Ben Carson Says Political Correctness Persecutes Christians

In the “Waaaah! You won’t let us persecute you” category today is Ben Carson, fresh from expressing his rapture ready credentials. Carson, already infamous for opening his mouth to let the stupid out at every opportunity, told Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg yesterday that his imaginary “anti-Christian” sentiment in the U.S. is due to people “buy[ing] into the PC methodology.”

“I don’t think most people, if they really stopped and thought about it would say, ‘I’m anti-Christian,’ but they buy into the PC methodology and hence they find themselves going with that crowd.”

No, they probably wouldn’t say they’re anti-Christian because they know Christians and however they might feel about dogma or doctrine, they know Christians or have family members who are Christian and therefore see Christians as “just folks.” You know, because most of us don’t concern ourselves too much with the religion of people we meet, unless they shove it in our faces.

You know, like telling us we’re going to hell if we don’t agree with them. Or offering to “pray for us” at every opportunity. Or telling us if we can get married, or have contraceptives, or have an abortion. Or make our own life choices free of Carson and his friends imposing their beliefs on us.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Carson said he isn’t happy with the Supreme Court right now and though it may be the final arbiter of what is the law of the land, that can change:

“I’m not an anarchist, it is the law of the land, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change it. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason that we have separation of powers and checks and balances, and clearly when one branch oversteps their boundaries, it’s time for the next one to act.”

You know, like when Congress decides the Executive Branch must simply do what the legislative branch tells it to do. That kind of overstep. At least Carson admits the Supreme Court’s role, unlike fellow presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who doesn’t understand how these five unelected people got to make these decisions in the first place (hint: it’s in the United States Constitution).

Malzberg and Carson are pretty sure President Obama doesn’t care about dead Christians, you know, because our streets are littered with them, and everybody the Islamic State is killing is a Christian, because the Middle East is full of those:

“I don’t think he’s moved by dead Christians or dead Jews,” Malzberg said, “I think he’s moved by dead Muslims and dead thugs at the hands of police.”

Carson answered,

“Well, you know, the sad thing is that a lot of people are buying into his way of thinking, and it’s very dangerous. We need to understand that America is a unique place. You can be, you can have an American dream. But is there a dream for any other place? I don’t think so. And we shouldn’t be so anxious to give it up, give up all our values and principles for the sake of political correctness.”

It’s difficult to understand what Carson is getting at here, unless it is devaluing Muslims in Syria and in other war-torn areas (war-torn because Republicans stirred things up by invading Iraq) and privileging Christians. Americans are exceptional, which means other people are, well, “meh.”

“Political correctness” is just a conservative buzz word for the liberal belief that all people are equal, which stands in stark opposition to Carson’s Republican belief that some people and some beliefs are “more equal” than others.

Carson, like Trump or any other Republican hopeful for 2016, is all about America at the expense of the rest of the world, full of that “I got mine, screw you” attitude the Republican base, which, ironically, gets screwed in the process too, seems to love so much.

The “Other” is the enemy of American values and if you don’t get with the Republican program, you’re not “one of us.” Which, though Republicans like Carson don’t realize it, is actually a good thing. Because America is and has always been about ethnic diversity and a plurality of beliefs.

According to the Constitution, there is nothing special about Christians, however much Carson wishes there to be. According to the law of the land, all religions are equal.

And if most of the people Obama is concerned about are Muslim it is because it is mostly Muslims being killed in the Middle East, not because he privileges Muslims over Christians.

Totalitarianism is the only answer to the proud legacy of American democracy, and it’s pretty easy to see who the totalitarians are in 2016.

40 Replies to “Ben Carson Says Political Correctness Persecutes Christians”

  1. …this unholy bastard…claiming the Teahadists are persecuted because the Law says they can’t impose thier twisted, polluted, has-absolutely-NOTHING-to-do-with-Jesus-Christ screeds on everybody else…{spits}…also this “genius” claims that Obamacare is the same as NAZI-ISM???
    I cannot wait until Carson is returned to the obscurity from which he oozed…

  2. Carson and the rest of the dominionists close more minds to christianity than any other factor. It isn’t PC that persecutes christians, it is the fake christians bent on destroying themselves in the hopes for a rapture.

    Where is a second coming when you need one?

  3. Jeez. I think the thought of who’s Anti-christian goes more to which type of Christian you are. At least history shows this. That’s why there is First Amendment in the first place… The worst persecutors of Christians are other Christians.

  4. Carson has said some goofy things. I was watching his interview by Charlie Rose, and it really blew me away that he thought the Soviet threat needed to be dealt with, that we should put Putin on notice and start confronting his military with our own force. He was suggesting a reboot of the cold war.

    But the real nonsense is, he thinks the Soviet Union still exists. He’s living in a bubble of his own creation.

  5. This guy was a former neurosurgeon… how can anyone explain, let alone defend, his words and actions?

    It boggles my mind.

