Oregon College Massacre Is a Product of the NRA-Republican’s Structurally Violent America

The shooting massacre on Thursday morning at Umpqua Community College in Oregon was, as President Obama noted, a routine event that “means there’s another community stunned with grief, and communities across the country forced to relieve their own anguish, and parents across the country who are scared because they know it might have been their families or their children.” However, one wonders how, or why, any American or American community could possibly be stunned with grief over a “routine event.” The truth is that because it is a routine occurrence, by next week all will be forgotten. President Obama did what many Americans do when they feel helpless to stop a “tragedy” and offered prayers and thoughts for the community. He also reminded Americans that these mass shootings are borne of “a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in America.”

Since the President is constitutionally helpless to do anything to curb the proliferation of guns in America, he did the only thing he could do; begged the people in power for redress and offered up prayers for the victims, their loved ones, and the community where the massacre took place. However, god has nothing to do with what happened at the community college in Oregon, and god is not going to stop it from occurring; so it is curious praying will solve the problem or comfort the grieving. Even an alleged god is painfully aware that they are not nearly as powerful as the National Rifle Association (NRA), Republicans, gun manufacturers, or the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

It is worth noting, yet again, that the only people that can put a halt to the epidemic of gun massacres are voters by making a different “political choice” to prevent these NRA-slaughters from happening. But Republicans and the NRA keep the people so terrified that they continue putting politicians beholden to the aforementioned groups in power to perpetuate the conditions that made America into a structurally violent country. Republicans and the NRA are very aware that more fear and loathing in the population means more gun sales and more massacres in a continuous loop of mass shootings.

What happened in Oregon, and Florida, is now commonplace in America courtesy of the tireless effort and machinations of Republicans, tea party extremists, and the National Rifle Association to create a structurally violent country. Many people claim that the near-daily mass shootings in America are the fault of a deranged individual and nothing else, but if that deranged individual did not have easy access to firearms, the majority of Americans would have gone their entire lives without hearing about Umpqua College, Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook.

Most Americans are sick to near-death of hearing gun fanatics claim a gun is just an inanimate object, like an inanimate hammer, so for dog’s sake do not blame the inanimate object.  But in case politicians claiming guns are like hammers have not been keeping score, there have been no deranged individuals killing multiple human beings in schools and churches with an inanimate hammer. As one pundit rightly claimed, if these mass shootings were just about deranged people, they would be happening in every nation on Earth; but they just do not and it is by design.

Some have said that the rash of mass shootings is down to a sick, nihilistic society with a belief that the 2nd Amendment is more sacred than gun victim’s lives. Even that assessment, although true in some circles, ignores the fact that over 90% of gun owners believe the 2nd Amendment leaves plenty of room for regulation in the form of simple gun safety measures like background checks for gun purchases and restricting the number of military assault weapons in the hands of non-military civilians. No, the majority of Americans do not want guns in the hands of ‘deranged individuals‘ and criminals, but these massacres will continue unabated simply because Republicans could not care less what 90% of Americans want because they serve the gun lobby; not American people.

As the President predicted was going to happen after the Oregon slaughter, gun zealots began their claims that putting more guns on campuses would have prevented the Oregon casualties and loudly decried Oregon’s “gun free zones” as why the massacre happened. Except in Oregon, public colleges are not gun free zones; the NRA, Republicans, and 2nd Amendment advocates made sure there were plenty of guns on the UCC campus. Zealots also claim that if there were more guns in Americans’ hands, one good guy with a gun could have stopped the carnage, but there were plenty of good guys on the Umpqua campus with guns.

However, one particular Veteran with a gun was intelligent enough to realize that he and his gun-carrying cohort had no idea where SWAT sharpshooters were stationed, or whether regular officers would know they were ‘good guys’ with guns or the shooter. The two ‘good guys’ that did not use their guns survived to tell their story. As an aside, a day before the Oregon massacre, a “good guy with a gun” in Texas shot a carjacking victim in the head trying to prove the NRA’s “good guy with a gun” claim was a valid reason to put more guns on the streets.

Americans who are not already conditioned that near-daily mass shootings are what makes America exceptional should get conditioned and stop being stunned and saddened. As the President remarked during an interview a few mass shooting ago, if the country could not come to its senses and stand up to the NRA, ALEC, and Republicans after 20 small children and their heroic teachers were slaughtered like animals at Sandy Hook, the nation may as well stop being stunned and consider mass shootings routine. It is, after all, one of the things that makes America exceptionally violent, and Americans incredibly terrified by Republican design.

If Republicans are not fear mongering about immigrants being criminals, Muslims being terrorists, or people of color coming to rob and kill good white folk, they are warning Americans that the federal government is subjecting them to tyranny including coming to take their precious guns. Remember, that after the Sandy Hook massacre when the President appealed to Congress to pass simple gun safety measures, Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent out emergency warnings to Kentucky residents that President Obama was “coming to take their guns away.”

Even the Douglas County sheriff overseeing the Oregon massacre response has announced after the President’s appeal for sane gun safety laws that he would never enforce any gun laws like many sheriffs across the country after Sandy Hook. He also posted a video claiming that calls for gun safety measures by grieving parents after the Sandy Hook shooting was part of a conspiracy to convince legislators to “take Americans’ guns away.”

