Republicans Self-Destruct: Paul Ryan Refuses To Run For Speaker As Boehner Forced To Stay


The story coming out of the House Republican caucus is only getting crazier. Rep. Paul Ryan is refusing to run for Speaker while John Boehner is being forced to stick around until a new leader can be found.

Rep. Ryan said that McCarthy was the right person for a job that apparently no sane person wants, “Kevin McCarthy is the best person to lead the House, and so I’m disappointed in this decision. Now it is important that we, as a conference, take time to deliberate and seek new candidates for the speakership. While I am grateful for the encouragement I’ve received, I will not be a candidate. I continue to believe I can best serve the country and this conference as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.”

In other words, Paul Ryan has no interest in dealing with the crazies in his own party.

The election of a new Speaker has been postponed, and allies of John Boehner admitted that he is going to have to stick around longer than anyone expected. Boehner’s October 30th retirement looks to be off the table, as the Republicans who pushed Boehner out may be stuck with him for months longer if the GOP can’t agree on who should be the next Speaker of the House.

What is happening in the House Republican caucus has been years in the making. The nation is witnessing the complete self-destruction of the majority party in the House of Representatives.

House Republicans are so fractured and divided that no one who could lead them wants the job. The idea is being floated that Republicans may have to elect a temporary “caretaker” Speaker to get through next year’s elections.

Citizens United has made each Republican member of the House responsive to only their donors. There is little party unity among the House GOP. The reality is that the Republican caucus is ungovernable, and they have paralyzed the country with their constant desire for crisis and confrontation.

If anyone needs to know why the government can’t get anything done, look no further than the dysfunctional misfits who call themselves House Republicans.

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  1. Oh this is priceless. I think the GOP just handed Congress back to the grownups’ party. Thank you, Mr. Boehner. Thank you Grover…your nefarious pledge has now bitten you where it hurts. Thank you, Koch Brothers. Thank you, Tea Party. America has had enough of your guns, your lies, your fake religion, and your whining. Time to let the adults return America to some form of sanity.

  2. Michael, Conservatism IS a FAILURE! because it fails to raise humanity to higher levels of intellect and compassion. It reduces to shambles whatever it touches. Conservatism is for people who have failed to become truly HUMAN or cogent, Conservatism is for the weak of mind and the weak of control.

  3. How’s that governing thing working out for ya GOP? You guys got a “laser focus” on a jobs bill yet?

  4. Joy Reid
    ✔ ‎@JoyAnnReid
    A pretty well connected birdie recently told me the GOP will have to go for a consensus candidate – not a tea partier. We shall see.

    1:22 PM – 8 Oct 2015

  5. Tsk., Tsk., The House wing of the Party of NO who have tried and tried to Mess Obama up, and now can’t even get anybody to take over the House. First, their hapless leader (Boehner) QUIT!, then secondly, their heir apparent, put his foot in his mouth (usual thing for Republicans)and drops out before the NO votes would have counted him out anyway. Who’s next? Or better yet, who Dares to put his self into the lion’s den? (The Tea Party Lions are waiting to tear him apart if they are not appeased in their crazy/drunken quest to wreck the government and country). They are looking totally dysfunctional in the eyes of the nation and world. These are the Republicans who want to govern? And have shown that they are inept at it, yet criticize our President who has outshined them from the get-go. Go figure. Is Trump coming to their rescue? Ha! I don’t think so, he is adding to their misery, if you ask me.

  6. There are consequences to stealing and cheating.

    Sure, they’ve won majorities, but only by cheating and stealing away votes from millions of Americans, and ever since Bush v Gore, from the war in Iraq to losing the White House for two Presidential election cycles in a row to Kevin McCarthy, the Republican brand has been on a trajectory to hell and they are getting exactly what they deserve.

  7. Conservatism IS a FAILURE because it represents those who FEAR any thing out of their comprehension. They have bluster and puff themselves up, but these are the tactics of BULLIES.

  8. While this is an amazing squabble, they don’t realize they are destroying conservatism in ALL forms for at least two decades. The millenials and younger are watching and they ain’t impressed. The gopers are cooked. Stick a fork in ’em, they’re done.

  9. “Speaker while John Boehner is being forced to stick around until a new leader can be found.”
    Why can’t Boehner just waltz out the door weeping with joy and chugging gin straight from the bottle? Why does he have to stay?

  10. Thanks, Obama!

    Many Americans would still be letting the world swirl around them if the election of Obama to President hadn’t made Republicans and all the rest of the Obama haters and racist lose their ever loving minds and reveal what they are or how little they care about the whole of humanity or America.

  11. “Fatty arbuckle”, Keith Farenthold just stated that Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal was a selfless act. Yeah, right.

