Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Raul Grijalva Becomes First Congressman To Endorse Sanders

raul grijalva
Arizona Congressmen Raul Grijalva (AZ-3) plans to announce his endorsement of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for President on Friday, when the two men appear together at a Tucson rally.

Grijalva is co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus along with Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-5). Grijalva is also a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He represents Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District which spans much of the Arizona-Mexico border and extends into the South and West portions of Tucson. Congressman Grijalva has one of the most consistently progressive voting records in the U.S. House.

Sanders’ Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has already received endorsements from 114 Representatives and 30 Senators. Although Sanders is way behind in the congressional endorsement race, Grijalva’s backing represents a significant boost for Sanders’ campaign. Grijalva is influential in progressive circles. The seven-term congressman also holds considerable clout with Latino voters, especially in his home state of Arizona.

Sanders will appear for a rally in Tucson Friday night, a few days ahead of the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday. Grijalva’s endorsement will give the Senator a nice feather in his cap, as he embarks upon his journey to sin city.

Whether Grijalva’s decision to endorse Sanders will spur other progressive members of congress to follow suit remains to be seen. Grijalva’s backing adds an heir of legitimacy to Sander’s campaign. While the grassroots has been “feeling the Bern” for several weeks now, Grijalva becomes the first high ranking public official to catch fire for the campaign.

Congressman Grijalva has defended Sanders for several months, although until now he had not expressed formal support for Sanders. However, in September it became obvious that the Arizona congressman was enamored of Sanders’ candidacy, when he argued:

The expectation that he [Sanders] will fade, I think, is not true because the agenda he’s putting forward, instead of tamping down momentum, it’s increasing momentum. … He’s ignited the base in a way that we haven’t been able to do for six years.

When pressed on why Sanders’ hadn’t been endorsed by any member of congress yet, Grijalva simply responded by saying “It’ll come.” He wasn’t kidding. Now Sanders has his first congressional endorsement, but if his campaign continues to build momentum, it will not be his last.

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  1. Michael…Agree…!!!….”Cricket”….!!!!…As Opposed to How Many Does his Opponent Have….!!!!!!!???????….More like DRIP DROP..!!!!…..GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And how about that Carson?
    The article and pictures of some of his patients who were maimed by him – wow, I think he retired because he had so many malpractice law suits against him.
    I cannot imagine a brain surgeon leaving a sponge in a woman’s brain.
    Story in UKmail

  3. That’s funny. I guess this doofus doesn’t know Sanders has voted against every Democratic bill for immigration reform. Sanders says immigrants hurt America by taking jobs from Americans and driving down wages. He sounds like a right wing hater, not a “progressive”.

  4. Raul Grijalva is a good man and a great Democrat. If he feels the bern then we should allow him to do that and not insult him.

  5. Well the bern can say he marched with MLK so that gives him civil rights cred but one man that actually was in the fight is not buying it

    Breaking: John Lewis Endorses Hillary Clinton

    As our former Secretary of State, Senator from New York, and first Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be President of the United States. I know her heart. We need her leadership, not just here in America, but all over the world. She is tireless in her advocacy for those who have been left out and left behind. She is ready to be President on day one. Hillary Clinton has my wholehearted endorsement, and I plan to work and campaign for her to see that she is elected the next President of the United States.

  6. Wrapping up 1/2 of all union members in the country doesn’t count.

    The strongest unions who back her have not announced yet. AFSCME and SEIU have said she has 75% of their members on board.

    She has a stuffed back pocket.

    But for today – Feel the Bern, Raul.

  7. As a Sanders supporter endorsements from the Democratic establishment mean very little to me. 76% of Americans have a extremely low opinion of these people. However, Rep. Raul Grijalva’s endorsement holds meaning for me. He has been a leader in progressive politics for years and is a strong proponent of issues important to me. My sincere thanks to this outstanding Congressman for having the guts to stand up and support Sen. Sanders.

  8. His constituents know and the Clinton campaign will make certain that Sanders’ past votes against sensible and fair immigration reform – those he made when he didn’t have an eye on running for president – will come to the forefront.

    And that’s all that matters, riverhouse. So no worries there. In the end, Grijalva will endorse Hillary Clinton just as the vast majority of his House colleagues and the vast majority of the Progressive Caucus have.

  9. I hear you. I got banned on Democratic Underground if the subject is Bernie. I don’t know why since I always say if Bernie gets the nomination I will vote for him. I just point out my opinion, but Bernie supporters don’t like it, I guess.

  10. What’s the deal with every Hillary article having the comments shut down? Are the bern or bust people becoming too outrageously negative? All I see are anti-Hillary propaganda coming from these supposedly progressive commenters. It’s no secret politicususa is backing Bernie. That’s fine, but the whole “if Bernie doesn’t win, I’m not voting” is suspicious. Why would Bernie’s people want to attack and refuse to vote for Hillary thereby giving the republican’s the Presidency?

