Democrats Fight Back By Releasing “Classified” Benghazi Interview That Busts Republican Lies

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings And House Democrats Discuss Accuse GOP Of Obstructing The Legislative Process
Republicans just couldn’t wait to release former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails but now they’ve established a policy of unilateral release of material and Democrats are pouncing.

After Republican Speaker-in-Hoping Kevin McCarthy admitted that the Benghazi probe, funded by taxpayers, was all about manufacturing something with which to attack Hillary Clinton , Democrats are fighting mad. Democrats announced Monday that they intend to correct the record by releasing all of former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills’ testimony, which Republicans have cherry picked as they hid it from the public.

Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee wrote to say, “we plan to begin the process of correcting the public record by releasing the transcript of Ms. Mills’ interview.”

This is the interview Republicans claim is “classified” but Ms. Mills’ counsel said at the beginning of the interview, “I would only ask today that at the end of the day, because this is an unclassified hearing, as was just explained to us, that the transcript be released publicly.”

So this is an interview that the witness herself requested be made in public, but Republicans denied her request. This is SOP with Republicans, who have done the same with other expert witnesses whose testimony also just so happened to debunk Republican conspiracy theories, such as the often debunked “stand-down” order, the debunked claims that Clinton and her staff inappropriately influenced the Accountability Review Board’s (ARB) report, the claims written by Politico, based on “Republican sources”, that Mills “had reviewed and made suggestions for changes” on the report, and the claim that Mills questioned Ambassador Rice’s TV talking points, when in her testimony Democrats say that Mills said she “did not know the information because she did not participate in Ambassador Rice’s preparation for the interviews.”

The Democrats warned Republicans on the Benghazi committee (my bold):

Despite claims that the Committee would be run with integrity, Republicans have engaged in a series of selective leaks of inaccurate and incomplete information in an effort to attack Secretary Clinton with unsubstantiated or previously debunked allegations. The latest example occurred after the Select Committee’s interview of Cheryl Mills, the former State Department Chief of Staff. It has become obvious that the only way to adequately correct the public record is to release the complete transcript of the Committee’s interview with Ms. Mills.

We understand that you have not released any of the Select Committee’s transcribed interviews to date, but we believe it is time to start. We note that you have objected to Democrats releasing Committee documents until the conclusion of the investigation, but you already crossed that bridge yourself when you unilaterally released a subset of Secretary Clinton’s emails on June 22 with no debate or vote by Committee Members.

Therefore, we plan to begin the process of correcting the public record by releasing the transcript of Ms. Mills’ interview. Since you have indicated your unwillingness to do this in a bipartisan manner, we plan to do so ourselves.

Then Democrats took apart Republican claims that her testimony is “classified” (that’s some deep you know what from Republicans who have been leaking classified information from the Benghazi probes as it suited them and sometimes even recklessly and without apparent purpose). “This assertion made little sense since you and other Republicans, as well as your own staff, took numerous steps prior to, during, and after the interview that would have violated security rules had any classified information been discussed.”

They listed a few ways Republicans breached the “classified” status themselves and then added,for good measure, that it was ironic because one of the things Republicans did is exactly what they are accusing Hilary Clinton of, “In addition, your staff emailed a copy of the transcript to our staff on our unclassified email system which, ironically, is precisely what Republicans have accused Secretary Clinton of doing. The difference is that your own staff transmitted Ms. Mills’ interview transcript on an unclassified email system after you declared publicly that you were treating it as classified.”


So why haven’t Republicans released Ms. Mills’ testimony?

It looks like the same reason Republican Darrell Issa (R-CA) refused to let the co-chairs of the Benghazi Review give their testimony in public, as they requested, and tried to force Ambassador Thomas Pickering to testify when the cameras were done rolling. Republicans have kept the testimony a secret so they could cherry pick it for the parts that make Hillary Clinton look suspect. Ms. Mills’ “debunked numerous Republican conspiracy theories”.

Republicans, who have claimed these probes were all about “facts”, chose to bury facts that didn’t fit their narrative… Like you do when you’re really searching for the truth.

During Ms. Mills’ interview, she conducted herself professionally, she answered every question posed to her, and she debunked numerous Republican conspiracy theories that have been made for several years-and that continue to be repeated even today-yet Republicans did not make any of that information public.

Republicans might want to keep this information secret in order to embarrass Hillary Clinton or prevent themselves by being embarrassed by the truth, but guess what? Democrats point out, “According to Executive Order 13526, information may not be classified merely to ‘prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency”-including embarrassment to the Select Committee.'”