The sad fact is that unless voters evict the NRA’s servants in Congress from office, there will never be another gun safety law and there will be more “routine” mass shootings. The day of the Oregon massacre was the 275th day of 2015 and the Oregon slaughter was the 264th gun massacre of the year. As the President said, this kind of violence is unique to America and “a level of carnage” Republicans refuse to address because they serve the NRA and want to keep America a “structurally violent country.” It is after all one of the reasons they claim the United States is exceptional.

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  1. It was found out that this terrorist had 13 guns in his possession. Why do one person needs so many weapons of mass destruction?

    I am really beginning to think the NRA should be designated a terrorist organization because they are no longer a org that teaches the safety and proper use of guns but they are a lobbying arm of the gun manufactures.

    Right now I bet arms dealers are jacking themselves off because more people after this terrorist attack are buying more guns. Christmas have come early for these merchants of death

  2. Exactamundo bebe!!! Real MEN do not need a gun(s) to be safe or feel safe!! Hunting rifles and shotguns FOR HUNTING! YES!! Being armed to the teeth for absolutely no reason at all is ridiculous, these people live on fear they live on paranoia because the NRA has said so! Wayne LaPierre says at every big event..”We have nothing to fear but the lack of it” NOW THAT is some twisted COWARDLY words and sentiment. First thing we need to do is ABOLISH THE NRA!!! 2nd Re-write or abolish the second amendment to keep firearms in their place and not in our face! It pretty damned bad when you cant use a state ID or drivers license or a College ID to vote but if you have a gun license or an NRA members card you CAN vote. That is BullSh!T! It’s time to stand up against these cowards! WE CAN win! They cannot shoot us all!

  3. The NRA has BLOOD on it’s hands! MONEY IN IT’S COFFERS! And INNOCENT Victims in Coffins! And they are laughing all the way to the BANK! Past the funeral homes and cemeteries where their victims lay DEAD!. For every bullet fired the NRA gets their cut! I wouldn’t be one damned bit surprised if they were not heavily invested in funeral homes and embalming supply houses and coffin and vault suppliers…Not One Damned Bit Would I be Surprised. I’ll wager if research was done we could find out. We may not be allowed to collect data on or study gun violence because the NRA has paid for laws forbidding it but we can find out how much the NRA and gun manufactures are invested in the profits from the fruit of their sick twisted financial trees of woe!

  4. Europeans and Canadians seem to be able to sleep at night without their masturbatory device.

    No other western nation has the gun culture we have, not nearly the guns per capita, not the loose gun laws etc. We are alone in this phenomenon. So one might ask well how people in the UK or France or Canada or Germany feel safe in their homes without an arsenal to protect them. This is a poignant question especially when the people who so fervently want to protect their 2nd amendment rights also brag about American exceptionalism all the time. So how could it be we are the best country in the world yet these NRA folks don’t feel safe in their own homes without being armed to the teeth? Quite the conundrum, you can’t have it both ways…so …which is it?
    USA #1, or, “I’m afraid to live in my country without being heavily armed”

  5. The US is the only developed country that allows its citizens to own non-hunting guns, and it has the highest rate of gun deaths of any developed country. By the NRA’s own claim, that we all need guns to defend ourselves, why, then, do people in other countries not feel the need for guns? Does the US somehow have more crazy homicidal people than, say, Germany or Japan? The only reason so many people feel unsafe here is because access to guns is so easy. If we’d never had this gun-loving culture to begin with, we wouldn’t have so many guns in circulation. Now we’ve worked ourselves into a gun-filled swamp that we can’t get out of.

    Our gun-death rate is the same as places like Venezuela and Somalia, yet the NRA would never claim that US citizens are like them. If our country is so full of good people, why do we need so many guns?

  6. Someone asked the other day, about a comment I made about generals and the military being tired of war, why the military tended to be so consistently conservative. That’s a fair question, and I’m not sure I know the answer. Some of it has to do with 2nd Amendment support, though. Every military person I know jokes that “gun-control means a tight shot group,” meaning good aim with a gun. Many of my friends own their own weapons and enjoy recreational shooting, and they definitely don’t want them taken away.

    As for the other aspects of conservatism, perhaps it’s a case of voting against their self-interests. They’ll say they hate Obamacare, but the military has the largest socialized medicine program in the country, after Medicare and Medicaid, and it’s socialist in every sense of the word. A large percentage are from red states, so they grew up in a conservative tradition. But they’re the ones who have to go and fight, so they’re against more involvement in the ME.

  7. What we have here is a simple case of Brownshi(r)tism, where the Übermenschen are to be armed to keep the Untermenschen and their advocates down. If you don’t believe me, just arm some leftists and brown people and see what happens when they open carry.

  8. Guns are a White guy penis substitute. They see their unquestioned tyranny slipping away and react in typical euro-Christian fashion.

    Killing everything that moves.

    If society takes away their guns, they’d have to use rational arguments to maintain power.

    “White Jesus says so” is not a rationale argument.

    Ergo, guns are sacred to them.

