Clinton Takes 32-Point Lead Over Sanders Into Tuesday Night’s Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton
A Morning Consult Poll released on October 13th ahead of the first Democratic primary debate, shows Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over her nearest rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The national poll found that 54 percent of Democratic voters support Clinton, with 22 percent backing Sanders. Clinton’s 32-point lead represents an 11 percentage point jump from the 21-point lead she held in the previous poll released on October 6th.

If Joe Biden is included in the race, a possibility that grows less likely by the day, Clinton’s lead shrinks slightly to 47 to 20 over Sanders, with Biden polling just behind Sanders at 17 percent. No other Democratic presidential candidate registers a significant level of support.

The Republican debacle over trying to find a new Speaker of the House to replace John Boehner has taken press coverage away from the phony Clinton e-mail scandal. Consequently, it appears as though Clinton has taken the respite from negative press coverage to shore up her support and maintain her position atop the Democratic field.

While Sanders leads in New Hampshire, and has made significant inroads in Iowa, he still lags well behind Hillary Clinton in the national polls. He also trails by large margins in South Carolina and Nevada, the first two states that will vote after Iowa and New Hampshire have weighed in.

A strong debate performance by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night could go a long way towards solidifying her status as the undisputed Democratic front-runner. However, if she falters or if Bernie Sanders has a strong night, the race could tighten again, and open the door for Sanders to carve into Clinton’s lead.

For the other candidates on the stage — Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafee — Tuesday could either give them an opportunity to become relevant, or give them a chance to drift away, if they deliver flat performances that match their flat-lining poll numbers.

Hillary Clinton is in a strong position in the Democratic race, carrying a 32-point lead into Tuesday night’s debate in Las Vegas. If she can master the stage on Tuesday night, she has an opportunity to build upon that lead, and potentially put the Democratic race out of reach, provided she can maintain her momentum into 2016.

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  1. I’m looking forward to watching the ADULT DEMOCATIC PARTY debate with REAL ISSUES and not what their POTUS nickname will be.
    That’s something you’d ask a 2 year old who their favorite cartoon charactor is.

    I don’t expect Hillary to go after Bernie or vie a vie.

    Bernie might ask – why Hillary is now for the TPP which favors cheap labor in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

    BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Working Document

  2. “Que Sera, Sera” (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
    May The Most Honorable Democratic Candidate Shine Through!

  3. Hillary had two more endorsements today. Both from New York. Jefferies also while announcing took time to ridicule DeBlasio for waiting, waiting, waiting like a petulant child with no idea how to get out of looking like a fool now.

    The latest NH poll has Bernie at +3 in NH. It is including Biden so who really has the lead? It is also within the margin of error. Hillary’s campaign said their own polls leave them confident they will win Iowa and NH.

  4. “Bernie might ask – why Hillary is now for the TPP which favors cheap labor in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.”

    What are you talking about? Hillary came out with concerns about several aspects of the TPP. She is not now “for it” and it doesn’t favor cheap labor. It is more complex than that.

    Are you saying Obama sold out American labor for cheap labor?

  5. I know there are many lefties who would prefer someone other than Hillary, but her polling numbers are moving up and rightfully so after the GOP House admission of political witch hunts and bias regarding the Benghazi and email investigation. Is she perfect? No. Sometimes far from but she has more experience than all the GOP presidential pretenders combined. If she does win the nod, I would not hesitate to vote for her. Hopefully she would chose sanders or warren as a running mate. If she does, she would probably be unbeatable. The GOP is crashing and burning before our eyes. We must defeat as many republicans as possible in November 2016. I hope the debates tonight do not turn ugly. Hopefully it does not resemble the prior republican debates. The election is just about one year away. It will come quickly. Start thinking about voting right now. We need you dems to show up next year.

  6. Hey dj. I know you are not too crazy about Hillary. Please tell me you will vote for her if she wins the nomination. The 2016 elections are to important to sit out.

  7. Interesting Comments at Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyFive Live!

    Lots of the Younger Generation here.

    Somewhat to my surprise — and, yes, frustration — both of the first two Republican debates largely avoided much discussion of the economy. Based on the first few minutes of tonight’s debate, it doesn’t look like the Democrats will do the same. All the candidates’ opening statements hit on economic issues, particularly the stagnation of middle-class incomes.

  8. I do know one thing…..none of OUR candidates will boycott any news stations or have a twitter-fit after it’s all over.

    It’s good to finally watch the grown folk. =D

  9. 42, Even Top Republicans say Hillary Absolutely Won. And that’s really saying something! Wow, HRC scares the GOP:
    *RightWing Analysis: Bernie Thrills Base, But Hillary Outclasses Rivals in Debate*

    “And so it came to pass. Mrs. Clinton presented herself as the experienced, hyper-informed, trailblazing adult in the room throughout the evening, directing almost all of her verbal punches at Republicans”.

    “I don’t think anything changed.
    Hill did well. Sanders keeps his base. O’Malley impressed & might blip up. But Democratic race, unlike Republican, is Stable”
    — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) October 14, 2015

  10. Before I went to bed I skimmed the headlines – pages of them on news search, her name, past hour. It was all about her killing it.

    To say otherwise is pure bunk.

  11. Do the words “margin of error” or “polling averages” mean anything to you?

    She is tied in NH and has been.

    He can have Vermont, but seriously even they know she is the one to lead our country.

    50 state primary.

    Mandate in the General too.

    Not out of reach for my girl.

  12. They need to get over their expectations of her imminent demise.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    And that goes for the next 5 debates if they need to even bother holding them!

    One and done.


  13. Well, yes, that’s exactly what he did, and I’m sure if clinton slithers into the White House, she’ll go right back to supporting the TPP. She’s a liar and a corporate lickspittle, and not much better than the repukes on the other side. I’ll write in Bernie if I have to.

  14. I wonder how many voters actually identify as a Democrat these days? They never seem to include Bernie’s Independent and Republican supporters.

  15. I won’t vote for a repuke, but I won’t vote for clinton, either. I’ve never liked her, in part because she’s a feminist and in part because she’s a liar. She is also a corporatist and is in tight with the private prison industry. She also reamed out the justice department when Bill of the Closet was prez, and filled it with dykes.

  16. You live in a bubble? Can only imagine what you entered in your search box…
    Jonathan Weisman: Clinton’s TPP Flip –New York Times
    Jon Ralston: Anderson Goes After Hillary On Consistency —Ralston’s Report
    Michael Isikoff: Correcting The Record (Dem Debate) Hillary —Yahoo News
    Christopher S. Rugaber & Calvin Woodward: Clinton Offered Some Revisionist History— The Associated Press
    Jonathan Martin: Clinton Shows Some Weakness— The New York Times
    Emily Schultheis: That Quote Is Going To Come Back Again –National Journal
    Maggie Haberman: Real Bad Moment –The New York Times
    Conor Friedersdorf: Hillary Clinton Talks Tough About Wall Street, While Taking A Lot Of Money From Huge Financial Institutions –The Atlantic
    Carol Davenport: Call It An Evolution Or A Flip-Flop –The New York Times
    Chuck Todd: Clinton Sensitive To The Flip-Flop Issue –NBC News
    Original link in detail, comments section:

  17. Lol, he is and sick. You didn’t hear? Bernie Sanders is sick and tired of Clinton’s damn emails! ;)

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