The Truth Leaks Out Of Fox News As Bill O’Reilly Admits Benghazi Panel Is A Fraud


The game is truly over for Republicans. Even Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly is admitting that the Benghazi investigation is nothing more than a political stunt to damage Hillary Clinton.


While appearing on Fox News’s The Five, O’Reilly said, “You don’t think the Benghazi thing is political? Of course, it’s political….If you think those guys, those Republicans on that panel don’t want to bring down Hillary Clinton, you’re six years old. Of course, they do.”

A release from the Hillary Clinton claimed that a penchant for telling the truth is spreading across the Republican Party, “A penchant for truth telling is spreading across the Republican Party. Last night on FOX, leading conservative voice Bill O’Reilly echoed House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments on the House Benghazi Committee’s partisan nature. While the American people have always known that the Benghazi Committee is a taxpayer-funded campaign against Hillary Clinton, the continued admissions by leading conservatives is a sign that even they are done pretending that this was ever about anything other than hurting Hillary Clinton.”

Republicans can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Thanks to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the word is out. Fox News has spent years whipping up Benghazi as a serious political scandal, so it is big news when their top rated host goes on the air and debunks one his employer’s favorite political myths.

As political issues, Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails are dead as doornails.

Republicans are going to try to inject as much theater into Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi as they can, but the show is over before it ever got started.

Even the top dog at Fox News is admitting that Benghazi is a plot to bring down Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Hard to believe he would do that. Just tells you what has been said behind the scenes daily.

    Its about how they can bring Hillary down.

  2. Hillary Clinton should run ADs with clips showing how the GOP tried to destroy her for years!

    I keep saying:
    Clinton must have some kinda precious ‘Ruby Slippers’ the Republicans want to extinguish.

    Because the GOP knows a Female President would be unique and could seriously touch-hearts and really change this country…like No Man Ever Could!

    You Bring Women Up…
    And…The whole country will come up!

  3. Suga, great idea for HRC to run ads with the clips!

    I think she should, to the point where it reaches many people. Some people only heard the first part..”scandal” those people need to know it was manufactured lies by the bring her down.

  4. Before McCarthy opened his mouth she was fine but now it sure as hell did help her. Not only with the stupid media crap but also with that committee in the spotlight in a way they would not have been. They will be walking on egg shells. She has nothing to hide and nothing to be worried about – besides the usual smear of lies and people talking about it instead of important things.

    This cuts to the point on the Biden run, this is the best one I have read on it:

  5. They hate all candidates on the Dem side and always have.

    They hate Kerry – a rich white male war hero who was fairly center and worked well with others.

    They want to win. They want their puppets to win and keep the Koch machine in power so they have control of it all.

    Being a woman is not a plus for a candidate. She is ahead despite being a woman and despite a 33 – 38 % gender gap against her of men who will not vote for a female if they have much of a choice.

    Her biggest challenge is breaking the glass ceiling. Her second biggest is a third term for a Democrat – that hasn’t happened in 70 years for a reason. The Rs want to win and will use full force to do so this year.

  6. During the Bush and Reagan years hundreds of Attacks to embassies , consulates and USA missions around the whole world took place . Hundred of Americans were lost including ambassadors but any investigation or claim was made back them. Who would dare to inject politics to the a death of this hero’s . Did you argues those presidents could save any of those precious american life back then ? Probably not because if you dare to do something like this you would be considered anti patriotic . Injecting politics to something like this is insane . A new low in politics linked with the whole absurd e-mail empty and fake scandal . Millions of tax payers dollars has being spend not to mention the Koch Brothers battery of lawyer
    trying to move the issue from one way to another looking for a new angle expecting a different result but to even a single prove of wrong doing as an outcome .

  7. In 2007, the story was about millions of missing White House emails that were sought in connection to a Congressional investigation. Yet somehow the archiving of Clinton’s emails today requires exponentially more coverage, and exceedingly more critical coverage.
    Of course, back in 2007 Fox News seemed utterly uninterested in the Bush email story days after the news broke. A search of Fox archives locates only one panel discussion about the story and it featured two guests accusing Democrats of engineering a “fishing expedition.”
    From then-Fox co-host, Fred Barnes: “I mean, deleted e-mails, who cares?”
    Another example how the media is a Conservative controlled propaganda machine.

  8. Even the top dog at Fox News is admitting that Benghazi is a plot to bring down Hillary Clinton.
    Same group 2009 Innaugural of POTUS BO met to overthrough BO ;
    2009 Innaugural of POTUS BO

    Secret meeting attendees;
    Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy_ Plot To Sabotage US Economy with Frank Luntz;
    The Guest List:
    Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
    Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
    Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),etc

  9. You can hide the truth with lies, but not for long. The GOP will be forever trying to explain their current unethical actions, to their sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters. An uncomfortable history to live with.

  10. guillotine is correct,if all the media is owned by country ruining scumbag conservatives,how can it be a liberal media,and how about the democrats ,I think its time to take the goddamn gloves off,will you fuckin fight back ,please,just once go off on these lying sacks of shit,its like they are afraid to,from racist reagen selling weapons to iran,stealing the 2000 election,swiftboating Kerry,bush crashes economy and lies us into a war 5000 dead americans and trillions spent,9-11 and the weak ass democrats cant bury these assholes with that partial resume,then the dems deserve to be kicked around

  11. why cant the weak ass democrats destroy the republicans with the caucus rm event,just think if the roles were reversed,the republicans would still be humiliating the dems every time they were in front of a camera,democrats are a punching bag people and they will never stand up to the bullies,NEVER

  12. So, when are the Reich Wing Nuts going to turn on Billo… 3…2…1…

    GOPers do not understand the truth anymore. Their parallel universe filled with hate, lies, propaganda and fear rules.

    No “truth” can break the spell, only Voters can do that now.

    We have all witnessed what happens when the drunken crazy GOPers are driving the American Bus; time to put Democrats back in charge to stop the Mad Max approach to running a country.


  13. The fact that the GOP continues to waste time and taxpayer money on political stunts such as attempting to repeal or undermine the ACA … or defaming and defunding Planned Parenthood … or investigating the Benghazi tragedy … is indicative that Congressional Republicans have all the functionality of a dog chasing its own tail.

  14. Okay, I kept an open mind and watched your video. (BTW, it’s ironic to hear a conservative admit that selectively editing a video can change its meaning). O’Reilly states after his “of course it’s political” statement that it doesn’t change the fact that we should still get to the bottom of it; what he neglected to mention is that they HAVE gotten to the bottom of it many times already and each time have concluded no wrongdoing. So, sorry, the rest of the video does not change the fact that he admitted it’s politically motivated and he refuses to acknowledge the findings of ALL previous investigations (because he too is politically motivated).

  15. The past seven years should be all the proof you need that both sides are most definitely NOT the same. The Republicans met on Obama’s inauguration day to swear an oath to block absolutely everything he proposed, even if it was good for the country, or if it was something they used to be for. Two former Republican Congressmen have come out and admitted they were told that if Obama was for something, they were supposed to be against it no matter what it was. Boehner even rejected the word “compromise”. You can’t govern like that. The only way to get things done is to find common ground and compromise. Whenever Democrats try to compromise, the Tea Party says “No”. The Democrats have NEVER done anything like that to a Republican president. Your video may have been true in the past, but not now. The Republicans have gone absolutely crazy. I would vote for an actual donkey before voting Republican.

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