Republicans Try To Distract From Their Meltdown By Releasing Edited Clinton Emails

Hillary Clinton

House Republicans are trying to distract the American people from their implosion as a caucus by releasing more edited Hillary Clinton emails.

Yahoo News reported, “Hillary Clinton used her private email account to pass along the identity of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence sources, raising new questions about her handling of classified information, according to excerpts from previously undisclosed emails released Thursday by Rep. Trey Gowdy, the Republican chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.”

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon responded, “Trey Gowdy continues to release selective and misleading information about emails sent to Hillary Clinton, even as he refuses to make public any of the transcripts from the closed-door witness interviews that actually relate to Benghazi. This letter is one more example of the partisan approach taken throughout his thoroughly discredited investigation.”

It isn’t a coincidence that House Republicans are trying to distract from the fact that they are in total collapse by releasing more selectively edited information to make it appear as if Hillary Clinton broke the law.

Today’s release of edited information confirms the truth that Kevin McCarthy let slip out. The Select Committee on Benghazi is all about politics. Republicans are trying to use the committee as political cover to hide the fact that they are in complete chaos.

House Republicans can’t govern. No one competent appears to want the job of trying to lead them. The Benghazi Committee has been outed as a total sham, and all Republicans can do in response is release more bogus edited emails.

This sad and pathetic waste of taxpayer money must stop now.

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  1. The GOP never learns. They are experiencing mega issues within their party, and they still have their beaks in other peoples’ business. They are wicked stupid. More so than I ever thought.

    Dems should not help them out. Let them find their way out of their mess. Leave Hillary out of it.

    All the GOP has done is create drama where there is no need for it.

    What a bunch of losers.

  2. Exactly bebe.

    Wish I could video tape these idiots candidly during this mess. They are probably running around like a bunch of Keystone cops. If they only knew how foolish they sound and how foolish they look to everyone else.

  3. Boy, how are you voters feeling now about those MidTerm Elections NOW! Bringing back fond memories of Bush, Hastert and Frist eh?

  4. …I think they should COMPLETELY self destruct to the point where the Republican’t Potty Members have to move and change thier names to avoid the villagers with Torches and Pitchforks…
    The days o’ “I don’t compromise…YOU have to!!!” are over…

  5. Hahaha..Shadow thanks for the chuckle, as you so perfectly described it “Potty Members have to move and change thier names to avoid the villagers with Torches and Pitchforks”

    The visual is absolutely hilarious!!

  6. True that, Shadow, the Frankenstein created by hateful
    repugs after PBO was sworn in is opening a karmic can
    ‘o whupass on ’em, sho’nuff. Kinda late for the village
    people to wake up and storm the House, but better late
    than never. Jah bless.

  7. How can he continue to leak information. I really think we need to be investigating the investigators. I hope she eat them alive on the 22nd of this month.

  8. The thing we forget is they are far more powerful than we realize because it is hard for Dems to see it.

    They are clowns, incompetent, awful, liars, etc. but they have half the country behind them and the election always comes down to a bloody battle of red vs blue to the death.

    Elections a year away just don’t seem to loom as urgent and critical now – but it already is. They are sure working hard to win already- behind all the clown cars are dead serious supporters out for a RED win.

  9. Rin, absolutely. Spot on.

    That is what makes this so scary. Look what they did to Acorn? Now PP, Hillary, etc. The worst thing is, they are now blatantly saying they are liars, and they still get votes.

  10. They are so brainwashed by FOX they can’t think on their own.

    If it was Satan vs any generic Dem – they would have a hard time deciding and lean Red if he had a good slogan.

  11. Minds are bent? Let’s see. Bill Clinton was condemned overwhelmingly by Congress – Democrats and Republicans when he pardoned criminals at the end of his 2nd term who subsequently contributed million of dollars to his presidential library. Jimmy Carter called it despicable. Book “Clinton Cash” published in April shows long history of “play for play” influence peddling by the Clintons including huge “speaking fees”. Hillary obviously tried to hide her email communications regarding this. I trust that the FBI will educate your “bent mind” soon enough. btw – I voted for fast buck Bill twice, Obama once.

  12. Bill left office with the highest approval rating by far of any president.

    ALL presidents pardon at the end. I have no idea what you are blabbering about.

    Clinton Cash was debunked as a huge pile of lies by multiple sources and there are a books worth of evidence showing the crap they published was not true at all.

    Hillary and Bill got huge speaking fees – they are worth it. Between them 8 yrs governor, 8 yrs senator, 8 yrs president, 4 times ran for president in primaries, Charity foundation founder, philathropists helping world wide crisis. Secretary of State 4 years, lawyers, Ivy League grads and friends to the world and the nation with ties going back many decades, friends with business leaders and think tanks alike. They are the nations premier power couple. As that Dog the Bounty Hunter called them – the dynamic duo.

    She is also a hell of a nice person and is so amazingly sweet and thoughtful to her volunteers and supporters.

  13. Of course the GOP is out to get Clinton. The Benghazi probe will likely reveal that Clinton has no responsibility for the events surrounding the four deaths. But the email issue is real. Yes the private email server was legal. But her use of it to receive and send sensitive information was not. It does not matter that the emails were marked classified. Everyone who has a security clearance is responsible for determining whether the information they receive and send could be used against the USA. Clinton received information about a CIA operative in Libya and then forwarded it on. This was obvious material that should be classified.

    So yes this is a blatant and obvious political witch hunt, but it yielded telling information about either Clinton’s awareness or respect for the law. And lack of awareness is not an excuse.

  14. DW, when I had a stroke 37 years ago, I had to figure out how to tie my shoes with only one hand. Even though I had severe brain damage, I didn’t have their mental limitations, being a Democrat all my life.

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