Donald Trump Is Pushing An Obama Lie That Will Destroy The Republican Party

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Donald Trump told an Obama lie on CBS’s Face The Nation that will lead to the destruction of the Republican Party if members of Congress follow his advice.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: John Boehner, after he announced that he was resigning, said that there were false prophets in the Republican Party.

And I’m quoting. He said: “These false prophets are whipping people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know are never going to happen.”

He’s kind of talking about you.

TRUMP: I don’t think so. But, first of all, I know. I like him on a personal basis. But I do think they should be tougher.

But here’s the problem. When he says false prophets, you cannot win when you have a group of 25 or 30 percent on this side, and you have a group of 70 percent on this side saying, we’re never going along with the 30 percenters who want more. That’s what is happening.

And every time I watch it, I say, it’s so sad, because if they were really unified and they took that 30 percent stance, assuming they wanted to really make changes and do it right, and cut the budget, cut the deficit, do things that they should be doing, if they took that group, and if everybody was unified, Obama would fold.

But there’s no reason for him to ever fold, because he knows that a big proportion, a vast majority of the Republicans are on his side.

The lie that Trump is pushing is that if Republican shut down the government or refuse to raise the debt ceiling, President Obama will cave, but history makes it clear that this President doesn’t cave to Republican demands.

In 2013, Republicans shut down the government, and Obama didn’t cave. In 2014, Republicans demanded spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. Obama said no, and Republicans caved and gave him a one-year clean increase in the debt limit. Going as far back as 2011, President Obama has beaten Republicans on government shutdowns and raising the debt ceiling.

Donald Trump is selling the Republican myth of “weak Obama” to GOP voters. The problem is that the real Obama is tough as nails and continues to stare down Republicans and make them blink.

Trump is telling Republicans to refuse to raise the debt ceiling and to shut down the government. This is the worst possible strategy that Republicans could follow. It will lead to their party’s destruction. Donald Trump is pushing a lie about President Obama that makes Republicans feel good. The problem is that the lie is also the root of why Republicans continue to be defeated by the President at every turn.

Trump continues to lead the Republican primary, and if the party follows his advice, it will burn itself to the ground.

50 Replies to “Donald Trump Is Pushing An Obama Lie That Will Destroy The Republican Party”

  1. Mr. Trump, there’s no politician that is as strong as a twice elected by a majority of the voters president who will never run for office again.

  2. All I can say from my point of view right now is this: Trump is a charlattan, a buffoon, a Musollini type character (The WWII Italian dictator who huffed and puffed, and made himself look stupid), he has mesmerized the crowd of Stupid with his antics. They can’t distinguish between the truth and the false promises Trump is selling them (Poor things). It is a sad day in America when there are people who buys Trump’s oil salesman pitch. Reminds me of the Jim Jones type who sold the BS to a wide group of ignorant dissatisfied people, and finally forced them to drink the Kool Aid that ultimately put them DOWN! Permanently! It’s amazing to watch Americans follow this “False Prophet” as Boehner has indirectly labbled him (Trump) and Ted Cruz. The lies are self serving by Trump, but in the long run….truth prevails, and the false prophet, crumbles. I see that happening. It’s going to hit Trump HARD! When this charade is finally over.

  3. Why should Obama cave? He has offered compromise, but nothing is ever enough. If you negotiated sensibly with sensible people, much could be accomplished. I’m not a Ray-gun admirer, but he compromised and things got done. No one ever sent him a plate of dog crap and expected him to choke it down. He had the veto pen, and so has pres Obama. Someone needs to re-explain to rethugs how the process is supposed to work.

  4. Hopefully the public will start to see how bad the policies of Republicans really are . Just wishing the followers of these folks had any intelligence . Kind of scary seeing them .

  5. Why do they even ask this goofy bastard his opinion on anything. He’s a know-nothing imbecile. He, like the rest of the so-called “Freedom” Caucus and the “Teabagger” Caucus don’t seem to understand if you don’t have the votes you don’t win. Closing down the government to try to get you way when you don’t have the fuggin votes is costly and moronic! Have these asswipes ever taken a civics class in their lives??? My Gawd! They are obstructionists and don’t give one whit about governing. They hate government and want nothing more than to shut it down. It’s treasonous in my view. Arrgh!

  6. Trump thought Randal Pinkett, the first Black winner on The Apprentice of season 4 would also cave in and share his win with the runner up.

    I’ve never watched The Apprentice but knew Trump was a jive turkey and a racist as soon as I heard about that.

  7. When have we ever seen any fallout from Trump’s bluster and vainglorious antics? But his role is to divide the GOP from the inside plutocracy of the Conservative party. You may not be aware of this, but he’s really a pawn in the chess game of politics.

