Democrats May Gain Power In House As Republican Congressman Suggests Bipartisan Speaker


Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) is suggesting that the way House Republicans will defeat the extremists in their party is to give Democrats power by forming a coalition to elect a bipartisan Speaker of the House.


Moderate Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania suggested that House Republicans might have to form a bipartisan coalition with Democrats to elect the next Speaker and defeat the extremists in their own party.

Rep. Dent said, “The challenge for our conference is quite simple. That we need to assemble bipartisan coalitions to pass any important legislation around here. We may have to assemble a bipartisan coalition to elect the next Speaker of the House of Representatives… Whoever is going to be the next Speaker should not appease this group of rejectionists who have no interest in governing. They can simply not get to yes. The perfect will always be the enemy of the good to them, so we just have to deal with the reality as it is.”

It is imaginable that establishment House Republicans will have to recruit Democratic votes to elect a Speaker of the House that is acceptable to both Republicans and Democrats.

The reality is that the candidates that the extremists prefer will never be accepted by a majority of the House Republicans, and the establishment candidates will be rejected by the extremists.

The House under Republican control has been dysfunctional from the first day of their majority. There is something appropriate about the idea that the same Republicans who forced John Boehner out may end up unifying the House against them.

A bipartisan Speaker isn’t at the top of the list of possible outcomes, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. Republican chaos may give Democrats an unprecedented amount of power in the House.

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  1. Good ole Dems..always there to make things happen and get the GOP out of their self-induced messes.

  2. I’m not holding my breath. The fact that a Republican is even suggesting this shows how dysfunctional they are

  3. On second thought, it is probably some twisted trap set by the GOP to put the Dems in hot water somehow. GOP cannot be trusted one iota.

  4. Those bastards are not smart enough to put Dems in hot water, they’re home schooled. Simple intelligence comparison. They’d like to see some of us along the driveway entrance to one of their billion dollar golf courses. Each of us holding a lamp & wearing confederate flag overalls.

  5. I agree with you Mr. Uhr, On a earlier post I wrote that maybe Mr. McCarthy did not always believe the crazy religious right x-tains, and CINOs (christians in name only) portrayed with their spouting talking points and FEAR mongering. My post received at least 28 NO WAY VOTEs.

    I still feel that Maybe Mr.McCarthy’s conscience got the better of him Re: Truth telling to the American PEOPLE.

    However I reserve my final opinion, that even in a whole barrel of bad apples there are still a few that turn out ok.

  6. The Tea-Party Poisoned the GOP Well!
    They rabble-roused people into a frenzy of Hatred and Rage…
    The Tea-Party has become like a vicious
    Animal they can no longer control!

  7. When Boehner sang zip-a-dee-doo-dah recently before
    announcing his resignation, did it remind you of Song of
    the South? That, plus the current House hot potato that
    must be caught “trap scenario” gives us a You-Yube that
    best sums it all up. It’s titled: Uncle Remus’ “Wonderful
    Tar Baby Story” and was posted by Todd Carpenter.
    My computer skills limit my ability to offer it in blue type,
    but it’s worth the visit and done tastefully. ‘Nuff respect.

  8. The Republicans (voters and the moderate Representatives) Must find a way to discard those T-Party Termites, who are destroying their foundation from within. The moderates ARE being held hostage by the T-Party elements. From day one, when they marched into the House they were BAD NEWS! It’s time for sanity to return, not only for a peace of mind for the saner Republicans, but for the country as a whole.

  9. Could some grown-ups actually be getting back in charge? Glory be. Rep. Dent is the first Republican in a really long time to admit that the do-nothing, know-nothing, whiny cry-baby tea-tards are nothing but a hindrance. Let them pout in the corner about planned parenthood and obamacare and the debt limit. They represent a fringe minority viewpoint and should be treated as such. The grown-ups can conduct the people’s business like they are PAID to do.

  10. This situation could actually be a chance for Boehner, if he were of a mind to, to take care of some major problems that desperately need taking care of with bi-partisan support – the budget, the debt ceiling, the highway bill, the immigration bill,etc. With the Democratic Caucus and around thirty Republican votes, these bills can pass the House. The far-right extremists would be marginalized, I’m sure there are at least thirty non-batshit-crazy Republicans who aren’t afraid of being primaried for voting with Democrats, and Boehner would eventually be able to retire having actually accomplished something for the “American people” he’s so fond of saying that he represents.

  11. This reminds me of a sci fi movie where the bad guy who spurns and embarrasses his competitor, creates a virus or monster he can’t control and inevitably has to go crawling to his competitor to come to his and humanity’s rescue.

  12. Anybody want to bet they hand the gavel to Nancy Pelosi and then turn and blame their mess on her in the 2016 election?

    At first I thought it would be impossible that they would vote Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house, but now I’m saying it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it happened.

    The question is, would Nancy accept the post if they voted her in?

