Barbaric Oregon Gun Zealots “Politicize” Presidential Meeting To Comfort Grieving Families


Moron Gun Fanatic

It never ceases to amaze how much animus targeting President Barack Obama exists in the population; particularly that segment of the population that lacks compassion and loves guns. After last week’s routine mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon, the President planned to meet privately, behind closed-doors, with victims’ families to offer the nation’s condolences and show some human compassion by comforting the grieving Americans.

Upon learning of the President’s intended visit to express something lacking in Americans, compassion, a gun-loving group decided to issue a warning to the President of the United States that not only was he not welcomed in their community, if he did show up, they were showing up armed and dangerous to protest his compassionate visit with the families grieving the loss of their loved ones. Throughout the week, gun freaks warned the President not to comfort the aggrieved and not to dare set foot in Roseburg because they love guns and could not care less about the victims of another gun massacre.


The local gun maniacs followed through on their threat. It was reported around the world that seriously sick gun-nuts had gathered with hundreds of other armed protesters to rail against the President of the United States’ for having the temerity to meet with, and comfort, the grieving families. The gun fanatics are very, very angry and claim the President rushed to “politicize” the tragedy by seeking a political remedy that may prevent the next group of parents from suffering the actions of yet another gun zealot’s murderous rampage. Apparently, even talking about what is needed to stop the mass shooting epidemic ravaging America is sufficient to elicit hate from compassionless gun lovers.

Of course, a private Presidential visit with victims’ families brought out the typical morons suffering from “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” replete with their Confederate and Gadsden, “Don’t Tread On Me,” flags and “several hundred“  fully-armed gun worshippers. Some of the protesters carried signs telling the President of the United States to “Go back to Kenya,” “We support our Sheriff,” “Gun Free Zones are for sitting ducks,” “Obama is wrong” and “Nothing Trumps Our Liberty.” Now for the ten-thousandth time, Umpqua Community College was not a “gun-free” zone. Otherwise, the shooter could not have waltzed unchallenged onto the campus with an arsenal  to commit deadly mayhem.

The armed protest was set up in advance and well-advertised on a Facebook event page labeled “Defend Roseburg – Deny barack 0bama” [sic]. Seriously, these gun  zealots are driven by the same lack of compassion and hate as extremists in ISIS if for no other reason than they believe guns are the solution to any and every possible grievance. For reasonable human beings, it is absolutely unclear how, exactly, arming up and telling the President to go back to Kenya, or waving a yellow snake flag, is defending Roseburg or “denying Barack Obama” anything, but these malcontents are as notorious for not making any sense as they are for lacking humanity towards other Americans; they obviously do not believe they have to make sense because they have guns and Obama-hate to spare.

Although there were ‘only’ several hundred protesters, about 8,000 gun-zealots had RSVP’d on the Facebook event page that as awesome patriotic Americans they would assemble to “deny Barack Obama” and, by dog, “defend Roseburg” from a President comforting parents who lost their children to gun violence. The event’s organizers even advised prospective protesters show up “carrying a handgun instead of a rifle,” but because they really “love freedom” they did have the forethought to add that true-blue American Constitution-loving patriots “have the right to carry what you wish;” just bring lots of guns.

Apparently the goal was to impress the President who skirted the protesters’ circus to “meet in private” and not make a political sideshow during a very serious and sad time for the survivors. That was left to the gun-maniacs and conspiracy-theory-minded people waving Confederate and Gadsden flags and signs telling the President to go back to Kenya.

It is likely the gun-maniacs hoped to frighten the President who travelled across the nation to meet, “in private and behind closed-doors” out of the view of the public and the press, to comfort grieving families of unchecked gun violence. No doubt the President also promised the families he will continue to fight to ensure that another group of Americans will never ever have to be informed by law enforcement that their children were brutally slaughtered on a “gun safe” college campus. As a reminder, the same day armed protestors were trying to make a  point to the President that campus gun massacres are acceptable because 2nd Amendment, at least two other college campuses experienced mass shootings.

On Friday while armed and dispassionate protesters were awaiting to “show Obama” how much they love allowing firearms everywhere, police in Arizona, a “no gun law state,” were reporting a student opened fire on fellow students killing one and injuring three others. On the same day, in Texas where NRA-beholden Republicans just made college campuses gun safe zones, a secondshooting incident” occurred at the same housing complex where another student died on Tuesday.

Friday’s death in Texas was the second fatal campus shooting in less than 12 hours. Perhaps when the Oregon gun fanatics learn when the dead student’s funerals in Texas and Arizona are scheduled, they will arm up, travel South, and show their support for more guns on campuses. In fact they will have two perfect opportunities to show their lack of compassion for dead students and bemoan non-existent “gun free zones,” and rail against President Obama for working towards a time when going to college, or Columbine High School, or Sandy Hook Elementary School, or Umpqua Community College will not be entering a killing zone.

Apparently what the gun maniacs in Oregon are up in arms over is the concept of gun safety as a political issue; they are livid that President Obama said as much. But who in their right mind could possibly disagree with him? In America, gun safety is certainly not a “pro-life” issue driven by compassion for life because gun fanatics have about as much regard for the lives their precious guns are erasing as they do other Americans right to a higher education without fear of dying. If gun safety is not a political issue then the country is doomed because the gross lack of compassion for living human beings is why gun violence is rampant.

