Lindsey Graham Voted Against Sandy Aid, But Demands Hurricane Money For South Carolina

In the midst of severe flooding, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has become a convert, who now believes in federal aid for natural disaster victims. At least if those victims are his constituents, Graham has had an epiphany in favor of federal aid. The South Carolina Senator infamously voted against disaster aid when the Northeastern United States was battered by super storm Sandy in 2013, but now the South Carolina Senator is singing a different tune.

In defending his new found love for federal aid, Senator Graham told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

Let’s just get through this thing, and whatever it costs, it costs.

When pressed about his opposition to the 51 billion dollar relief package for Sandy victims in 2013, Graham lapsed into a convenient case of amnesia, arguing:

I’m all for helping the people in New Jersey. I don’t really remember me voting that way…Anyway, I don’t really recall that, but I’d be glad to look and tell you why I did vote no, if I did.

Graham was one of 36 Republican Senators to vote against the super storm Sandy relief measure on January 28, 2013. He can look it up himself on the Senate roll call from that day.

While Senator Graham is right to demand relief aid for his flood-ravaged constituents in South Carolina he was wrong to oppose the same type of relief for fellow Americans who suffered from flooding outside the boundaries of his state in 2013.

Graham’s self serving position on disaster relief underscores much of what it deficient in conservative ideology. Conservatives, like Graham only recognize a national problem if it affects them personally. If another part of the country is ravaged by a storm, he lacks empathy and says “sorry, you’re on your own.” However, when the flooding is in his own backyard, he is the first to scream and holler for help, because the problem is too big to be handled locally.

Maybe this will be a learning experience for the Senator, and he will start to acknowledge that federal disaster aid has a role in helping flood victims everywhere. Or maybe the next time another part of the country is under water, he will go back to doing what Republican Senators do best. He will deny funding, because his own house is high and dry, and for a conservative Senator, apparently that is all that matters.


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  1. …Graham is lower than whale shit…{which sinks to the bottom o’ the ocean} does it surprise anybody he’d cravenly lie about Hurricane Sandy, but demand millions upon millions of dollars for HIS state???

  2. We have seen this kind of reaction before. Yes – of course – his state needs serious help. But as this article points out – some of the Repubs/Cons only “get it” when it hits home. Literally. This man is so annoying.

  3. Just another republican hypocrite who only cares when it hits close to home. Why any sentient being would ever vote for a republican remains a mystery.

  4. It’s like playing a broken record that’s skipping & playing the same old garbage from a Rethug. Graham’s not the first, nor will be the last. The red states like OK, TX, TN, LA, the list too long to post — all do the same. If it’s their own state – Fema’s great & don’t waste time getting it & mega $$ to us. Anyone else — pull up your boot straps and mosey along.

    I seriously thought to myself this time around when the rain hit and news of coverage began — screw you, you’re on your own. Tired of the blue states propping up the red ones — especially those that don’t pay income tax etc. They raid the taxpayer bank of the blue. Time we set the free & let them pull up their skid marked underwear themselves.

  5. no congressional member should ever say no to another state receiving aide. tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, snow storms, wildfires, mudslides; states have to deal with mother nature running amuck.

    no state is immune to mother nature proving she can kick our asses whenever she feels like it! Graham, paul, christie….are cold hearted jackasses!

  6. Don’t be so hard on her. Ms. Lindsey just awoke from a nap on the “FAINTING COUCH”. So we all must give her time to “WAKE UP”.

  7. He’s lying about not knowing how he voted on the aid to the North East; he took a tour around conservative land on that vote; nothing new here a republican lying; don’t let him get away with it.

  8. God has to be lying to some of these Republican’ts…He apparently told Graham that the flooding is because of gay marriage, but he told ol’ Crazy-Eyes Bachman that it was because of Israel. God, God, God, you’ve REALLY got to stop messing with the heads of these poor idiots!

  9. and joe biden would say ,Lindsey is a good man we just have some differences,and there you have it,democrats saying someone who votes down hurricane relief for sandy is a good guy,hes also as good guy for blocking everything Obama wanted to do,right joe,and help lying us into a war,lindsey is a ggod guy ,we just have some different opinions,wet noodle demcrats will never stand up to them,they are to afriad

  10. If I remember correctly the same thing went down with a senator or two from the great state of Texas. That was until their state was hit with torrential rains and historic flooding. Also could someone please tell Nickey Haley that yes, the US is over a thousand years old, but no one was keeping meteorological records at that time. Twit.

  11. Somebody should tell Graham all of his GOP nutcases, that sooner than later you will reap what you sow.

  12. …one old sayin’ that seems to have disappeared @1980 is describin’ such-and-such as a “Once in a Thousand Years Event”…
    …that’s what the context looked like to me…

  13. I wouldn’t pay a dime to help him.. his state, sure. The people need help there.

    Him? All he should get for crying crocodile tears is a Boot to the Head!

  14. Common Republican mindset with regard to federal spending:
    Massive amounts of disaster relief for me, but none for thee.

  15. So if the tea-tardists shut down the government in early December, won’t they be doing so just about the time federal aide will start flowing to SC? If so, I expect misslindsey to argue that the shutdown shouldn’t be allowed to affect those funds.

