Republicans Appear Fractured, But They Are Far From Broken

For the past four years it seems that every pundit in America has predicted, and heralded the demise of the Republican brand if not the entire movement. It has been the same for the Koch brothers’ tea party movement. Still, tea party Republicans control both houses of Congress despite an alleged chasm between what commentators label the extremist and the moderate wings of the Republican movement. There may be slightly varying methods of achieving conservative goals, but Republicans of all stripes are unified in their stated goals and will go to any length to achieve them.

Some Americans are deluded in thinking Republicans want to govern; they certainly do not. Governing entails compromise and working in a bipartisan fashion for the good of the entire nation; Republicans are disinterested in doing either and consider the former a horrible weakness and the latter an abomination before their Koch gods. Their goal is unilaterally dictating according to hard-right conservatism and working solely for the good of the rich and the religious; anything else is anathema to Republicans and it is why they believe they are in great shape as a political party going into a general election and a couple of crucial deadlines for the nation.

It is true that there are some tea party extremists who are more vocal than the rest of the Republicans, but their goals are the same and their vision of a conservative America are set in stone and non-negotiable. It is why the base and a substantial number of Republicans were livid with Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and will not be sated until McConnell joins Boehner in the unemployment line. Now that House Republicans are looking for new leadership, and despite that all Republicans embrace tea party extremism, many pundits claim the party is fractured, falling apart, and in trouble because they “appear” more interested in appeasing a very small and extremist cabal and base than governing a diverse country.

There is still a misconception among some Americans over what the Republican brand is these days, but make no mistake, although there “appears” to be some semi-moderate Republicans in Congress, the entire party adheres to everything the so-called extremists support. The only difference between “mainstream” Republicans and extremist tea partiers is the degree of transparency. Where mainstream Republicans are likely to keep their extremism cloaked with phony moderation, the tea party caucus is unafraid to broadcast exactly what they want to do, how they intend to succeed,  and Hell-bent to see their anti-government agenda to fruition. That is why Speaker John Boehner could not control the House to govern and why the extremists and the base wanted him out; not because he was too moderate or did not embrace their extremist agenda, but because he could not deliver on the GOP’s extremist agenda.

The day Boehner announced he would resign, a WSJ-NBC poll revealed that “72% of Republican primary voters said they were dissatisfied with the ability of Mr. Boehner and GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell to achieve Republican goals.”  If the House Freedom Caucus, their “anointed” leader Ted Cruz, or the Republican base think for a nano-second that a new leader of their choosing will be any more capable of “achieving extremist Republicans’ anti-government” goals, they are going to be very disappointed; not dissuaded, just disappointed. Subsequently, they will double-down on their extremism and the Party will officially acquiesce to their methodology and carry on promising the base they will achieve their goals.

Many in the Party will comprehend that Boehner’s failure was not being successful at imposing the extremists’ policies on the nation, but without the votes to dictate religious tea party extremism as national policy, there was little he could do to be the extremists’ hero. He was left with a choice and had to “compromise between reality and fantasy;” something the next speaker will avoid like plague and choose fantasy. It may be why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took the time to explain to the so-called “extremist” Republicans how the government works and why they would not “achieve Republicans’ goal” of killing off Planned Parenthood; something near and dear to McConnell’s heart. He said;

We just don’t have the votes to achieve the outcome that we’d like. Again, the president has the pen to sign it. If he doesn’t sign it, it doesn’t happen. I would remind everyone that the way you make a law in this country, the Congress has to pass it and the president has to sign it.”

Now, since neither the more vocal wing, not more extreme, of the party nor the Republican base can comprehend a simple fact they should have learned in 8th grade history class, they chased Boehner out, set their sights on McConnell, and are deluded in thinking that a new House Speaker will succeed in “achieving Republican goals.” If it means shutting down the government when the debt ceiling increase comes up, or when a budget comes due in mid-December, Republicans will do their worst if for no other reason than boasting to their base that they moved heaven and Earth, and damaged the nation, in their crusade to “achieve Republican goals.”

