Libertarians Demonstrate That The GOP Isn’t The Only Clown Show In Florida Politics

On October 1st, Florida’s Libertarian Party President Adrian Wyllie resigned from his position, to protest the party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, Augustus Sol Invictus. Wyllie was wise to step down, because Invictus’ candidacy is bound to be an embarrassment for the Liberatarian Party.

In expressing his objections to Invictus’ candidacy, Wyllie noted Invictus’ affinity for Fascism, and his association with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. In addition, Invictus has called for a second American Civil War, allegedly writing in 2013:

I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War, I would begin it myself.

Invictus also supports eugenics to weed out ”the weakest, the least intelligent, and the most diseased” Americans through sterilization, forced abortion or euthanasia. While all of these extreme positions should prove embarrassing enough, it is actually the issue of occult and animal sacrifice that has brought the most attention to Invictus’ bizarre candidacy.

Wyllie accused Invictus of dismembering a goat as part of his cult’s religious practices. Invictus denied the allegation, but with an odd response that would hardly assure his detractors. Invictus stated:

I have never dismembered a goat in my life. I have performed animal sacrifices as part of my religion. I was expelled from the order [Ordo Templi Orientis] for political reasons. And animal sacrifice was part of it.

Well, good thing he cleared that up.

Invictus is running in the 2016 Florida Senate race to fill the seat being vacated by Republican Senator and current GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio. While Invictus stands no legitimate chance of winning against the Republican and Democratic Senate candidates, he does at least demonstrate that the GOP does not hold a monopoly on silly in the Sunshine State.

Invictus’ candidacy is destined to remind voters that the Libertarian Party is a fringe party that sometimes embraces candidates with very strange ideas. Libertarians like to cast Democratic and Republican voters as “sheeple” who dutifully select between the “lesser of two evils,” but if Invictus is their idea of an alternative, voters would be wise to shun that option and choose a “lesser evil.” Because Invictus’ certainly appears to be a “greater evil,” and in his case, the term “evil” might not qualify as mere political hyperbole.

26 Replies to “Libertarians Demonstrate That The GOP Isn’t The Only Clown Show In Florida Politics”

  1. maybe the Republicans and ‘Libertarians’ could start a new political party..

    Nimrods Without Borders

    party symbol? what’s the symbol for dipshit?

  2. He’s a Sexy man on the outside, and Crazy Evil, on the inside! If you were born for War, there’s plenty out there to choose from. Don’t run, enlist! Or only poor selfless animals, are making you proud? Don’t blame a stupid religion, on killing defenseless, animals, that even a third grader could kill. Go fight a real fight, and leave the animals alone! Psychopath, should not be free to roam!shoot him now!

  3. Does the States of Florida (and other red states), just allow anything that breaths to become a candidate for office of US legislature? ……Well this clears up my confusion of how these bat-s*** crazies become candidates.

  4. It appears anyone can run in Southern States . I live in Texas and loons are everywhere . It’s still a continuation of hate similar to Nazi Germany & right wing fanaticism , a Republican Trait also .

  5. WTF. Just when I thought Aqua Buddha was the Libertarian diety, now this! Paul only sacrificed a friendly weed. Much neater and more entertaining, and doesn’t piss off PETA.

  6. This guy is subhuman and a candidate for the next SciFi production of “Terror in the Statehouse”. This is Charles Manson reincarnated, on steroids. Has this guy been living in this country all along? Get this man a “Sickness” permit, his intentions are way more damaging that “Carrie’s” mama. I’ll bet his name shows in Wikepedia.

  7. forced abortion”? Libertarian?

    Once again, the intellectual, moral, and philosophical bankruptcy of libertarians on display.

  8. In all fairness, you left out the best part! He supposedly walked 2500 miles to the Mohave Desert to fast and purify himself for his Libertarian run because he knew he was born for this moment in time–his destiny is to start the next civil war.
    So, after his 2500 trek, because he “lived”, he and 3 of his followers sacrificed a goat in some wooded area that he described as something “Voldermont” would like, and proclaimed it was “epic”…

    I have a daughter living in FL and I sent her this piece. My advise was, ‘Stay the fu8k away from this guy!’

  9. Now just a doggone minute here. The only crazies that can run in NC are the carpet baggers the corporations and Art Pope bring in. Give those guys some credit….it took decades to get that all set up. Since Ronny’s time.

  10. There’s a porn site called “Young Libertines”.

    Sounds as if this assclown is screwing with reality.

    BTW-I nevber ever watch porn.

    ok, I looked once;~)

  11. Libertarian. All you needed was his picture and the word “Libertarian” and you had a complete joke.

    Libertarianism: A discredited and rejected political “philosophy” since 1972.

    Maybe it should just be called what it is, “Anarcho-Capitalism” or Neo-Feudalism.

  12. True story: My working life was as a USAF Civilian Logistician. I had a rather naïve girl who had graduated from UT-Austin with a 4.0 sitting next to me. Her husband had a PhD but was also naïve. One day I received a message about the AGM-69 SRAM Missile. I said ah the SRAM, my favorite missile. Linda said, I don’t understand. I said because it is the AGM-69. I still don’t understand. Linda, 69. I still don’t understand. Ask Bob. Next day, Bob doesn’t understand either. I said ask your friend Lucy. Lucy understood.

  13. That’s what I’ve been telling them all this time: their ideology is a fascist one.

    I’m proven correct. Though I was thinking they’d at least hide it until after the 2016 election, once they had slipped Rand Paul into the White House.

  14. Legally, the LPF has no control over a candidate’s political affiliation. Florida election laws allow anyone, with any ideology, to run as a candidate in the party they declared when registering to vote. The LPF has not endorsed Augustus Invictus and has not provided him with any support. Under the law, we cannot prevent him from running as a Libertarian and he is not required to enter our certification process.

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