An Enraged Hillary Clinton Crushes Email Scandal By Ripping GOP For Exploiting Benghazi

hillary clinton today show benghazi

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was angry and showed by ripping Republicans for exploiting Benghazi during an interview on NBC’s Today.


When asked if she would feel the same way about the investigation if Karl Rove or Dick Cheney were using private email, Clinton went off:

I would never have done that. Look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons. The death of four Americans in Benghazi. I knew the Ambassador. I identified him. I asked him to go there. I asked the President to nominate him.

There have been seven investigations, led mostly by Republicans in the Congress. They were nonpartisan, and they reached conclusions that, first of all, I and nobody did anything wrong, but there were changes we could make. This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans. I would never have done that. If I were president, and there were Republicans or Democrats thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.

For Clinton, Benghazi is personal. She has every right to be outraged by the Republican attempts to use the death of four Americans for partisan political gain. Politically speaking, Kevin McCarthy destroyed the House Republican Benghazi investigation when he admitted that the purpose of the Select Committee is to bring Hillary Clinton down.

The Democratic frontrunner is casting the email scandal in a new light. The House Republicans were never interested in the truth. The House Select Committee on Benghazi was always about bringing down the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton is fighting back, and her attacks on the morality and credibility of Republicans are strong enough to turn the tide of her campaign and set her back on course to the White House.

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  1. It’s about time. I guess she needed McCarthy’s slip-up to clear the way for her to go on the attack. Republicans have let the cat out of the bag and Secretary Clinton can now defend herself with it. Republicans can try to walk back McCarthy’s statements, but Benghazi and the e-mails no longer have any power to hurt her. They’ve been exposed as the political stunts that they are.

  2. Hillary is a fighter, and that is exactly what we need against this do-nothing-positive group of whiners who call themselves legislators. I love Bernie, but he will not be the nominee. His ideas are welcome, and Hillary is embracing a lot of them, but Clinton will be the nominee, and if the GOP can’t do better than the ego-maniac and the Liars, she will also be President.

  3. The Dems need to set up a special committee to investigate Republicans on Benghazi. They had NINE investigations. What the hell did they hope to accomplish with this investigation except bringing Hillary down? The genie is out of the bottle and there is no stuffing it back in. EVERY Democrat needs to hammer this point home EVERY SINGLE CHANCE they get.

    No quarter given. Time to grow a spine.

  4. “Hillary Clinton is fighting back, and her attacks on the morality and credibility of Republicans are strong enough to turn the tide of her campaign and set her back on course to the White House.”

    What does this mean? She has been on course for the White House since she was in the Senate over 10 years ago. She is the front runner by far all over and the presumed nominee and prohibitive favorite.

    It is precisely why she is so attacked.

  5. From the false Acorn videos that Congress used to defund the organization, to every other use of political manipulation to make up scandals where they don’t exist, like the IRS, ACA roll-out, to Benghazi, and then again to false Planned Parenthood videos—Republicans don’t want to govern. They want to rule through lies.

    I thought it interesting that McCarthy’s truth bomb on the Benghazi committee was discussed by political analysts, and they all say that Washington D.C., doesn’t operate on truth. So Americans have to ask themselves, if politics only wants to measure the strength of lies, why are Republicans so sacrilegious about their nature. Probably, they can’t handle the truth, or any other virtue that they purport to espouse in their religious high-mindedness.

  6. There is no doubt the many levels of feelings and complexity of this woman leads to all kinds of conclusions and convictions and emotions – some of them false but all of them with a life of their own.

    I have seen her turn around enemies. She holds onto friends for life and they are fiercely loyal thereafter. That tells us much about her.

    When I phone bank I often speak to people who end up sobbing – they love her so much.

    I am certainly in that category and totally understand when I speak to people who have known her, as I have, for decades.
    And it is from a very, very diverse group.

    Remember when Donna Brasile said “there will be blood!” I won’t go that far, yet!

  7. There it is. The expected campaign statement.

    I do agree it is nice to see her on the offensive. McCarthy’s slip in telling the truth has given her the opening she needed. Without his blunder, her attacks would sound like she was hidding something. Now she can let loose without fear on these extremists that don’t give give a darn about the good of the country as long as their agenda is pushed.

    Something we can agree on! The repubs are mostly a bunch of @#%#!’s

  8. Methinks the Hillary haters are on this thread. Thumbing down every positive Hillary comments from us. Check it out. At least four of them are here. ;)

    Watch out, they might be Trumpees.
    A good Anti-Trump dig should make ’em squeal in pain.

  9. Re: The Benghazi made up “Scandal”. Big Brother to the eMail “scandal”

    My comment—Democrats—Put a STOP to the Republican’s shenanigans, shame them. Full force. Benghazi is just a Witch Hunt. End the farce now. The vultures have not finished with the dead carcass, they pick and pluck at dried up bones like the starving vultures you see on the desert. What else do they expect to get! ??? Benghazi will forever be synonymous with Republican’s inept, attempts to smear and “GET” at a public servant for no other reason than to fool the public with lies and misdirected outrage at NOTHING in order to bring that public servant down. They failed. As shown, time and time again. What’s their problem? !!!!

