Boston Goes Bananas For Bernie Sanders As 20,000+ Show Up For Bay State Rally


Sen. Bernie Sanders reminded the media of why he is the real phenom of the 2016 presidential campaign by drawing a crowd of 20,000+ to a rally in Boston, MA.

According to the Sanders campaign:

Building a grassroots movement in this key Super Tuesday primary state, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday was greeted by more than 20,000 cheering and chanting supporters at a rally inside the sprawling Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and in an overflow area outside.


“Boston, thank you. What a huge crowd,” Sanders said when he took the stage. “We are running a peoples campaign and while the millionaires and billionaires have something we don’t have we have something they don’t have. Look around this room,” Sanders said.

“Since we began this campaign, hundreds of thousands of people at meetings like this have come together to help us make a political revolution,” he added in the speech to the crowd that included supporters from next door New Hampshire, which will hold the nation’s first primary next Feb. 9, and from Massachusetts, one of 13 states which will hold primaries on March 1.

This is why the billionaires fear Bernie Sanders more than any other candidate. Sanders has a simple message that government should belong to the people, not the billionaires and corporations. The Sanders message is creating a movement to change American politics.

People are giving their time, money, and effort to Sen. Sanders because he represents real change. Sanders raised more money than any Republican candidate in the third quarter without a super PAC. Bernie Sanders won’t be courting the wealthy with million dollar fundraisers.

The Bernie Sanders campaign is a movement of the people, and the message delivered in Boston is that millions of Americans are coming to take their government back.

44 Replies to “Boston Goes Bananas For Bernie Sanders As 20,000+ Show Up For Bay State Rally”

  1. Sanders is the real deal and both HRC and the GOP are terrified of him. I’m not sending my donation to DNC until they start to give Sanders equal coverage and support.
    I’m as sick of moneyed politicians that depend on donations from corporations and banking lobbyist as I am of the entire Tea Bagger circus parade. I will vote for HRC if she wins the nomination but very grudgingly as I see a vote for her as the lessor of two evils.
    I’ve talked to too many women that are going to vote for HRC based on her gender. Nothing else; just she’s a woman. I would love to see a Woman in the White House if it were the right woman such as Warren. Hillery is old money and like the Pope, while sending a progressive, populist and secular message has no intention of abandoning the business as usual approach to politics.
    We have one chance to get this right, I hope we make the best of it.

  2. the hall holds 26,285 so 20,000+ outside ? come on ,stop bloviating the numbers . Hillary hasn’t done big halls she has done townhall type meetings for a get close to the voter campaign which has been her strategy from the start . I have friend who has been to 2 sanders rallies and the numbers were not as big as reported , he is a great guy and if he wins he will get my vote but stop the numbers game !

  3. Learn to read a sentence.

    “20,000+” and “more than 20,000” can be = to 26,285.

    You’re a little person. It’s not that you’re short. You’re little, in the mind and in the heart. Tonight, you tried to make a man little whose boots you couldn’t touch if you stood on tip-toe on top of the highest mountain in the world. And, as it turned out, you’re even littler than you were before.

  4. **** To clarify, the statement of Mr. McIntyre’s stature is not original to me. It is, OTOH, entirely fitting to him and those of his mindset. ****

    As if we give a shit what he thinks of Bernie Sanders.

  5. Michael, if you see what I post, sometimes you might think I’m for Bernie, and sometimes you might think I’m for Hilary. There are uphill battles for both candidates and I wish them both the best. Gannbatte!

    Truth be told, I’m not for either, I’m waiting for my state’s primary, and I might vote R (I’m an Unaffiliated) just to screw help nominate the King of the Clowns who hasn’t a chance. But you’d have to steal my ballot to make me vote R in the General.

  6. There’s no reason to ever give money to the DNC if you want Sanders to win the nomination. Bernie’s supporters need to understand that he’s not going to secure the nomination unless millions of his supporters start playing hardball and pledge their support for him. It’s time to demand Bernie or bust!

