Bernie Sanders Promises To Do Everything He Can To Stop TPP On The Senate Floor

bernie sanders senate passes keystone xl bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is promising that he will do everything he can in the Senate to stop TPP from being approved.

In a statement the Democratic presidential candidate said:

I am disappointed but not surprised by the decision to move forward on the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that will hurt consumers and cost American jobs.

Wall Street and other big corporations have won again. It is time for the rest of us to stop letting multi-national corporations rig the system to pad their profits at our expense.

This agreement follows failed trade deals with Mexico, China and other low-wage countries that have cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.

In the Senate, I will do all that I can to defeat this agreement. We need trade policies that benefit American workers and consumers, not just the CEOs of large multi-national corporations.

It is going to be difficult for Sen. Sanders and TPP opponents to stop approval of the deal. President Obama supports the agreement, and he said that every word will be available for public review before he signs it, “Once negotiators have finalized the text of this partnership, Congress and the American people will have months to read every word before I sign it.”

Obama’s promise means that the American people have an opportunity to read the agreement for themselves and pressure Democrats to reject it. TPP could also become a major point of division between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail.

From what is known at this time, TPP looks like another bad trade deal for American workers. Democrats have been burned by trade deals past and are at best skeptical of TPP.

Bernie Sanders is vowing to protect American workers who could be harmed by this deal, and he will lead a passionate charge against TPP.

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  1. So how many jobs are you willing to sacrifice along with the export/import bank to satisfy your anti business agenda?

  2. …honestly, I’m not ANTI-TPP…I just am extremely wary o’ any other “heads-they-win, tails-we-lose” trade deals…

  3. Bernie is right, the TPP is a huge job killer just like NAFTA and Permanent normal trade relations with China.

    With these trade agreements, it’s not all negative…We get a large influx of new goods (imports)…Cheaply made..But the downside is that it kills jobs here because it’s a lot cheaper to do it in China or Vietnam where they don’t have the environmental regulations or labor standards that we do here…If they were to do it right, it would cost the same as here.

    Given the choice between fewer choices of products at the store, but more high paying jobs here…or the choice of low cost goods coming in but no good jobs here, I’ll take the first choice. It really is a trade off.

  4. I’d like to read the plan. The president has always done what he thought was best for the people. I’ll read it and then they can make a case for or against.

  5. The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations on Monday agreed to the largest regional trade accord in history, a potentially precedent-setting model for global commerce and worker standards that would tie together 40 percent of the world’s economy, from Canada and Chile to Japan and Australia.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership still faces months of debate in Congress and will inject a new flash point into both parties’ presidential contests.

    But the accord — a product of nearly eight years of negotiations, including five days of round-the-clock sessions here — is a potentially legacy-making achievement for President Obama, and the capstone for his foreign policy “pivot” toward closer relations with fast-growing eastern Asia, after years of American preoccupation with the Middle East and North Africa.

    Mr. Obama spent recent days contacting world leaders to seal the deal. Administration officials have repeatedly pressed their contention that the partnership would build a bulwark against China’s economic influence, and allow the United States and its allies — not Beijing — to set the standards for Pacific commerce.

    The Pacific accord would phase out thousands of import tariffs as well as other barriers to international trade. It also would establish uniform rules on corporations’ intellectual property, open the Internet even in communist Vietnam and crack down on wildlife trafficking and environmental abuses.

    Several potentially deal-breaking disputes kept the ministers talking through the weekend and forced them repeatedly to reschedule the promised Sunday announcement of the deal into the evening and beyond. Final compromises covered commercial protections for drug makers’ advanced medicines, more open markets for dairy products and sugar, and a slow phaseout — over two to three decades — of the tariffs on Japan’s autos sold in North America.

  6. In my state, we depend on trade due to our geographic location. I personally benefit from trade because my employer is a big exporter. I really believe in trade, but I don’t see the TPP as a trade deal per se, but more as a strategic alignment with asian pacific nations to thwart off what I believe is a growing threat, from what the Obama administration sees, as an increasing influence of the Chinese government in dominating the region.

