5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Watched The CNN Democratic Presidential Debate



Bernie Sanders defends Hillary Clinton on the emails, and four other reasons to be glad that you watched the CNN Democratic debate.

1). Clinton and Sanders Clash Over The Role Of Capitalism –


It was an early telling exchange in the Democratic debate when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) railed against income inequality and casino capitalism and Hillary Clinton jumped in to defend Sanders’ points on income inequality, but she described her version of capitalism as freedom and small businesses. Sanders said that he can’t support a system where a few at the top get so much, and everyone else gets so little.

2). Martin O’Malley Goes After Sen. Sanders’ Record On Guns –

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley claimed that Bernie Sanders pandered to the NRA. Sanders responded that O’Malley has not been in the United States Congress, and, “if you think that we can simply go forward and pass something without bringing people together you are surely mistaken.” Hillary Clinton also voiced the opinion that Sen. Sanders has not gone far enough on guns.

It is clear that the other Democratic candidates think that they can exploit Sen. Sanders’ record on guns, and Bernie Sanders was clearly on the defensive on the topic of guns.

3). Hillary Clinton Hammers The Republican Select Committee On Benghazi –

Clinton beat the Republicans over the head with the club that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave them by saying, “This committee is basically an arm of the Republican National Committee. It is a partisan vehicle as admitted by the House Republican Majority Leader, Mr. McCarthy to drive down my poll numbers. Big surprise. And that is what they have attempted to do. I am still standing. I am happy to be part of this debate, and I intend to keep talking about the issues that matter to the American people.”

Anderson Cooper kept trying to press the email scandal and Benghazi investigation as a legitimate story, and that is what led to Bernie Sanders going off on the bogus email scandal.

4). Bernie Sanders Speaks For America When He Says Enough Of The Emails –

Hillary Clinton was being grilled by Anderson Cooper about her emails when Bernie Sanders delivered the line of the night.

Sanders said, “Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the Secretary is right, and that is the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails, and let me say something else about the media as well. I go around the country and talk to a lot of people middle class in this country is collapsing, we have 27 million people living in poverty, we have trade policies that have cost us millions of decent jobs. The American people want to know if we are going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of Citizens United. Enough of the emails, let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”

5). Clinton and Sanders Agree on Edward Snowden

In a bit of a surprise, when both Clinton and Sanders were asked about what should happen to Edward Snowden both of the top Democratic candidates agreed that Edward Snowden broke the law and that he should face some kind of penalty for his actions. This was one of those debate sequences that illustrated how Clinton and Sanders are separated by degree not substance on some issues.

Winners and Losers:


1 a). Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – O’Malley came after Sanders hard on his record on guns, but the Senator from Vermont delivered the line of the night when he raged at the media and spoke for the American people by telling Anderson Cooper that people are sick of hearing about Clinton’s emails and want to discuss real issues. Sanders made no mistakes while clearly delivering his message. If this were America’s first national introduction to Bernie Sanders, many people should come away impressed.

1 b). Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton – Hillary Clinton defended her record, looked presidential, made no gaffes, and was very smooth on the stage. Hillary Clinton comes out of this debate unscathed, and for a frontrunner that is the most important goal. Clinton was good in this debate. She has been on the national debate stage before, and it showed.


1). Jim Webb – Former Sen. Webb was one of the candidates who complained about the lack of equal airtime, but when a candidate is at 1% they should be thankful that they are even on the stage. Webb was too far to the right for Democrats on guns, and many of his answers were not in step with today’s Democratic Party.

2). Lincoln Chafee – Chafee dropped the ball when he was asked about his first vote in the Senate, and he said that he was new to the Senate and had just gotten there because he was appointed to the seat after his father died. Anderson Cooper made it sound like the man voted yes when he didn’t know what he was voting for. Chafee is barely registering in the polls, and he showed why tonight. He is the token fringe oddball candidate that the Democratic field always seems to have at least one of, but he also should not have been on the debate stage.

3). Martin O’Malley – Martin O’Malley tried to go after Bernie Sanders, but his attack failed. The debate was symptomatic of O’Malley’s entire campaign. There wasn’t room on the stage for both Sanders and O’Malley, and when push came to shove, Sanders dominated O’Malley. When O’Malley tried to criticize Clinton, she reminded him that he endorsed her in 2008. O’Malley is being squeezed out of the Democratic race.

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  1. Just shows me why I became such a Democratic Party supporter , how best to help & move the U.S. Forward , that says it all .

  2. Actually, O’Malley’s stock rose in my book. I’m still “feeling the Bern” though. And honestly, even though Webb sounded like a moderate republican in my eyes, it wouldn’t be the end of the world in my book, if he were Prez. Like a Jon Huntsman, or John Kasich type conservative. Weakest link was Chafee. Poor fella.

  3. Focus groups? Frank Luntz runs focus groups. I don’t care about no stinkin focus groups made up with people who probably don’t know their ass from their heads

  4. Bernie definitely won. Trump stupidly said that the debate wasn’t “entertaining” like the Republicans. I’m sorry. I thought we were trying to elect a President? I’m glad they stuck to real issues affecting this country that need to be addressed. I’d rather watch 100 of these than 1 more clown show hosted by the Republicans.

