Bernie Sanders Scores A Big Endorsement As Rep. Keith Ellison Endorses Sanders


Sen. Bernie Sanders picked up his second congressional endorsement today, as Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) endorsed the Independent for the Democratic nomination.

Rep. Ellison, who is the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote, “I’m endorsing Bernie because he is talking about the issues that are important to American families,” Ellison said. “His candidacy is important for many reasons, but I believe the most important part of his candidacy is that it has the ability to create a renaissance in voter participation, which was at its lowest in decades this past election cycle. We’ve all seen the massive crowds he is attracting, and I think that is a testament to his message connecting with people – people we will need to turn out in November.”

Rep. Ellison joins his fellow co-chair of the CPC, Raúl Grijalva, as the first two members of Congress to endorse Sen. Sanders’ campaign.

Sanders responded to Ellison’s endorsement by saying, “Keith Ellison is one of the great progressive leaders in the country leading the fight for the rights of working families and the environment. I look forward to working with him to create a government which represents all Americans and not just the billionaires.”

Congressional endorsements are vital for the Sanders campaign as Hillary Clinton has been piling up endorsements from superdelegates for months.

Bernie Sanders is being joined by progressive members of Congress who are also sick of the politics as usual. The political revolution that Sen. Sanders is leading is gaining allies. If the government is going to be taken from the billionaires and returned to the people, it be members of Congress like Ellison and Sanders who will lead the charge.

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  1. Sadly,
    Sanders doesn’t stand a chance in the general election.
    He’ll end up playing the Nader GadFly role
    and yield the Oval Office to the GOP.

    As much as I like him, admire him, support him,
    his is an unconscionable gambit.

  2. Really derrick? He will? Even though he has said repeatedly that if he does not win the nomination he will support the Democratic nominee? I think you need to educate yourself better. Bernie will win the nomination, and then the White House. When both Democrats and republicans are attacking him it is obvious he is the right candidate at the right time. #feeltheBERN

  3. Bernie will not win the white house. Nominate Bernie and a Republican will be elected. I like Bernie but to me right now he is all talk. I see no real plan other than standing around saying the same ole BS that all politicians say.

  4. An endorsement from who? How can this be a big win? Ellison is barely known in his home district in MN. Let’s get real people.

  5. Really Bob? How so? Bernie is outraising all of the GOP candidates in individual donations, polls say he would stomp all of them in the general election, and turnout for his campaign events outpaces all candidates running for POTUS combined. So if you decide to reply please do so in a way that makes sense and is substantiated.

  6. Interesting piece & graphics at WSJ.

    ‘The Two Parties Aren’t Crazy, Just Changed’
    “For starters, the two parties have become more ideological and more ideologically divided at the base. In a large survey of voters done in mid-1990, the Journal/NBC News poll found that just 12% of Republicans identified themselves as very conservative, and only 13% of Democrats identified themselves as very liberal. Today, those shares have roughly doubled. In the latest Journal/NBC News poll, taken last month, 28% of Republicans called themselves very conservative, and 26% of Democrats called themselves very liberal”.

    (Hope you can get through to it)

  7. Bernie will not be your nominee, neither will Hilary.
    It will be Biden.
    Obama has already said he would endorse him, the unions are waiting for him. Hilary, like it or not and agree with me or not, is getting taken down by the e-mail bs and the bengazi bs. Not jail or anything just out of the election.
    Bernie is a socialist and the people of this country would sooner elect a muslim.
    Biden has been biding his time. Waiting for just the right moment. He is just now starting his ads and “testing the waters”.

  8. It doesn’t matter to me. I like all three. I support Hillary, but will vote for whoever gets the Dem nomination. I don’t get that feeling from Bernie supporters. I can’t help wonder who they are.

  9. I don’t see the repub attacks you speak of. In fact I keep wondering why repubs don’t attack Bernie. I think repubs want Bernie to be the nominee. Polls show that folks won’t vote for a socialist. The repubs are just waiting for him to get the nomination so they can unload on him going all the way back to the 1960s. There’s a lot more to this that many folks don’t want to admit.

  10. I think many Bernie supporters are too into the “feel the Bern” stuff to see clearly. All that matters is that we have a Dem nominee that will win, state by state.

  11. Under no circumstances can we allow a republican to win. They must be denied the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. The GOP must be forced into political oblivion. I support Bernie Sanders. I will vote a straight Democratic ticket no matter what.

  12. In order for Sanders to play anything like the “Nader gadfly role”, he’d have to be running on a third party ticket. There’s no way that’s going to happen, so I’m afraid you’ll have to think of something else.

  13. and they have WHO that is presidential material? This mix or match clown gathering has a load of do-nothing ideas that will give Sanders loads of ammunition that will sink their little canoe midstream.

