Ben Carson Wants to Know Where Gravity Comes From


Ben Carson, speaking September 30 of this year at the University of New Hampshire, asked, “Gravity, where did it come from?” Easy answer? Setting aside Newton’s law of universal gravitation, we could answer that it comes from our spinning heads when people like Ben Carson say such gratuitously stupid things.

What triggered the catastrophic misfiring of synapses was somebody asking a simple question about what Carson believes. And yes, the questioner should have known better. Carson was asked: “You don’t believe in evolution or climate change, I believe. And I was just wondering, do you seriously not believe that climate change is happening?”

Watch for yourself as Carson stumbles his way through to a sorta answer (my comments in parentheses):

Well first of all, you have to hear what I actually believe because the media distorts it enormously for their own purposes. Is there climate change? Of course there’s climate change. Any point in time temperatures are going up or temperatures are going down. When that stops happening, that’s when we’re in big trouble (laughter and applause, of course).

What is important is that we recognize that we have an obligation to take care of our environment. I don’t care whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative, if you have any thread of decency in you, you want to take care of the environment because you know you have to pass it on to the next generation (Where then is his objection to the Kochs’ plan for our national parks?).

There is no reason to make it into a political issue (because it will just resolve itself if we ignore it?). As far as evolution is concerned I do believe in micro-evolution, or natural selection, but I believe that God gave the creatures he made the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Because he’s very smart he didn’t want to start over every fifty years (this got him applause of course – “soft” evolution for the faith-based). So I say people who want to believe other than that they are welcome to do that (Except science isn’t something you get to “believe” in or not).


I known there are some people who say “you know it all just happened.” Well where did it all come from in the first place? “I don’t know but it’s there somewhere.” (Oh dear…)

So I give them that it’s there. They say there was a big explosion and it all became perfectly organized to the point where we can predict seventy years hence when a comet is coming. Um, that requires more faith than I have (actually, it requires science: S.C.I.E.N.C.E.). You know, that’s a complex set of things. Just the way the earth rotates on its axis, how far away it is from the sun. These are all very complex things (Notice he didn’t say which revolves around which).

Uh, gravity. Where did it come from?

I mean, there are so many things. So I don’t denigrate the people who say “Eh, eh, whatever, somehow it happened.” I don’t denigrate them, I just don’t have that much faith. But they are welcome to believe whatever they want to believe. I’m welcome to believe what I want to believe. They say I can’t be a scientist and yet somehow I became a neurosurgeon and did pretty well.

There you go. He’s a neurosurgeon, so if he says that science is something you can believe in or not, there must be no science, right? Just belief about science.

When presidential candidates start talking like this, it’s time to worry. Actually, it’s past time to worry.

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  1. Dr. Ben, if you don’t believe in gravity or question where it comes from you could do a simple experiment. Go to the Sears tower or whatever they are calling it and take one step off on the top floor. After you do that then you can explain to us peasants if there is a such a thing called gravity

  2. …Ben Carson will deny what-‘fk’in’-ever Teatards don’t believe…makes him unelectable…

  3. This man is a bona fide neurosurgeon? Really? What school did he attend, Jethro Bodine University as a undergrad? Residency at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb Hospital? There is no way I’d let this man operate on my brain.

  4. Sh$t. That’s Sarah Palin’s Bastard brother from the stables, her father never disclosed his birth. Too embarrassing. Token’s pathetic. He sure hasn’t the necessary qualifications to fill Prez Obama’s shoes. Being President requires bipartisanship on both left & right side of the brain. One side can’t be out thinking the other. Kind of like the other Republicans in Congress. This guy will make you drop to your knees willing or unwillingly, and thank God for him not being part of your family. He’s a totally clueless beady-eyed dumbass. Makes Ted look well qualified.

  5. I really don’t care what degrees this guy has, what schools he has attended or even how many brains he operated on. Ben Carson is a 100% neuro-nut.

  6. Clen, Speaking of Ted, there’s an article on SALON:
    “Ted Cruz is toast: It’s not just that he won’t be president — his days in the Senate are numbered, too”

    Also Carly Fiorina:
    “The party of lying liars: Welcome to the frightening new post-truth GOP”

    What the heck is happening to the Republican Party?
    They are Self-Destructing before our eyes!

  7. I think he is just running for pres. to give fodder to SNL. Think of all the fame and fortune he can accrue playing his crazy self on the show.

