Democrat Jack Conway Leads Matt Bevin In Close Kentucky Governor’s Race

Matt Bevin (R) on left; Jack Conway (D) on right
Matt Bevin (R) on left; Jack Conway (D) on right

With the Kentucky Governor’s election less than a month away, Democrat Jack Conway holds a narrow 43 to 41 percent lead over tea party Republican Matt Bevin, according to the latest Mason-Dixon Poll. Independent candidate Drew Curtis polls at 6 percent, and 10 percent of Kentucky voters remain undecided.

The poll was conducted from October 6th though October 8th. On October 6th, Republican candidate Matt Bevin suggested during a debate at Centre College, that Seniors who receive Medicare should be drug tested.  Bevin seemed confused by the distinction between Medicaid and Medicare, as he argued:

I firmly believe, frankly, we should drug test people who are on medical, that are on Medicaid and Medicare.

Democrats have hammered Bevin for suggesting drug testing Medicare recipients, but Bevin’s poll numbers have stayed competitive with Conway’s numbers in the conservative-leaning state. Nevertheless, the fallout from Bevin’s comments could surface in future polls, as negative reactions to debate mistakes often take a few days to materialize in the court of public opinion.

The Kentucky Governor’s race has also received attention because of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ grandstanding efforts to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. Matt Bevin has given Davis his “absolute support”, while Conway, as the state’s acting Attorney General, has often found himself at odds with Davis, over her unwillingness to comply with the law.

Remarkably all three candidates for Governor have net positive approval ratings from Kentucky voters, despite being in the middle of a contentious campaign. Democrat Jack Conway (42/30) has the highest net favorable rating but both Matt Bevin (39/34) and Drew Curtis (17/11) also have more voters who view them positively, than those who see them in a negative light.

With just over three weeks to go, the race in Kentucky is very close. If Kentucky voters do not want the state to fall into the hands of a tea party Governor, who has suggested drug testing Seniors, they had better make it a point to get out and vote for Jack Conway. As this race goes down to the wire, every vote is going to count.

12 Replies to “Democrat Jack Conway Leads Matt Bevin In Close Kentucky Governor’s Race”

  1. The Kentucky governors race has never had anything to do with Rowan County nor Kim Davis. Nobody had ever heard of Davis til recently, and not everybody in the state even knew Rowan County existed. Small, but Kentucky has 120 countries.

    Bevin is an idiot! How can you run for any political office and not know the distinction between Medicare and Medicaid. Conway will win.

  2. Bevin is an idiot but, northern Ky is hot for him because he is playing their song and he’s throwing out the right kind of dirt. Then there’s Curtis, I could see myself voting for him and he’s very in line with Conways views, but that 6% he’s pulling is enough to swing the race to Bevin. Hopefully independents will wise up and vote for what is the lesser of two evils for them.
    Northern Ky is where Bevin won the repulican nomination. Don’t under estimate it.

  3. This b.s. poll is too close for comfort & any sane person who has the commonsense God gave them should be voting Democratic since the Rethugs have put America in a state of emergency,they deserve a RethugliKKKan Tsunami coming because they are all unfit to sit or stand in our govt.

  4. …to steal one o’ Ben Franklins lines; if we can’t hang ’em together, we will hang ’em separately…lol

  5. I live in a very Conservative County, and the Blevin signs are out in the well-to-do neighborhoods as well as the dilapidated neighborhoods and trailer parks. I have done all I can, but I know Conway will lose this County by a lot. Still, I am going to try to get as many to the polls as possible.

  6. Wouldn’t you think people have seen enough of these Tea Party people yet? They can even run there own party in the House, only solution to anything is shutting the government down and one radical idea after another. Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave if he could see what his party has become. Last one to go after Medicare was Paul Ryan with his stupid voucher plan.

  7. Rowan County is Northeast, Appalachia territory. That part of the state doesn’t decide who wins the Governors Race. Its the larger cities, primarily Louisville (Jefferson County) and Lexington (Fayette) County). If Bevin is relying on Appalachia, he’s going to loose. The other city is Ashland (Boyd County), in the same region as Rowan.

  8. I know where Rowan Co is, but thats not the point. Florence in the north by Cincinnati is heavily republican TP. Thats the area that came out in droves for Bevin in the primary, thats the area that helped Fletcher win the govs seat twelve years ago. Louisville and Lexington never help McConnell win reelection, but somehow he always does.
    Something else is going on this year because down ballot races that are never close, are competitive this year. This one can’t be taken for granted.

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