  14. Let get real and honest here.
    Bernie now has 2 political endorsements, while Hillary has 115. Why are the Bernie Supporters going all crazy about this? Hell, should be embarrassed!

  15. You are right. Bill Kristol was on one of the Sunday morning shows or Morning Joe a few weeks ago pushing Bernie. He definitely was being facetious and it was pointed out. Bernie is liked by many but he’ll never live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  16. And without the African American vote; without the Latino American vote; and without the Asian American vote, Bernie can’t win the primaries (much to the GOP’s chagrin). So as for reaching 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? There’s no way Bernie can make that happen. No way. You’ll have to eventually accept these facts.

  17. The vast majority of Bernie supporters are not Democrats. Some are, but not the majority.

    The majority of true Bernie supporters do NOT believe in a two-party system (which is the one our Founding Fathers created) and desire a parliamentary system like Europe (although they should be really careful what they wish for!). These people are from various “revolutionary” groups like Anarchists, Left-leaning Libertarians, right-leaning Libertarians, and far-left people who won’t vote Democrat no matter what. Some are also Republicans posing as Liberals in order to weaken Hillary Clinton – the one candidate they actually fear. Then there are some who are disaffected Dems who don’t believe President Obama did enough to get those guys who pillaged their 401k’s.

    I’ve learned that what these people have in common is, cluelessness. They’re clueless as to how the U.S. Gov’t actually works.

    True Democrats won’t vote for a candidate who isn’t even a Democrat.

  18. Hillary has no chance against Bernies Sanders. Hilary is for MONSANTO and WALL STREET. She was a lawyer for Monsanto. Trump isn’t getting in and most people will vote Democrat whoever gets in. America has seen what heroin addicted GREED has done to this country and its time for someone who cares and has a GOOD HONEST CARING COMPASSIONATE KIND LOVING CONSIDERATE vision of American values…..I give you BERNIE SANDERS!!!

  19. These first two endorsements from elected Democrats are very important. There has been tremendous pressure on elected Democrats NOT to support someone who is not himself a member of the Democratic Party. Strange considering Bernie Sanders has caucused with Dems his entire congressional career, and embodies the spirit of the Democratic Party Platform better than most centrist or conservative Democrats. *Bernie is more of a Democrat than any DINO.*

    There’s still time to create a party to watch the debate in your neighborhood:
    If you are unable to host an event at your house or a local pub and grill, Find an Event near you
    Oct13 Debate watch party map

  20. Respectfully, Derrick, calling the man who is responsible shift in contemporary attitudes toward consumer rights, public safety, humane business practices, and open government a ‘gadfly,’ doesn’t sit well with me. Without Nader we may not have OSHA, the EPA, and the Consumer Product Safety Administration. Nader was instrumental in the adoption of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Freedom of Information Act, Wholesome Meat Act, and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. There was time kids didn’t buckle up, because many automobiles did not provide them. I feel your point regarding Nader’s split of votes in 2000. I think the nefarious acts of states like Florida had more to do with the election outcome. Recall, Gore did win the popular vote. Far as Bernie’s ability to win the nomination? It’s uphill over the Clinton machine. Nonetheless, it was done not long ago. Bernie’s trajectory is stronger than that of Obama during this stage of primary season. Positive vibes!

  21. Hillary had 440 Superdelegates who have endorsed her and pledged to vote for her at the convention. And that was as of August 28th. It was 60% but there are more now to be revealed when she needs them as a boost.

    Bernie has 2.

    I am sure there will be 440 columns here – one for each of her endorsements – or at least ONE column on any of them or any union for Hillary since she has half of all union members sewn up as well.

  22. You must be a RWNJ because you are lying about her with their talking points.

    She has nothing to do with Monsanto. Lawyer or otherwise.

    She has fought for regulations against wall street for decades and released her plan recently to much acclaim.

    Hillary 3 point plan for Volker rule:

    Hillary’s plan on banks – wonkish best:

  23. Third link her actual Wall Street plan – highlights on a “cliff notes” fact sheet:

    her history on banking wall street is at correct the record and under several financial field categories:

    But Keith – please provide your monsanto infor and wall street documentaion.

    Or do you just attack dem front runners with old and long disproved lies?

  24. What are you talking about? Who pressured anyone? Many of the “establishment” democrats, (anyone in public office) have long ago supported her – some in 2008, some in 2014 before she even announced, etc.

    Nobody pressured them.

    There are two men on the stage tonight who were republicans and one who is an Indie.

    There will be two democrats on the stage.

    Are they pressuring people to not endorese Biden or O’Malley too? Where is your proof? This is non-sense.