  7. Yo’! Troll, please tell us you weren’t involved in that bogus Benghazi/Email scandal thing were you.

  8. Despite Ted and most of the Kennedy clan, John Kerry and Deval Patrick all strongly behind Obama and stumping for him as surrogates, Hillary won Massachusetts. Just sayin.

  9. I was there – and as a volunteer, I had the unique perspective of seeing everybody come in, and roaming freely to gauge the crowd both inside and out. It was full.

    The inside wasn’t quite at capacity, but pretty darn close (There was about 10-20′ of sparsely populated space right at the back wall). The overflow would have more than filled it, but I think they just ran out of time. They started about 20 minutes late because they couldn’t get people in fast enough.

  10. Bernie’s message is that of the people, not corporate America.

    Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Rand Paul’s rally drew a miserable 50 PEOPLE. Rand is probably going to regret BUYING his place on the senate race ticket.

  11. Who is the real progressive?
    1. Voted for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2001 (S.1348)
    Sanders NO Clinton YES

    2. Wants to raise visa caps to let more immigrants move to America legally?
    Sanders NO Clinton YES

    3. Supports the Ix-Im, which helps American small businesses export?
    Sanders NO Clinton YES

    4. Supports requiring all children to have a K-12 education (via Mother Jones)
    Sanders NO Clinton YES

    5.Voted to let income tax belief expire for Middle and Working Class families? (HR.4853)
    Sanders YES Clinton NO

    6. Voted for NRA-backed laws to give gun manufacturers legal immunity?
    Sanders Yes Clinton NO

    7. Voted to allow guns on Amtrak?
    Sanders Yes Clinton NO

    8. Wrote an article supporting legalizing all drugs, including Heroin and Cocaine? (via Mother Jones)
    Sanders YES Clinton NO

    9. Voted to dump Vermont’s nuclear waste in a majority Latino community in Sierra Blanca, TX?
    Sanders Yes Clinton NO

  12. 10. Said African American voters support Obama because of racial pride in an NPR interview in 2014?
    Sanders YES Clinton NO

    11. Said “America has overcome racism by electing a black President in a 2014 NPR interview?
    Sanders YES Clinton NO

    12. Wrote an article arguing fluoridated tap water is a plot by Government to control citizens lives?
    Sanders YES Clinton NO

    And I draw your attention to the sex essay written by Bernie Sanders in which he said men masturbate to the vision of a submissive woman, tied up, on her knees and that women fantasize about being raped simultaneously by three men.

  13. That was my experience when I volunteered at Bernie’s event in Los Angeles back in August. It was mind blowing.

  14. Most of those supporting Bernie Sanders on news sites or blogs are Republicans desperate not to have to run against Hillary Clinton or AIPAC paid performers. Bernie is not a Democrat. He has consistently voted against Democratic progressive legislation and against our Democratic President. He has no support from the Democratic Party, no delegates or super delegates committed to him or even to a single Democrat in the Senate. He’s a special interest outlier: AIPAC and the NRA and the GOP. He may have a few true Socialists or other life’s losers supporting him, but he’s not going to make it to the Oval Office. I just don’t want the special interests supporting him to let a Republican freak back in the White House in 2017.

  15. The picture is so out of focus…I would like to see a real picture. It looks like piles of cardboard … I do not mean anything negative. I like Bernie. But Why is there not a better picture posted here?

  16. Yeah, well Boston is not part of REAL America, and Bostonians didn’t have anything to do with the Founding Fathers and liberty and freedom and like that, and Massichusits is a socialist sodomite marriage state.

    Rin is upset…

  17. You are certainly an HRC paid shill. All of these “arguments” don’t tell the real story behind the votes or legislation. For anyone who tries to claim HRC is more liberal or cares more about the poor and middle class, you have no leg to stand on and you know it.

  18. The final official tally was 32,000 including overflow room and outside people watching the Jumbotron. Bernie supporters are well versed on all things Bernie, so any attempt by Shillery supporters to educate us on his so called “voting record” will fall on deaf ears.

  19. I’m a Bernie guy but I think your “Bernie or bust” is dead wrong. We need a Dem in the white house, we need Dems to regain the senate and the biggest pipe dream of all; we need to take (or make serious inroads into) the house.