  10. Democrats shouldn’t be the ones investigating the Benghazi committee. The FBI should. This is a textbook case of official misconduct and abuse of power. I will be expecting arrests and criminal charges against every Republican on the committee.

  11. She was on Rev Al’s new show on Sunday morning talking about guns. He made a point at the end to note their discussion was taped just a few hours before the Oregon shooter let loose with murder.

    Her plan was formed earlier but of course it is always between shootings – it is just a matter of time for the next one.

  12. I read her plan. Some I don’t thing will fly because of separation of powers but I am just dumbfounded why there isn’t a discussion on it

  13. Clinton said her proposals were not new:

    “There’s nothing unique about them, other than I am so determined to do everything we possibly can.”

    The how is part of each – executive order, closing loopholes, repealing laws, forming political action coalitions behind groups.

    Her suggestion of gun owners themselves taking back sanity from the NRA by forming their own less radical national gun owner group was interesting! Fight fire with fire.

    And Giffords/Brady Sandy Hook groups too who, along with Clinton herself, has long been branded in the group of folks who are coming to take away your guns. She was given that label long ago. Her husband actually did take away some of their big guns.

  14. Benghazi: 7 investigations, 13 hearings, 50 briefings, 25,000 document pages released. So far.

    Republicans: tried to prove negligence. Failed. Went after conspiracy to cover up the “truth.” Failed.

    Sec. Clinton: cleared of wrongdoing. Repeatedly.

    Pretend all those investigations really were about “finding the truth.” What makes you none of them did? And what do you expect the 8th (or 9th or ∞+1) to find that they couldn’t?

    Think about it. They’re fishing for a fact so obscure and infinitesimal that it’s escaped detection through years of intense scrutiny. Yet a fact so powerful that it proves Clinton’s “guilt,” despite multiple exonerations.

    Think there’s condemnatory evidence in the emails, eg a smoking gun on Benghazi; or proof of a pattern of mishandling classified info? So far, bupkis. But they just keep coming after her.

    So, yeah, she’s justifiably angry. And if you believe the email issue isn’t another witch hunt, go google BUSH EMAILS and IOIYAR.

  15. Thomas, I don’t even acknowledge the down voters on here. They are basically cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. They offer nothing in rebuttal, so they can go scratch.

    They are insignificant.

  16. Only one reason I got curious about the Republican/Tea party. Years ago in my school days, history was a favorite class among 6. I read up on the 2nd WW with Adolph & his NAZIS, was curious about the reasoning he had so many people murdered. Fast forward to 2008-2015. History’s repeating itself, again. Charlie & David had NAZIS in the family. It’s on Wikipedia mainly lots of information on the above mentioned German connected devils & their father who immigrated to the U.S. many years ago. It’s not, in my opinion, all about our Prez being black. The media was mainly used to BS the population in Germany & the results we’re seeing here are nearly identical. The Koch are a cancer on the people like Hitler was before WW1. The Republicans & the Media, FOX news. Talk radio, all have the same goal to distract & misinform. Republicans 100% of the time, lie to the public about Prez Obama’s economy & the lies about dividing the country. I know, not. Follow the $$$, it always ends up with Ko…

  17. Thanks for the link.

    BTW…My post replied to Pflats, who seemed to believe that Hillary Clinton is going to get her comeuppance over the emails. Did someone take his post down, or am I having another psychotic experience?

  18. you know.., I’m only being halfways facetious when I say if you were able to trace the actual source of the benghazi committee being commissioned in the first place (the idea behind it), in addition to the regular bogus leaks about email, you’d find among that group of republican power brokers lurking in the shadows people like newt gingrich, ken starr and karl rove.

    Only instead of having linda tripp sereptitously (and sleazily) tape recording phone conversations that were supposed to be taking place in confidence among “friends”, now you have michael schmidt, and it would appear, some higher level editors at nyt doing these peoples’ bidding.

    Grand, isn’t it!

  19. That would be rich, however, too much has already been paid in tax-payer money on Benghazi. The best revenge is for the Democratic party to replace the sitting Republicans who made the biggest hullabaloo over what has always been their partisan “issue.” Vote the bums out.

  20. Agree, Jeff, and will add the attacks will not end. They’ve not ended once when their campaign to discredit Secretary Clinton has been tarnish and dismissed. They’ll not now. The lot of them just needs to be voted out.

  21. I think she’s correct. However, I hope, for the sake of what’s left of this country that corporations haven’t stolen out from under us or tried to destroy (public education), that she does NOT become president. She is as corporately-owned as any republican. We HAVE to get corporations out of our government NOW.

    For the record, I hate her duplicitousness on a variety of other issues. She helped write the TPP, now she disavows that.

  22. I don’t know how she helped write the TPP since it has been negotiated spanning two administrations.

  23. Ha!

    The man who went to “Hungaria” knows “untrustable” when he sees it and he knows they are not to be trusted.

    The best part is it looks like they are going to vote him in. I do not give it a year before he is yanked out and replaced but it will be oh so fun to hear all his bushism/quayle speak.

    The late night comedy shows will adore him.

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