Oh, no. Republicans are not allowed to use the Government all Nixon style to abuse and take down an opponent. Go figure.

And here’s yet another part Republicans don’t want anyone to hear. “And she (Hillary Clinton) made herself consistently present to people on her team because she wanted them to know that, as hard as this was, this was something that required us all to bear witness, to learn, and to try to be the very best we could in those moments… Absolutely everything was on the table. And, like I said, obviously, the President made that clear too, and that was important. ”

Democrats mean business and they will deploy in five days, after giving fair warning, “Please notify us within five days if you believe any information in the full transcript should be withheld from the American people.”

Giving the Republicans a bit of their own treatment in return:

Our authority to take this action should be clear since you took similar unilateral action on June 22, 2015, when you publicly released a subset of Secretary Clinton’s emails-without any debate or vote by Committee Members. Therefore, just as you unilaterally released these Committee documents, we plan to release Ms. Mills’ interview transcript.

If Democrats do this right and the media does their job (LOL, just work with me here), the irony will be that Republicans planned to use their cherry-picked information to crush Hillary Clinton, but their unethical and dishonest tactics are going to be revealed to the world in an election year.

Of course, the media rarely finds any drama in repeating ad nauseam real Republican “glitches” and missteps, so this will probably be yet another attempt to set the record straight that is too little, too late. But do stay alert for the first person who tries to say that Democrats releasing ALL of the interview is partisan. How can the truth be partisan?

Yes, this is but a letter from Democrats but they are threatening to release the full transcript, not a cherry picked version of it. Usually the people who are telling the truth will want the public to see the unedited version of the events. So both sides aren’t the same in this case. Both sides are full of politicians who are often dishonest and too often puppets of corporations, but both sides do not need to abuse the people the way Republicans do and that is for a very simple reason.

Republicans can’t run on their policies and they can’t afford to have a dialogue about the issues. So Benghazi and Planned Parenthood bombs are a must.

41 Replies to “Democrats Fight Back By Releasing “Classified” Benghazi Interview That Busts Republican Lies”

  1. I am trying to work with you but does anyone think the media will print the truth when it comes to the Clintons?

    And if they did it would be buried so far that you would have to read the whole paper to find it.

  2. What I would like to see is them release everything, then have her testify one last time and smack them all to reality again, then have them shut that whole thing down.

    Shut it down. Enough already FCS.

  3. When it comes to the Clintons the GOP will go to no end to sully them.

    The press only wants to see their ratings go up.

    In the mean time the world burns.

  4. For heavens sake. You have posted many links to interviews that exonerate or support the Hill. Not all media is slanted right. Certainly Fox Noise is a joke but most national stuff is reasonable and there is also MSNBC which is quite liberal and only occasionally unfairly so.

  5. Karma is a Bit*ch. Expose the scoundrels.
    The Republicans operate using “Dirty politics”. The truth is Kryptonite to them, so let’s shine some on them. Let them run from the light and into their dark caves. (Hmmm, where’s Cheney? Darryl Issa?)
    Democrats—Put a STOP to the Republican’s shenanigans, shame them. Full force. Benghazi is just a Witch Hunt. End the farce now.

  6. The Dems can release the “truth” of this, but the problem is that many people don’t read and follow up.

    The damage is done. People hear “Hillary Clinton” and “scandal” and they walk away with it, hardly ever turning around to take a 2nd look, or review more info.

    The GOP bastards need to be held accountable and investigations held on any of them, I’m sure it would be fruitful in exposing a lot of true crap.

  7. Bring it on this dirty tricks behavior is a vociferous act of crime, perjury, bullyism,
    harassment to Ms. Clinton the former Chief of Staff and co-chairs that gave responsible valid interviews that were covered up to make Ms. Clinton look like an irresponsible bafoon, This is shameful, Bring it out on not just alternative news , but conventional news also, Please
    Lori De

  8. HRC should put a commercial on that says the exact amount of taxpayer money that has been spent by the GOP for this BS.

    At the end of the commercial, make sure it is known that THERE IS NO SCANDAL.

  9. LOL My” choice?” I was against MSNBC firing over Ed Schultz. But nice try!

    p.s. He does have podcast.

  10. MSNBC is not at all “quite liberal”. Chuck
    Todd, Morning Joe group, and Andrea Mitchell have been bashing Hillary forever. They can not ever be accused of fairness. And according to them, President Obama has not done one thing right. Plus they have very conservative hacks on the shows. Bill Kristol, Hugh Hewitt, Peggy Noonan and many others.