It is noteworthy that for the more extreme Republicans, shutting down the government is winning strategy even if they fail to achieve their goals; and they are intent on shutting down the government. They know that two years ago when they shut down the government there was not only no fallout, they cemented their majority in the House for a couple of elections cycles, at least, and won control of the Senate. According to their mindset, being extreme, shutting down the government, and costing it tens-of-billions of dollars in their crusade to achieve conservative goals not only won them control of Congress, it demonstrated to their base that they will do whatever it takes to impose Republican goals on the nation; subsequently their base rewarded them and turned out in droves the following November and won the day.

The results of the WSJ-NBC poll strongly suggest that Republicans are not as fractured or far apart from what Republican voters demand if at all. Look, the Republican House will continue to have the power, if not to dictate their extremist agenda on the nation, at least to obstruct any meaningful progress or legislation that might help the American people no matter if they lose the Senate and fail to win the White House in 2016. After all, they have spent the past five years succeeding wildly to block progress on issues the American people overwhelmingly support. Where they have “failed to achieve Republican goals” is in establishing a theocracy, eliminating taxation, suspending 98 percent of the Constitution, and transferring power over government to corporate control. Otherwise, they have obstructed, easily, any progress put forward by President Obama or supported by Democrats because they control the House.

The Republican House is arguably a near-impenetrable fortress for extremist conservatives whether Democrats control the White House and the Senate or not. Because of the House’s “constitutional and political power,” Republicans know, and are extremely confident, that they will retain the ability to obstruct progress in the months ahead no matter who they choose to be Speaker. Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz has already intimated that if he is Speaker nothing will be accomplished, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is, as Rachel Maddow implied, just another Sarah Palin. With either idiot in the Speaker’s chair, House Republicans will make life miserable for Senate Democrats and whatever few moderate Republicans who are interested in violating the tea party extremists’ mantra of never compromising even to govern semi-responsibly.

It may appear that Republicans are deeply divided, but it is division borne of choosing whether to try to “attract a larger swath of voters or to double down on the dwindling core of loyalists.” Between voters ardently supporting a freak of nature like Donald Trump and Republican legislators cheering that they chased John Boehner out of Congress because he failed to “achieve Republicans’ goals, it certainly looks as if Republicans are intent on satisfying the extremists and feeling full of themselves because they think they will succeed. Republicans may be in disarray, but they are on the same extremist page with only one real quandary; how best to destroy America in their crusade to achieve their extremist conservative goals.

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  1. I hate this article! BUT… I can’t argue with it. We’re stuck with another decade of slowly un-doing the radical right BS.

    It’s too early to start drinking, but maybe a warm up exercise?

  2. They might be fractured now, but I say we should break them in 2016.

    When we vote Democrats to win seats in the House and Senate and vote in either Hillary or Bernie to be our next President, then they will finally break.

  3. I wouldn’t exactly say that they have a lock on the house and their voters came out in droves. If we had leaders at the DNC who would challenged the 30 to 35 seats that Obama won or lost by a view points we could possibly have house.

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz has to go but not for having to few debates but because she is total failure who has cost us seats these 2 past cycles

  4. do not ever discount, nor back off your enemy. even a injured tiger, is still very dangerous…
    there will be major vote suppression, voter nullification, outright software hacking of voting machines. in alabama where they made driver license id mandatory, the gop closed all the dmv offices in heavy black dem districts. the kochs have a master plan, even if the reality show don, takes the nod. [now carly is the kochs girl], rubio will be trumps vp.
    we are only in the 1st quarter, there is lots of game left.

  5. They want to rule by dictate, in the name of a God they do not know or understand, they do not want to govern

  6. Wasserman-Schultz is a Republican at heart acting like a Democrat. She’s their best bet to keep the House.

    She’s clearly not stupid, yet she seems to help Republicans keep their seats in the U.S. House. The writing is on the wall – she’s a Republican plant and she needs to go.

