The NRA’s Desperation Grows As Obama Is Winning the PR War on Gun Laws


With a nation reeling from grief and daily tragedy brought on by ridiculously irresponsible and changing gun safety regulations across the country, people are clamoring for change. President Obama is talking about why we need gun safety measures and reasonable, responsible gun laws on a daily basis lately. People are listening.

The NRA can’t afford to allow people and certainly not our representatives to even have that discussion. So they’re doubling down on the lies about the boogeyman Obama coming for everyone’s guns.

To wit:

A taste of the pathetic and desperate lies the NRA Institute for Legislative Action is peddling:

Clearly, the president is infuriated with Congress and the American people for failing to adopt his gun control agenda, but what is he actually promoting by way of solutions? His recent speeches have been long on vitriol, but short on specifics.

What Obama is really proposing, despite some platitudes to the contrary, is the end of private firearm ownership for self-defense – which is essentially what happened in Australia and the U.K.

Vitriol? Obama is vitriolic? This can only work on someone who doesn’t listen to his speeches or is already biased beyond help. The President might be a lot of things, but vitriolic is not one of them. Not even once has he actually come across that way, even when it was justified.

They are actually claiming Obama is calling for an end to private firearm ownership. LOL.

Of course, that claim bears no relationship to the truth. Here’s a list of the actions the President has called for. Wouldn’t such intentions have been clear in his executive actions? Instead, we have things that any reasonable person who is not a felon wanting a gun would agree to. They do not infringe on responsible gun owners (I am a gun owner, FYI).

Things like:

Closing a Loophole to Keep Some of the Most Dangerous Guns Out of the Wrong Hands
Keeping Surplus Military Weapons Off Our Streets

Yeah, almost an end to private gun ownership! But not. But just in case anyone is trembling in fear that mean old President Obama is going to knock on their door and demand their gun, here’s his entire plan for keeping our communities safer by reducing gun violence.

It’s not just mass shootings, either. Every day there are murders in our country via guns. Everytown found that background check laws make women safer, “Controlling for population, there are 46 percent fewer intimate partner gun homicides of women in states that require background checks for private handgun sales than in states that do not.”

If a party were really “pro-life” they’d certainly be for background check laws in order to protect women, since an average of three women per day are murdered in this country by an intimate or ex intimate partner.

What about law enforcement? They are put into the line of fire by these irresponsible laws as well. Everytown reports, “The NRA has fought to prevent Congress from providing any funding for research on gun violence; it has blocked law enforcement from being able to share analyses of crime gun trace data; and it has tried to pass laws prohibiting doctors and military leaders from talking to patients and service members about responsible gun ownership and suicide prevention.”

What to do when there are two school shootings on a single day and gun violence is clearly out of control, but you represent the manufacturers of guns? Double down on fear-mongering. Anything to troll the dialogue so that citizens can’t have a real conversation about the need for reasonable gun control measures – a thing that most NRA members actually also want. FYI.

But of course, the NRA doesn’t actually represent its members anymore.

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  1. but xmas is coming. nothing says, i love jesus, more than a glock in your kiddies stockings! and for sis, the new pink and sparkle kiddie glock! fun for the whole family!

    the NRA’s new motto: ‘Happiness, is a warm gun. Yes it is….’

  2. On average there is a gun-related death in this country every 151/2 minutes, not sure how many are children.

  3. I believe the number of kids killed by guns is about 3,000 each year in America. Unfortunately they are NRA/2nd Amendment Cannon fodder.

  4. …this Domestic Terror outfit…{spits} I swear{loudly} that this country would be well served if a 5000lb. bomb fell onto NRA HQ…

  5. Its got to the point when I meet someone or one of my acquaintances say they are a conservative, republican or even worse a teabag……I look at them and wonder how they even tie their shoes without someone telling them how to do it and when!

  6. The NRA does actually represent the views of their members. Where in the world did you get the false idea that they do not? I am an NRA life member, and I know many people who are as well. I can tell you for sure that the NRA represents our views. Why do you think the membership is growing so much if they don’t?

