Republican Rep. Chaffetz Vows To Destroy U.S. Economy In Order to Win Speakership

Rep. Jason Chaffetz

In the lead-up to Thursday’s party elections, wannabe Speaker Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) vowed Monday during a CNN interview that he would let the nation default on its debt and shut down the government so that Republicans could get their way. In other words, Chaffetz is willing to destroy the U.S. economy just to win the Speakership.

Chaffetz wants to fight everyone, including his own party leadership and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has promised there would be no shutdown and Republicans would not play debt default games again this year.

When asked about McConnell’s promises that there will be no debt default this time around, Chaffetz vowed to hold the full faith and credit of the United States hostage, “I have no interest in just simply raising the debt ceiling without changing the trajectory of spending.”

Chaffetz, like many Republicans, is trying to use a refusal to pay off debts as a way to dishonestly remake the budget into a conservative one. Chaffetz is saying he bought all of this stuff on his Visa, but he’s not going to pay for it because he’s sick and tired of Republicans “caving” to the President and Democrats.

After all, as Republicans like to remind everyone, they hold the purse strings. So if there is spending they don’t like, well, the time to have dealt with that was during budget negotiations. Oh, wait, they don’t do negotiations anymore. Republicans got their precious sequestration that they promised would force everyone to the table, only to laugh behind everyone’s back as they refund the things they agree with while leaving austerity measures in place for everything else.

Also, it’s a bit childish to view paying your bills as “caving”. Chaffetz said this is a time to “reflect” so we don’t have to keep raising the debt ceiling.

Nope. Actually, the time grown-ups reflect is when they purchase something, not when the bill comes due. But Chaffetz called the President’s refusal to have our credit used as a weapon against the country “silly” while he rattled off inflammatory red meat/ figures about the debt explosion under Obama.

Well. No.

Factcheck.Org pointed out, “The federal debt owed to the public has more than doubled under Obama, rising by 103 percent. But federal spending has gone up only 7.9 percent.”

How does debt go up so much when spending does not? Oh, well, not collecting revenues is part of it. That would be the lower tax rates, the corporate subsidies, etc. that Republicans champion. Furthermore, debunking another Republican debt lie – this time Rand Paul trying to make Bush’s debt seem like it is Obama’s, PolitiFact determined,”For example, the debt has increased so dramatically in Obama’s term — particularly in the first couple years — largely due to the recession, which unfolded before Obama took office,” said Neil Buchanan, an expert in law, economics and the national debt at George Washington University Law School. “The gross debt increase in 2009 was huge, because of the decreased tax revenues and increased benefit payments caused by the Great Recession.”

There was that whole great recession of 2008 (before Obama took office, for those who are struggling with Republican math) and then the two wars that Bush put on a credit card.

Is Chaffetz talking about defunding the military? No. Of course not. This is just a political stunt to wag a finger at Obama, and it’s not the pointer finger, in an effort to appease the conservative base, which has been lied to so much that it is understandably frothing at the mouth for vengeance.

We are careening right into another Republican shock and awe campaign with the debt ceiling needing to be raised by November 5th in order to pay the bills Congress already said it would pay, and the government shutdown will loom in December on the 11th after the short-term CR expires. Even the Wall Street Journal is getting anxious enough to speak out:

According to a recent survey of 62 real economists by the Wall Street Journal… What frightens a great majority of the nation’s leading economic experts most of all is that the Republican-controlled Congress will “precipitate another fiscal crisis this fall” when Republicans plan to either shut down the government unless Planned Parenthood is destroyed, or hold the debt ceiling hostage until Planned Parenthood is destroyed.

And then, which came after business accused Republicans of not knowing what they were doing, “And on Wall Street, fear set in at the prospect of another showdown over the government’s ability to pay its debt, support its export businesses and simply keep its doors open,” Jonathan Weisman and Michael D. Shear writing at the New York Times reported.