    I’m going to vote for whomever is the Dem nominee. I hope its Bernie but Hillary will do a great job also. ANY DEM is better than a REPUB in the white house.

    Look at the supreme court, look how old and sick those justices are! The next Pres will appoint up to 4 new justices and those 4 will serve until 2055 or later. Do you want 4 more Repub supreme court justices ruling this country until then?

    My way or the highway can’t be our motto, we have to work together to elect as many dems into as many federal, state and local offices as we can.

    I don’t think even Bernie is asking for a “Bernie or bust” pledge and I don’t know why you are insisting on it.

    Instead of “Bernie or bust” will you agree to “Democrat or bust” in November 2016?

  20. It’s all the verified truth. Bernie Sanders is a fraud. He’s a fake and the GOP will negative ad him into oblivion. If you think the only answer required of him is to have some GOP or AIPAC or NRA operatives or some goofball “revolutionary” respond with nonsense, you just wait. He will not be able to deal with the blow back that would come if he were to be a real candidate. As it is, he is not and never will be a real candidate. He has no means to compete nationally. He’s a nobody in the great scheme of things. Super Tuesday will wipe him out.

  21. Look it up yourself. It is the absolute truth of the matter and easily verified. Bernie is a scam artist.

  22. Look it up myself? Look asshole, you made the claim so the burden of proof is on you. Put up or shut up. You behave just like a typical right wing troll. All propaganda, no facts to back it up.

  23. Really riverhouse? Whose verification? You word alone is not verification. Again troll, put up or shut up. Post your proof.

  24. Good for Bernie. He needs to connect with as many Americans as possible so the country knows who he is.

    I’m more impressed by the fundraising, though. Big $$$$$ show he’s a contender & he’s got the backing to keep him on the campaign trail a bit longer.

  25. this sounds like a bern-bot script modified to burn (HA pun!) Hillary. in any case I am suspicious of any post so single focused and hateful from either camp (so they claim anyway). they look to me to be RWNJ paid trolls trying to sow dissension

  26. I find it hard to take Rin and DJ with their anti Bernie rhetoric CONSTANTLY.

    Unlike them, I will not try to take HRC down for every little thing that she has done that I don’t agree with.

    Their bashing Bernie is becoming intolerable.

    I am behind Bernie, but will vote for HRC if she wins the nomination.
    But at this time in our history, we need a PROGRESSIVE in the White House!

  27. What a load of horse shit. Bernie’s support coming from repbs? They must also be the ones sending in millions of dollars just so he can look good. You Shillerys will say anything!

  28. “Shillery”?? Really??

    Chill with the name-calling of DEMOCRATS who support DEMOCRAT Hillary Clinton, sueD. We get it. You’re a PUMA (Party Unity My A**), but true Democrats will vote for a Democrat and we don’t take kindly to being name-called, understand?

    Here’s some sage adivce: save your venom-spewing for RWers and Republican trolls posing as Liberals who are now infesting Liberal sites…or you might be seen as one.

  29. Yeah, Papas Fritas, we get it. You’re feeling “the Bern”. Sorry, but we’re not. Your idolization of Sanders is out of ideology, not political reality.

    For Rin and myself, we actually want a Democratic president who can actually get things done – and that would be Hillary Clinton. Your idolization for Independent Sanders despite his glaringly poor legislative record has blinded you and others like you for the facts and reality in that he’s a WEAK candidate and would make for a lame-duck prez.

    Democrats will NOT vote for or support a candidate who has excoriated the Democratic Party for 25+ years and called to primary the first black president who is beloved by millions outside of the White community, and we don’t care that Bern-supporters now believe he has every right to run for the Democratic Party nomination because WE. DON’T. And, like it or not, we are in the majority.

  30. Since Operation Chaos 2016 has been advertised by the National Journal, I’m very concerned about the people who go to Sanders rallies and contribute so much money to his campaign. These tactics have been successfully used by the GOP and their money masters since 2000.