  7. I suspect the sane people are dropping out and being replaced by crazies, so I feature you’re right.

  8. Sponge Blob – You know that’s not a joke, right?

    John Lennon wrote the song *because* NRA’s motto was Happiness is a Warm Gun. Lennon thought it was disgusting.

  9. So tired of no background checks & no limits on magazine sizes . In Vietnam 20 round magazines were the limit . Why can untrained wannabe soldiers allowed unlimited firearms & magazine sizes ? Really , really wrong .

  10. What is tearing me apart is the increase in the number of kids killing kids with guns. We had two of these incidents in the past week. Both of the kids they shot are dead, and both of the kids that shot them are locked up, facing trials and years behind bars. I think that these deaths will be the tipping point for many Americans, irrespective of their political affiliation. Women, in particular, don’t like reading about kids killing kids with guns because adults in their households fail to properly secure firearms. The first murder occurred in Tennessee, the second in Missouri. Both are states that have very lax gun laws. Our kids are learning from rabid pro-gun owners, the NRA and other pro-gun groups in our society that if they have a disagreement with another kid, or don’t like another child, they can easily solve their “problem” by grabbing their parent’s unsecured gun and blowing them away. These groups/persons are terrorists, and their targets are vulnerable kids.

  11. Thank you for your service, Vietnam Vet.

    I believe most of these gun toting A-holes, have never really witnessed what bullets do to the human body. They can’t have real respect for life, when they stockpile weapons that render people unrecognizable. The only thing they are defending, is their own stupidity.

  12. There’s some truth to being “conservative” among Republicans and just flat unaffiliated with reality. 1/4 of their brain is used at any given time. The other 3/4 is well, conserved, for dumbass occasions that may arise while in contact with others. Conservative. This is just one man’s opinion.

  13. I do not agree at all with Mr.Obama! He is not right at all about this approach, well of course not! he will have tax payer payed for personal body guards protection for the rest of his life. The rest of us have to fend for ourselves. Besides his changes have basically ruined this country, by forcing expensive healthcare on the U.S, and allowing the U.S to be invaded from the southern countries. Now he wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens, allowing criminals and illegals to retain their guns is unacceptable. All this while downsizing our military, and while North Korea, China, and Russia are building up their forces, not a good idea. I do not trust the Presidents motives now, and especially since his term is about up, he may try to claim martial law to stay in office, power hungry? Oh and terming certain guns as assault weapons is Clinton slang, and is just a way to make a weapon more evil than it is. The term assault is an act! not a weapon. A disarmed nation is weak

  14. Well, it’s discouraging to think that Americans are such weaklings and ‘fraidy cats as to need the NRA crap and a gun in their hand to feel like a man. Maybe if we just as a society handed out free viagra to these limps we wouldn’t have no much unconstrained violence and silly big talk from them. Grow up. Stop shooting people. It’s not a sign of manhood, you know, to hide behind a big gun.

  15. No one who hasn’t been in combat and been shot back at can possibly understand what you have posted. The romance of having big firepower is their wet dream. In reality, it would be their worst nightmare.

  16. Here you have it, folks. The typical low information voter that refuses to educate himself. I, personally, find it almost impossible to understand how they think, because everything he posted is either a lie or misinformation.

    So sad.

  17. To the nra, children are just a number.

    3000 vs. billions $$$$

    No contest. I find it quite interesting that so many of the nra’s top guys are “men” that went to extreme measures to wimp out of service for their country in Vietnam. Most of them couldn’t pass a mental stability test in a background check today and could lose their guns.

  18. Fighting violence with violence is called war , is that what you’re advocating ? You won’t change many minds when you start calling for the murder of your political opponents. President Obama asked the American people to give him a congress that supported gun control in 2013, and for reasons I can’t explain, they chose not to. This isn’t the time to threaten violence, but if you insist. The next time you’re behind a pick-up truck with an NRA sticker…attack the driver.