  9. Dems: We need better gun control.
    RW’s: This is a mental health issue we need to address.

    ME: We need BOTH!

  10. The real problem here isn’t so much that the NRA and the right wing politicians are selling this crap, but that there are so many people who are buying into it.

    What the NRA and the right wing are selling, is fear. These clowns aren’t stupid, and they know that fear is the best way to control large groups of people. Therefore they actively promote fear through various methods at their disposal.

    Fear is such a prevalent thing in this country, that it’s used in commercials to sell us things. The commercials with the woman and child at home with someone breaking in, sells thousands of alarm systems every year, by selling fear as though it’s a product.

    Remember that the same fear tactic used to sell alarm systems, is used to sell guns. The problem is that fear grows into anger, anger into hatred, and hatred into violence. Many right wingers are openly promoting hatred and fear, so it’s clear that they want to control the people of this nation, through the fear of violence…

  11. The First Step to Solving Our Gun Problem

    Once more, a crazy person shot up yet another school, this time in Oregon. I know, I’m supposed to call people like this “mentally ill,” but we have to get real here. First of all, he was apparently a right wingnut, and if we call him “mentally ill,” then we have to call pretty much all Republicans “mentally ill” these days, and something tells me they’d take offense. Just a guess.

    Besides, as much as many liberals would love to get all touchy feely and blame the mental illness, mental illness is not the goddamn problem; it’s just not. How do I know this? I know this because I know and deal with mentally ill people at times, and most of them are incredibly sweet and confused and a few are suicidal, but none are homicidal. Isn’t it kind of insulting to claim that mental illness makes people into mass murderers? I mean, sure, it may be a component, but it can’t be the impetus for it.
    Read More

  12. you think guns are only for “MEN” ?? sexist much ?? women aren’t allowed to ? We have as much right to protect our selves and families as much as the next ‘GUY’ … I grew up hunting with my Dad, thanks Dad, RIP .. I respect guns and the damage they can do .. as much as I respect a semi traveling 55 MPH down the highway, that’s the problem .. others don’t .. and you can’t make them .. but that doesn’t mean you take the semi off the road .. just because .. I don’t know what the answer is .. but it’s not taking away our guns

  13. You only allow semis to be driven by people who have passed the state examination that qualifies them, and semis aren’t intended as deadly weapons.

  14. Before 9/11 we weren’t overly concerned about terrorist attacks. One horrendous day later, and people were willing to put up with all sorts of stuff at airports.

    Frisks, partially disrobing, baggage searches, long lines to get to the gate; confiscation of cuticle scissors and other potential weapons; multiple id checks, etc.

    Grossly overpriced drinks in the terminals. Ubiquitous tiny bottles for personal products like lotion.

    Lots of folks were even willing to give up personal rights: let the government conduct surveillance on Americans, and conduct warrentless searches.

    We adapted to new norms (except the loss of rights). And we’re willing to accept changes for gun safety.

    But let’s get those deadheads out of office, because otherwise it’s going to take 9/11 level cataclysm to get them to change.

  15. It’s not necessary to disarm everyone. We just need commonsense measures to make us safer. Eg:

    Mandatory background checks without the loopholes (such as letting folks buy guns if the background takes too long).

    Mandatory participation in the national database. Require all states to report arrests, domestic violence, stalking, and other incidents. That would help to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, violent people, and the mentally ill.

    Stronger regulations for securing guns in the home. Far too many children die because a kid gets his hands on someone’s gun.

    Universal laws so people can’t just cross state lines for easier access.

    As Rmuse says, most of us are willing to put up with gun reform for the sake of greater safety.

  16. Only the rightful owner of a gun should be the only person who can fire that gun; how do you that: fingerprint recognition technology to lock or unlock the trigger, just like an iphone. Tech is cheap these days.
    Proper training, background checks, licensing are all regulations to ensure proper use of weapons, without infringing on the right itself.

  17. Hillary Clinton to Unveil Plan for Major New Gun Restrictions

    Clinton would tighten rules governing gun show and Internet sales using executive action “if Congress will not act,” aides said.
    That includes the so-called gun show loophole, under which private gun sellers aren’t required to perform background checks of buyers.

    She would also push to repeal a law backed by the National Rifle Association that prevents crime victims from suing gun manufacturers. And her proposal would revoke the licenses of “bad actor” dealers who knowingly supply guns to straw purchasers and traffickers.

  18. In Canada and a couple countries in Europe, firearms can be owned.

    In reply to the second part, I suppose that it would depend where in the country you live, but I would never call the US #1 and amazing and everything. There are some places where home invasions are frighteningly likely. I can guarantee that I’d want a firearm in that situation just in case it couldn’t be resolved without violence. Of course, in that situation, I’d just try to wait it out and let insurance and police handle things unless I was cornered.

  19. My only issue with “smart guns” is that they currently are VERY theoretical and experimental, and as such, unreliable. In the future? With more development of the concept? Sure, assuming the system is hardened and foolproof. If I needed a gun, I wouldn’t want the gun to lock up because it didn’t read my fingerprint or grip right or something. If I need a gun, I don’t want to worry about if it’ll work or not.

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