Republican Whistleblower Confirms Benghazi Investigation Is Illegally Targeting Clinton


A Republican, who formerly served as an investigator for the House Select Committee on Benghazi, confirmed that his GOP bosses are conducting an illegal investigation for partisan political purposes that is targeting Hillary Clinton

The New York Times reported:

A former investigator for the Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi plans to file a complaint in federal court next month alleging that he was fired unlawfully in part because his superiors opposed his efforts to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the 2012 attack on the American diplomatic mission in the Libyan city rather than focus primarily on the role of the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Despite the change in focus, Major Podliska continued to work on his examination of the response in Washington to the attack, only to meet escalating resistance from his superiors, according to his complaint. In his view, they felt he was not focusing enough on Mrs. Clinton’s alleged mistakes, a criticism he considered odd given that his findings were far from favorable to her.

What Major Podliska described is an illegal use of taxpayer funds to conduct a partisan political investigation into the likely 2016 Democratic nominee.

The resolution that authorized the Select Committee does not give Republicans the power to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server. The Select Committee is authorized to examine, “internal and public executive branch communications about the attacks on United States facilities in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.”

The Select Committee is not authorized to investigate Hillary Clinton or her use of a private email server. By redirecting the investigation to focus on Clinton, House Republicans are illegally misusing taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes.

The ranking member of the Select Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a statement, “These are extremely serious whistleblower charges by one of Chairman Gowdy’s own handpicked investigators who reports that he was fired in part for not going along with the Republican leadership’s plan to use the Select Committee to target Hillary Clinton, and they show—from the inside—that Kevin McCarthy’s stark admission was true: Republicans have been abusing millions of taxpayer dollars for the illegitimate purpose of damaging Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.”

Benghazi Select Committee member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called for the committee to be shut down, “Even before Kevin McCarthy’s comments laid bare the true intent of the committee, it’s been clear that Secretary Clinton has been the true target of this investigation, and the Republican whistleblower who has come forward only provides further evidence of what has been long evident. It’s time to shut down the Benghazi Select Committee. Only by ending this expensive and politicized investigation can we begin to undo the damage already done through this unprecedented use of Congress’s power for nakedly political purposes.”

It is time for an investigation into the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Even committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy’s own former investigator is exposing the partisan intent of the investigation.

House Republicans have abused their power, and they must be held accountable for their corruption.

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  1. oh good. The NY Times you say. Hmmmm how ironic. So maybe now the media will just ask her two or three questions each about her emails instead of a dozen each interview? And maybe Biden will decide she will not just blow up or get hit by an FBI train on her way to a stage in Philly.

    Or maybe, they will actually start to cover her. The things she actually does every day. The things her supporters are in awe of daily.

    Just today for example – so many good stories to cover – coal miners getting their health care thanks to her, BLM tweeting their meeting was great, Julian Castro (most likely VP) coming out for her soon at her 5th Hisp caucus,her Wall Street plan reviews, she is tied in New Hampshire and way ahead when they remove Biden’s name, she is winning everywhere as she has been all year and has real honest to god plans and experience and backing.

    Oh the list of possible great things to write about are abundantly endless – but no – must discuss email.

  2. ‘Scuse, Rin, what kind of blather was that about Joe Biden? What grounds do you have to imply he’s a murderer? You have hurled some wild charges against “your” candidate’s rivals, and it’s an understatement to say your tone often leaves something to be desired. Just now, you appear to have gone over the damned top.

    I often wonder about commentators who write about things like those hearings as if there were some real issue involved, who keep going on about the Clinton email controversy as if all these months of scrutiny had produced any evidence of wrongdoing, as opposed to sloppiness.
    Surely they have to know better, whether they admit it to themselves or not. And surely the long history of Clinton nonscandals and retracted allegations — remember, there never was anything to the Whitewater accusations — should serve as a cautionary tale.
    Somehow, though, politicians who pretend to be concerned about issues, but are obviously just milking those issues for political gain, keep getting a free pass. And it’s not just a Clinton story.
    Again, none of this should come as news to anyone who follows politics and policy even moderately closely. But I’m not sure that normal people, who have jobs to do and…

  4. Why doesn’t Elijah Cummings investigate Debbie Wasserman Schultz for limiting the voices of other candidates than corporate Hillary? Or is he in on that scam?

  5. Seems my suspicions are bearing fruit. Some Republicans are subject to “Lynching”, I can think of several Republicans that have become eligible for a rope. Just plum stupid. And Token’s right there to join the circle of treason. Republicans are collectively dumb.

  6. Are you talking about this?

    “And maybe Biden will decide she will not just blow up or get hit by an FBI train on her way to a stage in Philly.”

    That is my NY sarcastic humor. I mean – just simply – not accusing him of murder ———

    He is on the sidelines waiting to see if Hillary crashes and burns and he will jump in if her campaign explodes and ends.

    I used colorful “hit by a train” before the Convention in Philly —- meaning her campaign derails and she doesn’t become the nominee.

    A million articles in the last two months have speculated on this exact thing.

    You may not like the way I write, you may not understand me but I sure as hell didn’t mean or imply in any way anyone was a murderer.


  7. “And maybe Biden will decide she will not just blow up or get hit by an FBI train on her way to a stage in Philly.”


    Biden will finally see she is not likely to self-destruct before the convention.

  8. The committee can send her a memo about her upcoming hearing with one word.

    In the voice of Roseanna Roseannadanna:


  9. This must be End Times…(though I am an atheist) but I agree with Ronald Wilson Reagan (Anagram for Insane Anglo Warlord)

    Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem

    And in this case, it’s the Republican party branch of the COTUS

  10. I lived, worked, and went to graduate school in New York City, and I assure you that the innuendo there would be the same. When you express yourself like that, you are laying yourself open to a lawsuit.