  13. Lorrene,
    We are not in glee of this mess! We want Two Strong Political Parties. Like two wings of an Airplane working in harmony.

    But since Citizens United created a monster paying big bucks to Brainwash the Rightwing. Look at Michael Savage, Mark Levin rabble rousing people into a frenzy of fear and hatred for our sitting President and all things on the Left.

    Check out how people like The Koch’s fund RightWing Hate Radio:

    How Fox News Brainwashes innocent Americans who are thinking they’re getting the truth.

    We need the return of The Fairness Doctrine!

    Where Lies like Carly Fiorina saying there’s a video she described…
    While No one can find this video!

    Misinforming The RightWing is destroying America. Please, please look into it!

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  14. The Tea-Party Poisoned the GOP Well!
    They rabble-roused people into a frenzy of Hatred and Rage…
    The Tea-Party has become like a vicious
    Animal they can no longer control! —————————————————————————————-The GOP got VD from getting in bed with the Koch invented Tea Party. No condom. German/NAZI family tree, Republican aim for world domination, ect, ect. Inhumane to say the least, & GOP hate for others. Hang on, they’re on their own this time. Very troublesome for them.

  15. As I was listening to the news, the thought came, the thugs should come together with the Dem’s and (kill- off) the terrible disease of the teabaggers. Opened my compt and lo-and-behold that is being considered.
    Now if, Bonehead is smart he could be the savior of his party..He may even end up in History as the man who forced these egg heads to finally do the job they were elected for. Because I am sure History will have much to say about this period and those who tried to destroy our country. Never before has this Nation been faced with such evil leaders. whose soul purpose is to bring down the Nation and remake it to suite their desire.

  16. Good strategy, GSB, but do you think Boehner has the chops? Personally, I don’t. I think he is just biding his time. At first I THOUGHT maybe he had an awakening from Pope Francis’ speech, but after he refused to dismantle the FAKE Benghazi committee, I said you know what? This guy doesn’t give a crap about truth or honesty.

    I don’t think he has the chops to get anything done, let alone rid the house of these roaches.

  17. I know the Bern-bots won’t like her because she is an “old school real Democrat” (establishment), but I have NO problem with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House… Again.

  18. Nancy Pelosi has 188 Democrats in her caucus. She would need about 30 “Republicans” to work with her to keep our Country at bay from the “Mad Max Party.”

  19. GSB. Boehner has a way out of the Tea Bag Trap. He can suspend the Hastert rule and work with Democrats then sideline the Reich Wing. Hastert does not have the greatest name anyway since his “wrestling” expose’.

  20. Yep,they’re bad. Not close to being the worst. That position belongs to the men who founded the Confederate States of America.

  21. I might remind you all that we don’t have a lot of time… two short months the sh#? is going to hit the fan.

  22. McCarthy shouldn’t get points for being truthful or honest. He’s just a typical stupid GOPer who was so politically inexperienced he couldn’t keep himself from bragging on the false flag the Republicans had planted on Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. It wasn’t truthfulness. It was just plain stupidity. He was trying to make himself look clever and it backfired on him.

  23. TRUE Democratinny. Don’t think he has what’s needed. Don’t believe he can see that far ahead either. rethugs only see as far ahead as their noses.

  24. Ain’t gonna happen. This is exactly what the Kochs want. Without a speaker, the government is effectively shut down without even a whimper, much less a fight. The Koch party is never going to compromise in any way, shape or form. That’s not what they are being paid to do. Even if Boner sticks around, he has already proven that he is totally ineffective and incompetent. The reich-wing is a hate group period.l They have no interest in government, much less having to do the actual work of governing. The Kochs are succeeding in their agenda to destroy America by destroying the government, which is in effect the destruction of the American people.

  25. So who is Charlie Dent thinking of as a “bipartisan” Speaker? Charlie Dent is not my representative but he has half the county where I live. He is not a rabid Tea Party type but moderate Republican is not the first thing which comes to my mind for Representative Dent. He is more of a useless piece of furniture sitting in a safe district.

    I wonder if he thinks he would be the “bipartisan” Speaker of the House?

  26. Would former Iowa congressman Jim Leach be available to be speaker. He was one of the last of the rational people in the GOP and could get both Democratic and Republican support.

  27. Suga,when carly said something about harvesting the brain. I knew it was false all the way. As far as I know Brain transplanting has not been perfected. If it was, I’d suggest Carly be first in line.

  28. If, those bad apples are left In the barrel, they do infect every apple . so, that is why bad apples are taken out… something the rethugs are not willing to do so far, which keeps on infecting all the others.

  29. They brought it all on themselves by embracing that part of the electorate that flew under the radar until Obama was elected. When they came out from under their rocks and bridges, the GOP embraced them and gave them a national platform, a microphone, encouraged and supported their election thinking they could exploit and control them. I would not be surprised if many of those that support those crazies rarely ever voted before so now the right is terrified of marginalizing them and risk them not showing up at the polls. They’re reaping what they sowed.

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