  8. How much terminal stupidity do we have to tolerate before a candidate is declared ineligible because of slothful ignorance and danger to the republic?

  9. People focus on what the doctor said, I focus on what the audience applauded and cheered for.

    They truely deserve each other.

  10. This is why it is known as a clown show.But the clowns are performing for the
    republican base. None of this nonsense is needed for any other party.Begs the question. Why do they control this horrible congress?

  11. Challenge to anyone here : Answer his question. Simple as that. Answer the question ” Where does gravity come from?”
    Don’t give theories on how gravity works, but tell me where it comes from.
    I can answer many questions about the effects of gravity. I can give you the formula to calculate how much force there is between 2 bodies. But the 2 question NO ONE can answer are: Why? And where it comes from.
    This may help a little, they use small words so you should be able to understand it:
    Far left, far right don’t matter both are allergic to facts.

  12. How, in the name of God, the world of medicine, the name of science, astronomy and biology, did Carson ever dare to venture into the world of surgery?

    Carson is an embarrassment to not only his profession, but to humanity.

  13. Is tidewater4ten09 really the only person here with enough brain power to at least understand the question? Author and readers mock one of the greatest living scientists and yet cannot even fathon his by-the-way remark/question.
    No doubt you will keep mocking things that are too lofty for you.
    Nobody living today has come forward with an explanation of the mechasim of gravity. All we know is that its effects can be described (in most cases) using classical mechanics, which is a special case of general relativity.

    Instead of mocking, answer Prof & Dr Carson’s question, if you dare. While you’re at it, explain why energy has gravity as well.

  14. The link you provided is a good explanation of what we do & don’t know about gravity as far as science goes. There also have been many postulations on gravity from Newton to Einstein; each giving us a better understanding.

    The problem with Dr. Carson’s statement is that it does not take in consideration on the studies that have been done on gravity. However, one of the things we do know about gravity as it affects us earthlings. We know it is the gravitational pull between our Sun, Moon & planets in our solar system. We also know our gravity relies on our rotational spinning of our planet & planets within the solar system. Thus, we know how gravity happens based on science and scientific study.

    For the non-scientists – to ask where it comes from is gratuitous. Its relational. Currently, we should be happy about Earth’s gravity otherwise we would all be floating off into space.

  15. I can’t watch him..every time I see him and his crap I can’t help but think of the drunken neurosurgeon that crippled me..To see and listen to crazy “expletive” it makes me wonder how many people, patients and their families HE has destroyed.

  16. Dr. Carson’s statement was gratuitous & was a play to the Ultra religious Social Conservatives. They are not looking to science to understand anything. They look for a pat answer – “God created it!” Therefore, no other studies need to be done as far as they are concerned.

    Gravity is relational. Gravity happens because of how the solar system functions within & out. Everything relates to each other.

    Also, somethings are until it is answered! I’m an artist – so I think differently. I.E. Color – Where does color come from? Well, pigment color is the result of chemical interaction of natural elements of the planet (Earth) & how our eyes see color through the light spectrum of our atmosphere. Thus, we have three primary colors – Red, Yellow & Blue – You cannot mix two or more colors together to get Red, Yellow or Blue. Though we do know that these colors are the result of chemical reaction & light spectrum interaction.

    Ergo, gravitation is like color theory – relational.

  17. Can you articulate a better (more scientific) response about the existence of gravity or it’s origin? Pretty sure Einstein couldn’t even explain the “why” of gravity so for you to attack him on that basis is pretty ignorant.

  18. “Newton’s law of universal gravitation” does not es[plain where gravity comes from, it just puts an equation to what we observe about gravity. With all the recent talk about the discovery of the Higgs Boson, some of you people would know that the question of where gravity comes from is an important question in the scientific community. Don’t be so sure that Carson is an idiot because he knows about serious questions you don’t even imagine. I am no fan of Carson, byt the way. I am a firm supporter of Bernie Sanders.

    Carson’s remarks about probability, evolution, and the big bang are the ones that are scientifically off the mark.

  19. Many of you are under the assumption that Carson is a scientist… he is not. He is a physician that studied science but did not take scientist training. That is an entirely different discipline.
    And, I dare say most of you dont know what causes gravity (and mass) because the cause is hotly debated among scientists.
    “Gremlins of gravity

    The numbers may not jibe, but physicists have a hunch about gravity’s unseen gremlins: Tiny, massless particles called gravitons that emanate gravitational fields.