    This pact will greatly affect trade and there is alot of controversy, and alot of big corporations are very weary of rocking the boat with Chinese, so the President had to “sweeten the deal” to get them on board. This is where I am weary of the TPP. Nobody knows the exact terms, but now in a few weeks we should get to see the specific language of the text, and we will be able to make a truely informed judgment. And we will get to see the exact price that the major corporations extracted from the president.

  7. All I asked when it came to major legislation, not talking about unicorns, has the President ever sold us out?

  8. Hell Naw, down votes for pointing out the fact that China is not part of TPP? ok I will feel the bern anyone not white this is a bad deal even though he hasn’t said a word about the same trade deal with your Aryan brothers in Europe. Oh. you didn’t know?

    TTIP: The EU-US trade deal explained

  9. One advantage to passing the TPP is that we can then disband Congress. After all, we won’t need any more laws since every one of our laws will be superseded by any corporation’s bottom line.

    We already had Congress refusing to label food with a country of origin because of lawsuits thanks to NAFTA. The TPP is even worse and will give our sovereignty away, so why have a government at all?

  10. Excuse me but does Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea have the same geo-political goals as China and as far as I know we have treaty obligations under SEATO with those countries

  11. And so, here it is, the tidal wave of Politicus comments with misinformation about TPP begins again.

    Permanent trade relations with CHINA?
    China is the same as Malaysia? We can disband congress?

    DJ – I know you have studied this, as I have too, so… good luck keeping up with correcting people who know just a tiny bit about something but comment with abandon.

    As a child I was taught this: A LITTLE bit of knowledge is a very dangeous thing – therefore, breathe deep.

  12. Before you say you’re pro or against TPP, I’d suggest you watch a short video, released by WikiLeaks. TPP is a trade deal in the name only. It’s not really a trade deal. It’s a set of rules forcing member countries favor corporations. It will make your drug prices go higher. Companies may sue the US government if they think a legislation hurt their business. For example the tobacco company can sue the us government for banning cigarette ads. The court is not a US court, it’s an international Tribunal that can force the US government pay millions of dollars to the company. It is a disaster. You will be forced to compete with 50 cents an hour Vietnam workforce. I hope you’re prepared for a major downsize.

  13. You are wrong. All sources are reporting – Tobacco companies can NOT sue the gov’t for anti-tobacco laws.

    You really should go by today and not by something you read years ago from wikileaks.

  14. Oh and they also cut the biologicals to 8 years from 12 so that point is wrong too about meds.

    But even after it is made fully public there will be loads of people who have no idea what it currently says.

    They even should have soothed Warren’s worries with her pet issue by addressing it in the final version.

    It isn’t perfect, some wording isn’t great and could have been stronger, but it is improved. And Wisconsin will be able to make cheese with Canadian milk and Auto parts will have sources allowed to soothe Michigan auto mfgs, and so on.

    They worked out much of the things people were against.

    Of course you’d have to read about it TODAY to know that.

  15. why couldn’t bernie do the same thing that senator coburn did in the senate and put a hold on this pact? or is that not applicable in this situation.

  16. “Ford Motor Co. quickly issued a statement opposing the agreement, saying it would not meaningfully arrest currency manipulation by United States trading partners. “To ensure the future competitiveness of American manufacturing, we recommend Congress not approve T.P.P. in its current form,” the automaker said.”

    The currency manipulation is one of the weakly worded parts getting some attention in the press. It can be changed, it is not yet a fully done deal. Congress can refuse to pass it until it is fixed, etc.

    But overall the deal is a must do. It is 40 percent of global GDP – do we want in or not? Do we want China to write the rules? They would LOVE this deal to fall through. The other nations will likely pass it.

    I haven’t read it, it isn’t public yet, but it shows great promise for doing what it was meant to do from labor standards to fixing the glitch in NAFTA, to patent protections.

    We already have trade. This improves it.

  17. How did Comcast get a seat at the super secret negotiations?
    Fool me once, shame on you.Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Go, Bernie, go!!

  18. How can Sen. Coburn put a hold on this when 1. He has been out of the Senate for a year and 2. THE GODDAMN THING HASNT EVEN BEEN SENT TO THE SENATE. Don’t be an idiot

  19. Michael, see the “sell by” date on each of those links. Hint – that was a different deal. This is new and improved so the same answers I gave to Arman” above apply.

