Faith-Based Phony Calls for Killing Non-Christians and Gays

If you think Bryan Fischer and other Religious Right demagogues we’ve seen profiled here are outrageous, you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks. Let me introduce you to Theodore Shoebat, the son of Sean Hannity’s favorite fake-terrorist, Walid Shoebat.

According to the so-called “Freedom Outpost” (“Don’t Tread on Us”), Theodore Shoebat “is the Communications Director for Rescue Christians, an organization that is on the ground in Muslim lands, rescuing Christians from persecution.” Rest assured, Shoebat isn’t rescuing anyone else.

Because Shoebat thinks everyone else should be killed. Which apparently puts him right up there with the Islamic State where levels of tolerance are concerned. On Thursday, Shoebat posted a video attacking not just “homosexuality,” which he claims “homosexuality is evil and it’s only going to lead to more evil, murder, rape, cannibalism,” but also called for putting to death all those who refuse to submit to Christianity (he has already called for a global crusade to exterminate gays and forcing gays to submit through a regimen of ‘Death And Strong Suppression’).

According to this most recent video, we need a “collectivist society” which is apparently different than a communist collectivist society in that it’s hardcore, old-school Christian orthodoxy that would have found favor in the Early Church when black-robed monks where showing Hitler’s Nazis how real storm troopers were supposed to act. You know, the guys who tore Hypatia of Alexandria to shreds. The guys who believed “there is no crime for those who have Christ.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

As you can see, Shoebat is obsessed with what he calls “the body” and asserts that “the body” decides what is good and evil (funny, I thought the body (society) already did that?). Where he differs from normal people is in his desire to kill everybody who is evil, rather than throwing them into prison “with the rest of the fags.” Where he runs into problems is in assuming that everybody agrees with him about what is and is not evil. For example, I’d say Shoebat is evil, whereas gay people are just folks.

He says in his collectivist society, “homosexuality” would be determined to be a threat to the body politic. However, if enough of the body determines that the Shoebats of the world are evil, do we get to put him to death? Food for thought.

“Collectivism is the most efficient way to prevent evil things from happening,” he says, as his tirade continues:

“When you have collectivism, then you have a collectively accepted belief system.” Yes, I do believe he writes his own material.

“And so when everyone believes in Christianity, then those who do not are expected to respect Christianity. We’re not saying everyone has to be Christian” (good, because arguably he himself is not) because he is pretty sure in either Numbers or Leviticus here are non-Christians (you of course would be hard-pressed to find a Christian in Numbers or Leviticus). So he says that a non-Christian can enter the Christian society but he has to “respect and honor the Christian faith,” which is, of course, a violation of the United States Constitution, a fact which seems to trouble him not at all.

“Once someone begins to teach and to exhibit the signs of a diabolical belief system, or an explicitly anti-Christian sentiment, then that person is most definitely determined to be a threat to the body.” According to Shoebat, that person must be forced to either stop what he is doing, or be killed.

At the end of September, when he called for the death of all gays, Shoebat launched into a similar tirade about “homo tyranny” and the need for “collective law”:

I’m sick and tired of the homo tyranny. What the world needs is a collective law … What we need is the laws of God, the virtues of Heaven to become the law of the world. That is the bottom line. Do I believe in Christian world domination? Absolutely. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t. Do I believe in Christian supremacy? Absolutely. Do I believe in democracy? Hell no. Do I believe in some sort of a democratic socialist republic? Hell no. I believe in monarchy, I believe in Inquisitions, I believe we need to revive the system of the Middle Ages that we had; we had no fag problems, we didn’t have a lot of serial killers back in those days, we didn’t have frickin’ drug cartel problems, we had none of the crap. We didn’t have no fags asking to be married. None of that garbage.

It’s homo tyranny and it needs to be destroyed. Christian world domination needs to be established and homosexuality needs to be deemed as a crime. And the homos need to be told, hey, you gotta stop that and if they don’t stop that then, I’m sorry, we have an Inquisition and that Inquisition will enact the death penalty, as Scripture tells us.