    Each hypothetical bit tugs on every piece of matter in the universe, as fast as the speed of light permits. Yet if they are so common in the universe, why haven’t physicists found them?

    “We can detect massless particles such as photons just fine, but gravitons elude us because they interact so weakly with matter,” said Michael Turner, a cosmologist at the University of Chicago. “We simply don’t know how to detect one”

  20. “Turner, however, isn’t despondent about humanity’s quest for gravitons. He thinks we’ll eventually ensnare a few of the pesky particles hiding in the shadows of more easily detected particles.

    “What it really comes down to is technology,” Turner said.

    Physicists aren’t using mechanical wizardry to discover gravitons just yet, however. Efforts are currently focused on confirming the existence of the Higgs boson, which is the graviton’s distant cousin particle responsible for giving matter mass.”

  21. I’d like to edit es[plain to explain, but the software won’t accept my edits. It keeps giving me an error message about not being able to save my edits. Does anyone else experience this problem?

  22. I was about to say the same thing: surgeon =/= scientist.

    Most surgeons are highly-skilled craftsmen. A few (primarily those at research hospitals) are also scientists.

  23. Correct, as usual. And here’s the other Truth:
    Even if you don’t believe in science, it is still true. From Dr. Neil deGrasse.

  24. Good physicians have brains. And, they use them properly. They must, as their patients’ lives are in their hands.

  25. I like to know where sellout lunatics come from. Remember Folks, this man has Doctor before his name and he’s disgracing his profession every time he makes ignorant statement like this one.

  26. He’s apparently writing his own prescriptions for Xanax, it keeps the left side of his brain calm. While the right side rages on to oblivian. Beady eyed bastard. He was bullied in school & has infinite brain damage. I feel more embarrassed than I did imagining there would be no more Pizza. He has credentials that state he’s a doctor even though he could never graduate witchdoctor class even if he cheated.

  27. First, I’m adding “where does gravity come from” to my list of Crazy Sh!t Ben Carson Says. See original at

    Second, I doubt that Carson was engaging in a serious search for scientific truth, or expressing genuine scientific curiosity.

    It sounds too much like conservative arguments against scientific knowledge that they don’t agree with. As in, how can science claim to explain the origins of the universe when they can’t even explain where gravity comes from?

  28. Steven, I do not wish to pick a fight with you. I appreciate that we agree on the topic at hand. I would venture to say that while your argument is plausible, it seems to me that it depends rather much of the logical fallacy of appeal to authority. Carson’s question would still be valid even if there was no present interest in the question. Agreed? Consensus does not validate objectivity.
    I would venture by the same logic to caution against your acceptance of evolution.

    We do not reject evolution on the basis of Genesis. We do not claim to have scientifically answered the question of HOW life (especially human life) started. But someone raised their hand saying “I know, I know!” Ok, tell us… “It was by random…”
    Yes, how scientific. Imagine Newton saying gravity was by random attractions. Even gas laws modeling random movements have bounding conditions and predicting formulae. But evolution? Its ‘scientific’ status is purely by consensus.

  29. Your use of scientific lingo to rebut scientific method speaks grandiloquently of the veracity of your mendacity.

  30. You managed to evade entirely the whole point of the article. You cannot see the forest for the trees.

  31. Scientific method:
    A hypothesis is accepted as scientific theory if it meets three conditions:
    1. The phenomenon must be observable. Species hopping (macro evolution) has never been observed.
    2. It must me repeatable. Macro evolution fails again.
    3. It must be measurable. Again, macro evolution fails flat-out.

    Darwinian evolution is not scientific. The community has made exception to this based on faith and faith alone. It is not scientific. Who is fooling who?

  32. Let me be explicit. Carson is one of the greatest living scientists. This is an objective fact. Subjectively, many disagree.

    You guys are attacking him exactly as the Church/State in Europe attacked Galileo and others who challenged popular errors and also insulting the man rather that refuting him.

  33. Implosions akin to the one brought about by the Vogon Destructor Fleet eh? That’s what Ben Carson just did!

  34. One would wish Carson’s lower intestine would, for the sake of the species, do what Gruthos the Flatulent’s did.

  35. @djchefron, Dr Carson is also professor on oncology and paediatrics. Naturally, when peers studied brain tumors, they asked him to provide tumorous tissue. While carrying out his normal surgical healing procedures, he would cut out the tumor and supply it to the pathologists. The pathologists consulted the tissue banks and requested various tissue samples and compared those specimens against what Carson provided.
    Some tumors are so

  36. So that is the Reich wing talking points to cover up his and yours bullshit on what PP does. And Jesus was white.

  37. tidewater, I have YET to meet a far left liberal who was ignorant of science as you have decided. NO the far left is NOT like the far right!!! The far right is IGNORANT and STUPID!!! They HATE science they HATE fact because like YOU they cannot fathom it. Also I have YET to meet a “far left” that is “allergic” to facts as YOU have decided! If you are going to come here and debate then at least TRY to act like you know what REALITY is…please.