    MARCH and May articles do not apply.

    Those links are now crapola. Capisce?

  20. The devil is in the details, and now the complete text must be released to the public.

    This deal will be scrutinized, and we’ll get to see what Warren, Baker, and Krugman say about this again. I won’t hold my breath, it’s not like they started anew, but tweaked the deal to attain final passage

  21. …DJ, I concur that our Prez hasn’t “Fk”ed us over…{Congress, as ya know, is another story!!!}
    …I do think he’s done more for Wall Street than Main Street, but I’m open to facts…
    {{{My Navy Engineering training…LOL!!!}}}

  22. But this is what I keep asking. Since everything wall street had done was legal what could he have done?

  23. He said:
    “This agreement FOLLOWS failed trade deals with Mexico, China and other low-wage countries that have cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.”

  24. If Wall Street tanks so does Main Street.

    When Obama took office the Dow was a disaster but it recovered.

    When Obama took office we were bleeding 800,000 jobs a month (as Hillary says all the time in her stump and drives that message home) and it recovered too.

    Wall Street and Main Street are tied in ways we often forget. Nearly every person with any type of retirement account of any kind is tied to success by the market.

    Wall Street did awful under Bush and we sure as hell all felt it.

    wrong place – this was to Shadow.

  25. Do you really think if NIKE can manufacture shoes for 1 dollar an hour that all of sudden they will pull up shop and move back to the US where they have to pay 10 dollars an hour? To my understanding this is not about bringing jobs to America but putting in place stronger regulations in other countries to protect those workers along with the environment. Low wage manufacturing jobs are gone. deal with it. We live in a global economy where since we are first world we will outsource third world labor and if you ran a company you would do the same thing

  26. Rin and Djchefron. I have read many of your arguments on here. I have some questions for you on this trade deal.

    1) Does the deal require all countries to meet or exceed our minimum wage?
    2) Does the deal require all countries to meet or exceed our safety standards?
    3) Does the deal require all countries to meet or exceed our environmental standards?
    4) Are corporate taxes standardized?
    5) If it is such a good deal why are republicans for it and most of the democrats against it? You ask if Obama has ever sold us out, but you do not ask when has the republicans ever been for the American worker? I have even heard you bash Bernie for not standing with the democratic party and being an independent. Why is it not ok to bash Obama and Hillary for not standing with the Democratic party and saying no to this deal?

    I work with people who vote republican and democrat alike. If the answer is no to any of those first 4 than the deal is a bad deal that the American people do not w…

  27. …was NOT sayin’ Wall Street should be carpet-bombed, dissected. or have a mob o’ wild drunk, Midwesterners with Louisville Sluggers running amok through-out Wall Street screaming “PLAY BALL!!!”
    …was commenting that Main Street shoulda recovered faster than it has…after all, Wall Street has posted RECORD BREAKING profits; and the poor get ‘Fk”ed…I know, I’m a semi-disabled veteran…our food stamps keep goin’ down, and food prices keep goin’ up…and YOU think I don’t notice financial news???
    I pay close attention, especially to the intersection o’ Finance & Politics…because I can get a heads-up over how I’m gonna get “Fk”ed over THIS time!!!

  28. To your first question NO. But our minimum wage falls way lower than Europe who we are negotiating the same trade agreement

  29. What I wrote about tobacco companies is actually a fact that already happened. Granted, they proposed to “Carve out” the tobacco part, but who knows what else is hidden there? The fact that a multinational tribunal has higher power over the US court is enough for me to call it a disastrous. Even United Nations doesn’t have that much power over sovereign countries. If it is a good deal why are they hiding it from the people? Why can’t even senators make notes in the room where TPP documents are? All trade agreements so far cost millions of jobs shipped overseas, why would I believe that this time it will be different? Wake up, people. When you’re forced to work for 50 cents an hour, your opinion will not matter anymore. This is a huge sellout and betrayal of the people. Bernie Sanders read the document and he’s against it. Elisabeth Warren read it and is against it. @ people that I trust most say it’s a disaster. I don’t need anyone else to know.