Why does Chaffetz want the job of Speaker? He claims the “the communications war is not going well. We just seem to cede that at every level. We haven’t been taking the fight to the Democrats and the President. That’s in part what we got elected to do.”

Hmmm. That’s not how reality sees it, but okay.

Basically Chaffetz wants the House to be even more crazy than it already is, whilst the grown-ups in the party realize what a disaster it will be if Republicans shut down the government and refuse to honor its credit in an election year. Chaffetz will do anything for that Speakership, including sinking the credit of the United States and shutting down the government.

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  1. Well… Chaffetz sure has some balls, don’t he?

    Problem is that you shouldn’t be running for Speaker of the House if your goal is to be the one guy that says ‘Screw You!’ to everyone around him. Not to mention that to blow the government up just so you can your fellow tea bags can whine, bitch and moan about how America isn’t ‘Merica is, and should be, nothing more then political suicide. I hope he realizes that the whole world hinges on the fact that if he somehow, someway, wins the vote to be the next Speaker… this country is in deep shit and we might be dragging others along for this ride into hell.

  2. HOLY SHIT. Talk about bat shit crazy. If he does that the GOP will NEVER be the majority for at least 2 Generations

  3. …couldn’t have said it better!!!
    {{{Woulda added a few swear words though…hey, I’m a SAILOR!!! LOL }}}

  4. You know, this guy makes Boehner and McCarthy (“See? We ‘investigated’ Benghanzi so that we could screw Hillary’s campaign, and it worked!”) look good. Just how low can the GOP go?

  5. I would settle for a VERY public louisville slugger up and down both ends (Maybe just one. One that goes up one end and then down the other) whilst another two whack both sides!

  6. Look at this Article Photo of Chaffetz he looks like a Cartoon Character!

    That fake smile!
    I don’t trust this guy.

  7. Many Americans who say they “love” the Constitution, and who scream, “Follow the Constitution!” don’t know that Article I of the U.S. Constitution makes Congress SOLELY responsible for paying the nation’s debts and obligations. Article I says nothing about the president having to play a role in making sure our debts and obligations are paid or about shutting down the government in order to do it. This is the lie that Chaffetz and his buddies in Congress are floating in an attempt to make us believe the president has to “negotiate” with them in order to increase the debt limit. He doesn’t, and they know it. They’re some of the biggest liars on the planet. The only reason they get away with this lie is because too many Americans don’t know what the Constitution says about paying our debts and obligations. If they did, they wouldn’t believe these lying liars.

  8. OH SHIIIIT!!!!
    He’s a better definition o’ “Weasel Kochsucker” than Snotty Walkin’Dead…
    {OK, maybe a tie…}

  9. Think about It!!! “If” Chaffetz would become “Speaker Of The House” he would “actually” be in the “VERY POSITION” required “by-law” too “Become” the “Next” President of the U.S.A. (what a “setup”) “IF” “something-happens” to (“Both”) our President and Vice President!!! These Republican clowns “appear” too be prepared to do “Anything” it takes to achieve “their own agenda” which is to take “Total-Control” of “all” of “us” (you and me the 99%) and “OUR” entire Govt. and all of it’s Agencies. By “whatever-means” possible. WARNING!!! BEWARE OF THESE REPUBLICAN “TRAITORS” TO OUR GOVT.. THEY ARE “RUTHLESS” AND “COULD” ACTUALLY BE “PLANNING” A VERY REAL “PHYSICAL” (FINANCIAL CRISIS, ETC.) THREAT TO THE “STABILITY” OF THIS COUNTRY IN ORDER TO TAKE CONTROL OF IT!!! THEY ARE ALREADY CRUEL AND “CRAZY-ENOUGH” TO STARVE THE POOR AND “KILL” OUR PEOPLE AND MANY OTHERS IN “PHONY-WARS” ETC. FOR THE “PROFITS” OF THEIR “ELITE” (1%) MASTERS. In my opinion.