  16. And this idiot hangs his shingle out to run for POTUS.The GOP is an embarrassment to the entire nation.

  17. I do believe the Lindsey and the other republicans demanded budget cuts somewhere else, before they would fund Sandy relief. The deficit must not rise, unless it helps the republicans. (IOKIYAR)

    Offsets (mostly from the safety net) were their demands, and they still voted Sandy relief down.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Lindsey.

  18. What extremists like Graham like to forget is that they represent ALL of their constituents, not just the ones who were dumb enough to vote for them. And that as part of the body of the legislature, they represent ALL of Americans, not just their constituents. Perhaps he’d be better off back in his hometown, sitting on the local town council, telling his constituents “Nope, we ain’t gonna help you out ’cause I know y’all didn’t vote for me.”

  19. And another thing… some folks in his state stand to wind up with those millions of dollars, I’m sure some of his constituency (the one’s who did vote for him) are in construction, etc. And by extension, some of that money will “trickle down” to him. Him and his croneys didn’t make a dime off of NJs misery.

  20. WHY, are we Dem’s surprised that the thugs only see action is needed when they, are on the receiving end? That is the way the river runs in their mind. ME! ME! ME! and only ME!!
    It’s a fact. Has been in every rethuglican administration.. They are PLAINLY thugs…
    Warning AMERICA, vote them in office and you will be screwed.
    If I were in congress, I’d sit on my hands for a few voters, just to give them
    a taste of their own medicine.

  21. ME Too Deanne, first thought that came to mind. BUT, we know the Dem’s will not do that don’t we? Way too much care for people in our minds….that we get kicked in the behind for.

  22. DENY IT!
    The hurricane was in the Bahamas.
    They don’t qualify.
    The people elected Lindsey.
    Let them live with their choice.

  23. John,
    My wife’s cousin lives in Columbia. His house is under four feet of water. Ruined everything.
    My wife’s cousin, his wife and her mother are strong democrats but have to keep a low profile because so many of their friends and neighbors are republicans. Maybe this disaster will change political thinking down there.
    I doubt it but hope it.

  24. Just give the weak-willed Senator the number to the Charleston office of Servpro. It’ll be like it never happened. He can pay for it from his campaign “contributions.”

  25. Msg I received today:
    I’m responding for Harry and Susie. Their house was badly flooded (at least four feet of water Harry says) and they are staying with me at the moment. They’ll probably be in a rental for some months. At this point it’s a matter of salvaging what they can. Lot of roads are impassable, dams breaking, etc. Harry was able to get to the house by detouring at some points and brought pack a ton of wet clothes which Susie and I have washed and dried. Some things will go to cleaners.

    Susie might get over there today to see what else can be salvaged and they’ll start looking for another house to buy.

    After all the floods, near floods, etc. Susie says she’s never going back there to live and I don’t blame her. They meet with an adjuster this afternoon.

  26. Unfortunately — Democrats tend to display Christian attitudes. It’s not the Congressional jerks who represent backwater voters who are in flood trouble. It’s the backwater voters who were stupid enough to send them to D.C.

    Unfortunately, helping one’s neighbor is the Christian thing to do. And though GOP “leaders” tend to scream and yell about, and tout, “Christian values” — when it comes time to actually PERFORM according to those Christian values, they pull up short.

    I would absolutely love to say let ’em drown. But though I’m a New York Democrat, I’m too much a Christian to deny them help.

  27. Shadow,

    That once in a thousand years is utter bull shit.

    Look at Xenia, Ohio and Tornados.

    When the white man came, the Indians warned them about “THE DEVIL WINDS.”

    Everybody knows about the big tornado in 1974 but there have been several smaller ones hit Xenia since 1966 when we came to Ohio.

    Ma Nature can do strange things.

  28. Lindsey epitomizes the pinnacle of the GOPer “us versus them” sickness.

    A major flood hits New Jersey and “he” won’t help “them” by voting against relief (he remembers the vote.)

    Now, a flood hits “us” in South Carolina and “whatever it costs, it costs” for “us” to get help.


  29. I would simply say, ok Lindsey, just as soon as the Gulf States get their Katrina money owed them, and as soon as New Jersians get the money owed them. Then, and only then will South Carolina see a red cent.

  30. OK…

    1.) You didn’t get the joke I was making. That’s OK.

    2.) His ass is far too soft to get kicked. If it did get kicked, he would whine all the way back to his fellow harpies and they would attack.

  31. I want to say, Lindsey, tough shit, it’s Karma. But it’s not Lindsey Graham who is hurting. It’s just people. So I don’t want to punish them for his sins, except for the fact that they are the people who keep voting him in. So give them a token but nothing that they really need, except clean drinking water. Suck it up, SC, like you made my step-daughter do on the Jersey shore.

  32. …you apparently didn’t read my comment…I said that {example: “Man that gas I had was a once in a hundred centuries thing!” How the “Fk” would I know what happened one hundred centuries before??? No archaeologist could possibly know what kind o’ gas any species had!!!…}
    In other words “IT WAS A GD EXPRESSION!!!”

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