Bernie Sanders Crushes It, “We Are Sick And Tired of Hearing About Your Damn Emails.”

sanders enough of the emails

While Anderson Cooper was grilling Hillary Clinton about her emails, Bernie Sanders jumped in and said that this might not be good politics but, “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”


Sanders said:

Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the Secretary is right, and that is the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails, and let me say something else about the media as well. I go around the country and talk to a lot of people middle class in this country is collapsing, we have 27 million people living in poverty, we have trade policies that have cost us millions of decent jobs. The American people want to know if we are going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of Citizens United. Enough of the emails, let’s talk about the real issues facing America.

Clinton thanked Sanders, and at that moment, the Democratic debate had a moment of unity that has not been seen in any of the Republican debates.

The fact that Bernie Sanders was willing to sacrifice any political points that he could have gained to say and do the right thing speaks volumes about Bernie Sanders the person, and the unity that exists on the Democratic side.

Republicans are so wrecked that they can’t even agree on a new Speaker of the House, but Bernie Sanders put the good of the country ahead of his own campaign.

That one answer showed why Democrats are the stronger party that is in a position to keep the White House in 2016.

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  1. I love the Democratic Candidates , what a relief after the Repubs , Democrats talk policy , not hate to Obama .

  2. Without many more governors, many more senators, congress people, mayors, state representatives etc… it will be status quo in 2017.

    The future dem nominee has to have some serious coattails to carry local, state and federal elections, not just the Whitehouse.

    Citizens united has to be overturned, and that can only happen at the supreme court level by new judges nominated by a dem pres and approved by a dem majority senate.

    The voting rights act needs its guts restored after the supreme court gutted it. So many other supreme court decisions need fixing by a fair and neutral court, not the repub court we suffer with now. And there will probably be 4 vacancies by 2025.

    I’m going to say this right now (in caps so you won’t forget it), mark my words and I’ll publically eat them if I’m wrong. IF HILLARY OR BERNIE GET THE WHITEHOUSE BUT MITCH KEEPS THE SENATE IT WILL BE A POLITICAL DISASTER FOR OUR COUNTRY. 4 MORE YEARS OF GRIDLOCK … GUARANTEED!!

  3. I ran out of room but I wanted you to know, I will loudly and publicly eat my words if I’m wrong. I’m bookmarking this string so I can find it come Jan 2017.

  4. As a Virginian, I like our former U.S. Senator Jim Webb. He is an honorable and decent man. He has served our country with dignity and respect. Like the Senator, I served in Vietnam, as well.

    He is my 2nd choice for President. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is my 1st choice. Sanders wants to restore the middle class with a revolution in the way things should have evolved. Everything from free college education for everyone, have the Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, etc) furnish troops to defend their interests, free national health care for every American, and many more programs.

    This Senator from rural Vermont is a man for our time. He reminds me of a man who was elected president in 1932. His programs (the New Deal) saved our country from an ever-present period of chaos which may be around the corner.

    I encourage readers to give the man a serious evaluation.

    Take Care,
    The L_Express

  5. Watch out L_Express, there are a ton of Hillary attack dogs that bite when anything positive about Bernie is said. I believe them to be bloggers bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign, but I have no proof. They’ll pop up and attack really quick and they aren’t shy, they don’t try to hide their identity.

    That said, welcome and I hope you stay around for a while.

  6. “Let me say something that may not be great politics….”

    Turns out, it was brilliant politically.

    Revolt Against Plutocracy has a strategy that demands Bernie or else! They are twisting arms to compel Dems. to support Bernie or lose the election.

  7. I like Sanders’ single-payer healthcare. Pres. Obama did what he could, but big pharma/hospital/insurance industries have run amok. The ONLY good thing about my ‘Cadillac employer-sponsored’ crappy plan are the Obamacare mandates. For everything else, I’m paying much more in premiums, have much higher deductibles and higher co-pays for a shitty 80/20 plan.

    Now the insurance companies are trying to sell us supplemental policies, i.e. hospital care, nursing home care, wage recovery plans, so we don’t lose our a$$ if we ever have a hospital stay.

    I’m a union employee and am paying $77 WEEKLY! WTF?

  8. Then the rethuglicans and the big pharma/hospital/insurance industries will all cry when government gets involved to try to regulate their ripping off the public. They’re ASKING to be regulated!

  9. Bernie Sanders, you showed real class last Tuesday night when you said that the American public are sick and tired of hearing about your (Hillary Clinton’s) e-mails. I wish I could shake your hand. Although, I will continue to support Hillary Clinton for President I will with enthusiasm support you if you become the Democratic nominee. Thank you!

  10. He is the only person in the world who has been asked about her email almost as often as she has.

    He is sick of discussing it.

    He said so.

    Not brilliant or gallant. He has said this to many reporters before. It is frustration.

    It was his only good moment, his best line of his awful night, but it was only stating the obvious to Dems.

    We are all sick of email.

  11. Thank you Sanders. The American people are tired of hearing about the damn emails. Anderson Cooper is an idiot! He is not a newsman. He is like lite Fox wannabe.

  12. Impressive debate. Refreshing to hear real world ideas debated. There is hope for a leader here in the Dems. Not so sure about the GOP yet, they are too obsessed controlling everyones sex life.

  13. You did not need to use cap’s for me Paul. Have been saying the same for a time. A Dem Pres. needs… the House and Senate to finalize any great advance, without it…we will see the same from the rethugs(teabaggers) as the last eight years. delay, delay, one investigation after another, more war mongering ,creating what ever, it takes to keep a Dem Pres from being a success .
    The teabaggers want what they want, will destroy the country, to do it..

  14. If the teabaggers(rethugs) have one wish, it is NO REGULATION, that is why there is none to this day. So as long as THEY have control none will be in place. Remember that on election day.

  15. Indeed, he had his moment, and let himself and his followers down. (Should have wore his son’s combat boots)?

    Any bets on who won’t be on stage in November’s debate?

  16. No worries about any “attack dogs” from any opposition. Speak the truth with respect and you will always win the argument. Bernie Sanders was a fine example of that in last nights debate in his defense of Hillary’s email/server problem. The media’s dog and pony show is out of control.

  17. You know, Victor, I don’t agree 100% with your stance. However, I DO RESPECT YOUR TENACITY! Keep up the fight, it’s your right.

  18. How can you be “not so sure” of the Republicans? Have you been hiding under a rock the past 30 or so years or have you been chained up and forced to watch nothing but Fox “News”? Me? I’m very sure that I could not even consider voting for a Republican for the very near and if they don’t fix their stupid, the very distant future.

  19. The crass GOP and their drooling sycophantic media are obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s technologically convenient use of a private server for emailing, yet don’t give a damn about the millions of emails George Bush and his administration hid from public scrutiny by running them through the RNC’s server. Emails which they destroyed.

  20. I agree, the virus filled Republican party will probably continue the same Zombie tactics that the viruses have reduced them to. But if enough people really feel that we have an honest leader they may rise up and demand change, something that has yet to happen and I don’t think anyone can predict the outcome but it gives me hope…

  21. …gotta concur DJ…Webbs expiration date was years ago…he should stick to writing fiction; he is really good at that…

  22. …now if we can only get rid o’ the GD hyper-partisan MFing sniping…THAT is what really pisses me off…

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