  7. Republicans are not fractured. They’re very unified on the important issue – the issue of replacing the U.S. Constitution with their Bible and reverting power to States.

    The rest is kabuki theater to entertain the a-political U.S. masses.

  8. Unless we win at the state level and take back state legislatures we will continue to struggle. The reich wing spent decades lining up to take over at the state level in 2010. This is where the battle lies. Unless we redraw districts we cannot gain solid footing in congress.

  9. Sorry what? If you have been paying attention AT ALL, you would know the GOP has been broken for years!

  10. Unless Democrats and we Independents get off our collective butts and vote, we’re going to keep having to deal with these right wing extremists (pretty much the entire Republican Party) and their “my way or the highway” attitude. Their base is too stupid to understand how a Democracy works, let alone how a government budget works. They still think the government budget works just like their personal home budget works. No clue.

  11. They’re being held together by the minority Cons, who have the money and media control to do it.
    But, if the Progressives and Moderates of the party, the VOTING majority of it, turn on them, as their 1930-1966 forebears did in the first Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution, they’re done. They need to do this by going to the polls and voting for Democrats, who truly represent them now, anyway, instead of staying home from the polls in “protest” of their party, something they’ve done in large numbers in the past three elections.

  12. Republicans have already won with 95% of our created wealth since 2009 is going to the 1% rich. Damage has been done to the people! People are dying because of Republican Governors refusing to expand Medicaid. Republicans refuse to fund veterans and seniors resulting in 22 committing suicide a day if not more. Worse yet children are suffering from PTSD and brain damage due to poverty.. Republicans policies have decreased our wages by 12.3% or $8,479 a year from 2000-2014. Republican austerity policies have pushed 222 million into poverty. Republican welfare reform pushed 31 million children and of those 7.4 million children into extreme poverty living on less the $2.00 a day. This is criminal legislative action. There is no excuse for these killing policies.

    Time For The Nuclear Option: Raining Money On Main Street

  13. …the Native American Tribes have EVERY reason in the world to feel anger and bitterness…they’ve been “Fk”ed over every way there is, and they STILL are…
    …makes me puke…

  14. Shadow, I often admire our Native Americans because they had elder Women sitting at the important table directing leadership!

    Women excel in memory.
    (You’ve seen a family gathering where the little girls all sit and closely listen to the adults…while more boys are running around).

    We so need a Woman Leader.

    “Why Women Are More Effective Leaders Than Men”

    Hope you all saw this Warren interview:
    “Even when your ears are stuffed with money…Stunning!”
    Entire Interview…Don’t miss it:

  15. Much like voter ID laws have little to nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with stopping black people from voting, so is the anti-welfare movement about stopping black and brown people from receiving government monies, while preserving it for whites when possible. In 1996, John Kasich voted for a bill in Congress that limited food stamps for childless adults. But he also pushed for an amendment to it that would allow states flexibility to do with high unemployment areas. Today, as Ohio governor, Kasich is using that amendment to grant food stamps to whites while denying them to blacks.
    Read More

  16. At this point, I care less about their hell-bent agenda to destroy the country since there’s not much left worth saving. But, their total lack of regard for the planet is beyond reprehensible. I keep wondering where they think they are going to live? But, like cockroaches they will crawl out from under the rubble after they achieve their goal of dropping a nuke on the Middle East and Russia retaliates. I just hope I am not here to witness any further destruction.

  17. Suga, the right wing has no compassion or heart simply because there is no room for it. Ruling, dictating is the aim. All rethugs see themselves as sitting on the top of the heap, ruling, giving orders, demanding from others. None see themselves as underlings.

  18. The party that is broke is the Democratic Party. Where is are TRUE strong leaders. We have very few. The Party keeps selling the same ole stuff (tax rich, blah blah blah) stuff and no one is buying it. Why do you think we keep losing. If the Republicans are broken why is it that they have a larger majority in congress and the senate? That is not a broken party but a smart party. They are selling and the voters are buying. It may be BS but the voters are buying.

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