  30. If this deal goes through, whatever Obama did that you think was good for this country would be annulled. To me, this is the worst kind of thing you can do to your own people. This is selling our democracy to corporations.

  31. That’s why I stopped coming here so much nothing but a non-stop Bernie commercial with some Hillary sprinkled in-then when you disagree they down vote you

    djchefron, I agree with you-people that haven’t read it, or don’t understand more than half of what they read are against it.

    NAFTA-NAFTA-NAFTA, they had more than 20 years to do something about NAFTA and did nothing, but yet people want to whine about PO-give me a break -you should be mad at Congress for not doing something about 20+ years and didn’t

    Bernie has been there, why didn’t he do something about it?

  32. You have to realize a lot of so called Democrats live in fear of a women being President. It was bad enough that they had to except a Blackman but a women? That goes against everything they believe in. I have to listen to this bitch? All males feel this way be it their mothers or wife’s. That is why its nothing but love some Sen. Sanders. They feel safe with grandpa, it gives them hope that order will be restored. Nevermind his record or shall I say his no record. Emos are just like republicans with their hatred about people who are not like them

  33. I know the Bern is loved by some posters here who agree with everything he says. But I’m not convinced that the Bern, or any other TPP detractor, has paid sufficient attention to President Obama’s reasons for supporting the TPP. If I have to choose between the Bern and Obama, I choose Obama every time!

  34. Bernie Sanders Fights to Raise Starvation Minimum Wage to $15!

    “There is no justice in America when the largest low-wage employer is not McDonald’s, it is not Burger King, it is not Walmart. It is the United States government,”Sanders said, he voiced support for a $15 minimum wage. “There is no justice when millions of people throughout our country, including people working in the United States Senate, are working for wages that are too little to take care of their kids, to take care of their family. That’s wrong, that has got to change,” Sanders said. “The real, inflation-adjusted, value of the federal minimum wage has fallen dramatically over time. The real value of the federal minimum wage peaked in 1968 at 10.85 an hour, 50 percent above the current level. Moreover, since 1968, average U.S. labor productivity has risen by roughly 140 percent. This means that, if the federal minimum wage had risen in step with both inflation and average labor productivity since 1968…

  35. Bernie Sanders Fights NAFTA in 1993 and TPP in 2015!

    “Let’s be clear: the TPP is much more than a “free trade” agreement. It is part of a global race to the bottom to boost the profits of large corporations and Wall Street by outsourcing jobs; undercutting worker rights; dismantling labor, environmental, health, food safety and financial laws; and allowing corporations to challenge our laws in international tribunals rather than our own court system.”

    Watch Bernie’s passionate speech on YouTube

  36. Wow. You couldn’t be more wrong in your sexist bigoted statement. I am deeply offended. I marched with Martin in the 60’s and sacrificed jobs because of racial inequality. I gladly gave up my better job to try to atone for my races prejudices of the past. I was delighted to work for Obama and though we had finally turned the corner on bigotry. I see by the hatred of our Pres that we still have plenty to go around. I was looking forward to having a woman as President for pretty much the same reason. I’d love to try to erase centuries of sexisim by finally electing a woman. The backlash by all you Bernie bashers (DJ, Rin, riverhouse) has turned me off to Hillary. It’s not the only thing. I like what Bernie stands for. I know that isn’t OK with you and you feel the need to “straighten me out” but that last post is the most personally insulting thing that has ever been said to me. It shows exactly why I think you are so messed up and think your candidate may be as messed up as you.

  37. Once again – Hillary was not allowed to read it and will respond when she does.

    Your questions have nothing to do with trade deals. Trade deals do not force other countries to declare peace either – but how could a trade deal force those countries to raise their economy?

    Trade deals have often been unpopular with the democratic party at first but then they get what they want in them and vote for them. If you read the remarks of certain candidates from a few months ago – not one thing they feared is in this version of the deal.

    We have no power over the economy of other nations and have no magic wand to bring them up to our pay scale standard.

    This deal does raise standards within reason for many things and exceeds expectations on others, namely environment.