We have also seen Shoebat’s fellow Catholic Bill Donohue call for forced conversion of Muslims and artists and Shoebat is hardly alone in wanting to kill people who aren’t exactly like him. It is not even the increasing number of would-be mass murderers in our society that is alarming, but the fact that people like Shoebat can spread the message and find support for their planned atrocities rather than universal outrage.

People have always asked, “Can it happen here?” and the answer must be, “Yes, it can happen here, and it will if we let it.” Just ask this latest in a long line of faith-based phonies: Theodore Shoebat.

43 Replies to “Faith-Based Phony Calls for Killing Non-Christians and Gays”

  1. Talk about a “diabolical belief system” – christianity fits that description to perfection. Damn shame we can’t allow these people to segregate themselves somewhere away from our evil influence, where once they “begin showing signs of diabolical belief, they are a threat to the body” and can start eliminating themselves in their quest for religious purity. I certainly hope that the FBI is keeping a wary eye on this warped sac of waste cells, and his demented cohorts.

  2. The land of the free and the home of the homophobe?
    Where are the guys in white jackets with a net when you
    need them? Jah bless, Mr. Haraldsson.

  3. Homo tyranny?!? Boy, every time we manage to make progress as a society, creeps like this one crawl out of the woodwork, aiming to drag us back. In the case of this warped humanoid, back to the Middle Ages. The sad thing is, there’s an audience out there for his nonsense. I wonder what this dirtbag would do without the Internet.

  4. just reminding people that not ALL Christians are homophobic or anti Islam. our church welcomes gays and our pastor will even marry a gay couple. We also had a gay Bishop. Also women can be pastors in our church.

  5. I’ve been following this sick little phishers’ “collective” rants for a while now…

    It’s INTERESTING that he’s now calling for plain old “collectivism”, because, in his prior rants, he’s used the term “Christian Collectivism” (it’s a real term).

    He’s also changed his tune calling for death to ALL who refuse conversion to his brand of Christianity; his original version included ‘Jews and Pagans’ (his words, not mine).

    I could not quote his differences because I could not stomach researching/re-reading he sick message a second time. But I distinctly read his words on “christian collectivism” because I looked it up. Of course, he’s not alone; he has a nest full of roach-infested fellow supremacist…what a dull surprise!

    I too hope that ever law enforcement agency got the memo on this guy and, that every aspect of his twist little life is under a lens at all times forever until he meets his invisible sky-buddy.

  6. God is God all by himself. He doesn’t need any nut case to destroy evil. If gays are so evil, why hasn’t God destroyed them. I’ll tell you why, because they have what God requires from us all, that is love. However these homophobic nut cases should worry about their evil ways, because if they know anything about God, he will destroy them and their evil ways. They have no love or compassion for anyone but their own sick selves. And God’s justice will prevail.

  7. …every day, it seems like you can’t do a damned thing without tripping over these anti-Christians landing further and further from the Teachings of Jesus Christ…these are NOT even close to bein’ Christians, as HH has proven time and time again…these Teahadist Koch-Suckers need to be removed from the body politic…by any means necessary…

  8. Typical Euro-Christian. Crusades, Inquisitions, witch hunts….. it always comes down to ‘comply or die.’

  9. It would be good for everyone if puty-tats like this, would leave us alone and understand the definition of freedom. To impose their will on us is not freedom. If Jesus came back to check on things that they’re doing, they would drone him if they could, out of fright. After Christians determine he’s not like us. So much for “Praise the Lord”. If they don’t get him, the Republicans would.

  10. Sounds like a rockin’ church. I’m not religious, but my husband is and I told him I REFUSE to enter a church that doesn’t openly and lovingly accept homosexuals.

    I once when to a Baptist church where the pastor wouldn’t let the choir wear robes because he said it would make them look “gay”. Then he started to do that stupid hand flapping gesture that people do to make fun of gay people.