  11. Dissent on Israel Not Permitted at Bernie Sanders Event


  12. Back in May and June I was convinced this site was a con-job set up by Rs to fool democrats – it was that bad. Then in July and part of August it got so bad I didn’t read it or comment at all because it was infested with Rs pretending to be for Bern.

    They bash Republicans with glee yet support obvious damage to the Democratic party every single day.

    I concluded a few of them are just not very bright or just do not pay attention.

    One of the reasons I stay here is DJ. We do not always agree but he is clearly not a sockpuppet Republican and wants the Dems to win.

    That they allow that Tiffany bullchit is beyond what should ever be tolerated on a so called Liberal site.

    It is wrong, there is no defense of it, he posts it many times a day for months.

    I should link to under everyone of his posts………

  13. As a Sanders supporter endorsements from the Democratic establishment mean very little to me.
    However, Rep. Raul Grijalva’s endorsement holds meaning for me.

    So either you’re ignorant of the fact that you’re contradicting yourself – OR – you only like and approve of congresscritters who support your candidate who, by the way, still isn’t a Democrat, still doesn’t like Democrats, still loathes the Democratic Party, and is on record wanting to primary the first Black President – a Democrat – in 2012, while running for the Dem nom?

    Don’t tell me. You’re not a Democrat. In that case, who should care how you feel about Democrats other than Republicans and Libertarians?

  14. I would love to see you do that Rin! This Victor Tiffany guy offers nothing but, vote/support Bernie Sanders or else…

    I’ve been coming to this web site since 2012 and appreciate you, DJ, AndyCA, ICH, and all of the other regulars and semi-regulars who post on here and who know what they are talking about and are very knowledgeable. After reading posts from idiots on the right over on Huffington Post, I come here to get my sanity back with the help from all of you. Thank you!!!

  15. …the ONLY GD pledge I’m takin’ is one I took with me Dad whilst in the Navy: ONLY drink quality booze…

  16. @ Rin,

    Bernie only registering 9% with Democrats with Veep Biden – who isn’t even running – at 10%?

    It appears very few Democrats are “feeling the Bern”.

    Thanks for the link. It’s not going to make the GOP, the RNC, the Koch Bros, and Bernie Sanders and their collective supporters very happy, though.

  17. Von send him lots more. Send him a hundred. All of you send Bernie $100 right now.

    He is running ads all over the internet for weeks saying he is being attacked by Superpacs. Surely someone knows what that is about, right?

    He is being attacked by Superpacs, right?

    He must be. He is begging for money for weeks about it all over.

    He can’t possibly be talking about the one email David Freaking Brock sent to ONE reporter over at Freaking Huff Po about Corbyn being a truly horrible candidate and Bernie supporting him being truly dumb.

    It can’t be about that? There must be a huge superpac attack against the poor man.

    Send him money.

    A fool and his money are soon parted, sigh.

  18. Sounds like a gathering of a few Left trying to wear TBers lite pants!! Pose as if to be a threat without any real plan!!

    Noticed how things ‘disappear’!!! LOL

  19. @Rin ..and I very much enjoy reading your posts, as well. :-)

    it’s still more than a year out, and Hillary’s opponents are out of desperation trying to use any ploy that their feeble, pea-sized brains can muster to try to damage her. as Paul Begala said on AC360, “they can go ahead and try for the umpteenth time; it’s still not gonna work..”

    you’re a trooper, Rin.. love it!

  20. That’s nice, but I’m backing Hillary. Unlike some who are saying it’s Bernie or nobody, I will support him if he wins. I just happen to think that Sen/Secretary of State Hillary is the person who knows both domestic and foreign issues inside and out. Again it’s my opinion, so don’t attack me with any “I hate Hillary” idiocy. It’s too important to keep the Presidency and to get out the vote in 2016 to oust Teabaggers and other GOP nutjobs.

  21. Victor, as a dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer I am offended, insulted by, and take great exception to this Bernie or else bullshit you are posting. Bernie Sanders himself doesn’t support this bullshit, the campaign doesn’t support this bullshit and you are harming the Sanders campaign with this bullshit. Please cease and desist from this bullshit immediately.

  22. Actually its only 14% favorable so it would be 84% disapproval for Congress
    Gallup Poll

    Berie is running in the Democrat primary but we know he is independent and is pulling from all 3 parties (independents as well).

    This ain’t about party, its about us and creating a political revolution. Bernie for President and we can start that revolution now!

  23. _This is going to be an excellent way to introduce Latinos to Bernie Sanders. Love to see this followed up by the other co-chair of the progressive caucus: Keith Ellison._

    And remember, Bernie is having a rally today at 6pm in Tucson, AZ where Grijalva will speak as well. RSVP if you plan to attend:

    Únase con Bernie

    Bernie Sanders Speech to National Council of La Raza denouncing racism

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