    Corporate taxes are a division of economist expertise. If you read the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, NY Times Financial, even Yahoo money – you will not get a B&W answer.

  38. I must have typed the words – it isn’t done yet – a thousand times a few months ago and over the years this deal has been in the works. 10 years ago TPP was started. A decade of – it isn’t done yet – and guess what?

    It STILL isn’t done yet. They can tweak it still and according to major news sources likely will do so. It is 99% done but they can make changes.

    A lot more than tweaking happened in the last few months – as we knew it would.

    All that arm waving happened for no reason.

    They predicted doom and gloom but it isn’t so bad as they feared. Some still won’t read it but will oppose it anyway – on some misguided notion that we are not part of world trade despite globalization happening decades ago.

    I rely on experts current assessments. Go figure.

  39. Don’t bother. This “barbara dayan” has been all over on political websites for months with old and inaccurate “cut and paste” remarks spammed onto any Bernie thread. You will not get an answer and the remarks will not stop. Sort of like that Tiffany guy – single minded propaganda.

    But yes, you are right. That quote was based on fear of what might happen and none of it is currently accurate.

    He didn’t read it as it was or as it is and no specific accurate issue other than what he said on TV – all trade agreements are bad and I will make a better one if you elect me – but do not give the president TPA – even if I become president – so I can then negotiate a deal (which took 2 presidents with TPA 10 years to accomplish with a dozen nations at the table) and then the unicorns fly out of my ass.

    His statement in this article above says Wall Street and OTHER corporations.

    When did WALL STREET become a corp?

    Is this Bernie bashing? oh oh.

  40. Bernie said: “Wall Street and other big corporations have won again.”

    I am not bashing. I am quoting him.

    Is Wall Street just like those other big corporations? He sure should visit NY and go down to Wall and talk to those millions employed in enormously diverse financial markets.

    As Hillary points out – there are diverse factors other than “big banks” to be concerned about regulating. He leaves them all out of his bills – which have no co-sponsors.

    Go figure.

    Bernie has no co-sponsors – is that Bernie bashing? Facts aren’t bashing, in case you didn’t know.

  41. Don’t think politics matter? Think again. When you sit on the bench, or worse yet assume every side is the same coin, you get corporate whores who are literally willing to ship your job overseas so their rich donors will get richer. Countries that fail to stop plants from polluting and have no building codes also benefit. The TPP is wrong, it will kill jobs, damage the environment, and lower wages. Stand up. Fight back.

    “Wall Street and other big corporations have won again. It is time for the rest of us to stop letting multi-national corporations rig the system to pad their profits at our expense.” Bernie Sanders

    Ed Schultz and Lori Wallach, from Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch spell out why the TransPacificPartnership is bad for American workers

    Robert Reich takes on the Tr

  42. Is Wall Street a big corporation? Bernie said so and all his supporters are quoting him on that statement as if it is God’s Holy Word. Bernie has spoken.

    So has Ed Schultz and the STOP ALL TRADES group.

    You do realize enviro groups are praising the deals inclusions, right?

    I posted the link above to the chart with all the awesome protections to the environment this will CAUSE to improve in 1/3 of the global trading world, right?

  43. He wasn’t talking to you. You do know that people who defend themselves when they are not accused of something are likely to have a strange reaction for a reason, right?

    You are deeply offended because he said it was a generality. There are no sexists supporting Bernie because they would never vote for a woman – whether they admit it or not?

    In 2007/8 the word racist was used so many times we ended up saying rayyyycist and such because we were specifically, to a person, called it for supporting Hillary – and it was aimed at me personally, often.

    And I too marched. Not with King.

    On DC many times for anti-war but equality and justice and greenpeace were all there under one march.

    Was I offended. You bet your ass.

    Should you be? No, not so much.

  44. I was happy I found that site. They had a three part series and other articles like the one you listed that truly were eye-opening and smart.

    The comments there are also far above the norm and a breath of fresh air in this crazy silly season.

    And yes, they were right too, even back in June.

