As Outrage Grows, Group Calls For Investigation Into Republican Benghazi Committee


As public outrage grows, outside advocates are calling for an investigation into the House Republican Select Committee on Benghazi.

Here is the ad from The Agenda Project calling for an investigation:

“Just like Joseph McCarthy before him, Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans are using their constitutionally granted powers not to advance the interests of the America people, but instead to try to destroy their political enemies,” stated Erik Altieri, Director of Communications for the Agenda Project Action Fund, “It is now clear that the Benghazi committee is nothing more than a multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded witch hunt. Representative McCarthy and his conservative colleagues are embracing tactics straight out of the ‘red scare’ era. These tactics are at best unethical and at worst illegal.”

The Republican Benghazi committee investigation has lasted longer than the federal investigations into Watergate, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, Iran-Contra and Hurricane Katrina.

As former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has pointed out, Republicans have taken the deaths of four American citizens and twisted them for partisan political purposes, “Look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons. The death of four Americans in Benghazi.”

Democrats on the Select Benghazi Committee took the unprecedented step of releasing the entire transcript of an interview conducted with a witness because Republicans were cherry picking and leaking misleading quotes from the testimony.

The anger over Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s admission that the real purpose of the Benghazi Committee is to get dirt on Hillary Clinton is not dying down. House Republicans are abusing their investigative powers, and voters are increasingly demanding that they are held accountable for their behavior.

Republicans have wasted $4.6 million in taxpayer money on the eighth investigation into Benghazi. John Boehner won’t shut the committee down, so it is up to the American people to demand that House Republicans be held accountable for their potential crimes.

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  1. Karma is a Bit*ch. Expose the scoundrels.
    The Republicans operate using “Dirty politics”. The truth is Kryptonite to them, so let’s shine some TRUTH (Kryptonite) on them. Let them run from the light and into their dark caves of shame. (Hmmm, where’s Cheney? Darryl Issa?)
    Democrats—Put a STOP to the Republican’s shenanigans, shame them. Full force. Benghazi is just a Witch Hunt. End the farce now. The vultures have not finished with the dead carcass, they pick and pluck at dried up bones like the starving vultures you see on the desert. What else do they expect to get! ??? Benghazi will forever be synonymous with Republican’s inept, attempts to smear and “GET” at a public servant for no other reason than to fool the public with lies and misdirected outrage at NOTHING in order to bring that public servant down. They failed. As shown, time and time again. What’s their problem? !!!!

  2. This investigation into the GOP committee has to be pursued.

    They are deliberately undermining Hillary just as they have done to President Obama.

    Americans’ hard earned money is going for this fool’s errand and it absolutely shows what dirtbags make up the GOP.

    “It is now clear that the Benghazi committee is nothing more than a multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded witch hunt. Representative McCarthy and his conservative colleagues are embracing tactics straight out of the ‘red scare’ era. These tactics are at best unethical and at worst illegal.”

    If it is illegal, charge them to the fullest extent of the law. They need to abide by laws just like anyone else. I’m so livid over this BS. They need to be called out loud and clear.

  3. Congress & Benghazi Investigation a scam… shocking… NOT! What would be shocking is the stuff the GOPers talk about without a mic and camera in front of them. I mean, if they admit the Benghazi Investigation only a political stunt, what goes on under the radar?

  4. John Boehner isn’t going to shut the committee down. He’s just biding his time till the end of Oct. He’ll leave it to someone else to deal with. We aren’t really expecting anything that resembles integrity at this point are we?
    My dad used to say, “you can shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first”.

  5. This was a PARTISIAN fake attack.
    This also cost us WASTED TIME, which could’ve been better spent on, you know A JOBS BILL!!!!

    What good has the republican majority done for us…NOTHING!

  6. Who would exactly be in charge of the investigation? CIA? FBI? Another agency? McCarthy has caused a firestorm with his truthful moment. He must be feeling.

  7. Oh, please. The GOP spent all this money to make Hillary look bad, and now they’ve been busted. That’s great – couldn’t have happened to a nicer party. But for the Dems to get some kind of cheap revenge by setting up another investigation is just a dumb waste of money and time. Any American who hasn’t figured out that the GOP fought dirty on the taxpayers’ dime isn’t going to listen to the results of yet another investigation. It won’t prove anything to anyone who isn’t willing to listen to and believe the results. We should accept our victory and then get on with the business of running the country. We should prove that we’re more adult than the right wingnuts.

  8. Wrong, it will then be on the record and the results can be used to remove the a**hats from office. Just like President Obama didn’t want to investigate Bush and Cheney, now look at what we have, Reps think they are above the law.

  9. Betsy, I understand your point of view.

    But, I think it is necessary for the Dems to follow through on an investigation into the GOP Committee. The reason I say that is because the Dems WILL FIND dirt; whereas, there was no dirt found on Hillary.

    Let it be known that there is lots of dirt on the GOP and make it extremely public.

    I understand your reasoning, believe me, but I really believe mega dirt would be found on the GOP, that is the difference.

  10. Never forget when the mouth of a Repub is moving , it’s only lies . Was not always that way . What’s going on with them ? Destruction of America ? The American Taliban !

  11. Republican motto: A day without Benghazi is a day without sunshine. When will they self destruct? Republicans are home grown terrorist.

  12. Rick Perry’s done a stunt similar to the Benghazi fiasco. What makes this so pitiful is that it’s more disgusting, embarasskin’ & Huuuuuuge. Can’t wait til’ this country’s great again. Loretta? Loretta? Justice is a knockin’, Loretta. Go Lynch em’ all! They deserve a good Lynching.

  13. Hmmm… in that sense, I agree with you. It WOULD be nice to prove incontrovertibly that the GOP is playing dirty. I guess it’s that I get so tired of hearing the whine, “both sides are doing it.” I know that’s not true, but I sure hate giving the Teatards, the Reich Wing, the right wingnuts, any ammunition at all in the fight over which party is the worst behaved. Maybe that’s the mother in me – I worked hard to teach my kids grace in victory. But yes, it would be WONDERFUL to be able to show the country once and for all that the GOP is full of lying sacks of s***.

  14. The so-called “liberal media” helps protect these people. Take a look at the lineups for the Sunday political shows. Mostly republicans. Now McCain is back, looking rested and rejuvenated calling for a strategy for Russia. In other words, bomb, bomb, bomb. They NEVER give up, trying to make the President look incompetant. It is not working, yet just like Benghazi they keep going. They have accomplished NOTHING for the working class, no jobs bill, no medical care bill. All they do is wait for the democratic side to try to accomplish ANYTHING, then tear it down. Who in the name of all that’s holy VOTES for these useless “representatives”???

  15. The above wonderful video was put out by the “agenda project” aka AP Action Fund.

    I recently read there are dozens of PACs (all good guys on the democratic side) such as Emily List, NOW, Enviro groups, peace groups, justice groups, gay groups, assorted union pacs, etc. who have put their money to work supporting Hillary specifically.

    They can do that. When their members donate to their pacs it is in hope and trust they will use the money for a good cause. (They could buy a yacht with it and sail to Tahiti but these groups are not fly-by-night.)

    So in addition to the known 130 million plus so far donated to her and her three main pacs and the DNC in her name, there are millions, and millions more dollars being utilized for her to win the primary and later for the general.

    Wide support from many groups is how you win – across the board – all over – downticket too and turn it Dem – true blue.

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