  11. 98% of the media is owned by 50 large corporations, which, in turn, are owned by people who consider themselves Conservative Republicans in politics.
    So much for the “Liberals control the media” Fascist propaganda spewed by the GOP. And, yes, even MSNBC is owned by those Fascist and psychopathic Cons at NBC Universal and Comcast.
    I’ve written many times how the GOP Cons managed this, but I’ll not repeat it here.

  12. We need a prime-time point by point rebuttal of all accusations as well as a very public apology by each and every elected person that we pay that participated in the conspiracy and harassment of

    She should accept no less than that.

  13. …gotta stick up for Andrea Mitchell here…she’s boot-camp-sergeant-tough on EVERYBODY!!!
    Hillary knows this, and keeps coming back…
    On the other hand I fully concur with your assessment o’ The Chunky Toady and Republican’t Mornin’ Blow-job…Teatard apologists and Democrat bashers…

  14. Most people don’t take the time or have the patience to read or hear more than sound bites. The GOP knows it. That’s why Trump can do as well as he has without facts.

    The GOP got their negative messaging out repeatedly, and no matter how much is ever retracted (in fine print), those same people have their minds already made up about Hillary. People easily remember the negative events in life. They have to give conscious effort to recall pleasant memories. Thus, Hillary appears instantly untrustworthy in the minds of too many.

    These GOP instigators should be investigated for illegal activites, with all results made very public. They deserve truthful sound bites to follow them into their next election cycle. I wish Hillary could put them all in their place, behind bars.

  15. Won’t happen bebe. Their Citizens Untied Money Machine is bigger then Dems and we’ve seen it before:
    If the GOP can’t win an Election they will steal it!
    Or they’ll have the Supremes butt in and say “Stop Counting Votes”!

  16. …last I heard; republican’t apologies were printed so small; {How small is it???} It has to be read with an Electron Microscope…

  17. USA Today botched a poll graphic about the top descriptions “likely Democratic primary voters” used about current and potential Democratic presidential candidates, which purportedly included “Liar/Dishonest,” “Unfavorable/Dislike,” and “Idiot/Joke.” The paper misread its own poll: those top descriptions included Republican respondents, and Democrats infrequently responded with those terms.

  18. I’d like to see justice done, too. (1) A very public apology to Sec Clinton. Preferably a very public SHAMING of the Republicans involved. (2) Investigation into the plot against Clinton, and make ’em sweat. (3) Official censure or expulsion for waste, fraud, and abuse. (4) If not expulsion, vote them out of office.

    Unfortunately, nothing will make this go away completely. Doesn’t matter how thoroughly and publicly Sec. Clinton is exonerated, or how definitively the GOP witch hunt is exposed.

    The GOP’s base will never accept the truth. And RWNJ conspiracy theorists will be “investigating” Benghazi and the emails to their dying day.

    If we’re lucky, though, they’ll leave President Clinton (okay, or President Sanders) alone because they’ll be too busy sifting through thousands of publicly released documents and emails…forever seeking that silver bullet to slay Hillary Clinton’s political career.

  19. Note to Shadowolf –

    Andrea (nee Mitchell) GREENSPAN has been a right-wing toady shilling GOP talking points from the get-go.

  20. OH there is a scandal. The scandal is that the Republican Benghazi Committee have used the investigation to play politics, to lie (lying is an impeachable offense – I.E. Pres. Clinton’s “I did not have sex” impeachment) about Mrs. Clinton & destroy her credibility, classifying public testimony to inappropriately influence public opinion, and last but not least using taxpayer funds without oversight to drag to investigation out & demand that through the Congress to defund programs that are for the common good.

  21. And we had better keep the White House in Democratic hands–consider what the Republicans are doing with Secretary Clinton’s emails, imagine what they will do to their enemies if they get their hands on the NSA.

  22. H.Clinton: “In any event, I was in charge, it was my job and I was totally responsible” Amen

  23. You know, once upon a time, notice I said ONCE UPON A TIME, I used to say let us not be like them and fling muck. But lately, after all the blatant lies and outright racist comments etc. that these shitheads speak, I now say, let’s go get them. Enough is frigging enough! Let’s fight fire with fire. They opened Pandora’s box, let’s see if they can look at what comes out.

  24. dmhlt, is totally correct about Angela Mitchell Greenspan. She as not reported on Alan Greenspan’s authority and role in the Financial Crash. He took credit for being the “Genius” of the Financial world. He shares just as much responsibility as Wall Street, Banks, Insurance Corporations for the collapse of the Market by allow companies to financial area that were previously forbidden.

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