  45. Yes Rin and DJ. You have attached me. You say those of us who support Bernie are sexists because we don’t want a woman to be in charge. You be called me racists because you said I don’t want to be governed by a black man. You’ve said I want “grandpa” as President so I can feel that we have gone back to a safe place. OK you don’t think much of men, white men in particular and old people. You, my dear young lady, are a sexist a racist and suffer from age discrimination. If you want to see the face of someone that doesn’t like people unlike them, look in the mirror.

  46. What’s the point of having a Congress pass laws when those laws will be superseded by trade agreements?

    For example, Congress caved and voted NOT to label imported food with the country of origin. That was because the U.S. had been successfully sued by companies under NAFTA because our previous labeling laws interfered with company profits.

    So now consumers have no protection from eating meat, fish and poultry imported from countries that have no consumer, worker, and environmental protection laws. Want more dead babies from drinking contaminated formula and more dead pets from toxic pet foods? Then babble on about how great TPP will be.

  47. Don’t bother replying. I have no need to stick with this supposedly liberal site populated with sexists like you. You and Rin and riverhouse can dominate the discussion and stroke each others egos here as much as you like without dissenting opionions.

  48. Why do you people insist on lying?
    House Votes to Repeal Country-of-Origin Labeling for Meat

    The House of Representatives has voted to repeal country-of-origin labeling (COOL) for beef, pork, and chicken.

    Texas Republican Rep. Michael Conaway’s Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015 passed late Wednesday night by a 300-131 vote.

    Conaway introduced the bill on May 18 — the same day the World Trade Organization rejected a U.S. appeal of its decision that COOL unfairly discriminates against meat imports and gives the advantage to domestic meat products.

  49. A article saying where Sanders can gain support and you object to that? There is no pleasing you people

  50. Whether this is considered “Bernie Bashing” or not, it’s truth. Bernie has been on the hill for 20+ Yrs yet he has nothing to show for it except naming a couple schools. He has no endorsements – not even from his colleagues on the Hill – people who know him best. He makes promises that he knows he can’t accomplish without a revolt by the American people. Really? His entire career has the backing of the NRA. He has spent most of his campaign criticizing our President, who I might remind we have overwhelmingly elected twice, and without having read this newly finalized TPP, is viciously attacking it and the President’s word that it will be a good thing for America. Finally, Bernie has promised to endorse whomever wins the Democratic nomination so as to not split the party by running as an independent – yet, he quietly ignores the fact that there is a superPac encouraging Bernie supporters to sign a Petition agreeing to write him in on the ballot if he fails to win the nomination.

  51. So you call me a young lady, a sexist and a racist – when nobody called you anything.

    This is why Bernie supporters get a bad reputation.

    I voted for many black people – long before Obama – I am from NYC. My landlord was black – Reverand Ike to be exact.

    I am a feminist. But it isn’t why I am for Hillary. I am for her because she is simply the best Senator I ever had.

    Just so you know there is a gender gap among democratic party voters. The older white men seem to flock to Biden and Bernie despite Hillary being equal on all other demgraphics. The gender gap was as high as 33% of that group of men.

    It is a fact. But based on your responses as they are above and on many other threads here, you do not let fact sway you.

  52. He didn’t name schools. He named Post Offices.

    Rachel Maddow, with a straight face, has on several occasions mentioned it as he passed bills. Seriously. She.Said.That.

  53. Too bad Bernie didn’t promise to do everything he could to stop gun violence with his actual Congressional and Senate votes.

  54. Yzetta. Bernie’s Congressional career started with direct help from the NRA to defeat Smith in 1990. Then shortly after his arrival to Congress he voted against President Clinton’s Brady Bill twice. Coincidence… I think not.

    In short, Bernie is a Politician who majored in Political Science.

  55. DJ. Good link on TPP. So, do we believe Doom and Gloom Bernie or Change and Hope Barack about TPP? I am personally going with Barack on this one. And frankly, most voters have no idea what TPP is to begin with; IMO.

  56. Jeff. I don’t know what your beef is with DJ. His link regarding “white” voters in West Virginia coal country pointed out the obvious dilemma.

    Both Bernie and Barack oppose fossil fuels, and yet, “it’s almost like these coal miners oppose Barack Obama over something other than his environmental policy.” Of course that “something” is race.