First, only politicians in Washington can do anything meaningful to stem the “routine” mass shootings by enacting basic gun safety laws. And second, Americans, Republicans, and the NRA’s gun worshippers cannot be moved by basic human compassion. Look, if 20 six-year-old children being slaughtered like animals in their classrooms with an assault weapon is not heart-rending enough to move Americans to force action on gun safety, then it is left to decent Americans to “politicize” the issue in the most strident possible way.

President Obama was not in Roseburg to give a speech, or politicize the senseless gun-slaughter of innocent students; he was there to represent the American people’s compassion and to comfort the grieving families. Still, it was an opportunity for the gun fanatics to strap on their guns, support their Oathkeeper sheriff who pledged NOT to enforce gun safety  laws, and somehow “defend Roseburg” and “deny Barack Obama.”

The gun maniacs and Obama haters complained long before the President’s humanitarian visit to comfort and console the shooting victims’ families that he was coming to “politicize” the NRA-inspired massacre. However, the President announced in advance he would meet the families in private, “behind closed doors,” and that is precisely what he did; as a compassionate President.

The President’s private visit was “politicized,” but it was the gun zealots and Obama haters who politicized the event, not the President. In that sense, the “deny Obama” crowd is no better than the haters affiliated with the Westboro Baptist church. What is worse is that they used what was supposed to be a private meeting of compassion and consolation to further their own political agenda of putting as many guns as humanly possible in Americans’ hands. The true mark of compassionless human beings is advocating for more objects that serve no other purpose than taking human lives; at school, at church, in shopping malls and all over a nation that lacks compassion nearly as much as it lacks intelligence.

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  1. Identify and seek out these home grown terrorist’s and audit their taxes. I guarantee you they are tax evaders…..FACT.

  2. I’ve never seen such lack of respect of the office of President of the U.S. If this were Bush or ANY rethug, OUTRAGE would sweep the entire country. I will NEVER vote for any RETHUG and anyone who does is BARNYARD IGNORANT!

  3. We’ve read about hateful people like this before throughout history.

    They’re the people who would have laughed while gladiators killed for amusement, accused their neighbor of being a witch or turned a lynching into a picnic with children in tow.

    They’re the people who took lands away from people, and enslaved them, and they are the people who took people away from their lands, and enslaved them.

  4. …we need to re-open every psych ward that Ronnie Ray-gun closed and build an unholy shitload more, PLUS outpatient clinics…1/4 o’ this country is NUTS!!!

  5. Hey Politicus! How about an article showing President Obama talking to the victims families, giving comfort etc instead of the “morons” with the flags etc?

    While you are at it, find some of the police photographs of the shooting victims and post them so that everyone can see what happens in a gun shooting instead of just a bunch of yellow tape strung up for the media.

  6. This dis-respect for President Obama is tearing the country apart. My neighbors won’t even wave at me. Much less speak. And they all get social security and medicare. Hate Obama. Hate Democrats.

  7. These are the kinds of nut cases that shouldn’t be allowed to own guns much less be anywhere near a gun.

  8. Hey #42 – Your point is taken, but as per the article, and President Obama, the meeting with victims’ families was “private” and “behind closed doors” as it should have been. And yes, posting real photographs of the carnage would be useful for some people, but devastating for the families; plus they are held by the police.

    It seems the morons with flags are just to let people know what kind of idiots go out of their way to be like Westboro savages. And, re: Hillary – Yep, she’s been a crusader the NRA hates and on that alone she’s the real deal.

  9. These racist and vile pro-gun fanatics, are not only ignorant, they are an embarrassment to the Nation. Even if they hate our President, they should show respect for the office. An implied threat to him with weapons in tow, was an unconscionable response. I’m sure that many of the victims and their families actually appreciated President Obama’s visit and support. Going to console them, was the right thing for him to do.

    A pro-life stance is supposed to mean cradle to grave, and not in short order, or race specific. Bible thumping doesn’t include stockpiling weapons meant to kill, either. These morons don’t even follow their own self-proclaimed beliefs. Guns are their real higher power. The Republican inbreeding has got to stop. They make us all appear like stupid Americans.

  10. Roseburg sucks. If you are driving the I-5 corridor and need gas, tank up in Ashland going North or Eugene going South and drive right past it.

  11. John, Our beautiful country is being destroyed by these heartless, gun-loving, demented nuts.

    It’s an instance like this one in Roseburg Oregon…
    Which makes me Dream of carving this country in half! Letting these backward folks stew in their own feeble-minded, rabble roused and frenzied fear-based reality.

    And then to leave the rest of us sane, reasonable, and clear-thinking Americas alone.

  12. Then ask permission from victim families at any of these shootings. America needs a reality check of exactly what happens when nuts with semi automatics kill.