  11. Nothing in the New York Times article supports the claim that Podliska confirms that the investigation is illegally targeting Clinton. Sloppy journalism from PoliticusUSA..

  12. NO. This one is on Republicans. False equivalencies will not work here. The GOP is responsible for this mess, and I hope it bites them in the a**.

  13. Agreed!

    Reasonable people are rightly skeptical of the GOP’s decades-old smear campaign against Hillary Clinton; and doubly doubtful of GOP ethics.

    Look at the latest barrage of attacks on Planned Parenthood. It gives a playbook for the GOP’s assaults on Sec. Clinton.

    Constant repetition of innuendo and false allegations, hoping to damn the subject in the court of public opinion. Pejorative words and phrases. Leaks of misleading information and statements taken out of context. Proceeding or continuing to investigate despite the subject previously and repeatedly being cleared of wrongdoing. Shifting explanations for their own actions; which gives us evidence of pretext, ie that the Republicans are lying about why they are investigating the subject. Downplay or exclusion of exculpatory evidence and testimony.

    In other words, whatever it takes to bring down the subject of their animus.

  14. Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, called the GOP Republican Party, “the Stupid Party” back when, but, apparently, he had not seen anything yet then !

    Wonder how he likes it now ! ?

  15. Well, I was born there and I lived there for 47 years AND the love of my life is an attorney.

    I think you jumped to conclusions with no evidence.

  16. Somehow I just didn’t get a murder accusation out of that.

    You have my sympathy, Rin. I’m often misunderstood myself. Usually, though, by people who are less educated, less informed, less linguistically agile, less reasonable, and more narrow-minded than those who post on this site.

  17. The investigation must be SHUT DOWN now.
    At the end of the day, Hillary will be Americas next and First woman President in 2016 – like it or not.

  18. Rin, I think you’ve got the right time period for SNL (we’re dating ourselves, aren’t we?) — but the wrong Gilda Radner character.

    Roseanna Roseanna Danna was “It’s ALWAYS somthin!'”

    Emily Litella was the little old deaf lady who said “Nevermind.” (Remember: “What’s all this fuss I hear about the Presidential erection?”)

  19. Let’s all repeat after Major Podliska: “illegal use of taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes”. FU Republicans. Your dirty game is over.

  20. Rin never implied such a thing, reynardine. I was surprised by your post and charge after reading Rin’s post myself. I mean, I read your post immediately after reading hers and your charge astounded me.

    For the life of me, I don’t know how you came to that conclusion since I can’t find anything in Rin’s post that even alludes to such a horrible charge.

  21. ..and never disrespect the dead the way republicans did, it will come back to haunt you, as they are finding out

  22. It seems to me that the members of that committee could be charged with misappropriation of funds, for the money that they’ve wasted on these shenanigans. I’m sick of the unethical tactics that the Republican party’s been using since Obama took office. It’s been one load of “organic fertilizer” after another, and nothing to show for it.

    Then these same clowns decide that they have to cut the programs that are keeping people alive in this nation, so that they can continue to hold these “witch hunts” in their attempt to prevent fair elections.

    These clowns would rather fund weapons that don’t work, and false investigations, than ensure that the children of this nation don’t go to bed hungry, assuming they have a bed, since many are living on the streets with their parents, who are homeless due to the greed of Wall Street and the corporations.

    Real justice no longer exists in this country, because it’s been bought by the campaign funds by the wealthy and the corporations…

  23. …Hells Bells; if it weren’t for hyperbole, sarcasm, puns and “Louisville Slugger” comments; I wouldn’t be able to contribute much o’ anything…lol

  24. I hope so. Taxpayers are not supposed to pay for political ambitions and this farce of a Benghazi Committee has now cost us almost 5 Million to investigate what has already been investigated 8 times with NO end in sight. The Ethic Committee needs to intervene in this mess and call these guys out on the carpet.

  25. An unlawful termination is not the same as an illegal investigation. The focus on Hillary Clinton may be unfair or irresponsible but nothing in the CBS or New York Times articles says anything about the investigation itself being illegal. The terms of the resolution authorizing the investigation are quite broad and PoliticusUSA irresponsibly claims that the resolution doesn’t authorize investigating Clinton’s offshore email. We liberals should be glad that Clinton’s sleeziness has been exposed and hope that privatization of government email will be banned. But we shouldn’t think that everything the Republicans do is illegal.

  26. You’re, “sick of the unethical tactics that the Republican party’s been using since Obama took office.” This kind of schtick has been going on since liong before President Obama took office. There was nothing to the Whitewater Investigation into the Rose Water law Firm, so the GOP investigated Bill’s sex life and Hillary was the one who worked at the firm, Bill was just an investor who put that investment in a blind trust when he became Governor. Travelgate had no there, there, either, and the Vince Foster suicide had nothing there. It was one improper and possibly illegal investigation after another and has been for the past 23 years, since before Bill Clinton took office. It’s long past time we investigate the investigators, the people who want legal [Tort] Reform, but at the same time keep launching and holding improper and illegal investigations into people who are not guilty of wrong doing. In criminal law, that is a felony. . . .

  27. I thought it was illegal to use taxpayer funds for election type purposes. Truly that’s what they did to the tune of 4.6 million. They’re not done yet with her or planned parenthood. Can’t pass a jobs bill but spend like the “Real Housewives”

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