  57. Rin- you say my questions have nothing to do with trade deals. They have absolutely everything that is important to the American worker in the trade deal. What did you not understand about people who vote republican and democrat alike agree that if the answer is no to the first four than we do not want it.

    If the answer is no to the first four questions than it is a bad deal for the American worker. What will restrain corporations from leaving the U.S. and exploiting low wage workers and the environment just like they did in NAFTA and CAFTA? You say questions have been answered? Explain to me how corporations decide to come here and pay higher wages, taxes and comply with environmental standards and how corporations will not leave? It sounds as if you are admitting this is a good deal for corporations but not the American worker. It sounds as if you are giving the same old tired trickle down argument that republicans give.

  58. Hillary spoke today (Wed) to PBS Newshour about concerns with the TPP.

    48 hours after I wrote the above about currency manipulation being the weak part and quoting Ford about it too I heard Hillary has concerns about that exact issue too. There is a glitch in the Drug provision besides what we discussed here that is being discussed today as harmful and she mentioned that. Also there is a problem with Taxes but she said she does not have all the details yet.

    It isn’t public. She didn’t say no but she didn’t say yes. She said it doesn’t seem to be reaching the bar she set for it.

    Like I said in this thread, it is still likely they will make final adjustments before it is done.

    It was the best deal Obama could do at the time. He can still go back and negotiate for better currency manipulation in the final, final, final deal.

  59. Also, to add to my comment Hillary is not against it in total and despite what you might read to the contrary, this has zippo to do with any candiate or even the intense pressure months ago from unions.

    If Obama negotiates changes to the currency issue then Ford and others, likely including Hillary who still says she has not read all of it because it isn’t all available to her yet, would be on board.

    She didn’t come out against it. She said it didn’t reach the bar she set it seems.

    I watched her Q and A on PBS just once but from what I saw she is being mischaracterized and the ball is still in play.

    Too soon to reach conclusions. It is not black and white.

    My oh my. The spin does fly.

  60. Can’t wait until jeasley turns comments on for the newest “Credit Bernie Sanders for Hillary’s opposition to TPP” article. Look at DJ, Rin, #42, and the the rest of the Hillary supporters defending the TPP and cleaning Bernie doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  61. Von, she wrote about the currency manipulation problem with the deal in her book – Hard Choices – after she left State a few years ago.

    She said she had a bar the negotiations would have to pass for her to approve it.

    That part is weak. Obama may improve it yet – it isn’t over.

    She clearly thinks the deal is good but needs a little bit of work still. Obama did a great job but could not get them to agree on a few sticking points – pharma still has a problem too.

    If he faces opposition from dems and reps etc. he can go back and negotiate a few lines of the deal and make it solid.

    She would then give full support, I would venture to guess – if it reaches the bar.

    It isn’t over and the wheel is still in spin.

  62. She spoke to PBS about her TPP concerns about the weak currency manipulation and how it seems to not reach the bar she set for it.

    It isn’t public she has not read it but has read what others who have read it have said. With so much opposition to the currency manipulation by every one for years it will likely see a few final adjustments before it is acceptable.

    It was the best Obama could do and he moved forward but of course knew he could always return and say it isn’t going to work out and go back and negotiate for better currency manipulation as surely he too would like it included.

    It could, possibly, be a ploy to get that included as everyone wants it to be.

    Hillary has brass ones. She would stand up to Trumka, Obama, the NRA, the Koch bros, Trump, Rove etc. and not flinch.

    She isn’t one to follow the path of least resistance and go with the flow. When the flow is going in the wrong direction – she changes the flow.

    Rocky don’t follow nobody. She has her …

  63. “It isn’t over and the wheel is still in spin.”

    Are you talking about the TPP or Hillary’s position?


    “It’s clear that Clinton and her campaign made a simple calculation: The damage done by flip-flopping on TPP was less worrisome than the reverberations on the left — and among unions especially — if she supported the trade deal.

    That’s a concession, whether the Clinton folks admit it or not, that they are more than a little concerned about Sanders. Fact.”

  65. I don’t have to read the TPP, DJ. Bernie Sanders is so trustworthy and has been so consistent for his entire career, I trust him to make the correct decisions in the future.

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