info is dispersed today, there is no time lapse as to Vatican being questioned as to Davis and/or her lawyer’s comments when they came to light as there would have been more media eyes on US news being he had just visited for 6 days and this story was widespread. The Vatican too would have been paying attention to US news/media to know how he/his messages were received. Only difference in ‘time’, may be because of the time difference between the US and Italy/Vatican.

    “The passing of time should be given for that and the news reaching and being shared with the Pope” — I don’t buy into that. News doesn’t travel by stagecoach anymore!!

  37. Shazam! Shazam! What a disgrace! She and “her people” should be totally embarrassed and ashamed. And so should those who believed these lies. But seriously . . . is anyone surprised by the right wing “lying machine?”

  38. That’s funny that you say “Eat their own” because Kim Davis was a registered Democrat when she started this fight. She converted to the Republican party after she saw dollar signs.

  39. Somebody saying the Vatican said is about as legit as Kim Davis saying she met in private with the Pope!

  40. Equally possible — like the guy at Esquire suggested — that the Vatican Embassy set it up for that purpose; the Cardinal who issued the invitation to KD sounds like a piece of work.

  41. Well stated Deanne. I am in similar circumstances, and feel the very same way. If I could add more thumbs up, I would.

  42. I too was disgusted that of all the more deserving people on Earth, she was somehow selected to meet with the Pope. I figured she wouldn’t know what to do with the rosaries, anyway. What a confabulated pile of malarcky!

  43. The Vatican’s not denying they ever met, it’s just on damage control. The trip was meant to booster the fold, so the RCC can weigh the riches. This trip was all PR. The Pope may have been duped, but is just like a typical Catholic hypocrite, to let it happen.
    Ms. Davis and cohorts are all a POS. She’d better figure out what that rosary is for. She’s going to need it, to keep her ass out of jail.

  44. Thank you for updating the previous article. You folks do know better than to treat anything coming out of Liberty University or Kim Davis’ attorneys as suspect. At least I thought you knew better.

  45. This is just another ploy by the right wing. There probably was a few hastily open slots for celebrities and people of note to meet him. She was probably brought in under Vatican noses by some American ultra right wing Catholics aimed at discounting the markedly progressive message Pope Francis came with. He probably didn’t know who she was even. He met so many people.

  46. She registered as a Democrat to get herself elected. Not unknown stunt amongst the teahadists who take advantage of both voter apathy and voter ignorance, particularly in low-profle races:

    “Big Sky Shenanigans as Tea Party Candidates File as Democrats in State Races”

    If it walks like a Tea Party duck and quacks like a Tea Party duck, it’s Tea Party.

  47. Personally, my experiences lead me to believe in influences from high placed conservative Catholics, in alliance with Evangelicals, were at work in the political backing for Bush’s War and especially in 2004 against Kerry, a Catholic, btw. There was also at least one possible attempt to buy the Catholic vote by (another Catholic) John McCain in his ’08 campaign.

    So, there’d be some REAL interest in protecting and multiplying ^^^this^^^ kind of conservative political alliance, especially because of current issues & the potential to split party-tickets in the current election cycle, as a counter-measure against the Pope’s teaching on economic justice and Love.

    This is about media, owned by a very few very powerful persons who can easily create mistaken perceptions, just as they have been doing to Hillary, so media Libertarians, especially with LGBT backgrounds, e.g. Glenn Greenwald, are focused since Libertarians and LGBT are up for grabs because Bernie could split Democratic …

  48. The Pope has his hands full with the conservative U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, much as Obama has his hands full with a Tea Party congress (notice how the U.S. bishops and the Tea Party work hand in hand?). That is why I replied to you yesterday and asked that you share Rev. William Barber’s speech with the folks over at the People’s View (Pope Francis is an ally) and we need to stop allowing the right to divide us with 24/7 propaganda.

  49. No, it didn’t happen by accident. the very people who oppose the Pope’s message invited Kim Davis:

    Faithful America: “According to press reports, one man was likely responsible for Davis’s invitation: Carlo Maria Vigano, a conservative church official who was appointed by Pope Benedict as Vatican ambassador to the United States (formally called the “apostolic nuncio”).”

  50. My fault I meant to post it but I got distracted. But you have to realize Kos is the orange devil over there. Now I don’t feel that way because you have to separate the bullshit from some of the writers that is very good. If our site follow what they do and it was a free for all a lot of kooks would be writing threads that have no basics in reality. I post articles from here to there when I think its relevant to the topic. Unless they have an open thread you pretty mush have to stay on topic and they did have open threads. Like I said its my fault but trust they know what is happening in NC

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