Democrats Get Their Candidate As Gov. Maggie Hassan Will Run Against Kelly Ayotte In NH

maggie hassan
New Hampshire Democrats landed their dream candidate on Monday, as current Governor Maggie Hassan announced that she will run for U.S. Senate and attempt to unseat Senator Kelly Ayotte (R). Hassan joins an already strong Democratic recruiting class, which includes a diverse slate of outstanding female candidates set to reshape the Senate after the 2016 elections.

Hassan joins Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ), Loretta Sanchez (CA) Tammy Duckworth (IL) Donna Edwards (MD) and state Attorney General’s Kamala Harris (CA) and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) in the diverse class of 2016. Her entry into the New Hampshire race immediately vaults the race into toss-up status, making it a prime pick up opportunity for the Democrats as they seek to regain control of the U.S. Senate.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) tested a hypothetical race between Ayotte and Hassan in August of 2015, and found it to be a virtual tie, with Ayotte polling 44 percent and Hassan polling 43 percent. The two-term Governor has room to grow, however, as she sported a positive 48/42 approval rating in the August survey, while Senator Kelly Ayotte was unpopular with a 38/46 favorable to unfavorable mark.

Unable to assail her record or her character, Republicans reacted to Hassan’s announcement with inane talking points. National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson Andrea Bozek responded with an unoriginal attack, dusting off a few shopworn GOP cliches, stating:

Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan has failed to move New Hampshire forward – and now she wants to take her resume of partisan gridlock to Washington as Harry Reid’s hand-picked Senate candidate.

Such weak Republican jabs at Hassan aren’t likely to do much damage, as New Hampshire voters just re-elected Hassan Governor in 2014. She continues to enjoy positive approval numbers from grateful Granite State voters. Hassan’s entry into the race gives Democrats a solid opportunity to replace Kelly Ayotte in Washington, not to mention improving the Democrats’ odds of winning back control of the U.S. Senate.

5 Replies to “Democrats Get Their Candidate As Gov. Maggie Hassan Will Run Against Kelly Ayotte In NH”

  1. What has Ayotte done since she was elected to the senate? She follows McCain and Graham around like a lost puppy. Has she ever had an original idea, or do her two handlers tell her what to say or what position to take. Seems more like the secretary than a fellow senator.

  2. The high water mark of her career was that treasonous letter to the ayatollahs. I like Governor Hassan, and I think she’s done a good job in spite of some of the ridiculous inhabitants of our state legislature.

    Ayotte of here, indeed!

  3. …good pun…
    …me Dad once asked me “How do you tell the good politicians from the bad???”
    …I said “results”…Do they keep thier word??? Do they do what YOU want them to??? What percentage of the time???
    …or do they, once elected act like “Thanks for putting me here…now I have a date with Lobbyists”???
    …after I went through all this my Dad said “I never put that much thought into it!” I said You can’t just vote “Democrat or Republican” any more…”

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