  8. I read it as ‘Obama has the Congress by the balls.’ Which is true. They will need those 188 Democratic votes to fend off the Baggers.

    Pelosi may end up being the compromise speaker.

  9. I heard a radio interview with someone in the GOP-KNOW, who said Trump will never be GOP Presidential Candidate, nor will Carson.
    Because, The GOP Controls Their OWN Polls and it is they who decide exactly whom is to become their GOP Candidate. (Not GOP Voters)

  10. I am thinking of the title of a Talking Heads song. Can’t happen soon enough for me or the benefit of this country’s present and future.

  11. Marianne, my old friend! I’ve missed you for 10-Years from AOL when we were shocked fellow Pubs were buying all the GWBush/Cheney Lies!

    You have found the very Best/Sharpest-Dem Site on the entire Internet!
    Very few CONs make it here unless they are honest/intelligent & truthful.

  12. Donald Trump is an idiot! He knows it and soon the whole country will realize it. This fat tub of garbage runs around the country trying to look intelligent. And it works until he opens his pie hole. Then we really see the #1 a-hole he really is.

  13. They’re a splintered party with 30% stomping their feet like pre-schoolers.
    They can’t even get a ringleader for this circus of clowns.


    It’s very sad because NOTHING AT ALL is getting done with the LAME DUCK congress.

  14. they believe if they elect Trump they’ll be as rich as him.

    He talks at their level of “intellengence”
    Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader
    Trump: Don’t Make Corporations Pay Their Taxes

    The con man was conned himself
    Trump duped or worse in fundraiser speech fake veterans group

  15. Burning Down The House?

    Road To Nowhere?

    Life During Wartime?

    Once In A Lifetime?

    Any/all of those titles work I believe…

  16. Trump won’t be the Republican candidate because he’s a loud mouth idiot that scares the party. Carson won’t be the Republican candidate because he’s black and the GOP and the TeaBaggers aren’t about to let another black man in the White House any time soon. Besides, Carson is dumber than Trump and half as interesting.

  17. If you figure the foot stompers (Freedom Caucus) at 40 in number, out of 247 Republican members of the House, that’s 16.2% – these “moderate” Republicans have been letting it appear as if they are allowing 1/6 of their conference to dictate policy, but they actually are more in agreement with them than not. But it would only take about 30 safe-seat Republicans to cross over from the Dark Side and vote with the Democrats to effectively legislate, and then the brats could throw all the temper tantrums they want, they would be marginalized.

  18. The people hit most by the GOP destructive policies are the ones who vote the GOP in.

    Look at Kansas, Texas, Ohio, yet, they keep voting against their own interests.

    I don’t know what it would take to get these people to understand that they are undermining their own survival.

  19. Donald’s math has never been good…he thinks he draws more people to his rallies than Sanders.
    How the He*l did he become a
    ‘successful’ businessman?

  20. What nobody mentions is the tactics that the TP caucus (by whatever name) uses to coerce the so called moderate republicans. Essentially they threaten to get their superpac supporters to stage a primary challenge to whomever they want to bully. The beauty of this strategy is that you don’t even need to win in the primary to really screw someone over. A primary challenge will drain the incumbents campaign fund before they even get to the general election. In many cases it will mean that old rumors will be dug up and re-examined. Smear campaigns have been very successful using nothing but innuendo.
    The Tea Party has done this to quite a few of the ‘old’ GOP. And even the ones they do not threaten they simply call ‘RINO’, to cast aspersion on their conservative credentials. These are the guys that are supposed to ‘fix’ democracy?

  21. So finish it.
    Fiorina is about to the end of her 15. That leaves Bush, Kasich, and Rubio as the only half sense moderates.Bush has demonstrated nothing but stupid since the launch of his campaign.Kasich under the microscope reveals a grade A PRICK. Not much left for a mainstream candidate. The GOP are not capable of pulling this off.

  22. Of all the chatter I have had the time and patience to read I still haven’t seen anyone mention the true heads of the Republican Party. Murdoch via Roger Ailes and Netanyahu. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Surely it’s getting about time Netanyahu came back over and give another little “talk” to his congress. I know he wouldn’t give up what he has now. But surely he/they have someone in mind for the next speaker of the house.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh names comes up. If they can pull off the dirty joke on American politics…Donald Trump and prove how far their grip on us can be pushed. Could Glenn or Rush really be too extreme? I could see it happening just to prove who is really in charge.

  23. Actually, I think I have hit on a perfect solution for speaker of the house. Thinking of the show business aspect in politics..I just had a breakthrough brainphart.

    Why not JON STEWART?

