Republicans In Disarray After Kevin McCarthy Drops Out Of Speaker Race

mccarthy admits benghazi lie

Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who was the favorite to be the next Speaker of the House, dropped out of the race today after he could not politically recover from letting the truth slip out about the House Republican Benghazi investigation.

According to The Hill:

McCarthy dropped out of the race because he did not believe he could reach the 218 votes needed in a public roll-call vote on the floor later this month to be elected Speaker, according to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who spoke to reporters after the GOP meeting adjourned.

Issa said McCarthy gave that message to his colleagues, and that McCarthy did not believe he could unite the conference.

Kevin McCarthy never recovered from the mistake of admitting on national television that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is an investigation that is designed to bring down Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Every time McCarthy tried to walk back his admission of the truth, he made things worse. The end came for his candidacy to be Speaker when the House Freedom Caucus announced that they would not be supporting his bid to lead the House.

Majority Leader McCarthy appeared to be in way over his head, and he had never secured the 218 votes necessary to be elected Speaker. McCarthy managed to both wreck his party and destroyed his political future in one swoop.

Republicans were in chaos when running for Speaker, but now they are in complete disarray. There is no frontrunner to be Speaker. If Republicans can’t agree on a candidate by October 29, John Boehner will have to stay on because his resignation does not go into effect until after a new Speaker is chosen.

House Republicans are an absolute mess. McCarthy’s decision to drop out has taken poured gasoline on the GOP tire fire.

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  1. 2016 is going to be a REALLY rough year. Historians will study it for decades to come. Psychiatrists will study it to try and figure out how everybody went so crazy.

  2. One point of that forked toungue snitched on Republican continuing criminal enterprise a activities.

  3. If you watched Stephen Colbert last night, you saw the best take down of any wanna-be leader for Rethuglicans ever. They just showed a couple videos of this McCarthy idiot trying to put words together in a sentence. It was so funny. Then Colbert did his version and it hit the nail on the head. I think McCarthy saw that and concluded he really is an idiot. Bye-bye!

  4. Now that McCarthy has dropped out (probably in fear of retaliation from the House Anti-American Caucus), there’s no one there to be Speaker…

    Well, no one with any sense left. The remaining contenders never had any to begin with.

  5. 100 % foolishness! GOP not in disarray…# the teabaggers are MAD AT OBAMA for doing better they WANTED HIM to and they CAN’T BEAT HIM. if romney was president, 85% of this BS would not happen………# THIS FARCE is just a smoke screen for NOT WANTING TO DEAL WITH the BIG ISSUES… implementing a long term BUDGET THAT FULLY THE NATIONS PRIORITIES . Because after this happens….the teabaggers won’t have anything to whine about

  6. Sahil Kapur
    ✔ ‎@sahilkapur
    Rep. Charlie Dent (R) says there may have to be a bipartisan coalition on the floor to elect the next speaker.

    Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), interviewed live on CNN, said McCarthy withdrew because although he could have won a majority of the Republican Conference, he would not have had 218 votes on the House floor.

    Dent said it might be necessary to form a “bipartisan coalition” with Democrats to elect the next speaker and avoid having to appease the “rejectionist wing” of his own party, which he said has made the House ungovernable by insisting on “unreasonable demands.”

  7. Who would have thought, that keeping John Boehner the best choice they had for speaker of the house. Who is left?
    Hopefully some one a little bit less narcissistic than Chafects or Issa. Who is the senior member of the House Rep?

  8. When Rachel showed clips of him ” trying” to speak in complete sentences that made sense, I had cold chills run up my back. He sounded exactly like their other trained chimp, Bush.

  9. This is from the NY Times – Hillary knocks out her first Republican and she didn’t lift a single finger towards him.

    “Mr. McCarthy’s candidacy was damaged when he suggested in an interview on Fox News last week that the House committee investigating Benghazi had the political aim of damaging Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign. He acknowledged that his remarks about Benghazi had factored into his decision.”

  10. Last night and the night before Rachel Maddow highlighted his most recent press conferences and his sentences would suggest that he is borderline illiterate. He could definitely give Dudya a run for his money.

  11. Tsk., Tsk., The House wing of the Party of NO who have tried and tried to Mess Obama up, and now can’t even get anybody to take over the House. First, their hapless leader (Boehner) QUIT!, then secondly, their heir apparent, put his foot in his mouth (usual thing for Republicans)and drops out before the NO votes would have counted him out anyway. Who’s next? Or better yet, who Dares to put his self into the lion’s den? (The Tea Party Lions are waiting to tear him apart if they are not appeased in their crazy/drunken quest to wreck the government and country). They are looking totally dysfunctional in the eyes of the nation and world. These are the Republicans who want to govern? And have shown that they are inept at it, yet criticize our President who has outshined them from the get-go. Go figure. Is Trump coming to their rescue? Ha! I don’t think so, he is adding to their misery, if you ask me.

  12. I think they should blame President Obama.
    He gets blame for everything else. I love poking fun at the rethugs. They have no ability to “just get along”. Rodney King where are you when the republicans need you?

  13. “McCarthy managed to both wreck his party and destroyed his political future in one swoop.”

    I was inclined to hope that it was a Conservative course correction, and that some sapling of integrity was growing out of the massive dung heap of their previous mendacious activities.

    I probably overthought it, as hope springs eternal.

  14. Saw the home school scholar on TV, boy’s English gets a person thinking about suicide by squirrel, or just being themselves. Dumb & as sharp as the shiniest of marbles.

  15. What the press release said:
    “Kevin McCarthy is withdrawing from the race for House Speaker”

    What Kevin McCarthy said:
    “Into what insufficient that going I’ve delivery several from returning original than ever conditioning. And being not in the today relief.”

  16. The problem with Dent’s postulation is that the less-than-batshit-crazy House Republicans are afraid of being primaried if they co-operate/compromise with Democrats, so it looks like wishful thinking to me.

  17. Dent is in a swing district like about 35 other republicans who should have been shown the door if we had a competent head of the DNC. That’s not either here or there now what is important is that if there are serious republicans who want to govern then they must make a deal with the Democrats.

  18. Absolutely Thomas! And we should Broadcast this far and wide.
    Republicans can no longer Govern America!
    All they can do is attack/attack/attack our Sitting President and The Democratic Party!

    And list the ways!

  19. Thomas,
    We should all be writing Letters To The Editor of our Newspapers with quotes just like your Comment.
    Wake-Up America!

  20. Thomas. From what I have read, it wasn’t his “foot in the wrong place”, but something from his pants that was in the wrong place. TSK, TSK once again, the family values party shows it’s true value.

  21. I’d like to see every Democrat vote for Nancy Pelosi. Let the Republicans do their worst on their own.

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