  5. Almost Equal Speaking Time For Clinton & Sanders
    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got nearly equal speaking time during tonight’s debate.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  6. The most astute political commentary on the debate came last week on SNL when Hillary was on. Weekend update pondered if they should just have Hillary use the time to audition her VP shortlist.

  7. If you have not read the Huckabee racist
    tweet about Bernie, saying he would trust his tax dollars with a socialist about as much as he would trust a North Korean chef with his labrador.
    My question for Huckabee ‘Why is your family
    one of which is a dog torturer and killer,
    allowed to keep a dog?’

  8. For me, Bernie won the debate. Hillary did a great job though, much better than I thought.

    I don’t think Bernie was on defense about gun control. I really appreciate his stand on this and I thought his responses were solid.

  9. O’Malley did well in the debate. If this were a horse race he would be in the show position. He probably knows that this well not be the election that he will win, but it is setting him up for a future Presidential run. Who knows, he may have also been interviewing for VP or a secretary position if Hillary wins.

    Clinton & Sanders were out in front of the pack and basically it was a photo finish for the two of them. One of them will win the primary – which one – well we still have a long way to go.

  10. I think O’Malley would make a great vice president. He’s smart, articulate, and has a good grasp of the issues. He won’t win the presidential nomination, but he’d make an excellent running mate for either Hillary or Bernie.

  11. He is by far the first choice of on-line Hillary supporters in our polls on our sites.

    He is going to formally endorse tomorrow in San Antonio at a Latino kick-off but is already listed along with 14 cabinet level officials supporting her. Albright is also campaigning for her today and Richardson on TV for her lately too.


    Cabinet level is meaningful. The who’s who of the party – former VP Mondale – which makes me think of Gerry smiling down on this too. (Gerry was one of my neighborhood politicans in Queens so I knew her before she became famous as a VP candidate – oh so long ago.)

  12. I thought that O’Malley acquitted himself quite well. He’s certainly not going to beat Clinton or Sanders, but I think that he’s certainly built up credibility.

  13. Speculation has it, a mayor VP, who the establishment promptly put into the Housing position to ready for the coronation. Luckily he’s smarter than the GOP’s Palin.

    Here it comes 3 – 2 – 1……

  14. Omalley came in third place of three.

    The two bookends were there just for show so it looked as if there was a real race.

  15. He gave the 2012 keynote. He is very impressive. Obama picked him. Bill famously invited him to have lunch. He has a history of keeping his head down and his nose clean and working very hard.

    Harvard sharpshooter smart.

    Instantly likeable and loaded with charisma.

  16. Are you talking about the moderate “Deal with it” Kasich when asked about his plan to cut Social Security and Medicare?

  17. There are a lot of people who would go out of their way to watch a train wreck or rubberneck at a car accident. It’s a horrible thing to watch, but some people just can’t help themselves. This is the reason I said the Republican debate would probably end up with higher neilson ratings than the policy filled Democrat’s.

  18. great to finally hear from Hillary- WHY HASN’T SHE BEEN MORE VISIBLE IN THE MEDIA?- and also to have Bernie on such a national stage for so much time. BEST THING WAS THAT CNN’S OWN FOCUS GROUP GAVE THE DEBATE TO BERNIE!That was unexpected! and pointedly -that the country could see that Bernie talks like us, and average Americans can identify with him.
    I got to see Anderson Cooper in a more fair light. CNN did a very good job in their questions and allocating turns to speak and in keeping it competitive
    enough for TV.

  19. Bernie is running for Old Testament prophet and did well at that.

    Hillary is running for President and did well at that.

  20. WHY was this debate held behind a corporate “Pay-Wall”? I heard that it was supposed to be available on the Internet as a free stream — but where I live, there are no truly free Internet streams available. Why was this debate not available on free (with commercials, just like CNN had) TV and Radio?

    This smells too much like Pay to Play, and if you are too poor to be able to pay a monthly PayTV bill, then you do not deserve to cast an informed vote. SHAME on the Democratic Party leadership for not demanding a high quality and totally free broadcast available to everyone in real time.

  21. Wasn’t the republican debates broadcast on cable and the internet? Should have spoke up when they did away with the fairness doctrine

  22. I could not find the Debate *ANYWHERE* on the Internet. Could not get it through CNN.

    Don’t know if it was true with the GOP Debate because we watched GOP on TV.
    Something very strange with that!

  23. CNN did live stream, free to the public. The news stories today mentioned the internet feed broke the GOP debate record of households watching. I guess, there were so many people watching online, many were booted off. CNN obviously was not prepared.

  24. I watch the live stream even though I have direct tv but since I have a quadrillion channels on it I have no idea where CNN is located at

  25. DJ. Thanks for that post on the Gun Safety part of the Debate. O’Malley really did a number on Bernie in that exchange really explaining the D verus F NRA rating.

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