Roseburg Oregon Protesters Greet Obama With Guns In Hand And Confederate Flags Flying

Protesters mourning the Umpqua Community College mass shooting brought guns, banners, signs and Confederate flags to protest Barack Obama’s visit to Roseburg, Oregon. A crowd of around 300 pro-gun protesters assembled outside the Roseburg airport to make their voices heard.

While the President met with the families of the victims, gun rights’ advocates organized through a Facebook page called “Defend Roseburg-Deny Barack Obama.” The demonstrators gathered in a less somber tone, instead honking horns and carrying signs that read “Obama free zone,” “Go Home-You’re Not Wanted Here” and “Warning: Protected by 9mm”

. The protesters also flew American flags, as well as Confederate flags and Gadsden flags.

Just days after a horrific gun massacre, demonstrators defiantly carrying guns and boisterously slamming the president while he was comforting the families of the victims, seems tragically irreverent. While the protesters blasted President Obama for supposedly politicizing the shooting, it was they who turned Obama’s visit into a political carnival. Rather than holding a somber protest in honor of the deceased, the group of raucous 2nd Amendment zealots decided to turn Obama’s visit into a right-wing rally for gun fetishists.

One of the protesters, who flew a Gadsden flag and the Confederate flag, told reporters:

As an American, I think it’s always good to be armed in case of an emergency, in case accidents happen, like the school shooting. Say somebody was to be armed in that situation, that would have been taken care of real quick.

Of course what he failed to point out is that somebody was armed in that situation. That armed person shot 18 people, killing 9 of them, and then turned the gun on himself. Furthermore, the mass shooting wasn’t an accident, it was intentional.


Another demonstrator complained:

We are mad, we’re upset that this has become a national issue.

An angry woman opined:

He [Obama] needs to be in Chicago, in his own hometown and his own home state. This is where there is a gun problem; we don’t have one here.

Nope, no problem at all. The depths of her denial is palpable. The Community College shooting wasn’t a “problem,” it was just an unfortunate accident, that could have been prevented if only there had been more guns on the scene.

Perhaps the people in Roseburg and surrounding communities really are appalled that the President had the temerity to suggest that America has a gun problem, as he consoled the victims of the 45th school shooting in the country this year. Some of them made their voices heard. Unfortunately, what the message looked like to the rest of the country, is that some residents care more about their guns than they do about their fallen neighbors.


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    • John. To much Neanderthal DNA and not enough of the the Homo Sapien enhanced trait of Empathy for your fellow Species.

        • Actually it's about as far South as you can get and still be in Oregon, smack dab in the valley West of the Cascades.

          I'm of the opinion that these folks were either mostly from out of state or were transplants. There's not a lot of born and raised Oregonians in Oregon anymore.

    • These wild eyed freaks do not represent our country and we must not allow this attitude to define us or intimidate us. It is absolutely imperative for this President to act against the nonsensical access to guns by people like this. Not a single one of those freaks should qualify for gun ownership.

      • Not only wild-eyed freaks, riverhouse, but wild-eyed TRAITORS.

        The Confederate BATTLE flag, by the way, is the flag flown by traitors of the United States of America - and ignorant sore-losers. The war was between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America, and the Confederates were the enemy - and they LOST.

        To fly the Confederate BATTLE flag anywhere on American soil is akin to flying the ISIS flag here. Both are enemies of the United States.

        We - and especially U.S. mass media - need to understand that just because these people have a pinkish hue of skin and lighter hair, these characteristics don't absolve them from being enemies of the United States of America and enemies of the American people who hold American values dear.

    • Why is anyone not in law enforcement allowed to carry a gun in the vicinity of the President of the United States?

    • The republican party has truly become the enemy of the State. They have gone MAD!
      They can't govern and they offer NOTHING of value to this Nation of diversity. It's their way, in always, or nothing at all.

    • Sadly, their weapons give them the spine they would not have otherwise. That gun makes them think they are bigger and better than the rest of us, and they are free to insult anyone who disagrees; otherwise, they'll just shoot ya. I have been awakened to the frontier brand of total ignorance that thrives in our country.

  • It is known that Roseburg is a strongly conservative town in a mostly liberal state...

    Still, it does not excuse the actions of the nincompoops who protested the President's visit. Like the article said, he didn't politicize this visit, you guys did.

    • Roseburg, of course, is a lumber town - or used to be. The okies must have emigrated north from NSacValley up there, but some Roseburgers have emigrated to very small dead lumber towns, down here in okieville, too.

      • Really? Name calling? Do you even know what an Okie is??? Funny that the people who want others to be tolerant, and want others to be understanding of their opinions are always the first to start throwing stones and calling names.

        • No, it's no longer an emigré farmworker from Oklahoma. It stands for Oathkeeper, a nasty bunch of crackpots if there ever were any.

  • ...if you don't wanna respect others, you don't respect yourself...
    ...also, don't demand that those YOU refuse to respect have to respect do NOT work that way...

  • You feature if any eevil libruls had shown up like that within ten miles of George W. Bush. You know what this is, but if you need a refresher, just watch Blazing Saddles.

      • I remember when GWB came to Louisville to campaign for McConnell and a gop congresswoman in "06". We were kept blocks away, and they even had a tent set up, so he could exit the suv and no one ever saw him. It wasn't like it mattered what we thought anyway.

  • There comes a time when you have to overlook stupidity. But what else would you expect from a bunch of inbred yahoos. Besides if President Obama wouldn't have gone, then the damn idiots would have been accusing him of not caring for the families. But it's a shame he had more respect the families than the idiots.

    • Robin,
      Ain't that the truth. Those backward yahoos, Welfare getting, food stamp recipients are soooo F*king ignorant that they protest in the face of the American President offerin his condolences to them on behalf of the whole country, But THE MF-kers come out to protest against his stance on appropiate gun control (or whatever) to prevent WHAT HAPPENED to THEM in their community from happening across this country. All the cared about is, ignorantly, The President talked about their guns! The same guns that killed members of their OWN FU*kinG community! Go figure the imbecile ignorant Yahoo Hillbilly mentality we have in this country and you will see why we got a gun problem. Really.

  • As it happens, the man who organized the armed anti-Obama protest to greet the President as he arrived in Roseburg, Oregon, to comfort the families of the victims who were gunned down in the town, is a felon.
    The organizer of the event titled “Defend Roseburg, Deny Barack Obama,” Casey Runyan, won the Republican primary for House District 9 in Southern Oregon in July of 2014, but he was rejected by GOP leadership when he asked for support.

    “The reason I am not getting any support from the Republican leadership is because of a crime that occurred,” Runyan admitted at the time.

    In December 2004, Runyan was arrested on charges of felony assault and driving under the influence in which he later pleaded guilty and served eight months in county jail.

  • Who are these anti Americans? I hope DHS and the FBI were active in identifying these crazies!
    Were they even from the area, or did the Bundy ranch oath keepers come out into the light?

    • I expect they completely fail to see the irony, or is it hypocrisy, in stating "As an American ...." while waving a Confederate flag. Do they not even realize that the Confederacy was an *enemy* to America?

      • Another point, (I think) was Oregon even a state at the time of the Civil war? Just shows how the evil of the south creeps around and infects every thing they touch.. even Oregon. I do hope the FBI and the Secret Service got pictures of all those people. Hope they are very high on the list of(to be watched) When Bushy was PRES. TO WEAR A t- shirt with some words of disgust or dislike got you picked up and hauled away..

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