Sheriff Investigating Oregon Massacre Promoted Sandy Hook False Flag Conspiracy Video

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, who is presiding over the Umpqua Community College investigation, promoted a conspiracy video about the Sandy Hook shooting on social media in the days following the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. On January 13, 2013 Hanlin posted a Youtube video titled “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed” on his Facebook page. Above the video, he wrote:

This makes me wonder who we can trust anymore…Watch, listen and keep an open mind.

The video alleged that grieving parents of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School were “crisis actors,” implying that the killing spree was staged as a “false flag” so that the government could use it as an excuse to confiscate guns.

The implication is not only absurd, but it also does a tremendous injustice to the grieving families and friends of the Sandy Hook victims, by mocking their pain and dismissing their real grief as cynical acting.

Two days after posting the conspiracy video, Hanlin also sent a defiant letter to Vice President Joe Biden. In the letter he warned the Vice President not to tamper with the 2nd Amendment, adding that:

Gun control is NOT the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings.

He concluded, by stating:

… Any federal regulation enacted by Congress or by executive order of the President offending the Constitutional rights of my citizens shall not be enforced by me or by my deputies, nor will I permit the enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders by federal officers within the borders of Douglas County Oregon.

John Hanlin’s fringe political views are hardly unique for rural county sheriffs in the United States. However, now that a school shooting has taken place in his jurisdiction, one wonders if he still supports the notion that the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut was a false flag attack. Does he still believe that the mourners in Newtown were merely “crisis actors” pulling a fast one on the American people?

Sheriff Hanlin would probably take offense if somebody from New England accused his grief-stricken constituents in Douglas County of being crisis actors. Surely he would take offense if someone suggested he was involved in staging a fake mass shooting attack at Umpqua Community College.

However, Hanlin should not be bothered by anyone suggesting that he maliciously faked the Community College massacre. For had it not happened in his jurisdiction, under his watch, to his neighbors, he would be one of the first voices spreading the message that the massacre was staged and couldn’t be real.

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40 Replies to “Sheriff Investigating Oregon Massacre Promoted Sandy Hook False Flag Conspiracy Video”

  1. that sheriff and that county are uber gun nra types. in or. its easy to get a ccw permit. i wonder how sheriff barney fife here, feels now, that the yuks, are saying the same thing. its all a hoax, and false flag. all on their fav show alex jones and the klan…

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s not alone. I bet you if the DOJ investigated every podunk county sheriff, they would find these attitudes run deep.

  3. This crackpot needs to be removed from investigating this case, hes probably the one trying to push this as anti-Christian attack. I wouldnt trust this Alex Jones nut job to fairly do any part of his job.

  4. This worthless piece of sh1t needs to be made to wear this like the proverbial dog with the dead rotting chicken tied to his collar. He needs to be reminded of it unceasingly, chased, publicly shamed, pelted with shit, and hounded until he phvcking DISAPPEARS in ignominy.

  5. He is an Oathkeeper. Don’t be fooled by the name. They are one of many domestic terrorist groups around

  6. So that’s why he made the statement that we should take some time to reflect on this
    tragedy, he wanted the time for the heat to
    taken off.

  7. And – to think of a response. I can imagine when this tragedy unfolded he was just as concerned about his past behavior. A truly disgusting man. This story about him is so sad and disgusting. What a piece of trash he is.

  8. Must be part of the reason the satanic false-Jew Khazar/papist Vatican banker-intermediary Rothschild/Rockefeller-Bush/Clinton Organized Crime faction all know runs the FedScam; funded Hitler; did the Holodomor and covered it with the Holohoax; did the “Red Scare” to cover-up their finance of Hitler’s Zio-Nazism and to send us as papal catspaw to Korea and Vietnam; killed John and Martin; did Waco, OKC, and 9/11; shipped all our jobs and manufacturing overseas; and, is staging all the other mass shooting psyops and hoaxes to disarm and enslave or exterminate the sovereign People – chose his county to do this one

  9. People like him hunt and seek out these elected jobs. Being a sheriff is a powerful position in counties. They have access to public and personal records…..they can enforce or not enforce want they deem priority…..
    Dems need to seek out progressive citizens to run against these folks…hometown, good, honest folk!

  10. Yes, he was concerned. So concerned that he took time that afternoon (2:30ish) to try to scrub the video from his facebook.

  11. With background checks for gun purchases , Harlingen would be denied a gun , full time lunatic !

  12. Looks like he’s up for reelection in 2016. And he ran unopposed in 2012. Douglas County voters, the ball is in your court!