  19. The NRA is a terrorist organization that promotes the manufacture, sale and use of weapons of mass destruction. They also OWN sleazy politicians who don’t dare do anything regarding gun violence for fear of upsetting the NRA Terrorists. We need to vote against ALL politicians who receive an NRA approval rating above ZERO!

  20. {{{performing a US Navy Standard salute}}}

    …any blessings accorded to a somewhat battered old Battleship Sailor are headed your way!!!

  21. You are NOT a “true American” no matter how much you THINK you are. Nothing you spewed gives any indication that you know ANYTHING about what being an “American” is truly about. Stop calling yourself a “true” American as you are embarrassing we who TRULY are Americans.

  22. Mike, the NRA has already declared “War” on all of us who are too courageous to fall for their fear mongering by not buying a gun. They have declared “War” on all Democrats and Liberals who have seen the NRA go from a real advocate of gun safety and legal ownership for SPORTSMAN into a capitol based fear mongering POLITICAL entity. We must declare “War” on them and we must win or face the future of out of control murder by gun. If this keeps up anyone who disagrees with ANY thing that spews from these cowards mouths will be murdered by a GUN for being brave. The NRA MUST be destroyed!!

  23. You are misinformed as to the facts RE:assault weapons.

    ‘Prior to its use in U.S. firearms laws, the term “assault weapon” was limited to naming certain military weapons, for example, the Rifleman’s Assault Weapon, a grenade launcher developed in 1977 for use with the M16 assault rifle,[19] or the Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon.’

    ‘In April 1985, Art Agnos introduced in the California State Assembly a bill to ban semi-automatic “assault firearms” capable of using detachable magazines of 20 rounds or more.’

    ‘In the United States “assault weapons” are usually defined in legislation as semi-automatic firearms that have certain features generally associated with military firearms, including assault rifles. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired on September 13, 2004, codified the definition of an assault weapon.’
    Do your homework before spewing misinformation.

  24. …true american my tired ass…{spits}
    …I’ve literally known hundreds o’ bastards like this…have never served this country; but call themselves “Patriots” completely ignore the Teachings o’ Jesus Christ; but call themselves “Christians” ignore any law or part o’ the Constitution they don’t like and call themselves “Oath Keepers”…corrupt the Second Amendment, and get the USSC to codify thier version, stockpile guns and ammo, become completely anti-Government, elect Teahadists and Teatards to represent them, and because those Idiotologues work to cripple the government, they say President Obama is the blame-taker…

  25. “A disarmed nation is weak”

    No, it’s just you. Being without your 9mm penis transplant makes YOU feel weak.

    The warmed-over garbage in your comment tells me we should all be afraid of that black hole between your ears.

  26. And I call BS. A look at the NRA’s membership roster a few years back drew the conclusion that it’s heavily padded with long dead people and fictional characters. Outdoors people and hunters don’t belong to the NRA, it has nothing for us. In fact, hunters are fine with gun controls, because we don’t have stupid AR-15s and piles of handguns. We also invest in good weapons and keep them forever, but don’t hoard. Only gun nuts have a problem with waiting for a gun – or passing a background check.

    The NRA truly is nothing but a lobby for gun manufacturers, who don’t care how many kids are killed. Guns can be childproofed, they can be made safer all around, the tech exists and it’s simple. Big Gun just doesn’t want to bother, cause your child means nothing to them.

  27. I have some incredibly good news for you! According to the CDC (, over the last two decades the number of unintentional firearm-related fatalities among youth 14 years of age and under decreased by 74 percent. 28 percent in the last 10 years! In 2010, that number, not percentage, but total number, was 62. That’s 62 more than any of us would like to hear, but the incredible drop showcases that while the number of firearms in circulation during that time has more than doubled, the risk has decreased tremendously. So much so that today, the number of unintentional firearm-related fatalities is fewer than those caused by poisoning, fires, drowning, suffocation, and motor vehicles (which is a horrific 1,418 deaths in 2010). We’re getting safer all the time. With more education and less grandstanding, we can preserve rights and see that number fall even lower. We’re seeing incredible success in our society portrayed as the opposite. A shame!

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