  38. Faithback…mocking things that are too lofty for you” WTF!? Too Lofty? for us? SCREW YOU! Here’s a scientific FACT that is WAY beyond your comprehension! FAITH is a thought, and a thought is an electrical charge in the brain with no atomic mass! Therefor it is MEANINGLESS! Just like your insulting infantile comments. Don’t truck with people who’s I.Q.’s are way..Too Lofty for you! Fakeback would be a better name for you. I know that you will attempt to say that my comment and others here are lame because of or attacks but what can one be expected to do to someone who is so totally clueless and insulting and arrogant. Piss Off!

  39. @djchefron, you can insult all you want. You should even go on believing what you want. It means little to me whether you belive in evolution (which you cannot prove) or believe that Carson worked on aborted babies for research (which you cannot prove), or believe that you understand the mechanism of gravity (which you cannot demonstrate). Believe with all your heart. Insult with all the expletives you can muster. If that is all you can manage, I will credit you for at least engaging with my arguments to the best of your ability.

  40. Actually, thought is born of faith. When ready to discuss, just ask and I’ll consider helping you figure out how it is so.

  41. “Let me be explicit. Carson is one of the greatest living scientists. This is an objective fact.”
    No, it is not “objective fact.” It is your opinion. Huge difference. He has expressed disdain and contempt for science and scientists, referring to them as “highfalutin”, which appeals to the scientifically ignorant. He has revealed a vast ignorance of anything to do with physics.

    Carson is not a scientist. He is a well-educated physician and by all accounts, a talented and accomplished neurosurgeon.

    Your foolish statement that your opinion of carson’s scientific prowess is “objective fact” destroys any credibility you might have on the issue.

  42. Faith. Go “observe” a flashlight and tell us how fast light travels and explain the process… now go away with your nonsense and NonScience.

  43. @nefer, before my credibility goes anywhere, you’ll first have to get over the National Academy of Sciences to which Carson was elected a few years back. From their website, here is their mission:

    “The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars. Established by an Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Scientists are elected by their peers to membership in the NAS for outstanding contributions to research. The NAS is committed to furthering science in America, and its members are active contributors to the international scientific community.”

    Are we to believe members of this academy are not scientists? This is the damage evolutionary faith has done. Must we discredit the entire body of scientists in order to justify this imaginary tale? Quite a silly position to take.

  44. @#42, If two or three ask me to leave, I will go. Sometimes it is easier to excommunicate a person than refute their arguments. The Church/State ruling Europe used this approach for hundreds of years. Restrospectively, we call that period The Dark Ages.

    Yes, I affirm your right to peaceably assemble. The violence of truth can be hard to endure.

  45. Again you have it completely WRONG Fakeback, I have NO faith, but I have thought and my thought is obviously more cogent than yours. Using YOUR logic since I don’t have faith I shouldn’t have thought..NOW do you see how miserably your logic fails!? And yes I’m always ready to debate LOGICALLY but debating someone like you is futile because the only way for you to win is to twist and spin what is a losing point. Give UP

  46. Since you did not ask, I take it you are not interested to know how it is so. That’s ok with me.

  47. “they use small words so you should be able to understand it”
    Perhaps people would take what you say a little more seriously if you didn’t come off as such a condescending little shit.

  48. You’re a moron. If a doctor can’t give us just a little bit about gravity, perhaps they should go back to school. I don’t need him to do advanced physics to explain how it works. Something simple like, “Every body has gravitational attraction. The larger the body, the greater the attraction. So, planets exert more gravitational control than a person does. A star exerts more than a planet does, etc.” It’s not that hard to show you have at least a fundamental understanding of what we experience every day.
    Stop slurping at the balls of Bill “tides go out, tides come in. Nobody knows how that works” O’Reilly.

  49. Faith. I said go away with your nonsense. Consensus, test and confirm is how it works. ex. 2 + 2 = 4; test, confirm, consensus.

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