The Roof Falls In On Republicans As Conservatives May Sink Paul Ryan Next


House Republicans are frantically trying to convince Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to run for Speaker of the House, but there is a problem, the same Republicans who sunk John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy may target Ryan next.

Politico reported:

After leaving the House Republican Conference in a state of suspended upheaval, the rebellious group of conservative lawmakers that helped oust one speaker then short-circuited his would-be successor is intentionally laying low and deciding how to respond if Rep. Paul Ryan decides to run for speaker.


But conservatives strongly disagree with Ryan’s position on immigration and his role in crafting the bipartisan 2013 Ryan-Murray budget deal. He’s been criticized by the far right for being a staunch proponent of immigration reform and his work with Democrats to find a compromise to address the growing number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

The conservatives in the House want a Speaker who is ideologically pure. They want someone who will commit to running the House their way. Paul Ryan fits neither of these requirements. If Ryan were Speaker, he would behave a lot like the current House leadership. Ryan wouldn’t trigger government shutdowns, and he wouldn’t fight the ideological fight on non-economic issues that conservatives in the House are lusting after.

If Ryan runs for Speaker, it is possible that the conservatives will deny him the votes he needs to be elected. There have long been rumors that Ryan doesn’t want the Speaker job because his long-term goal involves running for the Senate and/or White House. The last thing Paul Ryan needs is to be next failed stepdad who tried to lead the dysfunctional House Republican family.

House Republicans are looking for Paul Ryan to be their white knight, but the latest GOP savior could drown in a swamp of conservative crazy.

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  1. One member of the “Freedom Caucus” when asked about Ryan responded that Webster is their candidate. That means NO-ONE will be able to get the 418 votes to be the Republicans’ candidate for the floor vote for Speaker.

  2. Where the hell is the DOJ these people are anarchists trying to bring down the Government from the inside with their lies, criminal activity and manipulations of facts and no one sees this? Maybe when its to late when things are in such disarray noboby can vote on a funding bill. Wake up America, everyone thinks its a big joke watching this, this will bite us all on the ass, they are the most evil bunch of criminals that has ever been elected.

  3. You are right, it is not a joke. This is totally unacceptable, our country will be damaged beyond repair if something doesn’t change fast.

    I shudder to think what is going on behind the scenes with these idiots. I think they are purposely setting the country up for a total fall.

  4. “All” of these truly disgusting low-life, moronic, (republican and tea-party) “traitors” “DO-NOT” really give a “damn” “if” they do “destroy” and “disrupt” the “entire” (day to day) “normal” and “vital-functions” of the Govt. of the U.S.A and “all” of the actual lives and “futures” of “99%” of its residents and citizens (you and me) because that is “exactly” what they were sent (and are getting “paid”) to do by their “elite” (1%) corporate “masters” and their very phony “religious-freak” leaders!!! In my opinion. “Who” are “we” “the-people” actually going to “call” to “help” us all, “if” “they” (republicans and t-party) are actually “allowed” by “all” of “us” (the 99%) and our “chosen-leaders” to get away with their (“elite” 1% “masters”) U.S. Govt. “shut-down” and complete “take-over” plans????

  5. Yeah really..I though it was sedition about 5 years ago.

    Guess we have to wait until the country hits rock ass bottom before anyone with authority wakes up to stop these traitors.

  6. Maybe they want to hear Rafael “Ted” drone on some more from his Dr. Seuss collection? It sure beats actually WORKING for their constituents. How do some of these clowns get elected? Hopefully most of them will be gone when their turn to be re-elected comes around. How come little Johnny McCain has not applied for the job, before he loses his next election?

  7. Phoeey:

    “have” “a” “lot” “of” “double” “quotation” “marks” “left” “over” “in” “your” word” “processor””?”

  8. My concern is that what we are watching can be the destruction of our democracy and of our country. I’m not amused by this Republican disorder and the magnitude of their disfunction. It is affecting our country’s ability to govern itself and it is showing weakness born of ideological insanity to our enemies.

  9. The last line of your post tells exactly what the whole process is about. The total destruction of our nation. WITH THOSE who want such an end, waiting in the background, to place the person who they want as Dictator and themselves pulling the strings. Like a puppet master.
    I believe this election will tell us all, what our future will be.. as important as the time our Founding Fathers stood up and signed their names on the Constitution

  10. Is there a human being alive whose right wing enough to make these conservative terrorist in the house happy?

    Perhaps Genghis Khan would’ve been acceptable.

  11. I agree: those made it almost impossible to read. Even using all caps for the emphasis Phooey was striving for would have been better (marginally).

    Phooey, I find it frustrating when we aren’t allowed bold, italics, or underlining for emphasis. I understand that.

    BUT, when those aren’t allowed, it’s customary to use *this* (asterisks) to bracket a word to show emphasis, or do THIS (allcaps) instead—and even then, if you emphasize every other word, it makes it a lot harder to read and comprehend.

    And isn’t having people understand what you’re saying, the most important point? :)

  12. We may crow over the crumbling of what was once the GOP; it’s no laughing matter. We have 13 months to go before we can (hopefully, please God!) elect sane, competent people to replace these extremist religious nuts and Wall St. flunkies.

    Meanwhile, their total lack of doing their jobs is going to directly impact us: not just in their continuing war to put govt. in charge of our health and private lives, but also in vital services. They’re supposed to fund these things, and they aren’t. They’re supposed to pass budgets that help our country function, and they’re not. They WANT a govt. shutdown, which means thousands won’t get paid, and thousands of vital services won’t get done.

    Imagine that whether or not you get paid for doing your job, rested in their hands. Imagine not being able to pay your mortgage or your electric bill, or feed your family, because of these yahoos. Imagine hospitals turning you away because no funding. Imagine no EMTs. Imagine school shutdowns.

  13. We should be telling the American People: We Democrats want Two Strong Political Parties, like two wings of an airplane working in harmony.
    Republican Weakness is destroying America!
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”

    -Abraham Lincoln

  14. Just now I heard a comment on TV that said” Paul Ryan will not take the post of Speaker…unless he, is assured, he will not have the house rise against him….
    AHHH!!! don’t you feel sorry for poor lil Ryan? He’s afraid, he might have some opposition!!

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