Things Are So Bad For Republicans That War Criminal Dick Cheney Could Be Speaker


With the Republicans in the House desperate for a new leader, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has suggested that former vice president Dick Cheney be the next Speaker of the House.

According to Politico, Cotton said, “Look, these are trying times for our nation. It’s important to have a steady hand on the helm during times like this. I think experience really counts in a matter like this. I think House leadership experience really matters. And as you know the speaker doesn’t have to be a member of the House: So therefore, Vice President Cheney for speaker.”

The ultimate in crazy would be if Paul Ryan refused to run for speaker and an outside name like Dick Cheney ended up with the job. Cheney is eligible to serve as Speaker of the House because the Speaker is not required to be a member of Congress.

It would be fitting if the dysfunctional House Republicans selected Cheney. After all, Cheney perfectly fits the mold of the modern Republican. He lied the country into war while serving in an administration that blew up the deficit while trashing the economy.

Cheney is a hardcore Obama hater, and his tough talk would certainly make the Republican caucus giddy. Dick Cheney is also an old man with a bad heart. If there is one thing that might finally kill Cheney, it would be having to lead the world’s most dysfunctional legislative majority.

The fact anyone would suggest Cheney for Speaker with a straight face suggests that things in the Republican Party have gotten worse than most of us can imagine.

35 Replies to “Things Are So Bad For Republicans That War Criminal Dick Cheney Could Be Speaker”

  1. Cotton needs to be hanged by his pencil neck until dead. Cheney needs to be an inmate in Guantanamo.

  2. ““Look, these are trying times for our nation. It’s important to have a steady hand on the helm during times like this…”
    What is Traitor Tom babbling about? Since Cheney and his worthless boss left office as the economy cratered, the economy has bounded back, deficits have plunged, ordinary Americans can afford health care and won’t have it taken away if they actually use it, the Irag war has wound down and we have for the most part steadfastly have avoided sending Americans to die in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, etc.

    Do we still have a long way to go? Yes, and voting traitorous republicans out of office will remove many of the obstacles to improving American lives.

    Chickenshit, fear-filled republicans are lost in their own little world where they run in circles screaming that the sky is falling. So frightened and cowardly.

  3. No surprise, coming from the person who got 46 Senators to sign a letter to the Leaders of Iran regarding the nuclear negotiations, that he would push for Cheney to become the next Speaker. They both have a big dislike for Pres. Obama.

  4. W’ll, damme, it gets worse. There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents Ted Cruz from being Chancellor (whoops) Speaker of the House.

  5. So he thinks that experience really matters in house leadership. I assume he doesn’t hold the same position concerning the workings of the senate. Seeing how pretty much every republican senator signed on to his treasonous letter, including the entire of senate republican leadership. Makes you wonder where he aquired his experience.

  6. Dick Cheney would do absolutely anything (before he permanently croaks) to become The President of the U.S.A.!!!! In my opinion. What more of a (perfect) opportunity (and GOP set-up) could there be than for him too actually achieve the goal of being elected (by the traitorous, t-party republicans) as the Speaker Of The House and then (lawfully) placed third in line for the Office of the Presidency of the U.S.A.??? This is some really scary stuff!!!! These T-party republicans are really very ruthless fools. They need to all be monitored 24/7 by all of our U.S. Govt.’s appropriate agencies…

  7. If we can guarantee that this will finally kill this draft-dodging piece of shit war criminal,I’m all for it.

  8. Why not Failin’ Palin?

    We need her smarts and intellect to restore credibility for the Republican party.

    And if not her, certainly Louise Gohmert would be an equally clever candidate to replace the Sprinkler of the House.

  9. I don’t think so, he would be 1st in line for a heart transplant. They’d hook his ass up to a machine to keep him alive for the next ten yrs and fake videos of him giving speeches from the House floor.
    No, sorry, both Cotton and this asshole need to be bundled up and sent to Syria. They can come home when they have a toe tag attached.

  10. This farce puts the words insane & crazy to new definitions of madness. Tom Cotton should not under any circumstances, be elected to public office again. Anywhere including but not limited to, hell. This Arkansas’s modern day Norman Bates. Ratfink as speaker?? This man has the heart of a thug.

  11. Boys and Girls, We are in Deep Doo Doo! If we don’t get rid of these lunatics next year, There won’t be a United States of America. Not one we would want to live in anyway.

  12. Republicans need the crazies to have safety in numbers but sooner or later you would think there would be a principal to the thing. Selling yourself to the devil has it’s price.

  13. Bringing Cheney back into the national government would remind Americans of everything they hate about the last administration. If GOP/TPers do it, the dysfunction would be off the chain, and they could probably look forward to a good shellacking in 2016, after Cheney puts his mug on TV, twists his mouth to the side and stirs up all kinds of sh*t.

  14. “These are trying times for our nation.”

    It’s not the times. It’s the Republicans that are trying.

    Republicans are trying to sell the country to plutocrats. Trying to overthrow the federal government. Trying to replace our Constitution with the Old Testament. Trying to subjugate women and people of color. Trying to destroy unions. Trying to eradicate the middle class. Trying to involve the U.S. in imperialist wars. Trying to destroy everything that makes American great.

    Adding Cheney to the mix like using napalm to put out a fire.

    Yes, Cotton and the Tea-brains are trying…our patience.

  15. If not Pelosi, how about WATSON (the IBM Computer)? Nah, probably too smart, too non-partisan for the Tea Babies.

  16. it doesn’t matter how bad things are for republican scum,the wet noodle democrats cant,wont,and refuse to capitalize and bury them once and for all,they could lie us into 20 wars and it wouldn’t matter ,meaning the wet noodles would let them off the hook 20 times

  17. Republicans are a lot like farts. They are disgusting and the stink but you can’t help laughing t them.

  18. I’d rather play a game with the WHOPPER, Joshua.

    Maybe we should have all pols play it until they discover that the only way to win war games is to not play at all.

  19. clennis05 don’t you think all teabaggers have the heart of a thug? They prove it daily in speech and action. Their hearts go PITTY PAT at the thought of gaining more power with a Cheney in the office of Senate Speaker. Gives them a clear road to the white House. I think there is nothing that would stop them from getting there. NOTHING!!

  20. Of course, Skinny necked Tom Cotton would want Dick Cheney to be Speaker. They both are War-mongrels. One wants one, the other made us go into one. Now there’s a lethal combination of minds for you.

  21. I agree. Where is the leadership in the Democrat Party? Democrats are wimps and that is why WE keep losing the congress and senate. Democrats DON’T stand up to the Republican bullies.

    Pelosi it is time you step aside. We need younger blood, new ideas. Stop selling the “tax the rich crap” no one is buying it.

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