  12. And here the Catholic five on the SC thought they were handing the GOP the government with Citizen’s United and McKutcheon, but it looks like they handed them some rope instead.

  13. The trouble is the caliber of person and what he or she wants. No one wants to lead the GOP house caucus, but that is because all of them see that the Hastert Rule makes that impossible, and guarantees that a small faction can ruin governance for all of us.

    What is needed is the kind of person Boehner was not. Someone who will put another rule ahead of the Hastert Rule, call it the your-name-here rule, which says merely that nothing will stand in the way of governing.

    The person who demotes the Hastert Rule can then reach across the aisle whenever the Freedom Caucus threatens anarchy, link arms with Nancy and the Dems, and pass bills. Even good bills. Boehner punted on immigration reform. He punted on equal pay. He could have done those and other good things. Instead, he let history pass him by.

    Boehner is no Tip ONiel

  14. The tea people and the rest of the House GOP wouldn’t know how to handle the work load if Nancy Pelosi took back over, they aren’t used to actually legislating.

  15. Michael, Hitler was a CONSERVATIVE the NAZI Party was Wholly Conservative! Mussolini was a Catholic CONSERVATIVE! Francisco Franco (Spain) was a Catholic CONSERVATIVE. Just how much of a “success” were any of them besides the success of millions of lives taken and an entire planet thrown into chaos! So now Michael tell me how THEY failed Conservatism! They did not because Conservatism CANNOT be anything but a failure because it is the choice of those who have failed to be human.

  16. What I’d love to know is how any of this is good for democracy. There has to be a strong and credible opposition or what you have is no-choice.This is the crux of the problem with the US political situation with the two party system,a party that can’t lose can do almost anything with impunity.
    It also makes me worried that the republicans could actually be trying to become the unelectable party for some reason maybe only their corporate master know?

  17. “You guys got a “laser focus” on a jobs bill yet?”
    Yes, in the sense that kitty cats will chase a laser dot for hours.

  18. You’re ignoring reality if you think that any Republican Speaker will form a coalition with the Democrats, it would be the equivalent of political suicide.

  19. Speaker Boehner is partially to blame as he refused to bring bills to the floor without a clear winning majority from his party. What kind of leadership is that?

  20. Not that I want to see this happen, but I wonder if in the near future we see some fisticuffs between T-Partiers and moderates on the House floor. You’ve seen this type of hilarious fights in Parliamentary sessions in other countries right? Where chairs and umbrellas and water cups are thrown at the opposition. Even some ladies get into it by biting and kicking their opposition. THAT is laughable to see. Are These Republicans above that type of action, or will somebody break and lash out with the first knuckle crunch heard around the world. THAT, would be the end of this Party, the mutiny would be complete and remake would be in order. How that’s done , I don’t know—far fetched dreaming I guess. But I laughed in my imagination just thinking at what it would look like: Moderates saying Enough! Then flinging some green eggs at Ted Cruz. ;) OY, nah…never going to happen, we’re too civilized, right? But remember the “YOU LIE” moment? That was out of character but just …

  21. I am a conservative. I want to conserve our climate for our children. I want to conserve our public schools and universities to educate our children. I want to conserve our democracy from the oligarchs. I want to conserve the constitution. I want to conserve the right to vote for every citizen. I want to conserve the oceans. I want to conserve our privacy. I want to conserve a free and open internet. I am a proud conservative. There are no true conservatives in the Republican congress.

  22. The real question is what does Congressman Walter Jones have on Kevin McCarthy. Someone really needs to look into that.

  23. Conservatism is like communism on steroids. Control the people in every way possible while touting less control and less government.

  24. The end of the Republican party is underway. When this is all over, there will be nothing left. The Tealiban will splinter off and continue their civil war. What’s left will be begging the Democrats to help them. Trump will drop out of the race to continue making money. Boehner will be gone, so will McCarthy and that other one wants to run. Their policies will be in shambles and the Democrats will table bills which will pass with the few decent republicans and president will sign the bills. The election will come, Democrats will be elected with a biblical landslide and the dust will begin to settle.

  25. Exactly and that is why their majority cannot govern. There is no genuine majority since they cheated and stole the election. Now they are in chaos and the true winners of the election, the Democrats, will run the show with a few of the honest ones. Karma is a bitch!

  26. How do you figure that? They could lock arms with the Democrats and ignore the Tealaban factor. If the Dems give them enough votes to pass bills, they could lock with them and form a sort of coalition. What would those pigs do? If the voters agree with them, the Tealaban would be will get worse before it gets better.

  27. He could. But that would mean that Orrin Hatch would have to assume the position since he’s President pro tempore of the Senate. And I don’t think Sen. Hatch wants to have anything to do with the job. I could be wrong about how the succession would work. I haven’t been in a civics class in nearly thirty years.

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