    I guess he needs to buy a time machine and give Jesus a pair of blue jeans, eh?

  11. I’d feature that a little mid-Eastern carpenter who lived on fish, vegetables, and wholegrain bread would look pretty good in them.

  12. They know nothing about god – if they did, they wouldn’t be orally spewing the hatred that they embrace.

  13. What a coincidence. I want all born again christians to be killed. We build a huge colosseum in every major city, import and breed hungry lions from around the world, and throw the born again freaks into the arena during regular feeding times. We should also put them on PayPerView for everyone’s enjoyment.

  14. Rule #1: Thou Shalt Not Kill

    NOT: “Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless The Person Is a Non-Christian, Gay, or Pagan”

    There were no qualifiers to those Ten Commandments. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is pretty self explanatory.

  15. Speaking of the internet, it’s too bad someone like Anonymous couldn’t run a history of his hard drive, probably loaded with gay porn sites.

  16. Since you have been tracking this guy for sometime now I wonder are his ranting posts on some type of cycle, like after every homoerotic wet dream? From what you hear in the news it seems like the most out spoken religious homophobic people are the ones hiding the deepest in the closet.

  17. To add, those wonderful so called Xtians came to “Turtle Island” (North America) & committed GENOCIDE on approximately 100 MILLION NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS stealing their lands, raping the women & girls of my indigenous peoples all in the name of their god. If you didn’t convert, you were slaughtered! They have got to be stopped! They blame gays for hurricanes etc. I BLAME THEM FOR THE FLOODS in South Carolina etc. My Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma was forced out of Tennessee, Carolinas areas etc! Columbus Day Monday should be disposed of permanently! #CherokeeStrong all tribes #OneTribe #NativeAmericans WADO!

  18. In my Father’s House are many mansions . Mansions for gays , Budists , Muslims , Hindus , Christians , & all others deserving of his grace . God is the God of Love of all . I’m sorry for leaving anyone out , don’t know all sects ,tribes , etc. you all should get the idea . Quote from John 3:16

  19. Its too bad more Psychoanalysts couldn’t evaluate these guys intentions, and determine whether they are a danger to the general public. I would not be in favor of censoring his freedom of speech, but if his general attitude toward breaking the law could be determined, maybe he could be intercepted by law enforcement before anything could happen. Of course I’m also against a police state where he would be watched and spied on 24 hours a day as in a police state. A police state would be far more oppressive and destructive to people’s lives than anarchy. People like this are difficult to evaluate because he obviously has little regard for human life and is calling for just that—a police state to protect the so-called body. He definitely has screw loose. What ever happen to live and let live? (Reminds me of a Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew encounter a planet and its inhabitants are controlled by a police state run by a computer named Landrew that protects the body of Landrew.)

  20. It isn’t Christianity that is to blame – it is anybody who grabs a label to define his own values as being the Right ones (thus the others are wrong).

    I don’t know about other religions, but the “Christian” Religious Right reject the values of the very liberal Jesus Christ.

    People use and misuse other labels such as “democracy”, “communism”, “patriotism”, “liberal”… as well. It isn’t about those ideals – it is about their twisted egos.

  21. I QUITE agree!
    Religion comforts…and it cripples.
    History is very clear on this matter.

    All religious types are lazy cowards – Too lazy to seek the truth; too cowardly to face the truth when it’s before them.
    I know…I was once one of them.

    I got free of the childish lazy thinking of religion. You can too.
    All you have to do it wake up and get skeptical. Examine closely and carefully what you believe…and then face the truth. You’ve swallowed a large load of pretty lies. You’re happy with comfortable falsehoods. I’m NOT.

    The time to believe in something, is when there is solid proof thereof, not before!

    Real men seek the truth.
    Bible thumpers are happy with pretty untruths. How sad. How crippling. How lazy of thought.