  25. Oh and since this is time to dump campaign info on house parties tonight…

    There are 100 for Hillary in Flordia, there are 100 in Iowa… etc. to join one near you, many of them at local drinking holes with those establishment big wigs of the actual democratic party like your governor or senator etc. so you can rub elbows with some of the thousands of big name elected dems from county to federal level who support her.

  26. Keith Ellison is definitely a cut above the average politician. What I find interest is among Bernie’s first congressional endorsements. One is Latino and the other African American.

  27. How will he be playing The Nader spoiler? He is running as a Democrat. If he wins the nomination, he will be facing the GOP candidate. If Hillary wins….he is not running as an independent in the general election. And how is his candidacy “unconscionable”?

  28. GOP too busy attacking Hillary….and feeding off the “feel the Bern” people BASHING Hillary.If Dem voters who are rabidly for Bernie keep up the bashing of Hillary we will wind up with the GOP taking the presidency.

    From what I have read, Hillary has the support of over 100 Democrats….two endorsements for Bernie is chicken feed.

  29. It’s amazing , isn’t it? Bernie supporters are all claiming they will “hold their nose “and vote for Hillary in general election if Bernie doesn’t win nomination….as if the Republicans don’t hear them saying that and will use it against her.

  30. Secretary Clinton has had, roughly, a 30 point drop in the polls since announcing her bid. Are you telling me none of those folks are of minority decent?

    I understand Bernie Sanders has an uphill road to the nomination, and receiving minority support is crucial. However, no one thought (including myself), he’d be sitting where he is today after 4 months. 3 1/2 months before the first caucus/primary. Never say never!

  31. Hillary Clinton’s drop in the polls is a combination of things. The moment she announced her candidacy, her poll numbers dropped precipitously – as always when a candidate with high numbers announces.

    Yet she’s still leading Sanders by double digits.

    Despite the U.S. mass media consistently attacking reporting negatively on her while completely obfuscating their responsibility to dig into Sanders’ past (which is slowly happening now), she’s still a strong frontrunner and she still enjoys 80% support among the AA community, 70% among Latinos, and about the same among the Asian communities.

    Even if she were to drop to Sanders’ numbers, he will not win the nomination. Why? He has no superdelegates supporting him while she enjoys 440…and as we’ve seen in 2008 when Obama had 17.6 million voters and Clinton had 18 million, and he still won. Delegates matter in the primaries.

  32. Von, as President Obama has experienced and now understands, uniting uninformed/low informed people is a fool’s errand.

    So in answer to your question: in a two-party system, it’s uniting Democrats of all stripes against our common enemy – Republicans.

    Thank GOD PoC understand this basic and easily understood fact, and it’s why they overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton and gave President Obama his re-election when the White vote abandoned him in 2012.

  33. Von: I support Bernie Sanders. I will vote a straight Democratic ticket no matter what.

    It’s refreshing – and rare – to read a Bernie Sanders supporter actually saying this. You’re about the only Sanders supporter I’ve seen so far who pledges to vote for the Democratic nominee even if Sanders doesn’t win it.

  34. ICH, Jen Grantholm was asked this last night and that isn’t the norm.

    The vast majority of voters have Hillary as first or second choice with a tiny percentage saying they would not vote for her. The ones who say that now, on the internet mostly, aren’t dems.

  35. Lol, are you raining on my parade, Dj? ;) It is true that the language of class struggle and the language of social justice are very different. It’s also true Bernie Sanders has much to do to in breaking through with stronger presents among minorities. Fortunately, during a campaign “necessity is the mother of invention.”(Better than an etch-a-sketch comparison). Sanders is making more stops within minority communities, meeting one on one. “The story of Bernie Sanders really resembles the story of a vast majority of Latinos in this country. It goes to the heart of the Latino story.”—Arturo Carmona, Sanders new Latino Outreach Director. Have you seen break outs on the recent polls in Cali? I’ve not and I’m hoping for an uptick in minorities. If there is to be a turn more in favor of Senator Sanders, I believe, it will be the Latino vote before the African American vote. Becoming a known name and face is important. All in time! Thanks for the link, it was an intr…

  36. Thanks for the link, it was an intriguing read. Sheesh, so much for thinking I still had 5 character remaining! ;)

  37. Constance,

    The Hillary boards have had polls on who should be her VP and it is by far Julian Castro. Back in May the media all but said her choice will be Julian and on a Sunday talk show back then he was jokingly called the next VP of the US because the short list is very short and he is just amazing.

    Hillary is kicking off “Latinos for Hillary” in two days with him, but of course she has long been inclusive.

    She has attended many hispanic events and given speeches dedicated to the community all along. Right after announcing immigration was one of the first platforms.

    Bernie finally hired one person to do Hispanic outreach 10 days ago not in May.

    Think Progress – Why Immigration Is The Hole In Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Agenda:

    “Sanders’ poor track record on immigration goes back further than just his presidential campaign.”

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