  10. So Mr. Chaffee…you call yourself a patriot and you are willing to see the collapse of the American economy to seek your reign as “Speaker of the House”….and see the people of America panic and start killing each other to eat and survive.. Boy….you are this MAN…. You are a true ASSHOLE.. This selection of the “Speaker” should not become what I call a “pissing contest”….this is where we want the country to come together for the common good.

  11. You PHOOEY, have said it in bold letters, all true.
    Have been saying this for a long time now, these rethugs have plans….Now does anyone wonder why I call them rethugs?

  12. And secondly…why would you want to openly hurt the American people with a crash of the market again?.. Before my husband retired after 30 years of service the last shut down; his thrift account and social security took an $125K hit. He was so depressed and thank goodness the current President (PRESIDENT Obama) turned it around. My husband was able to recoup some of his losses and retirement was attainable.

  13. Republicans don’t care who starves to death even children nor do they care if people die for lack of health care . You have to understand they don’t give a shit about anyone who is vulnerable . Ever see one care about an immigrant or a person of any color except white . They don’t care if people suffer . They also have a lack of intelligence , enough said .

  14. Good evening Shadowolf, let me finish that story about the seals and the nine foot Louisville Sluggers…..have you finished dinner yet?

    After the furs were removed from the carcasses the boys in the village would remove the penis and testicles. At the end of the summer, Japanese business men would come to the island and purchase the dried testicles and penises to be ground up for aphrodisiacs.

    Those Louisville sluggers did more then just hitting home runs.

  15. Hold them! If we let the republicans do what they plan, I hate to say it but politically this country of ours will be another third world country and we do not want that. Individuals like Jason Chaffetz, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Rand Paul are poison for our country.

  16. McCarthy stupidly lets the cat out of the bag about Benghazi, (not like it was a well kept secret) and Chaffetz gets a slap down on tv over a failed attempt to smear PP. Neither of these guys are ready for prime time.

  17. This is where the Fourth Estate has failed us. We the People need our “free press” back, complete with honest journalism, actual balanced reporting, and with a fearless accountability check on all public officials, both elected and appointed. The media has been highjacked by corporate interest and partisan politics. It’s high time to cut that infested tree down and start over with a fresh seedling. Perhaps that’s already happening.

  18. Absolutely, amen. Got that right. And we’re all too old for the BS slung by the GOP.

  19. An anarchistic little lobbyist PUNK. Slap him with a very large dead carp until he cries like a baby.

  20. Twitchy is good returbs like twitchy.
    Just wait to find him in the airport men’s room tapping his foot.

  21. They all deserve to be “Lynch-ed”. Rick Perry is a prime example of a “Lynch-able crime. Same thing. Republicans are all too familiar with the term “Lynch” mob. AKA Doj.

  22. Yes, I think it’s called the “comment section”. Now, how can we get a bigger audience? I can get behind “this” truther movement!

  23. If, the rethugs take control of our country, we will become a third world nation in quick response. A war or two will come as fast as possible, our freedoms will disappear, eventually, women will not be able to vote, and all males of the age to fight will, be in the military.( except the rich) We will become exceptional, by the fact that once we were a shining light on a hill, to a nation who destroyed it’s self.

  24. this guy reminds me of the kid whose a hot dog driving round the neighbor hood with out a license sooner or later he,ll get caught or playing with guns he knows nothing of, and shoots his best friend what a fucnfing idiot jason chapped ass is

  25. I often wonder if these TeathugliKKKans are human or a well planned force from another country on their mission to take down America,is this why they hate women? probably aliens & I am for real.

  26. OK Jason you are just like the rest of the GOP,not surprising.The only thing missing is your Ronald Reagan button.Where the hell do these guys come from?

  27. Another nutcracker for the Island of Lost Toys, it would seem.

    These guys are a yeast infection: smelly and hard to cure.

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