  13. The sheriff sounds like a fan of Alex Jones because it’s Jones who keeps pushing the fallacy that the Sandy Hook murders were some sort of government conspiracy. And Jones claims to be a Libertarian, which is basically a disgruntled republican so the citizens of the sheriff’s county ought to be concerned about him.

  14. What a piece of sh– this sheriff is. No one who buys into that crap should ever be elected for any office or really, in charge of anything.

  15. If you don’t vote, and you don’t get involved….this…is what you get. And…this is what you deserve.

  16. Makes me wonder just a bit about him not wanting anyone to talk AT ALL about the killer. Especially seen as the killer identified himself as a “conservative republican” on his Facebook page. A copy of it was on .
    Or I’m just paranoid, or tired of conservatives saying mass killers are all liberals.
    I’m surprised they haven’t said it was all Obama’s fault, or have they yet?

  17. I hope someone somewhere has copies of all the things he has said and done and has now erased. And it is made public.

  18. The Governor and Attorney General should order the state police to investigate the shooting. The sheriff is clearly not competent to investigate the crime.

  19. So, this sheriff is like the one in Ferguson! He will only make public the facts or lies of the shooting that fits his political ideals…..
    There’s a manifesto from the shooter recovered……will he release it in its entirety or will he edit and release.

  20. 10/04/15 11:25a
    Sheriff John Harlin Douglas County, Oregon he should resign Now!
    Why are we only hearing about this at this time?!

  21. witnesses have said .. he made them stand up and state their religion … it didn’t say .. then he only shot christians … and apparently his hate of modern day religion was well known … did he really try to go to syria last month ??? if he was on the soviets terror watch list .. why not ours ?? I used to live there .. and have a biz on campus .. this hits close to home

  22. I hope it’s rare to see that many retards in one answer thread.
    Before you all get insulted let me ask you one thing: how many of you have seen that video over which (indirectly) you were passing judgement?
    Now that question applies to the author of the article as well.
    Personally I was impressed that a sheriff would have watched something like that.
    You do not need to be open minded to draw the same conclusions after the video as he did, you simply just have to be non-brain dead. If non of you will now go and watch the video (that you should owe yourself after your comments) that would be just finalizing proof of the truth in my sharp criticizm.

  23. the state police are investigating too, I want to know if the reports are true, that he (the shooter) tried to get into Syria last month … why was he on other countries terror watch lists yet no one in Roseburg seemed to know .. not even his parents .. that he lived with ?? there are many unanswered questions .. we citizens need answers ..

    The citizens of Douglas County are very “RED” as someone else pointed out .. it’s actually very disturbing .. and one of the reasons we left the area .. they did elect this guy .. on purpose :(

  24. I saw it dumbass 2 days ago before he had it scrubbed but trust once on the net it is always on the net

  25. Sheriff Hanlin failed to protect the students of Umpqua Community College, so he’s now trying to distract the attention of the public creating a moronic conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook massacre. He is also insulting the President of the United States of America for calling for more strict gun control measures, claiming that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the ownership and use of weapons without any restrictions. Hanlin is WRONG in both counts. The Sandy Hook killings was a terrible tragedy where little kids and teachers lost their lives at the hands of a perturbed individual that should have been stop way before he decided to act. On the other hand, President Obama is just echoing the sentiment of a great number of Americans that don’t want to see another massacre like this on the News. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to own and use weapons only to a “WELL REGULATED MILITIA”, so the Government has the right to impose the necessary controls.

  26. It’s amazing the things people can say and still hold on to their jobs.But I guess things happen for a reason.

  27. Repeal or Amend the second amendment. It does NOT apply in this 21st Century. We don’t have a need for no Standing Militia to fight back against the Government. During the Revolutionary war yes, against the English oppressors, that’s why it was in the newly minted Constitution. The NRA and the gun fanatics cite the 2nd Amendment as their right to own Weapons (Guns) to hunt, target shoot and “protect” their family and home against criminal minded invaders. Ok, that’s ok. But you don’t need no Constitutional Amendment to give you that absolute right. Then, how come we don’t need constitutional amendments to buy knives, bowling balls, cars, houses, land, food? What’s the difference? Why make it so special to have the right to buy guns? Buying a car, you need to Learn how to drive,learn the rules of the road, and you MUST get a license, insurance and plates that keep track of you and your car. Oh, and If you can’t see to drive, you Don’t get a license! Let’s do this with gu…

  28. FIRE IS OATHCREEPER ASS!!!! One of my friends says the exact same IGNORANT thing! I told him if he valued or friendship (since grade school) he would stop the insane Reich Wingthink and think like a human being. You know the gun nuts have absolutely NO REAL reason to keep their guns when they start making shit up, and the sad part is that everything they say can be de-bunked by common sense and REALITY!!

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