  6. The guys a grifter plain and simple. Brought in 20 million last quarter, and will continue to milk these people for as long as he can. There’s alot of money to be made in running for president, and Sarah Palin’s mistake was to quit running.

    I think he knows that.

  7. Political correctness is simply another term for being POLITE to people who don’t happen to believe in the things you believe in. What part of the English language does this doofus not understand? If there actually were an omnipotent being, I’d be saying “God help the U.S. and the rest of the world if this guy even gets within striking distance of the White House”, let alone the Repub nomination.
    I can tell you that the rest of us outside the U.S. are smacking our heads, wondering what has happened to the collective IQ of Americans!

  8. That picture of Carson in a tux smiling like a fat rat on his way to the bank with the cross in the background sums up all the evangelicals who gets rich by ratfuking the bible for their personal gain

  9. This wholly concocted “War on Religion” and “War on Christianity” boils down to uttering a single word to them…that word is NO…No you cannot force me to believe as you demand, and NO I am not persecuting you by saying NO. It seems funny that this god of theirs has given us free choice but to them exercising that freedom of choice is somehow persecuting them. Just think of the ruckus they would make if WE DID start really calling them to judgment for all the lies and anti-government conspiracies the tax evasion for politicking from the pulpit, the thievery and wire fraud from the public, the militant life taking actions of their radical ideology, the rigging of elections, the infiltration of school boards to remove tax payer funds to parochial schools where they violate the separation of church and state etc., etc., etc.,

  10. I totally agree with the above statements, the biggest enemy of Christians are these fake one’s who call themselves Christians and say and do the exact opposite of what Christ’s teachings were supposed to be all about. Trying to impose their so-called religion on everyone else, spreading hatred, bigotry and their callousness toward those who they deem lesser than themselves. Despicable, soulless creatures. The lot of them.

  11. This freak is just too stupid to be president. He also seems to walk around in a perpetual fog. Has anyone bothered to blood test him for drugs?

  12. Carson is right about comparing Nazi Germany to the USA. The Nazis used the same tactics that Carson and Republicans are using lies to make think they are being presectued. Christians presectued in the USA my behind. It is the other way around. There is no other group of people than Christians forcing their beliefs down other people’s throats.

  13. Well seeing how white men and boys committed genocide that’s a small price to pay for your crimes against humanity and say something stupid I dare you

  14. Get off your pity pot and sell that crap to your fellow bigots at Breitbart….we’re not buying it over here.

  15. Carson, like Trump or any other Republican hopeful for 2016, is all about America at the expense of the rest of the world, full of that “I got mine, screw you” attitude

    Boy, did you ever hit the nail on the head with that one!

  16. bob, if you look closer you will see that Carson has repeatedly and in full disregard to the facts claimed that the Nazi Party and ideology was Liberal. No matter how many times he has been corrected he STILL claims it to be true. The ONLY “liberal” was Goebbels and he changed quickly upon getting involved with Hitler. When in fact the Nazi Party was entirely Christian Conservative in ideology. Mussolini was a Catholic CONSERVATIVE! Franco was a Catholic CONSERVATIVE. In 1949 the conservatives went to Europe to bring back ex-Nazi’s to help them shape their new agenda and we are seeing the results today in the Reich Wing AND the Tea Party Christians.

  17. This is what happens to a society that forces people to have more children than they neither want and/or can provide for. Then these people feed their offspring a daily diet of bigotry for breakfast and ignorance for dinner. To these people who live in an alternate reality, the rhetoric coming from Carson & the other GOP Presidential hopefuls will always sound normal.

  18. Anyone who complains about political correctness these days is just whining because he can’t say all the nasty things he wants to anymore.

  19. Anyone who complains about political correctness these days is just whining because he can’t say all the nasty, bigoted things he wants to anymore.

  20. *puts a hand over her heart and one to the sky* Preach, brother!

    Seriously, Joseph, you’ve been on fire lately and have once again summed up my thoughts better than I can. Thank you for your contributions to the discourse.

  21. But according to Murdoch, they are “real” black guys.

    That comment of his has had me wondering exactly what kind of mental gymnastics are required to go from claiming for centuries that “even one drop” of black blood is enough to be considered black to claiming that POTUS isn’t really black.

  22. Oh they can still say whatever they want. Contrary to their claims, their freedom of speech is not being infringed upon in the slightest. What they are really pissed about is that it’s no longer free of consequences.

    Society has moved past their hate and they can no longer hide it behind a cloak of religious superiority. They have become the minority and their numbers twindle every day. People just don’t want to consume hate and intolerance for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their shiny packaging no longer fools the masses.

  23. Heh, I should have read all comments before posting. I ripped off your meal thing unintentionally. Great minds and what not…. :)

  24. Carson should heed the words of the greatest Republican ever: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    Then again, maybe he should keep talking so the American public sees him for the fool he is.

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