    The vast majority of polls are showing Hillary Clinton still beating Sanders by double digits. This shouldn’t be happening if the country really is feeling “the Bern”. He’s already lost the minority vote to Hillary Clinton, and he hasn’t gotten a single congressional Dem to endorse him. Not a single one.

    This may be a telltale sign that something is amiss, and since everyone and their uncle knows that Republicans would rather run against Sanders than Clinton in the G.E., I take this wide-marketing of his rally numbers with a grain of salt.

  31. All of these “arguments” don’t tell the real story behind the votes or legislation.

    And it doesn’t matter. The fact is, he voted with Republicans against bills that Democrats overwhelmingly supported, and that’s what matters.

    For anyone who tries to claim HRC is more liberal or cares more about the poor and middle class, you have no leg to stand on and you know it.

    Likewise, anyone who tries to claim Bernie is more liberal or cares more about the poor and middle class, hasn’t done their homework regarding “the Bern’s” legislative and voting record.

    Don’t you supporters every ask yourselves WHY minorities aren’t “feeling the Bern” and aren’t supporting your candidate? Maybe you should start there.

  32. Aw, somebody thinks I am upset and someone else thinks I do nothing but bash Bernie.

    By telling the truth about Hillary I bash him. That is funny. She won Massachusetts like I said above – despite the many forces against her. And it was a decisive win too.

    I am not upset. I really intensely dislike articles here that distort polls and facts beyond recognition. I see someone above wasn’t happy with 25,000 so just declared it was 32,000 with no link.

    This week highlights – why I am not sad despite what you all think:

    HRC loves HRC and she tore the roof off.

    NEA (total now 1/2 of all union members)

    SNL – Val the barkeep – instant classic.

    Rev. Al – Actual Q & A with no spin!

    Marc Anthony – Miami Latino crowd love her.

    Polls all wonderful news.

    Biden likley no-go-Joe any day now.

    Today Show Townhall live Mon. morning

    Bill on Colbert Tuesday/ he’s off the porch

    And she is just getting warmed up.

  33. I would like my accuser to find a quote from me where I was bashing Bernie.

    If it is “constantly” as you accuse me of doing then you should be able to come up with lots of my quotes, right?

    Go ahead. I will admit it if I am wrong but I think you are confusing me with others who bash him.

  34. John, chill with the schoolyard personal attacks. You don’t like what riverhouse posts? FINE. Debate him on the merits. But lowering the debate to name-calling and personal attacks, those aren’t liberal values. Those are tactics used by RW-trolls. Try and remember that.

  35. Jeff Laurence…not a load of horse manure. Where were you in 2000? 2004?

    It’s been extensively written about that the GOP money masters have donated to Nader to weaken Gore and then Kerry, and they paid RW operatives to disrupt the 2000 recount. You think they wouldn’t send paid operatives to Bernie Sanders’ rallies? This isn’t hard to look up if you use the time to do a search rather than dismiss a Democrat who, unlike you, is well aware of this Republican strategy.

    Also, haven’t you heard about the call by RW-rag National Journal in June 2015 to donate and support Bernie Sanders’ campaign in order to weaken Hillary Clinton? Here, lemme help you.

    The article is entitled “Republicans Should Help Bernie Sanders to Weaken Hillary Clinton.

    You owe riverhouse an apology. Let’s see if you have the wherewithal to do it.

  36. You and your RAP group are doing more to destroy democracy as the GOP does, As a matter of fact your favorite outlet, the Examiner, is a GOP funded anti Clinton site.. You don’t fool us one bit dude, when you are exposed for the seditious asses you are I will sit back and laugh…You and your partner are GOP plants and we will prove that… count on it!!

  37. Please, ICH. 26 million dollars and over one million contributors. With a straight face you are saying that much of this money is coming from the repubs? How about the thousand going to his rally’s? Are they repubs? This is an insane line of discussion. He isn’t even that well known or understood yet and has very strong support. He leads in many states and continues to gain national polling numbers. If the repubs are pushing his campaign,they are doing a much better job than the with their own candidates. You seem like a intelligent person. Talk sense.

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