Radical House Freedom Caucus Doomed McCarthy’s Chances Of Becoming Speaker

kevin mccarthy
Recalcitrant members of the roughly forty-member House Freedom Caucus threatened a floor fight to reject Kevin McCarthy’s bid to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, and on Thursday Rep. McCarthy surrendered without a fight. The House Freedom Caucus had signaled their intent to throw their support behind Florida Congressman Daniel Webster. Webster is a hard-line conservative who also challenged John Boehner for the Speaker’s position in January, but only managed to garner 12 votes in his quixotic quest to seize the gavel.

House conservatives were grumbling that they didn’t want McCarthy to be a carbon copy of Boehner, and most of them insisted that McCarthy had done nothing to assuage their concerns. Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp for example, was unpersuaded by McCarthy’s attempts to mollify him. Huelskamp, who is the nominal leader of the House Freedom Caucus had this to say about McCarthy:

You can’t just say, ‘I’m not John Boehner. Well, you really are. How are you different? I wanted specifics. There were very little.

Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold struck a similar tone when he stated:

McCarthy’s pitch was, I’m not John Boehner, I’m going to run things differently, I’m my own man. And I think that is a case that he does have to make. One of the things I hear all the time from my constituents back in Texas is, we don’t want John Boehner 2.0.

McCarthy would have needed fewer than 30 Republican defections on the House floor. When it became clear that 30 or more Republicans were prepared to jump ship, and McCarthy would fall short of the 218 votes needed to secure a majority, McCarthy threw in the towel. Current House Speaker John Boehner will remain Speaker of the House until Republicans can get their act together and settle on a replacement.

Republican conservatives are an increasingly intractable bunch, and they will demand a heap of concessions from whomever wishes to replace Boehner, before lending him or her their support. Given the Republican House’s inability to reach consensus on even simple matters, the outlook for finding a new Speaker is fraught with uncertainty.

22 Replies to “Radical House Freedom Caucus Doomed McCarthy’s Chances Of Becoming Speaker”

  1. …the heads-we-win-tails-you-lose crowd is so busy paintin’ themselves into a corner, they don’t see they are alienating more and more real Americans…

  2. Of course they didn’t even give him a frickin’ chance to prove himself. Methinks this “Freedom Caucus” should just be called “Freedom to Cock Up”.

  3. So it looks like the Freedom Caucus will force whoever gets elected to find votes on both sides of the aisle.
    Power to the dems!

  4. Power to Pelosi! My understanding is that BOTH parties submit one nominee for the job, and ours is Nancy. If no one gets 218, and a GOPer cannot without our help, Boehner has to stay and act like a man.

  5. “FREEDOM” Caucus????? Freedom of what or for whom???? Of religion, choice of our lives, our education, or political beliefs, or not???? FREEDOM of our VOTE??????

    For a Party of sm government and LESS REGULATIONS, you Repubs. sure demand to rule everyone’s lives.

  6. Yes, a “Word Salad, Incoherent Speaker” is Just what the House Needs Right Now ! ?

    What could go wrong ! ?

  7. I told you so. The Anti-Americans said they hated McCarthy, so out he goes.

    They want someone that will slobber over their every word, for their word is filled with hate, rage, anger and bodily fluids.

  8. All they have done is prove that there is no GOP any longer. What is left is a collection of small splinter groups that would rather pee their pants than build a bathroom. The extremists fail to realize that they have destroyed themselves.

  9. They are on their knees begging Paul Ryan to be the savior of them all.

    I know he said no but I think he will be persuaded to step in either temporary or longer.

    They have been saying he cancelled all his plans and is clearing his calendar to work on this mess.

  10. GOP-Greedy/Hateful-Tactics were explained by Mark Twain long ago:

    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it’s stored…
    Than anything on which it is poured”

    Just look at all the Hatred The Pub Party has poured upon our President and all Liberals.
    They did the same Investigation-Tactic with Clinton, nipping at his/her heels constantly as President.

    “We Shall Make Barack Obama a One-Term President”
    While they destroyed all progress and positive things for America!

    Stop The Vitriol Republicans…
    Let’s Work Together for America.

  11. The Hill reported that there was quite a bit of crying going on when McCarthy withdrew from running to be the next speaker, and Peter King mentioned that the House has turned into a Banana Republic. When Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy and other establishment GOPers were supporting the TPers in their bid to win seats in Congress in the 2010 midterm elections, it never entered their minds that they were assisting those who would lead to their own demise. House TPers have selected their new targets, and they’re members of their own party in Congress. The House TPers are tearing the GOP apart at the seams. You can’t make this stuff up.

  12. The not-enough-votes might have contributed to his decision, but more damning reports on his real reasons might have more to do with the “allegations” that he & fellow legislator Rene Eller(SP?) were/are having a well known affair & the threats that evidence to prove it was going to come out if he continued to run.

    Rethuglicans – Not exactly the party of Integrity or Reason.

  13. Boehner “act like a man?” That’d be a first. I sure hope Maxie hasn’t bought up all the popcorn!

  14. Yes, well, a lot of the commenters here saw this coming, but naturally the GOPers didn’t. They’re incapable of looking for unintended consequences.

  15. Washington is a small town, and like any small town all juicy secrets are open. Especially in closed circles. When the affair saw light. It was hushed up a lot faster than his admission Bengazisi was just to hurt Hillary Clinton. His affair with Renee Ellmers, an “open secret”. That means even street sweepers know.
    It was a tell when he shows up with his wife and family, he knew the questions would be Family Values soft…While the cameras were on.
    Actually Kevin and the “blond” have a lot in common and I am absolutely not surprised. I have been furious since I became one of the victims of her gerrymandered district. Both have proven themselves to be endentured prostitutes for rich “pimps” And both are more greedy than smart. I HATE what those people have done to my state. Twice in one week we have been news. Meadows and now Ellmers, both text book examples of dishonest carpet baggers, gerrymandered into office. And both of their “problems” already hushed up.

  16. Will some one please explain why, when a rethug has an affair of long standing. why oh why? will that Women stand beside the offender, with a smile on her face and children beside them. Why ?? I’d tell that man to go take a jump in the nearest pond of scum he could find… What is it with these republican women???? Have they no pride or.. is the money and the bowing and scraping they are given so great, that it makes up for all transgressions?

  17. And I thought it was because he was unable to speak, he admitted they were investigating Benghazi just to lower Hillary’s poll numbers, wasting 4.6 million of our tax dollars, and Mr Family values is having an affair…I thought he was perfect to represent the GOP

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