    Worship a ‘god’ that murdered ALL the first born of an entire nation (Egypt)?

    Worship a ‘god’ that murdered all humankind save 8?
    HE couldn’t have simply forgiven or fixed the people? He HAD to MURDER them?
    What a horrible god! …

  22. The quote below from the article just shows this guy’s ignorance… no serial killers? No drug cartels? No. Not by name, but a standard day was nobles running around raping women at their will, killing anyone in a village, etc., just because. History is pretty clear on that, stupid. I’m sure his view of history was everybody got along except for those damn queers and non-christians.

    Ignorance made clear…
    “I believe in Inquisitions, I believe we need to revive the system of the Middle Ages that we had; we had no fag problems, we didn’t have a lot of serial killers back in those days, we didn’t have frickin’ drug cartel problems, we had none of the crap. We didn’t have no fags asking to be married. None of that garbage.”

  23. Joe, forget the Lions, those beautiful creatures deserve a better way of life. Pit those “Christian” extremist in a stadium with others such as ISIS and let them battle it out. No weapons, fist only.

    Ehh, probably not socially acceptable, yet, we can dream, can’t we…

  24. These deranged psychos ARE NOT Christains! In fact, the Aholes are the antithesis of that religion! Lunatic groups like this are resposible for millions of former Christians to abandon the religion entirely, especially young people. They are NOT willing to buy into a message of HATE AND INTOLLERANCE! The idiots are too dumb and too full of hate to see the damage they have done to their religion!

  25. So this hate filled moron wants to bring back the Inquisition ? Bring it on and he can be the first candidate for testing the various forms of torture used upon the victims of that hatred. Disemboweling, then the pulling of his nails out with pliers and his teeth, the Iron Maiden or Drawing and Quartering for the Grand Finale, haven’t decided which one he would suffer the most in yet.
    Obviously this young idiot knows nothing of history and just how evil times were when a country was ruled by the church(Christian) and he wants the entire world run that way. Totally warped by his father from what I gathered from the article, no mention of his mother, as I am certain in his families brand of Christianity, women were little more that a breeding machine and a slave, kind of like the Duggar females.

  26. …partial disagreement…
    …I’m a Christian…and an old Navy Engineer…
    …the Engineering side of me is always weighing this…measuring that…not takin’ a Fk’ing thing for granted…{and yes, the Navy side o’ me talks rather…colorfully…}
    …the Christian side o’ me reminds me to care for others, keep my word, even ‘to the least of these’…and to protect others the best I can…
    …my Navy side delineates certain things as near-sacred responsibilities…such as voting, and helping others to…
    I haven’t found any real conflict o’ interest in any o’ me facets…I am NOT any kind o’ hyper Partisan political participant; I’m still gathering data to make a decision…
    NOTE: Do me a favor, don’t tell me I gotta sign any pledge, as I will only tell you to shove it into the orifice o’ your choice…
    The Shadowolf

  27. This guy doesn’t even bear a vague resemblance to a christian. In fact, I’d go so far as to classify this clown as an anti-Christian, since he obviously either hasn’t read any of the teachings of Jesus, or has decided to ignore them as being too liberal…

  28. Please hire writers who have mastered English sentence structure, or editors who can correct the errors of the “writers” you do employ.

  29. I’m familiar with Shoebat – banned from his site in fact, LOL! My gaydar says he’s a deeply repressed gay man who’s self loathing will destroy him young. It’s a shame, because his Jesus wouldn’t want him to be so unhappy – When repression turns to homicidal rage it’s an ugly thing.

  30. Admittedly, one or two have breathless syntax, but with most, if there is a malapropism or an incomplete sentence structure, it is because the eye sees screen copy differently from hard copy.

    I held the English award for two years and was the English examiner for a very pricy language school. Nonetheless, I may have to go back and make several corrections. Most of our writers are working either cheap or free, and they write on bonecrushing schedules. If you see a typo, please say specifically what it is, and it will probably be corrected.

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