Poll: Americans Like Kevin McCarthy Even Less Than John Boehner

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of public opinion, finds that the American people like House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy even less than outgoing House Speaker John Boehner. McCarthy is expected to replace Boehner as speaker, but Americans are making it clear that he won’t do so with their enthusiastic support.

Only 12 percent of Americans view McCarthy favorably, while 38 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of the California Congressman. He is equally disliked across the political spectrum, with just 11 percent of Democrats, 12 percent of Independents, and 14 percent of Republicans viewing him favorably.

By comparison, John Boehner has a slightly higher 21 percent approval rating. Boehner is more well known and also has a higher 64 percent disapproval rating. However, accounting for the fact that McCarthy is less well known than Boehner, he is still less popular even if one confines the analysis to people who have formed an opinion about the Congressman.

The difference is probably not statistically significant, so it may be more accurate to say McCarthy is equally disliked rather than more despised than Boehner. With Americans who have formed an opinion, Boehner has a negative 25/75 favorable rating, while McCarthy’s is incrementally lower at 24/76.

Part of McCarthy’s difficulties stem from his clumsy admission that the Benghazi hearings were a sham designed to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Democrats and many Independents regard him as an ideologue who is more dangerous than Boehner. Yet, movement conservatives still view him as a member of the GOP establishment and therefore, their political enemy, in much the same way they felt Boehner was.

For example, influential conservative talk show host Mark Levin slammed McCarthy as being “Eric Cantor with ten less IQ points”. For true believers like Levin and much of his talk show audience, even right-wingers like McCarthy and former Majority Leader Cantor, who was deposed in a 2014 GOP primary, are not conservative enough.

Kevin McCarthy hasn’t even taken the speaker’s gavel yet, and already American public opinion has lined up against him. Disliked by the right, the left, and the center, McCarthy will have to shore up his image quickly, or his tenure as House Speaker could be a very short one.

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  1. The House Freedumb Caucus is backing Daniel Webster, a nutter from FL and has said it will vote en bloc, so McCarthy won’t be able to get any of their 40 votes. Hatch emerged today to say that if Chaffetz is the next Speaker, the chaos in the House will worsen. Where has he been? He helped build the chaos because he lurched even farther to the right when he wanted to be reelected in 2012!

  2. that’s bad, not being know, his approval should be sky high!. I suspect if he keeps exposing republican lies, the public will embrace him

  3. Mr. Jason Easley,

    What’s the deal with closing comments on articles relating to Presidential candidates Sanders and Clinton?

    Need I remind you and everyone who comes to this website, Mr. Easley that politics ain’t beanbag, and isn’t politics the name of the game here at Politicususa? You just might be in the wrong business if this early in the game you can’t handle, or don’t want to deal with, any type of strident, hyperbolic, vigorous debate.

    Censorship, PoliticusUSA?


  4. “This may be one of the ugliest abuses of taxpayer funds and exploitations of a National Tragedy in Modern American History.
    Politicians in both parties can expect to be dragged through the mud, but conservatives should be ashamed of dishonoring men and women who try to keep us safe, solely for Partisan Political Gain. There should be general agreement — if nothing else, common decency should tell you — that Politicizing a Tragedy such as this crosses a line.
    This was a political Hit-Job of the highest order. Hopefully, it is the last we’ll see of any kind of political attack like it”. -David Brock
    Ladies and Gentleman…
    We may have found a way to Stop The Republican Maliciousness. We should Remind Our Nation:

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourself” A.L.

  5. “This was a political Hit-Job of the highest order. Hopefully, it is the last we’ll see of any kind of political attack like it”. -David Brock”

    Nope, they just moved on to Planned Parenthood. You can’t fix stupid.

  6. I think the republicans in Congress should elect the most extreme right-wing dimwit they’ve got. It’ll just make it that much easier for the Democrats come Nov 2016.

  7. Suga, the Hillary websites were all a buzz with shock over the “shut it down” headline since the Times was one of the instigators.

    Brock had company with his coffee spittle.

    I read the Benghazi Hoax book when Media Matters put it out and it is about time that the mass media stops promoting a “good click bait” story and tells the truth.

  8. This man has beaten George Bush when it comes to communication. “McCarthyism” has taken over at this conferences. I don’t believe that he can put a sentence together that makes sense. He is a disaster. This so call “young gun” has shown is ignorance.

  9. Can the RWingers lurch even more to the right? I get the feeling that they will not be happy until we are back in the 5th Century.

  10. The thugs are really going to elect a man to Speaker who speaks the English language but barely. All ahead full. Being a yellow dog democrat nothing they do surprises me.

  11. …I think they wanna go back to the 5th Century so they can assassinate Muhammad’s ancestors, killing off the Muslim faith before it even starts…{/S}

  12. I said a few days ago they were going to scrap McCarthy and insert Trey Gowdy.

    But, with Republicans self destructing and imploding right before our eyes, who knows who they’ll nominate.

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