  13. These idiots will probably start protesting at the funerals of those killed by these gun nuts. They are no different the the Westboro Baptist “Church” nuts who go out of their way to protest at military funerals. Sick, soulless, barely human beings. They are the proof we need to close loopholes in our gun laws. These are the people who should not be allowed to own a gun.

  14. these azzholes should dress in black and change their flag to the ISIS flag because they are exactly the same thing as the ones in Iraq, and with the same attitude

  15. This is, exactly, a type of terrorism — still soft-core, because so far, it has not erupted into a frank assassination attempt, nor has a crowd been fired upon. But the threat of both is now patent, and that is the real point of gun lobbyism…not even the financial profit to be made from the sale of slaughterarms, but the political leverage they give to the Right. What does “take back our country” and “defend our Constitution” really mean? It means to reinstate by force a privilege for a demographic minority who could not hope to regain it through open discourse and fair elections. Yet those who have only a light skin and a phallus do not truly belong to the class whose privilege they are reinstating, and if history were still honestly taught, the “Night of the Long Knives” would be eloquent as to this.

  16. Guns Guns Guns HURRAY for the Guns …….NOT. From a Brit who NEVER has to worry about my family or myself getting shot.
    Please get some common sense about lethal weapons and forget the misinterpreted and outdated Second Amendment Thank you.

  17. Ask yourselves… what life events of major humanitarian importance do these young men know about or have ever experienced?
    They are too young to know.
    They are compassionless.
    They are so misguided yet oblivious to their own ignorance.
    They were being disrespectful to the man who has consistently been regarded by the majority of the globe as the greatest man of our times.
    These young males have too much Testosterone…..too few neurones.

  18. Let’s not forget that President Bush corralled protesters at his events in fenced off containment camps placed far away from his presence. Imagine allowing anyone not in law enforcement to have guns in the presence of the President of the United States. They all should have been arrested by the Secret Service.

  19. A’ho Yvonne! Thank you so very much for your remembrance of what really happened to so many beautiful humans! Especially this day of an ugly one named Christopher Columbus! Many blessings to you! #CherokeeStrong all tribes #OneTribe #NativeAmericans WADO!

  20. A’ho Aileen! I attended a university in the UK & during my years spent there, I felt completely SAFE no matter what time or where I was. It was comforting. My family didn’t have to worry about me & I could study in peace. For that I am truly grateful to the citizens & government of the UK. Blessings to the UK, Australia & you! #CherokeeStrong all tribes #OneTribe #NativeAmericans WADO!

  21. Those groups are organized terrorists, not just crazy individual gun nuts. They think they have the right to ‘defend’ their ‘homeland’ from invasion by outsiders like people moving here from ‘California’ or ‘New Jersey.’ They aren’t happy about recreational cannabis, which became legal to sell the day of the shooting.

    There’s a lot of agreement about not giving the shooter media attention, but what about not giving these horrible people protesting the President’s visit so much coverage. It’s helping their sick cause.

  22. The ONLY media attention these barely-evolved homo sapiens should get is an outrage and a push by the vast majority of American people to ONLY vote for a president who has a lifetime F-NRA rating. And that would be Hillary Clinton.

    People in their States should pledge not to vote for any Republican as long as they don’t condemn this behavior.

    Only then can those slimy insects be pushed back under the rock they’ve crawled out from under since Nixon.

  23. …I fully concur…I sometimes wonder what life would be like if Columbus and thier ilk drowned before they could cross the Atlantic…
    …This country is so much a part o’ me I can’t imagine living anywhere else…

  24. I agree Suga that these non-Americans should be segregated from the rest of us BUT I’m not willing to give them one square inch of this nation that they pretend to love. In fact we should find an island big enough and deport them ALL first take ALL the NRA members and start rounding up the Oath Keepers, the KKK,and ALL Reich Wingers who fly the yellow flag of treason AND the Confederate flag of treason. Then secure the island so NO one can get off and infect the rest of us.

  25. Indigenous People’s Day
    Normally I would wish you all a Happy Genocide Day, remembering the 523rd anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing in Hispaniola and immediately seeking to enslave the Taino people, starting a 500-year process of genocide of Native Americans throughout the Americas, a process that arguably still continues in many nations and which none of the modern nations in the Americas have dealt with properly, including the United States. That we celebrate Columbus Day is utterly offensive, since not only are we celebrating a horrible human being, we are also celebrating a very stupid one, who by all account should have died on the ocean and who was pretty much the only person who didn’t immediately realize what he had found.
    Read More

  26. Thanks for this intelligent article about our “home-grown terrorists.”

    Personally though, I’d feel better if the articles being published stop giving glory to these insane, impotent, fanatics, who are so in love with their guns, they can’t think of anything else.

    Also, something needs to be done about the NRA and Congress. The NRA must dance gleefully every time these incidents happen.

    And … SCOTUS needs to overturn the portion of the amendment that gives the right for people to own guns
    “unregulated.” This is NOT what the Second Amendment is about. The Second Amendment is about a REGULATED MILITIA. It is not about gun owners running amok in society unregulated, and destroying everything in their paths.

    This is insanity!

  27. Any Democratic candidate would be better than the sorry lot of candidates being paraded in the Republican party. Just show up to vote and encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

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