    I don’t know how we could ever talk him into it but wouldn’t he be absolutely PERFECT now considering what a hot mess Murdoch and Fox has made of the Republican Party? Jon and his staff have a proven record of cutting through all the “lssues” that the Bullsh#t Mountain comes up with. He could muck out the stalls in Congress within a few weeks. He would even have a better work schedule than he did on the Today show.
    I can’t see anything but win/win for the long suffering people in America and even more amusement for the rest of the world that gets their kicks watching our “really big show”. GAWD I miss his common sense approach to politics.

  24. I keep reading about the Republican brain and the Democratic brain and the inate differences between the two. Also, recently how there is a grammar gene – that many people can speak and write grammatically without even trying. I truly believe it’s all interconnected.
    All you have to do is read the comments (Yahoo, for instance) to see vast differences between the two sides.

  25. ” but in the long run….truth prevails, and the false prophet, crumbles”
    This may be true and Trump will probably collapse under his own loud bluster. The problem is that the Republican sheeple, the fake Christians, the bigots and the greedy plutocrats seem to be getting worse. Truth stares them in the face and they intentionally ignore it.

  26. They’re trying to get Lyin’ Ryan to run. They think he’ll do a good job. Boehner lied almost every time he was in front of a camera, so I guess Ryan would be a good fit. One look at the “budgets” he authored and you wonder how this guy would be their best hope. They got nothing. “When we get the majority, we’ll show how to govern.” Yeah right. I’m still waiting.

  27. America is a plutocracy.
    You do not have to be right.
    You just have to be rich.
    Republicans are not imploding.

  28. The repubs need to be destroyed and go the way of the Whigs. They are so out of control which is what the teabaggers wanted to happen. The teabaggers figured out that unless they take over the party with enough power to make a difference none of their issues will be addressed. Where are the so called “sane” repubs on all this? How can they still support them?

  29. We can keep wishin and hopin that TheTrumpster implodes, but what difference does it make? All the clones are exactly the same. He is just louder and more obnoxious, and the coporate media is pushing him on the public 24/7. Don’t kid yourself that the republiCons are self-destructing. They are like cockroaches…they NEVER go away. My guess is they will come out of 2016 stronger, bigger, meaner, richer and more hateful than ever. The deck has always been stacked but now progressives aren’t even in the game. They have folded their cards and faded away. The Democratic Party is the one that is done…stick a fork in them. Please, put us out of our misery. The Kochs have essentially “won,” and it will be generations before we come out of the New Dark Ages if we even make it back this time. Bid farewell to America, the new third world country christofacist/corporate owned.

  30. I would like to see the headline worded differently.
    It reads that Obama told a lie and Trump is spreading it.
    That is not true.
    It is a Republican lie about Obama that Trump is spreading.
    I love the fact that President Obama is tough as nails.
    He always has been and will continue to be.
    He is a wonderful man and a fantastic president.
    I could only have been prouder if he would have allowed the Justice Department to prosecute Bush/Cheney.

  31. Intelligent people (not GED’s like Walker, Beck, Hannity, & Lush), recognize the expression as ‘MakeAmericaWhiteAgain’.

  32. D. Trump is the the Current Class Clown for the Rep. Party. He will do and or say anything to take attention off any and all who are in the running. All who publishing or speak are keeping his name before of us. I have the years to have learned to watch the shadows. The powers that be have someone in mind that we may find more ugly than D.

  33. No matter what the caucus’s decide or what the polls say the NRC will make Bush the GOP nominee with John Kasich as the VP nominee.

  34. Could someone please explain where this kind of thinking, that 70% should do what 30% want, came from?? Whoever told these idiots that that’s the way democracy works? They will find out AGAIN in 2016, that this kind of thinking just doesn’t work. DO they think that 30% of republicans get to BEAT the rest of America when it comes to electing the next President, they must, because this is what they believe.

  35. Giving up is exactly what they want, Judy. No way in HELL am I going to fold or crumble underneath them. When I go out of this world, I’m going out fighting!


  36. Wow, that’s really original, did you think of it yourself or did somebody help you spell it out?

    I think you meant to say…
    T-Rump…2016 ways to make an ass out of your party

  37. I LOVED it when Steve Croft asked the President this: “If you could run again, do you think you would win?” And, our marvelous President said “Yes!” That was the topper for me.

  38. Trump is pushing ideas that he will never have to accept responsibility for if they fail. Trump would simply deny he ever said any such thing if the Republican Congress followed his idea and refused to raise the debt ceiling.

  39. When the bubble finally bursts with the Donald losing his grip on the top position, then drops out. Who will he blame? Obama? The main stream Media? Mexicans? His ideas? JEB!? You, the American people?

  40. I know it’ just a mental block of mine, but every time I see Trump’s name, my brain reads it as ‘Turnip’.

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